Lorinand Memoirs: The Bough Breaks -:- By : Avaloyuru -:- Published : May 2, 2018
Updated : May 4, 2018 8:52 pm -:- Rated : Adult ++ -:- Chapters : 6 -:- Reviews : 0 -:- Dragon prints : 1621
Located : +Second Age > Threesomes/Moresomes

This story begins in the year 1231 of the Second Age, Thranduil is only 486 years old. All of his life, Thranduil has endured the perverse sexual needs of his father. Oropher is overcome with jealousy, inflicting sometimes brutal punishments if he even thinks Thranduil has been with anyone else. After discovering an ongoing relationship between Thranduil and Aldalómë, the son of his Chief Advisor, Oropher sends him into exile in Lórinand as a ward of King Amdír.

Content Tags : Abuse, ChildAbuse, Anal Sex, Anal Play, Minor 1, Minor 2, M/M Sex, M/F Sex, M/M/M, Rape-Canon, Oral Cunnilingus/Fellatio, Violence

The Battles We Choose -:- By : Hoglorfen -:- Published : January 15, 2017
Updated : January 16, 2017 11:15 pm -:- Rated : Adult -:- Chapters : 6 -:- Reviews : 0 -:- Dragon prints : 1577
Located : +Second Age > Threesomes/Moresomes

Even at the best of times, life in the Black Land is a struggle. Its denizens seem to be their own worst enemies and things are rarely as they first seem. A certain Orc finds that out the hard way. Sequel to "Wolves and Shattered Shields".

Content Tags : 3Plus Abuse Anal Angst BDSM BMod CR Ds Fingering HC Hum Humil MC MF MiCD MM Ms OC Oral Rape SandM Slave TF Tort Violence WIP