One Woman and Three Elves

BY : ClarisOGaerdydd
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The human woman stood at the window in her lover’s assigned room, looking out at the view of the lower-level streets of Minas Tirith.

The sun had set hours ago, and in the darkness of the night, all that could be seen below were the scattered lights coming from late-night inns and brothels, with the occasional sound of a drunken brawl emanating from the streets below.

A dark-haired ellon silently opened the door to the chambers, not wanting to alert his human lover to his presence, and instead, wanting to gaze upon her silently. He watched as the cool, night breeze, blew in through the window, causing her hair to sway slightly, momentarily exposing her bare shoulder where the sheet that she was wrapped in, had slipped down her arm.

He had only known her for a couple of days, and had met her when she had served him his ale in one of the inns. And as soon as he had entered the pub with his twin brother that night, she had captivated him immediately with her sultry eyes, catching him in her stare. And he had wasted no time in settling himself at the bar so that he could unleash his infamous charm. And he had been successful in his pursuit. More so than he had expected actually, for she had since spent the last two nights with him in his bed, and was currently in the process of spending a third.

He silently walked up behind her, bringing his arms around to her front, and cupping her breasts in the palm of his hands, gently stroking her hardening nipples with his thumbs as he began placing feather-light kisses on the nape of her neck.

But she just continued to stare out of the window, seeming completely unfazed by the silent return of her elven lover.

"I think you must be the only human I've ever come across who isn't startled when an elf sneaks up on them." He whispered into her ear.

She merely smirked as she turned her head to look at him over her shoulder. "I may not be able to hear you, Elrohir, but I can sense your presence no less than a human's." She whispered back to him.

He released her breasts and turned her fully to face him, his hands cupping the sides of her head and his fingers sliding back into her hair as he captured her lips with his in a slow but purposeful kiss, sensually gliding his tongue over her own. He then pulled back slightly and began trailing feather-light kisses down her jaw line and her neck.

She moaned his name as she tilted her head back, gently closing her eyes as she relished in the perfection of his masterful touches.

His lips gently moved back up to her jaw-line, skimming her skin in the process. "I'm afraid that I have some bad news, Baineth (beautiful)." Elrohir whispered into her ear. "Tonight is my last night in Minas Tirith."

This caused her to pull back from him slightly so that she could look at him. "Really? So soon?" She asked, not being able to hide her immense disappointment. Elrohir had been the most affectionate, considerate and amazing lover that she had ever had!

"Yes, I'm afraid so." He said quietly as his grey eyes looked into hers. "But I intend not to waste it." He said, leaning in to kiss the side of her neck again.

Even though she had only known him for two days, Elrohir's kisses had a warming familiarity and a skilful way of making her forget everything else, instantly making the world around her completely disappear.

"And there is something that I would like to ask of you, Baineth." He huskily breathed against her skin.

"Mmmm?" She inquired, while tilting her head to the side, allowing him to ravish her neck.

"I would like to share you." He simply said, which caused her to wake from her euphoria and turn to face him. "If you will allow it?" He continued as he looked into her eyes, silently searching. Seeking for permission.

She remained silent for a few seconds, as she tried to process his request, wondering if she had heard him correctly. "How?... With whom?" She asked.

Elrohir smirked as he seductively and slowly started to drag the tip of his finger down her neck, and onto her chest. "My brother." He said, as his finger reached the top of the sheet that was frustratingly covering her breasts. "And our good friend from Mirkwood." He added, as he slowly pulled the sheet away from her body and tossed it across the room.

She should have been repulsed and extremely insulted by Elrohir's request, but she'd met his twin brother a few days previous, and the thought of having the two of them, together, excited her tremendously! But she was unsure as to who the friend from Mirkwood was that he was referring to. "I presume he is another elf? Your friend?" She asked.

"Aye, and I believe you have met him, also. His name is Legolas, he's the blond ellon who was with myself and Elladan at the tavern yesterday."

"Ah, yes I remember him." She said as her face broke out into an even wider smile at the memory of the handsome blond. "And they're happy to do this with us?"

Elrohir grinned even wider. "It was they who suggested it!" He said as his large calloused hands reached out for her bare breasts.

His gentle massaging of her tits, and teasing of her hard nipples, instantly put her in the mood, causing her to tilt her head back and sigh loudly in contentment.

"So, do you consent?" He asked her.

She brought her head back up to look at him, a wide smirk on her face. "Of course. How could I resist not just one, but three elves to take me to bed?" She asked seductively, hoping she was doing a good job of hiding the extreme nervousness that was coursing throughout her body at the thought of it. But by the Gods, how hot was this idea?!

Elrohir leant into her and placed a gentle kiss on her mouth. "I'm glad you have accepted, Baineth. I will go fetch them." He breathed against her lips before walking away towards the bedroom door.

But to her surprise, as soon as Elrohir opened the bedroom door, she could see that Elladan and Legolas were already waiting outside, and they simply walked in to the chambers after the door was opened for them, causing her to instantly become very aware that she was naked. She quickly brought up one of her arms to cover her breasts, while the other hand attempted to cover her modesty.

"Please don't be shy, my lady." Elladan was the first to speak, as he and Legolas stopped a few feet away.

Elrohir, after shutting and firmly bolting the bedroom door, walked past his brother and friend, and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her upper body, and covering her breasts with his hands. "Aye, you're far too beautiful to be covered up." Elrohir breathed against her neck.

"I would feel much more comfortable, my lords, if I wasn't the only one without their clothes on, right now." She said as she looked at Elladan and Legolas a little nervously.

"All in good time, my lady." Legolas spoke this time as a small smile graced his full lips.

Elrohir made eye-contact with the other two elves over her shoulder, signalling for them to come closer. Both Legolas and Elladan walked towards the pair, seeing that she was now looking extremely nervous.

"There is no need to fear us." Elladan said softly to her as he leant his face down to hers. "All we want is to bring you pleasure." He breathed against her lips before he kissed her softly. And just like his brother, Elladan was able to make her go weak at the knees just by his kiss, and she willingly opened her mouth to let Elladan's tongue enter, as he gently used it to caress her own. She leant back into Elrohir's strong frame, revelling in the kisses that he was sensually placing on the back of her neck, while his large hands still massaged her naked breasts. Being sandwiched between the very experienced Rivendell twins was truly mind-blowing, and she started to wonder where Legolas was going to fit in to all of this?

But her question was soon answered as she felt the blond Mirkwood elf begin to place soft, feather-light kisses on her bare shoulder, completely making her forget about the fact that she was still the only one who was naked.

She moaned into Elladan's mouth as she felt his hand glide down her stomach and come to rest between her thighs, his long slender fingers slowly beginning to stroke her there. It didn't take long for her to become extremely wet as the elder twin expertly fingered her folds, gently gliding back and forth from her clit to her soaking-wet entrance.

Elladan pulled back from the kiss, his grey eyes storming with lust. "She is already saturated." He said to the others without ever taking his eyes off of hers. "Let's take her now."

Elrohir spun her around and backed her over to the bed, pushing her down onto the covers. He reached down and touched her between her legs. "Aye, brother, you're right. She is ready." Elrohir said as he began to hastily unbutton his shirt.

Elladan and Legolas also removed theirs, and made their way to the bed, laying themselves down on the mattress either side of her naked body, as their hands reached out and began sensually stroking her tits, and pinching her rock-hard nipples between their fingers.

After discarding his shirt, Elrohir stood at the foot of the bed and watched in awe as his brother and best friend fondled the beautiful woman that he had ravaged so many times over the past couple of days. He watched in fascination as Elladan and Legolas took it in turns to kiss the woman on her plump lips, sometimes even kissing each other as she watched on with wide eyes. This was something that Elrohir had always loved to do; watch. He loved watching his brother and Legolas getting intimate with each other, and with a woman thrown into the mix. It was a major turn-on for him, and he found himself reaching down to firmly stroke himself through his breeches, his eyes still solely fixated on the three on the bed.

And after seeing the very obvious arousal straining from between the two elves' legs as they continued to caress her, Elrohir wasted no more time and got down on his knees. He pushed her legs up so that her feet were flat on the mattress, and her thighs were spread wide apart, taking a moment to look at her glistening pussy before he began devouring it with his mouth, greedily licking and drinking up her juices that were now flowing rapidly.

At seeing this erotic action from Elrohir, Legolas immediately undid the buttons on his breeches, quickly pulling out his large erect penis as he continued to watch the younger twin lapping at the woman's wet folds, and feeling himself getting immensely turned on by the slurping sounds that the younger twin was creating with his mouth. The blond prince wrapped his large hand around his dick and slowly began to stroke himself, taking a moment to sit back and enjoy watching Elrohir thoroughly eat the woman out. By the Valar, the soaking wet, lapping sounds Elrohir was making was an immense turn-on! He exhaled a long, steady breath, trying to prevent his euphoria from escalating too quickly, before he leaned back down to capture the woman's lips with his, hungrily kissing her with unbridled passion as she moaned into his mouth.

Elladan sat back on his heels and took a few moments to enjoy the view. He watched his brother expertly probing his tongue deep into the woman's wet hole, while Legolas firmly stroked his large hand up and down his huge, hard dick; and it was a huge, hard dick that Elladan wanted to taste more than anything at that very moment.

He leaned across the woman's naked body and took a hold of Legolas’ pumping hand, firmly removing it from the prince's penis. Legolas momentarily broke the kiss with the woman to look down at what was happening, and instantly let out a deep, long, and drawn out moan as he watched Elladan take the entire length of his cock into his mouth, reveling in the feel of the elder twin’s throat, deliciously enveloping him.

The woman leaned up on her elbows, and watched open-mouthed at the sight before her. She had never seen two males together before, and the image of one of the twins giving Legolas a blow job, was one of the most erotic things that she had ever seen!

Elrohir, sensing that the woman was already very close to completion, quickly withdrew his tongue from inside her, completely pulling his mouth away from her dripping pussy before he lifted his head up to look up at the three on the mattress. Immediately, he could see the cause of her sudden acceleration towards climax when his eyes fell upon his brother greedily sucking at Legolas' cock. Elrohir took a few moments to watch and enjoy his twin expertly pumping the prince's dick with his mouth, seeing it disappear deep into his throat with each greedy thrust of his face, the pronounced purple veins snaking down Legolas' dick now more visible than ever and straining against his skin. He and the woman continued to watch the prince getting a full-on, deep, and noisy blow-job for a few minutes more, loving the slurping sounds as Elladan sucked and licked at Legolas' eight-inch cock like his very life depended on it.

But after a couple of minutes more, Elrohir reached out his hand and rested it on Elladan's shoulder, getting his attention. Elladan, with Legolas' engorged dick still deep within his throat, looked up out of the corner of his eye and met his brother's gaze, immediately understanding Elrohir's instruction to stop. So Elladan closed his eyes again and took one last long suck, causing the prince to moan loudly before releasing Legolas' huge cock from his mouth with an audible pop.

Legolas groaned while he leaned back down and started to kiss the woman again, his tongue hungrily exploring her mouth. She happily obliged, and started to run her fingers through his long blond, unbound hair.

"Legolas, she is completely saturated." Elrohir called out to the blond prince. "You can take her first."

Legolas only responded with a grunt of approval as he laid out his body on top of hers, nudging her thighs apart with his knees and kicking off his breeches. And only a second later, he thrust his huge dick deep into her, causing the both of them to cry out at the extreme pleasure that engulfed them.

Both Elladan and Elrohir stood back from the bed a little to get a good look at the mating couple humping together on the sheets in the standard missionary position. Elrohir reached over and pulled his brother's erection out from his breeches, not taking his eyes off the couple fucking each other on the bed, and slowly began to pump his twin's hard shaft, with Elladan returning the exact same favour to him. Both of them stood there wanking each other off, their pumping hands slowly getting faster as they matched the pace that Legolas was setting with his relentless thrusting into the woman's pussy.

Soon enough, squelching, sopping wet, and slapping noises were filling the room, along with the moans and cries of the four that were creating them, and Elrohir could take no more. He quickly moved away from his brother, leaving a long string of pre-cum stretching out from the tip of his cock to the palm of his brother's hand, and made his way towards the bed, coming to a stand-still directly behind a frantically pumping Legolas. He removed his breeches and climbed up on to the mattress, placing his knees either side of Legolas' and leaned forward, resting his chest on to the prince's back as he gripped the blond ellon's shoulder with his right hand. “Legolas, I’m going to fuck you so hard.” Elrohir warned into the blond ellon’s ear. He lined up the tip of his massive rock-hard dick with Legolas’ tiny back entrance, and began pushing against the prince’s anus.

Legolas immediately gasped as he felt Elrohir starting to push his erection into him, breaking his kiss with the woman lying beneath him. But despite the harsh and sudden intrusion into his arsehole, he didn’t stop his pumping action into the woman's saturated pussy. And with every withdrawal from the girl's wet hole, Legolas impaled himself even more onto Elrohir's big dick, until his tight, tiny hole was completely filled with huge cock.

Elladan started pumping his own dick with his hand at an alarming speed, as he watched the three of them all joined together in front of him. He was wanking his rod so hard and so fast, that his pre-cum was being propelled through the air, with the clear sticky residue landing on the bare skin of the three mating on the bed, and glistening under the streak of moonlight flowing in through the bedroom window.

Elrohir was on his knees, his head thrown backwards with his long dark hair cascading down his back as he gripped Legolas' hips, allowing the prince to do all the work. "That's it, Legolas. Keep moving between us." Elrohir gasped.

Legolas was thrusting harder and faster now, his huge dick disappearing and reappearing at a great speed into the woman, while Elrohir's dick was doing the same in and out of his anus. By the Valar, he loved being sandwiched like this. Whether it was between a guy and woman, just like he was now, or whether it was between two guys, he didn't care. All he cared about was having his dick enveloped by hot wet flesh, while having his arsehole thoroughly filled by cock. His elf-hood and anus simultaneously being pleasured; possibly the best feeling in the world!

But Legolas was woken out of his lust-filled haze when he felt a hand painfully grab a hold of the hair on top of his head, forcing his face to look upwards. And when he opened his eyes, he could see that, a now naked, Elladan had positioned himself in front of him, straddling the woman's face as he shoved his rock-hard meat into Legolas' mouth, causing him to gag as the elder twin rammed his full length right down the prince's throat.

Elrohir watched on with dark, lustful eyes as he continued to fuck Legolas' arse, his own cock twitching inside the prince's tight hole as he stared at Elladan fucking Legolas' throat, while listening to the sounds of the sexy woman laying underneath them all and greedily licking and lapping at his brother's anus. And because Elladan was facing him, Elrohir had an unprecedented view of his brother's contorted face, seeing that his teeth were now bared and gritted hard together as he began to fuck Legolas' mouth and throat at such a speed and force, that the prince's head was being forced back into an extreme angle, his neck almost looking like it was on the verge of breaking! Well, this immensely hot and highly erotic sight had Elrohir picking up speed, himself, pounding his engorged cock in and out of Legolas' tiny hole so fast and so hard, that Legolas' body was beginning to buckle from the simultaneous brutal beating that his mouth and arse were receiving from the twins.

“Fuck, that feels good!” Elladan shouted as he froze, gripping a hold of Legolas' head and holding the prince's lips firmly against is groin. “Yeah, keeping licking that hole, baby.” He instructed the woman beneath him as he held Legolas' head firmly in place, preventing him from moving and forcing the prince to hold onto the elder twin's cock deep in his throat.

Legolas' eyes were bulging and saliva was readily dripping from his open mouth as he concentrated on breathing through his nose. Elladan's cock was so long that he could feel the tip of it resting halfway down his throat, while it's wide girth was forcing his mouth to open to its limits, making his jaw ache.

“Ah, yeah, that's it brother. Keep fucking him like that.” Elladan said to Elrohir, as he remained completely stock-still, enjoying the licking that his arsehole was getting from the woman and the gentle massaging of his dick that Legolas' throat was giving every time his brother thrust into the prince's arse. “Keep that cock down your throat, Legolas.” Elladan warned in a level voice, just as the prince had started to gag. He pulled Legolas' face into his groin even more, pressing the prince's lips against his lower abdomen and ensuring that his erection remained firmly buried, giving a few deep hard thrusts against Legolas' mouth for good measure.

“I think he's on the verge of coming, brother.” Elrohir said. “I can feel him clenching around me.”

Elladan smirked before looking down at the prince whose mouth was helplessly rammed full of cock, and met his bulging and watered eyes. “Is that true, Legolas? Do you want to come?”

Legolas only responded with an unintelligible muffled cry, which had the twins grinning at each other. Elrohir pulled out of Legolas' arse while Elladan pulled out of his mouth, causing the blond ellon to drop his head between his shoulders and groan in relief. But his relief was short-lived when Elrohir, still kneeling behind Legolas, gripped his blond hair and yanked the prince backwards, forcing him upright onto his knees as Elrohir pressed his chest flush against his back. “Let's show the lady how impressive your cumshots are, shall we?” And with that, Elrohir shoved his dick right back up inside Legolas' arsehole, causing the blond ellon's head to fall backwards in pleasure and to rest upon the younger twin's shoulder.

“Come and ride me, my lady.” Elladan said to the woman, pulling her up from the mattress as he sat back against the headboard. “No, no.” He placed his large hands onto her hips, preventing her from lowering herself down onto him. “Turn around.” He breathed into her ear, his warm breath tickling her skin and sending her nerve-endings alight. “So you can watch the action.”

She did as he asked and turned around so that she had her back to him, but was now facing one of the most erotic sights that she had ever seen; Elrohir and Legolas fucking each other so fervently and passionately, that they were struggling for breath, with their loud pants and groans filling the room, and their brows deeply furrowed due to the intensity of the moment.

She slowly lowered herself down onto Elladan's erection, inciting a deep and prolonged groan from him as his fat cock pushed her swollen lips apart, gliding inside her with immense ease due to her gushing juices, and filling her to the hilt. By the Valar, Elladan's dick was enormous. She could feel her wet tunnel being stretched to alarming limits as her cervix proceeded to be pushed upwards from his large head resting there. She looked up to the two on the opposite end of the mattress, taking in Elrohir and Legolas' contorted facial expressions, the both of them heavily furrowing their brows, their teeth bared and gritted in angry-looking scowls, as they fucked each other hard, fast, and extremely vigorously, with the super-wet slapping sounds of Legolas' arsehole getting a proper fuck, filling the room. Elrohir had his hand wrapped around the prince's throat, forcing the back of Legolas' head to rest against Elrohir's shoulder, giving the woman a clear and unobstructed view of the blond ellon's scowling face. But feeling Elladan's hands on her hips as he lifted her body upwards slightly, brought her back to the fullness that his cock was bringing her. And when he held her there, suspended above him slightly, Elladan began pounding his dick into her pussy, making her cry out from the mixture of pleasure and pain that his enormous cock was bringing her. She looked over at Legolas, and wondered how he had managed to deep-throat Elladan just a few minutes ago, for the eldest twin's rod was simply huge.

“Open your legs.” Elladan instructed her. “So they can see your pussy getting pummelled.”

The woman moved from her kneeling position and squatted, keeping Elladan's dick deep inside her, but spread her thighs wide open, displaying her glistening pussy for the others to see. And this action seemed to spur on Elrohir and Legolas even more, as they both stared at her wet hole while their feral grunting and fucking intensified. And just seeing them together in that way, while having her tunnel fucked hard and fast, had her reaching climax in no time, causing her to spray and squirt clear liquids all over the bed like a fountain, completely soaking Elrohir and Legolas.

“Fuck! I've never seen anyone squirt like that.” Elladan said from behind her, his cock still stretching her wide open. “That was so fucking hot!” He brought his hand between her legs and began fingering her clit. “Squirt like that again, baby.”

The woman looked up from beneath half-closed lids, and saw her juices running down the bare skin of Elrohir and Legolas as they both now had their eyes closed, their faces pulled into a pained-looking grimace as their hips pounded together in and erratic and desperate rhythm. And that sight, mixed with the sensation and sound of Elladan fingering her wet folds, had her coming again, spraying even more fluid across the bed.

“Fucking hell, look at her go!” Elladan's shout had the other two elves opening their eyes, taking in the sight of the woman's pussy squirting her cum everywhere, splattering their skin and spraying their faces.

“Oh, fuck!” Legolas suddenly shouted, humping himself against Elrohir's groin harder and faster. “Oh, fuck! I'm coming!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, arching his back a moment before his rock-hard cock shot out rivers of hot, white cum so powerfully, that he almost blasted a hole in the ceiling! But it didn't stop there. His dick continued to shoot out so much thick, creamy cum in constant powerful spurts, that every wall, piece of furniture, and every person in the room, got a thick coating of his sperm, leaving them all completely drenched. And throughout his extreme orgasm, he continued to shout at the top of his voice with every spasm his dick made, his wide open mouth even catching some his wildly shooting cum.

“Fuck, Legolas.” Elrohir grunted, pounding his dick into his arse. “I fucking love watching you come!” Elrohir's head fell back in ecstasy as he unloaded his own sperm deep inside Legolas' tight hole, howling wildly as the euphoric waves of his orgasm made his body convulse uncontrollably. And his brother was close behind, moaning in the woman's ear as he thrust into her pussy one last time, keeping himself deeply buried in her cunt as his dick spurted hot cum way up inside her, over and over again with each convulsion of his orgasm.

They all took a number of moments to come down from their euphoria, their breaths ragged and fast, and all of them dripping wet in a mixture of the woman and Legolas' cum. The smell of their fluids filled the bedroom, invading their senses and hanging in the air like an invisible aphrodisiac.

“Pull out of her, brother.” Elrohir managed to say in a hoarse whisper. “I fucking love cream-pies.”

Elladan lifted the woman off of his cock and removed himself from behind her, coming to sit on the mattress beside his brother and Legolas. “Spread your legs wide open.” Elladan instructed her, their stares fixated on her gaping pussy.

“Oh fuck, that's hot.” Legolas breathed as the three of them watched Elladan's huge gobs of extremely thick cum, begin to slowly seep out of her cunt, her wet hole still spread wide open from the beating it had just received from Elladan's dick.

She looked down to between her legs, watching another gob of delicious cum ooze out of her, wondering if she would ever experience another night in her life that would rival this one. And when both Legolas and Elrohir laid down between her legs, greedily licking up and swallowing all of Elladan's cum, she knew that she never would.

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