Reviews for Path of Honor-Part II: Far From Home

BY : IdrilsSecret

  • From ANON - Verlane on February 19, 2015

    Hi! I love your stories. I read "The hunting trip" and "Mine" some times ago, and I decided to re-read them, and then I discovered you had more stories and I devoured them all.
    I have one thing that bother me in the latest novel I'm reading: the first chapter of "Path of honor", Rýmil explains that he and Orophin speak only sindarin, by opposition to Haldir who learned a lot of language of Middle-Earth. But at the end of the chapter 6 of "Path of Honor: far from home", when Legolas and Rýmil are in the former hall of King Oropher, Rýmil insists on the fact that he gives Legolas a sindarin nickname. He explains that while in Mirkwood, he chooses to follow the way of the Wood Elfs and therefore to speak sindarin and not quenya. But according to the first chapter, Rýmil doesn't speak quenya anyway.

    Also, as a passionate reader, I was wondering why you choose to have "Mine" and "Path of honor" in two parallel and uncompatible universes, and not in the same, for it looks that they could easily cross-over, without changing the heart of their own storiy lines?

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