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Disclaimer: I do not own the Lord of the Rings (and associated) book series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author: Storm
Beta: HT
Rating: NC-17
Type: FPS
Pairing: Elladan/Legolas/Elrohir
Timeline: After the Ring War, but before Elrond leaves for Valinor
Warnings: oocness
Summary: After a hard battle the trio takes some to relax.
Request: I would like to see a pool or river. Action/ adventure and wild sex
Written For: Selene Aduial
Disclaimer: I do not own the Lord of the Rings (and associated) book series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Many days and nights had passed when the twins, Elladan and Elrohir along with Legolas caught up with one of the last remaining hordes of Orcs and Urk-Hai that survived the final fall of Mordor. Keeping a safe distance from the dark, evil creatures, the trio watched them as they began to make their way past Mirkwood’s border.

Turning to Elladan, Legolas quietly whispered. “We need to come up with a plan of attack.”

Elladan thinking hard for a moment asked, “What do you suggest Legolas?”

Feeling some what left out Elrohir suddenly got an idea, and turning to face his brother and best friend and exclaimed, “I have the perfect plan!” looking curiously at him Legolas and Elladan both asked in unison “What?”

Elladan had a huge, eager smile on his face as he listened to his brother’s plan of attack, while Legolas kept shaking his head in disbelief and asked “So we wait in the trees till the sunsets and then you want me to cause a diversion by firing arrows into the brushes near the Orcs and Urk-Hai, so you sneak into their camp and put those herbs into their water supply?”

Elrohir gave Legolas a smug smirk and responded “yep!” While the still slightly confused Legolas asked, “What exactly are those herbs anyway?”

Before Elrohir had a chance to say anything Elladan spoke up “Those herbs are what Elrohir and I add to our food to make it hot and spicy.”

Finally, catching on Legolas shook his head snickering. “I understand now, you want to put the herbs into their water supply while their distracted to cause distrust and chaos amongst them to lessen the number we have to deal with, am I right?”

Both of the twins nodded and Legolas sighed “Let’s get this over with.” When nightfall came Legolas was in position waiting for the Twins signal and when he saw it, he fired several arrows into the brushes near the Orcs and Urk-Hai as planned. When the vile creatures went to check it out the suspicious noises, he caught a glimpse of Elladan and Elrohir, slipping into the camp and placing the herbs into the water and slipping back out.

“I really wonder if this plan is going to work.” Legolas thought to himself. When he was suddenly startled out his musings by an outraged shout from one of the Urk-Hai “Which one of you curs tried to poison the water supply?”

Hearing the shout Legolas thought to himself bemused, “Looks like it’s going to work after all.”

As the Orcs and Urk-Hai started fighting amongst one another the twins were laughing quietly to themselves from their hiding spot. When the Orcs and Urk-hai numbers had dwindled down to less than half their original number, the twins gave Legolas the signal to begin their attack.

Pulling out his twin swords, Legolas dropped from the tree he was hiding in and joined in the fight with the enemy. Stabbing and slicing, Legolas fought hard to reach and join up with the twins. When suddenly a felled Orc grabbed his ankle and made him lose his balance and fall. As he fell he finished off the Orc that tripped him with a swift strike. Struggling to get to his feet he saw an Urk-Hai advancing on him and as he desperately tried to get to his feet he saw Elrohir cleanly slice the advancing Urk-Hai’s head from his shoulders. Sighing in relief in relief Legolas yelled his and rejoined the battle.

Finally, weary from the battle and eager to bathe the away blood, gore and sweat from the brutal battle the Twins and Legolas hurried back to campsite they had setup just before engaging the enemy. After they finished caring for their mounts, Legolas slipped away through a thick stand of trees heading to the small lake they had found looking forward to a good relaxing bath. Shortly after Elladan and Elrohir finished their tasks and decided to join Legolas for a swift bath themselves.

Exiting the trees, the twins froze in surprise staring in awe at the most unearthly and beautiful being standing before them. Completely unaware of the stunned twins, Legolas rose from the deep water that he had been swimming in. Running his hands through his hair Legolas was unaware of the picture of virginal innocence that he presented with the moonlight turning his lustrous golden hair to shining silver and causing his wet alabaster skin to glow in the light of the moon. Dan and Ro however were most appreciative of this view and after a quick exchange of glances moved forward towards their old friend as all thoughts of bathing and sleeping were swept aside by a swiftly rising tide of desire and need.

As Legolas stepped out of the lake enjoying, how the warm breeze caressed his damp skin he was startled to find himself face to face with the highly aroused twins. As he opened his mouth to speak Elladan leaned forward and captured Legolas’ lips in a heated kiss; as Elrohir brush his hair aside and whispered, “Just relax and enjoy.” while he brushing a kiss across the nape of Legolas’ neck.

Cupping Legolas face with gentle hands, Elladan swept his tongue over tender lips encouraging his soon-to-be lover to part them. As he slowly explored Legolas’ mouth, the flavor reminded him of a finely aged vintage wine and he slowly, reluctantly pulled away when Legolas shuddered glancing at his twin who was sucking and nipping at the tip of one elegant, perfectly formed ear. Trembling slightly, Legolas gave in to the ministrations of the twins and surrendered to the feelings coursing through him and forgetting everything else, and when Elrohir began sucking on his ear his legs gave out and he collapsed feeling himself being caught by his twins and being carried to and gently laid down in the grass at the beside the lake.

Slowly coming back to himself he looked up at the smugly smiling twins and reaching up he pulled Elrohir down to him and Elrohir kissed him lightly, exploring his nose, his chin, his throat, before settling on his lips, sucking tenderly on that sulking, sultry lower lip for a moment before losing himself in the kiss. Pulling away he began to lick and nip his way down Legolas’ body stopping to suck strongly at the junction of the neck and shoulder joined by Elladan on the opposite side of Legolas’ neck leaving two bright red spot’s to show to whom Legolas now belonged.

Feeling the twins lips and hands on his body and leaving their marks of ownership had Legolas’ breath quickening and his body hardening in desire, and as they slowly moved down his body and each latched on to a sensitive nipple teasing them to diamond hardness he arched his back and released a primal moan of need. As they tormented his aching nipples, the twins slowly slid their hands down Legolas’ body and playfully fondled his balls gently rolling and squeezing them listening to Legolas’ increasingly loud cries of pleasure and pleas for release.

Tossing his head wildly, Legolas screamed aloud as Elladan and Elrohir jointly clasped his hard straining cock firmly and rapidly stroking him to completion. Feeling his body tighten with his impending release Legolas tossed his head back and arched his back as he howled with pleasure as he came and his vision darkened with white sparks flying across them. As Legolas came back to himself and opened his eyes, he saw that Elladan and Elrohir had abandoned him and were engaged in a fiery kiss and stroking each other in an unrestrained manner that had him instantly hardening again.

Unbeknownst to the twins Legolas rose to his hands and knees and prowled towards the two who were oblivious to the advance of the beast they had just awoken. Legolas pounced knocking the surprised duo over and straddled Elrohir as he grabbed Elladan pulling him into a scorching kiss. As the shell-shocked Elladan watched Legolas turned back to Elrohir and this time kissed him gentler than he had his twin. Pulling back Legolas kissed, licked, and suckled his way down Elrohir’s body stopping to briefly knaw on joint of Ro’s neck and shoulder leaving his own mark of possession and then continuing his way down to Elrohir’s chest stopping to suckle on one of his nipples while teasing the other with his free hand, before switching and doing the same to the opposite one, finally he left the hard glistening buds to continue his journey to Elrohir’s hard leaking cock only to skip it and suckle on the tender skin of Elrohir’s inner thighs. Listening to Ro’s wild cries of pleasure and ignoring his pleas for release, Legolas slowly made his way up finally taking on of his sacks in his mouth suckling gently while tenderly fondling the other one. Finally, taking pity on Elrohir and heeding plea for relief, Legolas slowly took his blood-red, straining, leaking shaft in his mouth and at Elrohir’s scream began to bob his head running his tongue up and down his shaft and lightly scrapping his teeth over the sensitive flesh.

Feeling Elrohir tense up in preparation to release, Legolas withdrew and pulled firmly on Ro’s balls drawing him back from the edge of orgasm. Ignoring Ro’s pleas and death threats Legolas rocked backed onto his knees and turned to Elladan who had been watching Legolas ravish his brother with mounting lust while slowly stroking his erection.

Turning to Elladan and giving him a hot sultry look and asked purring “Lube?” Legolas watched in amusement as Elladan fell himself trying to get to his saddlebags and retrieve the bottle of oil they carried to keep their swords in good condition. Taking the oil Legolas titled his head slightly and wordlessly invited him to join them. Turning back to Elrohir, Legolas swatted Elrohir’s hand away from his cock. Legolas slowly pushed Elrohir’s legs up and apart before fumbling with the top of the oil and pouring some into his hand and some on his eager cock. Legolas brushed on oily finger teasingly over Ro’s tight entrance watching it quiver slightly before slowly pushing in one finger. Feeling the hot tight warmth snugly griping his finger Legolas was tempted to just damn the preparation and slam in but he was unwilling to harm his friend and lover so he used the strength of will that had seen him through so many battles to reign himself in and go slow and properly prepare his lover. Finally, Elrohir relaxed enough that Legolas removed his fingers and slowly entered Elrohir watching Ro’s face for any sign of discomfort as he continued to sheath himself. Once fully sheathed Legolas paused waiting for Elrohir to relax before moving.

Meanwhile Elladan had not been idle, while Legolas had been preparing his twin he had taken the oil and slicked himself up and once Legolas was sheathed in Elrohir, he moved behind Legolas and placed his non-oily hand on Legolas’ hip and kept him from moving as he prepared Legolas to be taken. Finally, Elladan slowly entered Legolas and paused for a moment to allow Legolas and Elrohir to get used to the position. As his lovers indicated their readiness Elladan slowly began to rock back and forth in Legolas who allowed his movements to direct his claiming of Elrohir. As they moved Elladan slightly changed the angle of his thrusts to find and stimulate his prostate. He knew he was successful when Legolas suddenly jerked and released a keening wail of pleasure and as Legolas jerked the accidental change in position caused him to brush across Elrohir’s sweet spot causing him to also scream out in pleasure.

They finally found their rhythm and began to move in sync, giving and taking as their passions reached its peak and feeling himself on the verge of coming Legolas lifted one hand off the ground and firmly grabbing Elrohir’s prick began to stroke him rapidly in time to their thrusts. And like a dam bursting Elrohir came and the tightening of his channel caused Legolas to follow and after several more hard thrusts Elladan came and emptied himself in Legolas as well.

Slumping forward the trio slowly disentangled themselves and curled up together, with the twins on either side of Legolas. As they relaxed, they began to feel something different between them and as they concentrated on the unusual feeling they suddenly sat up and looked at each in shock as they realized that sometime during their love-making they had accidentally bound themselves together. Smiling happily at the realization that they were bound for eternity and could never be separated they started settle back down to sleep when Legolas jolted backup and yelped “How are we going to explain this to our fathers?”

Elladan and Elrohir paled and looked at each other before shrugging and responding “We’ll figure it out in the morning.”

Then they curled back-up wrapped around each other and returned sleep, with pleasant dreams of spending an eternity together.

At the same time in Rivendell…..

Thranduil lifted his head from his newly-bonded mate’s chest mumbling “Just how are we going to explain this to our sons?”

Elrond chuckled “We’ll figure it out in the morning.” Pulling Thranduil back down in to a fierce kiss and beginning other activities that prevented speech for the rest of the night.


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