Reviews for The Teacher

BY : pippychick

  • From BronxWench on February 28, 2019

    Ah, it is so good to read this again. I've missed this dearly.

    My heart ached so for Elrond, and his grief for Celebrían, I think more so when it becamse clear how little could reach him through the sorrow. And then of course, Celeborn, who is as enigmatic and elusive as ever, planting a tree for his daughter. It's almost too much to bear, for that moment.

    And of course Celeborn will beguile Elrond, bring him to appeal to Thranduil, bring him back to speak with Galion...

    I can't wait to see more, caught up as I am in the spell you weave.

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  • From CloudUnicorn on April 17, 2017

    Omg that is an utterly brilliant piece of work, i truly hope you continue it

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  • From ANON - Neiroel on March 05, 2017

    Oh dear I am so glad, that I finally found this again, I was *devestated* when this story was deleted of Ao3. I undestand the reasoning behind it but still am very glad that you chose to continue this amazing story.
    I am still quite new on this website and am not sue, is there a way to get a notification when you update?
    Please update soon, I am hooked!!
    Thank you for this amazing contribution to the community and have an amazing day, Neiroel

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  • From ANON - BronxWench on January 27, 2017

    Oh, this chapter did wrench at me. Elrond's grief resonates throughout, and even the small moments of joy he could find with Celebrían could not ease his pain. But really, she was wise indeed to conspire with all those she loved, to protect Elrond at the very end. Galion was the best choice to help him through the first throes of his grief.

    And still, at the very end, the image of Elrond weeping in the night for his lost Celebrían, alone and unable to share his sorrow with anyone, brought me to tears myself.

    As ever, your writing makes me transcend all the nonsense of daily life--thank you!

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  • From CCWolfe on January 17, 2017

    Just finished chapter 13 and I am loving your story! I had been reading prince in training because I love Thranduil and Legolas. But once I read through that one I was hungry for more of your style of writing and I was so happy I did! I found more Leggy! Yay! You are a magnificent story teller the way you weave the passionate scenes with your plot and is highly addictive! 

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  • From ANON - Anon on January 15, 2017

    It is rare a chapter will leave me quite literally in tears, but this chapter has done so. The love between Elrond and Celebrían rings in every word, as does Elrond's grief. Even the knowledge she will heal in Valinor, and recover her joy does not lessen the sorrow, or ease Elrond's burden.

    So beautiful, and so terrible...I think this is one of the most incredible things I've ever read.

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  • From ANON - Anon on January 12, 2017

    This chapter... I'm finding it hard to capture my feelings in words. Maybe tristesse, but it doesn't feel large enough. The words all seem inadequate, and yet you wove such a spell with your words.

    The play was most dramatic, with its glimpses of history, and with key performers bringing back memories perhaps best forgotten. I did enjoy the small vignette with our lovers, though, and thank you for that! But Celebrían's performace was utterly enthralling, and Legolas as Oropher? Sublime. How sad, though, for Elrond to need to see Elros age and fail. My heart ached for him, especially when Galadriel and Celeborn shared their own misgivings.

    Prescience is a dreadful curse, to know something evil is coming, and to not know from whence, and for whom. It broke my heart at the very end, it did...

    Thank you, for this very powerful chapter. It is both wrenching and yet entirely right, all at the same time.

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  • From ANON - Anon on August 17, 2016

    I will always enjoy these glimpses of Elrond with Celebrían. Their love is passionate and glorious, and it does feel like coming home, when they are together. How perfect they are, really.

    It's a sweet counterpoint to Elrond and Thranduil, another passionate and glorious love affair. Thranduil really does resist submitting to Elrond, but when he does, it is utterly delicious. And Elrond shows such tender care, giving Thranduil what he needs without being cruel or hurtful. Elroind's premonition gave me such chills, though. My heart break for him already...

    Utterly perfect, and the het was more than wonderful.

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  • From ANON - Anon on August 08, 2016

    Such a beautiful chapter... beginning in darkness, progressing to the lovely threesome, so wicked and yet still somehow made innocent by their love, and ending with the passionate wonder of Elrond's love for Celebrían. The entire chapter was intoxicating, and the wonderful bits of humor in between were sublime. Thranduil's default position, indeed. So wicked, the King is, and how wonderful it was for Elrond to have his family back again.

    Still, there's a lingering chill form Elrond's visions, and my heart aches.

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  • From ANON - Anon on June 01, 2016

    Ai, Elrond is simply glorious, even if he still manages to be the Teacher even in his sweet submission. Thranduil is wicked indeed, though, and I admit I squeaked just a little when he pointed out what Legolas gets up to with Elladan and Elrohir. But then, you know how much I adore that trio! :D

    I think I've never enjoyed anything as much as Thranduil and Legolas teasing by comparing notes. Poor Elrond. All he'd need is Oropher, and I do think his poor head would explode.

    Just lovely, and a perfect treat for a late spring afternoon, as delicious as cold berries and cream, and just as sweet.

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  • From ANON - The_CL on May 05, 2016

    Okay I couldn't wait to review so excuse the typos. You're such a tease! Now I'll be waiting for the next chapterqans praying it will come soon. Oh Elrond, why couldn't you just give in? Thranduil is so evil but right now I love him for pushing his agenda because I want what he wants!

    I just can't wait for the next chapter.


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  • From ANON - Anon on May 05, 2016

    Oh, what a lovely treat, and how much I'm looking forward to this most-postponed moment. Perhaps not quite as much as Elrond, although it did take him long enough to succumb. Coincidences indeed...

    What I enjoy so much is the love between the three of them, which is beautifully laid out, in graceful words and imagery. They learn so much about themselves as they explore this love, and even Elrond, teacher that he is, is an avid student. With all the pain that lays behind them and before them, there is this joy, and it's all the more glorious because it retains such gentle innocence.

    Beautiful chapter, and I'm eager to see them play.

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  • From The_CL on April 25, 2016

    I really like Thranduil when he's needling Elrond, I think that's my favorite side of him and I like the way Elrond never fails to get a bit huffy about it. But Legolas, *sigh* I don't know why when he's in a scene it's that much better. The dragon story was perfect, you did an amazing job with it.

    I can't wait until Elrond has no choice but to take them both on at the same time because I just know that Thranduil will eventually find a way to make it happen. :D


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  • From ANON - Anon on April 24, 2016

    Right. Well. Between the image of Thranduil in a corset made of linen wrappings, and Elrond playing dragon as he and Legolas read a very wanton fairytale, I'm quite dizzy with delight.

    My line for this chapter: “Yes. Rest, Elrond,” Thranduil said, his voice deepening. “Weary traveller, friend, lover, Master, elder, Lord, warrior, healer...” Wicked, wicked King of Eryn Galen... and so very delicious, too.

    And still poor Elrond deludes himself into thinking he can decide when he'll be willing to divide his attention. I don't think he's quite reckoned with his beautiful lovers, has he?

    Lovely, as ever!

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  • From The_CL on April 08, 2016

    Okay so Elrond just opened a whole new can of worms... and I am glad he did because I just have a feeling Thranduil will push this issue now.

    Can't wait to see where this goes now.


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