Blood Bond

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Title: Blood Bond
Author: Mawgy
Beta: Naresha
Rated: PG for this chapter. NC-17 overall.
Genre: Ansgt
Warnings: Male/Male relationship. ???
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Summary: Erestor and Glorfindel discover that a short engagement may be romantic, but can lead to bigger problems.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and am making no money from this story… I just like to play with other people’s toys. :D

Chapter 1

Glorfindel walked amongst his father’s people milling around the markets in the small town situated on the far border of Gondolin and smiled politely to all he passed. Recent reports of orcs in the area had forced him from his privileged existence at his father’s side. Lord Finlay often felt those living in remote areas must feel cut off from the main populace and these accounts of enemy threats surely would have them feeling more isolated than ever before. He had therefore decided to send a large number of men to rid the villagers of the problem and would leave at least half of those to remain in the area permanently. To ensure the people of the area would understand his concern, Finlay sent his eldest son, Glorfindel, to oversee everything.

Glorfindel had returned two days ago from slaughtering all the orcs they were able to track, and had ordered some soldiers to remain in the wilderness for any foes that may appear later. Yesterday morning he had gone over plans with a local architect on the barracks that were to be built to house the soldiers staying in the area. That afternoon was spent in discussion with locals, addressing their concerns and any suggestions they put forth. Aside from a few of the locals protesting to military presence in their town, everything was going very smoothly. Glorfindel and his men were staying in the town’s only tavern, often more than six to a single room and that was with half already out on patrol. Glorfindel, of course, had a room to himself, unaccustomed to sharing anything of his with others… except for his bed, one night at a time.

Glorfindel was expected to report to his father in a week’s time, and thus originally decided to remain amongst the locals and soak in their hospitality until it was time to depart. However, after spending another night on a paper-thin mattress and bathing in cold river water, he was ready to return to his life of luxury. But before he went home, a few souvenirs for his parents might be a wise purchase and so, Glorfindel went to the busy morning markets. Being a country town, most that lived here were farmers and weavers of fabric, needing a fair expanse of land to cultivate their stock and produce, so there was little in the way of luxury items to buy. However, Glorfindel managed to find a few well-made golden hairpins in the shape of peacocks for his mother and a new paperweight for his father, in the shape of an oliphaunt.

Having made his purchases, Glorfindel started to head back to the inn. As the sun was now climbing high into the sky, more people had flocked to the markets. It was starting to be hard for Glorfindel to move through the crowd, even though most moved out of his way, bowing graciously as they did. It was a surprise to Glorfindel how many people truly lived in the area, given there were only about one hundred homes in the vicinity. But he shrugged it off, guessing many farmers lived further away but came to town to buy or sell various wares.

Glorfindel had just moved into the fresh fruit area and looked over the sea of heads and sighed as he continually sidestepped many people. Just as a group of fair-haired ladies left his line of vision, a dark haired male stood up straight, after reaching out to squeeze a tomato. He was half turned to Glorfindel and from the profile of the young elf; the lord could immediately tell he was a real beauty indeed.

Not often did Glorfindel find darker haired elves attractive, but the fine eyebrows, black eyes and red lips, all set into the palest skin he had ever seen made the elf all the more comely. Blonde hair simply would not be as beautiful on this one as black- no… blue…blue/black was. As the stranger moved along the tables and the sun glinted off his long shimmering hair, streaks of blue became apparent with each turn of his head.

Glorfindel no longer cared for the crowd and the masses of people that he now bumped into as he rushed towards the vision before him. Mere metres away from his target, Glorfindel watched as the gorgeous creature bought half a dozen apples… how the older elf behind the stall lightly brushed his fingers over the young one’s… the way the owner caught a slim wrist and gently pulled the heavenly being towards him to whisper softly in the other’s ear… and then… he smiled. Those full, ruby lips slowly opened into a smile, revealing perfectly straight, white teeth, and the dark orbs danced in delight.

Glorfindel’s knees melted and his heart thumped at the sight of a single smile from the angelic creature before him. Just as the fruiter released the slim arm, Glorfindel saw the dark elf turn away and began walking down the aisle of shops, squeezing through the smallest of gaps in the crowd.

Glorfindel hurried to catch him, but it was near impossible to move. After he shuffled past several shops, Glorfindel resigned himself to the fact he would not reach the other elf for some time yet, despite the other’s casual pace and frequent stops at shops. Glorfindel was content just to keep him in sight for the time being, and never took his eyes off his quarry for a second.


Easily half an hour passed before Glorfindel came close to the elf he was tracking. The young one had exited the fruit section long ago and had just stopped at a stall selling animals. But not cattle or horses or any other animal Glorfindel suspected would be of great use out here, rather small animals that could be kept in doors. He had heard of such creatures being kept as amusement and companionship by many elves, but since he never had one himself, did not see the appeal in them. As far as he could tell, cats were just an annoyance that got underfoot, at least Ecthelion’s always did.

That was until the beauty in front of him carefully picked up a kitten as dark in colour as his own hair. Bright green eyes peeked out from the black fur and did not look away from the exquisite elf smiling at him. The elf brought the kitten closer to his face and brushed their noses together, which the kitten instantly started licking. The elf crinkled his nose and smiled brightly. He brought the feline to his neck and gave it a good scratching. Glorfindel stopped about five metres away, pretending to browse the items on sale there, but continued watching this mysterious elf.

The salesman at the pet store said something Glorfindel could not make out, but which made his prey smile all the more. The kitten, meanwhile, was clawing at the elf’s hair and robe, trying to escape the hands holding him so he could investigate many new things outside of his cage. The elf holding him laughed as the salesman gave him a hand and pulled the struggling kitten away. The dark elf gave a half-hearted frown as the kitten was placed in confinement once more. The owner tried bargaining with the mysterious elf, but he kindly waved the man off and continued walking down the aisle.


Glorfindel trailed the dark elf until the end of the aisle, where he did not turn to go up another, but rather continued walking ahead, presumably towards his house. At last, Glorfindel had a chance to break free from the crowd and quickly ran to catch up to the other elf.

“Excuse me, you forgot this!” Glorfindel said jubilantly as he skidded to a halt beside the stranger and held up a small box with large holes on the side. The dark elf looked surprised at the box, knowing he had not bought anything aside from the apples today.

“I am afraid you are mistaken,” he said silkily, only now moving his eyes to Glorfindel’s visage. “Oh, my lord,” he bowed deeply. “Forgive me, I was distracted.”

“‘Tis fine, but please, accept this gift. Such beauty often wilts when left in solitude,” Glorfindel lightly ran a finger down the dark one’s cheek. Just then, a soft mewling came from the box in the lord’s grasp. The younger elf looked into the holes and saw large green eyes turn in his direction before a loud ‘meow’ sounded.

“You were following me, my lord?” Erestor asked cautiously, his eyes mistrustingly swinging to Glorfindel.

“Our paths crossed and I just happened to be on the same one as you. However, I did notice the longing in your eyes when you saw this little one. And I thought, if I could ease your desire in this instance, then I could try my hand at another of your cravings…” Glorfindel spoke lowly and took a step closer to the other elf.

“My lord! You are being far too forward with me!” the dark haired one said with a smile and spun away from Glorfindel. “You do not even know my name!”

“Then tell me, so I may be even more so forward as to invite you to my room right now.”

The dark elf laughed gaily, throwing his head back as his whole body shook. “I am Erestor, my lord Glorfindel.”

“Errrestoooor…” Glorfindel whispered to himself, rolling his tongue, feeling the name upon his lips and liking it. Erestor stood a metre away, a smile playing upon his lips as his eyes glowed. “Very well then, Erestor, would you like to accompany me to my rooms?”

“My lord! I am a hundred and twenty-eight years old and NEVER have I been approached so brazenly! I believe, what you were truly going to ask me was to walk me home perhaps? Maybe carry my acquired items for me as you do so?” Erestor teased.

“You are 128?” Glorfindel asked, astonished. He would have thought Erestor to be a little over his majority, maybe even seventy-five, but certainly not over his first full century!

“Aye, I am.”

“And, are you unbound?”

Erestor cocked his head to the side and smiled sheepishly. “I am.”

“It is said that elves over a hundred that have not married are destined to strange fates…” Glorfindel said softly and moved in closer to Erestor.

Erestor looked up at the figure looming over him from beneath heavy lashes. “And what of you? If my memory is correct, you are four years older than me and still unattached. Has your life been strange these past thirty odd years?”

“No more so than the first hundred!” Glorfindel smiled and leaned in close for a kiss.

“Are you disappointed?” Erestor asked, his words stopping Glorfindel’s movement.

“With what?”

“My age. If I were under age, you could ask my father for permission and certainly he would grant it to a lord. But I am closer to your age than you first suspected and it is my permission you need. However, in all my life I have never once allowed any to do more than kiss me, and I never will, save the one to whom I shall be bound. What say you to that, Lord Glorfindel?” Erestor asked seriously, though his eyes still shone brightly.

“May I walk you home? Perhaps even carry those heavy apples for you too?” Glorfindel asked, stepping away.

“How kind of you to ask. I accept your invitation,” Erestor smiled and passed the fruit over to the blonde before leading the way home.

“Is your father a farmer?” Glorfindel asked, wanting to find out more about Erestor.

“No, he is the only qualified teacher in the area. Though most cease schooling at the age of thirty, usually to help their families more or to begin one of their own.”

“And what of you? Do you help your father school others?”

“Occasionally, but I am also continuing my studies privately and writing a book on the politics of a small communal area, such as this one, at Lord Finaly’s request.”

“Oh? And why would he want you to do that?”

“Strictly speaking, he did not ask me personally. He requested it from the palace representative living here, but he does not have the time, nor the writing skills to do it, so he asked my father. My father could not work within the timeframe given so he asked me and I accepted. I was asked two months ago and it should be done in another three or four weeks, though it is not due for another three months. I believe it is to help Lord Finlay understand the inner workings of a small community compared to that of a large one,” Erestor explained.

“Oh. It sounds rather boring to me, but many important things are,” Glorfindel half-joked.

“Personally, I find it fascinating. I have not thoroughly looked into a highly populated area’s structure, but from what little I have read, it is clear for me to see that lords have the most amount of power, yet are in the lowest percentile of people for that area. Peasants make up ninety-two percent of the population, yet have no power or opportunity to have a say in how they are governed. Yet out here, because we are such a small population, more power comes from the masses, since those appointed to liaise is one of us. They were not born to privilege, they earned it. And so, to keep in favour with the rest of the populace, they often consult everyone on various issues,” Erestor said with exuberance. Glorfindel could tell how much Erestor enjoyed learning and remarking upon his knowledge from the twinkle in his eye.

“Ah, here we are!” Erestor smiled and half-pointed to a modest house in front of them. It was small, with two levels and a garden filled with flowers of all kinds out the front. A small picket fence outlined their property and a gate was left open in invitation at the end of a pebble-stoned path, leading straight to the front door. “I see father is still in class,” Erestor said, indicating to the building next to the house. It was a building made up of a single large room, windows covered the top half of all but one wall. Inside, Glorfindel could see several elves seated, all facing the one person at the front. As Glorfindel scanned the faces of those in the class he noted the age of the students ranged from early childhood up to a couple who were almost adults.

“How can your father teach so many at one time?” Glorfindel asked, having had private tutors his entire life.

“He usually gives the older students work to occupy themselves with at first, then instructs the younger ones. I occasionally help him; privately work with some while he is educating others. He never complains, so I can only imagine he likes his occupation very much. I think it would drive me insane, personally, if I had to do it all the time. So, shall we go inside?” Erestor asked, turning towards Glorfindel and started backing away while a mischievous smile played around his lips.

“Yes, I believe we shall,” Glorfindel answered, entranced by Erestor’s movements. Erestor smiled brightly and turned around to walk down the path, his hips swaying in time to his walk. “I shall follow you anywhere,” the lord husked. Erestor made no response, but his eyes twinkled all the more. Stepping up to the door, he opened it and walked inside. Glorfindel had to bend down to tread through the threshold. They entered immediately into the kitchen and dining area. It was small and the furniture was old, but it was clearly well loved and used often. There was a doorway behind Glorfindel as he stood facing the kitchen, which led to a lounging area. There was a hallway to his left, the destination of which he could not see. And next to that were the stairs leading up to the second level.

“May I offer you a cup of tea? Water? Or whatever else may quench your thirst?” Erestor offered as he walked around the table and over to the sink.

“Only if you are also offering the directions to your room,” Glorfindel’s eyes blazed and seared into Erestor’s as the younger elf turned around.

“Might I be so bold as to state you have rather a one-track mind, my lord?” Erestor half laughed.

“You may say whatever you wish, as long as your words eventually lead to what I wish to hear.”

“Then I fear I must reiterate my original statement and confess that until I am bound, my words, and my body, shall lead to no such place,” Erestor said with as much authority as he could muster before turning to fill the kettle with water. He started a small fire in the fireplace and placed the kettle on a metal framework so the water could come to boil.

Glorfindel silently placed the items he carried on the table and stepped up behind Erestor, placing his hands lightly around the slim elf’s waist.

“You also admitted earlier that you do at least kiss,” Glorfindel murmured, pressing his face to Erestor’s neck, breathing in the other’s unique scent and placing butterfly kisses against the soft, light coloured skin. “Would you deny me that?” He moved highly up and darted his tongue out to lick at Erestor’s ear. Erestor had to grasp the edge of the sink to balance himself, else fall completely into Glorfindel’s arms.

“I only met you today, my lord,” he whimpered as his entire ear-tip was surrounded by heated wetness and teeth nipped gently at the delicate skin.

“I have lain with others in less time than we have shared together,” Glorfindel spoke once he had released Erestor’s ear and leaned his head down once more, his lips seeking out Erestor’s.

“It is still not a sufficient enough amount of time to have passed for me to know whether or not I desire to kiss you,” Erestor said, turning his head away as Glorfindel’s came closer.

“Then why do we not try and see if any cravings do rise- I mean, arise, from it?” Glorfindel smirked, his left hand firmly turning Erestor’s head back towards him and his lips easily closed over the ruby mouth before him. Blue eyes fluttered closed as he tasted the sweetest nectar the Valar had ever created. All flavours from this moment forth would taste of ash in his mouth lest it be Erestor he was ingesting. Seeking more of the heavenly taste, he dipped Erestor’s head back against his shoulder and leaned in closer, a tongue snaking out, savouring all sensations while on its quest for deeper access.

Erestor’s eyes closed not of his volition. Glorfindel’s kiss was much gentler than Erestor had been expecting in comparison to how tightly he was being held in place. Rather than ravaging, Glorfindel’s mouth moved softly against his, instead of claiming, his tongue sought. Erestor let out a soft sigh, his knees going weak and he sagged against Glorfindel.

Glorfindel, knowing this elf would stop him if he did anything inappropriate, slowly moved away, breaking their kiss. Blue eyes, darker than they had been moments ago, gazed down on Erestor’s face and delighted with what they saw.

Erestor remained frozen for a few seconds and did not dare to open his eyes, relishing the moment just passed. His lips were slightly parted and still moist. A pink tongue darted out to run itself along his bottom lip, a reminder of the pressure that had been there an instance ago. Dark eyes slowly opened and focussed on Glorfindel’s face. Sunlight streamed through the window behind the sink and highlighted golden flecks randomly dotted throughout Erestor’s otherwise dark eyes.

Breathless, Erestor continued leaning against Glorfindel and merely stared in awe at the golden lord. Glorfindel smiled softly down at the younger elf and squeezed him around the middle gently. The movement reminded Erestor that there was more to him than just a wildly beating heart and lips that had just been kissed. He drew breath again through his parted lips and continued looking at Glorfindel in amazement.


Erestor jumped out of Glorfindel’s arms and looked at his father, whom was watching them quite closely.

“Father! How was, er, I mean, I would like you to meet Glorfindel. *Lord* Glorfindel. This is my father, Earane.”

“Oh, Lord Glorfindel,” Earane bowed low. “It is an honour to meet you. Please, won’t you make yourself at home?” he said and pulled out a chair for him.

“Thankyou. I am also honoured to meet you. Erestor indicated you to me earlier when you were teaching. I must admit I am a great admirer of anyone who has the patience to educate others, especially if there are some who are less than willing to learn,” Glorfindel smiled cheekily. He turned and sat down at the table. Earane pretended not to notice the bulge emanating from the front of Glorfindel’s trousers.

“I take it you were one such student?” Earane asked kindly. “Erestor! The kettle!” he exclaimed as the whistling continued on much as it had since he had walked into the room.

“Oh!” Erestor grabbed a cloth and wrapped it around the handle of the kettle and lifted it off the flame.

“Indeed I was, but I at least had respect for my tutors that did not give up trying to educate me,” Glorfindel explained. Erestor placed half a teaspoon of leaves in three cups, then poured the hot water in afterwards.

“I cannot say I have had many students like that over the years, given that they are aware their education is limited, but the occasional one here and there is to be expected,” Earane offered. Erestor gave all the cups a quick stir and then placed them on the table.

“Look what Lord Glorfindel bought for me, father,” Erestor smiled and opened the box with the kitten in it and pulled the small animal out. “Isn’t he adorable?” Erestor asked, holding the dark kitten up high and brushing his cheek against the soft fur.

“That is quite a gift, Lord Glorfindel, especially for one whom you have only just met,” Earane said and sat down himself.

“Truly it is a mere trinket to me,” Glorfindel waved Earane’s comment away.

“Well I love it,” Erestor hugged the kitten and sat down next to Glorfindel, giving the lord a thankful smile.

“Could I bother you for some sugar, please?” Glorfindel asked, changing the subject entirely.

“Oh, yes of course. How remiss of me,” Erestor berated himself. “Would you also care for milk?”

“No thankyou, just sugar,” Glorfindel replied. Erestor nodded once and stood up, still holding the kitten, to retrieve the sugar bowl and a spoon. “Thankyou,” Glorfindel said as the sugar was placed in front of him. Erestor took his seat again and moved his cup away so he could place the little black furball on the table and pet it.

“I see you have a bit of a sweet-tooth, my lord,” Earane spoke out loud when he noticed Glorfindel taking his fifth spoonful of sugar.

“Just a little,” Glorfindel said sheepishly.

“And what might you have bought from the markets today, Erestor?” Earane asked his son, who was busy teasing the cat with its own tail.

“Just apples today,” he said, distracted by the adorable creature in front of him.

Earane looked at the apples, then at the package sitting right next to them. “Then I assume this is yours, Lord Glorfindel?” he pointed to the parcel as he reached out for an apple. “Please, help yourself,” he indicated to the apples.

“I won’t, thankyou. But yes, they are mine. Presents for my parents.”

“My, you are in a generous mood today. I was not aware your father’s philanthropist nature passed to you.” Glorfindel smiled, assuming Earane spoke of his father’s excellent leadership qualities. “So how long do you plan to remain in our humble community?”

“I have a week until I am needed back at the palace. And so long as I am still welcome here, I hope to remain until then,” Glorfindel smiled at Erestor playing with the cat and leant over to rub the little one’s fur, his hand also coming into contact with Erestor’s. Neither moved away.

“I cannot see a reason for us to run you out of town,” Earane said with a small laugh, though he might as well have been talking to the wall for all the response he was given. Erestor and Glorfindel were stroking the kitten idly, but their gazes were now directed whole-heartedly at each other. Erestor wore a goofy smile on his face, while Glorfindel’s lustful countenance also hinted towards some affection he felt for the dark haired elf.

“Well,” Earane cleared his throat, “the lunch break is almost over, I had best see what my students are up to.” He quickly drank his tea and set it down on the table. “Enjoy your afternoon, my Lord, Erestor. Oh, and Erestor, I have a meeting with a few of the parents after school. I do not expect to be home until late. Veee-ry late,” he emphasised and then walked out.

Erestor gave his father a scolding look as the teacher left, firmly closing the front door behind him and whistling as he walked down the path. A moment later, the gate bordering their garden swung on its rusty hinges and locked into place. Erestor’s eyes rolled in his head and then he stiffened as Glorfindel put an arm tightly around his shoulders and the lord leant in close.

“You heard him- we have the rest of the day, and this house, to ourselves. I believe our next destination should be your bed chamber,” Glorfindel smiled, nuzzling the side of Erestor’s face.

“You really are far too persistent, my lord!” Erestor exclaimed and picked up the kitten. “Right now, I am far more interested in naming this little one.” He brought the kitten to his face and rubbed his nose against the cat’s wet one. “Do you have any requests?”

“No, he is yours, you should name him. Though, I see you are very attached to him. Perhaps too attached. Maybe, I should take him with me, then possibly you shall follow to wherever *I* lead,” Glorfindel said and scratched the cat’s head again.

Erestor levelled the blonde with a glare, his eyes narrowing in warning.

“All right!” Glorfindel smiled and moved back, his hands held in front of him, palms facing Erestor. “I know when to back off.” Erestor relaxed and turned back to the kitten. “But do not think that I have given up the hunt,” Glorfindel grinned. Erestor merely shook his head, exasperated, and continued fussing his new pet.


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