Reviews for Gates Of Dawn

BY : Massanie

  • From singvogel on January 06, 2013


    after reading through all of it during the last few days, I must say, I'm terribly sorry to hear that this story won't be continued. While I can certainly understand the reasons I still think it was great writing with an extremely believable character development. I enjoyed reading it very much and would have loved to continue.
    While I was a little dubious at first about Erestor being a seer, I must say you managed to pull it off nicely without slipping into the trap so many others do and making him too powerful/all knowing, which can be extremely irritating. Especially in a good story.
    Anyway, thanks for putting in all the hard work, time and thought to produce this.

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  • From AtoreySKane on November 06, 2012

    I just recently discovered these stories. I've found them to be well written and planned. I am sorry to see that there aren't many reviews for them, and I'm sorry to see that it'll be discontinued for now, however I understand and I look forward to the day when you come back to this. Please don't give up completely; this is too well thought out and written to be abandoned forever. I hope things go well for you in real life and I thank you for all that you've written thus far.

    Keep up the good work.

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