The power of the Ring

BY : Satyr
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The Power of the Ring

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Chapter One: The Seduction of Arwen.

During Frodo's time in Rivendell, he became increasingly aware of a beautiful Elf-maiden. Her name was Arwen. Arwen Evenstar, and every time he saw her, he felt his heart jump. He watched her from afare, and even used the power of thing to better observe her.

This was something he should have never done, as it could have put all of Rivendell at risk. Lucky for the wily little hobbit, the elves combined magic shielded it from Sauron's eye, for the time being anyway, and thus, Frodo was allowed to continue watching the beautiful elf from a distance.

However, soon, it was to be much closer.

One night, the elves were having a banquet, and Frodo, his mind on food, was strolling down along the lengthy table where massive amounts of delicasies of all kinds were laid out. He had a large plate, and was picking off different things as he went down, scrutinizing this and that, and munching some small, crunchy bits of potatoa as he moved along.
Suddenly he bumped into someone, knocking their plate on to the floor. He mumbled a hasty apology and dropped to floor at the same time the other person did, trying to pick up the mess.

Then he looked up and gasped.

It was Arwen! His face turned bright red as he looked into her crystaline blue-green eyes.

"M-M-M'lady," he stuttered, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..."
His voice trailed off. She was looking at his neck. The Ring! It had fallen out! She looked back into his eyes, and Frodo felt hypnotized by them.

She reached out, and although his mind was telling him to hide the Ring and pull away, he could not bring himself to do it. She stroked the ring, holding it in her hands, and then...
She gently opened the top of his shirt, and dropped the ring back inside. She stroked his chest and pulled her hand away.
Frodo could smell her. She smelled like fresh water and lavender. Everything about her engulfed him.
"Ringbearer," she said, "You impress me."
"R-Really?" he stammered, "Me?"
"Indeed. Go, enjoy yourself. I will take care of this."

In the dim light, no one noticed the transaction that passed between hobbit and elf over a spilled plate, and Frodo hurried along, trying to hide the embarrassing bulge beneath his trousers. He sat down at a secluded corner and hastily dug into his meal. Then he saw her again. She was walking TOWARDS him!

His eyes followed the sway of her hips beneath her silver, silken gown. She was like a goddess, with her long, dark hair swishing over her shoulders. She walked up to him, and bent over to set her food down, giving Frodo a front seat look down her low cut dress. Her breasts were no less amazing than the rest of her, even if he couldn't see them entirely. Something in the back of his mind told him he was staring, but he couldn't tear himself away from Arwen's perfect body.
She smiled when she saw him looking. Frodo knew she could have stood up straight at least thirty seconds ago, but she... she was practically giving him a show. She pretended to shudder, causing her breasts to shake, and Frodo realized his mouth was open.
She sat down as he snapped it shut. His food was, shall we say, replaced by other matters in his mind. She knew he was staring at her, and she looked at him several times as she daintily ate.
"God," thought Frodo, "She's even sexy when she's eating."
"It is not just when I am eating, little Ringbearer."
Frodo jumped. He couldn't tell whether or not she spoke out loud or not. She turned and smiled at him, and he could feel himself being drawn into her eyes again.
She reached out and stroked his hand.
"You are handsome for a hobbit," she said.
"Thank you, M'Lady, You are... you're... you're..." He had trouble finding words.

She ran her hand along his jaw.
"It is alright, Frodo, you have never spoken with an elf maiden before, have you? I mean, in casual conversation."
"Uh, no."
"Well," she said, smiling, "Lets begin, shall we?"

The conversation was mostly one sided. Arwen's slow, soft, soothing voice felt like he was being draped in a warm blanket, or relaxing in a tub of heated water. She gazed into his eyes as she spoke, but Frodo, despite his best efforts, was unable to pay attention. The curvacious line of her body drew his eyes away. He couldn't stop staring at her breasts or hips. They were... perfect. Everything about her was the embodiment of perfection.

Arwen, on the other hand, found Frodo amusing. He never stopped running his eyes all over her body. Aragorn never looked at her that way, and the other humans who had entered the elvish valley always met someone else before they met her. She glanced down, and her eyebrows raised slightly in a brief glimmer of surprise. Frodo's erection must be painful, she thought. It was also very big. For the hobbit, it appeared as if he had a third, stumpy leg.
She was suprised. It was longer than anyone's she had ever been with. However, her concentration was much better than her small companion's. She continued talking with him like she didn't even notice his bulge.

It grew late, and the others in the hall slowly drifted away and returned to their rooms and homes. Arwen ran her hand along the side of Frodo's face again, bidding him goodbye. She leaned up close and kissed him on the cheek, making his face turn beet red. She smiled, and sailed away with the same graceful walk she had come with. Frodo watched her receding rear sway for almost a minute before he snapped out of it.

He knew what he wanted to do. He pulled the ring out, and slipped in onto his finger, and turned invisible. He got up and followed the elf-maiden down many winding corridors until they reached her room. She pulled an ornate key out of the folds of her dress, unlocked the door, and went in, with Frodo closely following.
It was all he could do not to get caught in the door or run into Arwen's legs.

She closed the door, locked it, and walked over to a full-length mirror, examining herself, running her hands down her flat stomach to her shapely thighs, complimented by her silver dress. There was a clothes rack to her left, and Frodo scuttled over next to it and watched her.
She took off her jewelry and carefully placed it into a gilded box, and then returned to the mirror. She unclasped the dress at both the front and back, and then slowly peeling it off her body, until it was a silver pool at her feet. Her stunning figure was standing there in the nude, and Frodo felt like he was going to explode. She ran her hands over her nude body, humming some kind of lullabye. She bent over, giving Frodo a totally different angle, and he almost groaned, but stopped himself in time.

Then she started to run her hands over her elven crotch. There was no pubic hair to speak of, and she rubbed herself gently, moaning softly.
Frodo couldn't help himself, and hissed softly.
Her eyes casually drifted over to where he was (invisibly) standing.
"Are you enjoying yourself, little one?" she asked gently.

Frodo froze. Maybe she was just talking to herself, or daydreaming, or fantasizing, or-
"I know you are there, Frodo. I can smell you, hear you breathe, and I felt you come in with me."
She bent over, siezed her dress and flung it at him. It draped across his frame, creating a sillouette.
She laughed, and it sounded like bells.
Frodo, meanwhile, got tangle in her dress, and couldn't seem to get it off, and Arwen hadn't helped him.
"Blasted elven fabric," he thought.
"Oh, we like it well enough."
Her voice echoed inside his mind.

After two minutes of wrestling with the infernal gown, he finally got it off, and he was greeted with a sight that made his cock spring erect again.
Arwen Undomiel, or Evenstar, was draped along her bed, one arm propping her up, and she was clad in a silvery-blue, lace lingerie. She ran a hand along her body, making Frodo shudder. He was painfully erect, and they were both aware of it.
He eyes swallowed him again, and he made no move to resist. She beckoned him gracefully, and he came.

"Little one," she breathed, "You have not taken off your ring."
Frodo mentally kicked himself and yanked it off, hanging it around his neck once more. Arwen sat up on the edge of the bed, and embraced the hobbit, burying his head into her ample bosom. He was like a huge doll, willing to do whatever she wanted. Except THIS doll came with some "extra features."
She left him embracing her as she removed his shirt and vest, dumping them both on the floor. The she moved him to the side, and motioned for him to get on the bed, which he did, sitting next to her.

Arwen on the other had, got down and kneeled in front the the hobbit. She ran her fingers over the bulge in his pants, gently stroking it. She reached over and unclasped his belt, and she pulled down his trowsers, yanking them off.
His manhood sprang into action. In reared up, and Arwen believed it looked even bigger in person, but she knew she would have no problem taking it all.

She stroked his huge piece until it was throbbing. Then she grabbed it and began whole-heartedly jerking him off. She moved her hand up and down quickly, and Frodo was amazed at how skillful she was at it. All he could do was stare at the model of perfection who was pulling on his cock. She kept rubbing it and stroking it until Frodo couldn't hold back. He spurted all over her face and chest, showering her beautiful breasts and lingerie with cum. She smiled.

Frodo watched as she pulled something out from under the bed. Another box. She opened it and took out a white cloth, and rubbed it all over her face and chest, and then Frodo's dick.
"What is that?"
"This," said Arwen, "Is a fabric invented by elves. It attractes seed, cleaning the user perfectly."
"Elves INVENTED this?" asked Frodo.
"Little one, elves thrive of our seed and the seed of others. Sex is our life. Besides, it is wonderful exercise. Why do you think we are all so thin?"

Frodo decided to stop asking questions.
Arwen stood up and peeled off her lingerie slowly, swaying a little as she did so, showing off her perfect breasts and ass. Her nude body seemed to glow.
Frodo's limp dick was limp no more. When Arwen saw it reach full size again, she cooed and descended upon it.
She wrapped her pouty lips around the head, then began kissing and licking it.

Arwen massaged his balls as she showered his cock with kisses. Then she plunged her head onto it, taking the whole thing in on her first try. Frodo's first instinct was to grabbed the back of her head and push her down on it harder, but he didn't want to offend the elven goddess who was sucking on him. Arwen on the other hand, was used to rough treatment from Aragorn, and was expecting from the halfling as well. She took his hands and put them on the back of her head. Her hair felt like silk, but she soon began bobbing up and down again. Frodo pushed her head up and down onto his thick shaft. He groaned loudly as she continued sucking on him. She was deepthroating him and he could hardly bear it. He pushed on her head faster, groaning again.
"Arwen, I'm cumming!"
He shot his load into her mouth, and she didn't spill a drop.

She climbed into the bed next to him, and then she pulled him over so he was laying on top of her. Frodo would have traded the Ring itself for a mattress like this.
"You know," he said, "My... manhood, was not always this big. I don't know why it started growing."
Arwen wrapped her arms around him, cradling him on her stomach and hips.
"It is the Ring," she said, "I knew when I saw the Ring that it would be. The Ring enhances many qualities of the bearer, including that. I think it would be wrong if we did not put it to good use."

Frodo rolled over, and found his face in her breasts again. Arwen guided his massive dick into her pussy, and Frodo began thrusting. Arwen moaned as she felt his cock insider her canal. For Frodo, it was incredibly tight, and thus, wonderful. This woman is perfect in every way, he thought. He charged into her, his "lance" leading the way.

Arwen began rubbing her hands all over Frodo as she moaned and squealed with pleasure. Frodo spead up the pace, driving his cock in and out even faster. Arwen gripped the satin bedsheets and squealed loudly as she orgasmed. Frodo kept thrusting for a few more seconds, then he grunted. He started to pull his dick so he wouldn't cum inside her, but she grabbed his hips and held him against her, forcing him to pump every ounce into her.

He collasped on top of her, sucking on her breasts as she sighed. Then she looked down at him.
"Little Ring-Bearer, I have another "small round door" to show you."

She giggled, and it sounded like wind-chimes. Frodo wasn't sure what she meant until she pushed him off of her and turned over.
"Oh," said Frodo, "That. I can do that."
"Please do."

Arwen's ass was perfection. Snowy white, just the right shape, and very firm. He grabbed her hips and went to work forcing his huge cock into her anus. She moaned and grunted every step of the way. If elf women were one thing, they were vocal.
She sighed. Aragorn used to do this, but this little hobbit was SO much better at it. Frodo managed to get his entire dick in, and as Arwen rubbed her clit, Frodo began slowly pulling his dick out and in of her ass. She moaned long and loud as he continued.
"Oh! Frodo, faster!"
Frodo complied, thrusting faster, increasing his speed. Soon he was slamming against her butt each time he thrusted in, and each time, Arwen would squeal.
She had at least two more orgasms as Frodo continued, and finally he felt the building pressure inside of him. He slammed it into one last time, and held it there as he pumped semen into her anus. She cooed softly as he continued. It gave a tingly feeling all over.
It seemed like Frodo would never stop coming. However, finally, he exhausted his cum, which was spilling out her ass, and pulled his monster-cock out. Arwen grunted as it came out, then turned over, facing him. She wrapped him in her arms again.

"You know, Frodo, you were a magnificent lover. I am of a mind to let Aragorn KEEP that sluttly Murkwood elf he's been seeing and wed you instead. Pssh. He always acted like I never knew he was fucking her."

"Fucking?" asked Frodo, "What's that?"

"Oh," said Arwen, absentmindedly, "It's a word I invented for what we just did."

"Fucking," repeated Frodo, "You know, I don't think it will catch on."

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