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Isil with Shiva
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About NAME:Emma Emmerich.
CITY OF ORIGIN:El Salvador(has anyone heard of that country I really hope soo)
PERSONALITY:rather calm at times and really crazy
LOOKS:Long black hair and blue gray eyes.

FAVORITE ANIMES:inuyasha,X,hellsing,tenchi muyo,rurouni kenshin,love hina,evangelion,bersek,gundam wing,card captor sakura,Saint Zeiya, yuyu hakusho,NeoRanga and Cyborg009

FAVORITE BOOKS:lord of the rings,the hobbit,the silmarillion,harry potter,dracula,don quijote,the island of the blue dolphins.

FAVORITES COUPLES:SESS/KIK,MIR/SAN,inu/kag,koh/rin,kag/kou,ken/kau,san/meg,
009(Joe)/003(Francoise) ^.^,etc

FAVORITE SONGS:all inuyasha songs,all evanescene songs,papercut,in the end,all sin bandera songs,all the mago de oz songs,Talvez, It's all coming back to me,all Dido songs,The voice within,Once you meet her,Soul Deep,Silence,May it be,Deora ar moro chori,Chinese Flower,All El Mago de OZ songs...

FAVORITE BANDS:linkin park,evanescene,limp biskit,p.o.d,korn,ramstein,do as infinite,sistem of a down,sin bandera,Incubus and The Rasmus,Delerium,El Mago de Oz,etc

FAVORITE PERFORMERS:Enya,Dido,Norah Jones,Ricky Martin,Celine Dion,Enrique Iglesias,Tiziano Ferro,Laura Turner,Barry e ane and Whitney Houston

FAVORITE QUOTES:oswari (kagome of inuyasha),would you bear my child? (miroku of inuyasha) love support and endures all things(the bible)

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