Fishy Delight

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Fishy Delight: A Lord of the Rings Fanfic

                Bilbo sat in his hobbit hole in front of a roaring fire, staring at the oh-so powerful ring. He recalled back to days long since past when he first found it in a cave, not knowing then how much it would mean to him. As he strode deeper down memory lane, he heard a knock at the door.

                “Come in,” called the 90-something year old hobbit, hiding the ring out of sight. Through the door entered a tall wizard with a long grey beard.

                “Is it secret? Is it safe?!” The wizard roared.

                Bilbo raised an eyebrow. “Gandalf, isn’t that line out of context?” He knew that Gandalf had started to get dementia a while back, and it was obvious that it had only gotten worse in time. The great wizard stood before him in nothing but a tiny orange speedo. The saggy skin of his man tits drooped over his hairy chest, almost covering a large discolored wart on his right side. Bilbo tried to look away, but couldn’t. It was like a flaming train wreck with smoldering bodies lying all around that one does not wish to see, but has to anyway. A weird burble made its way into his stomach. The hobbit wondered what it was, this strange feeling of disgust mixed with something else. Something foreign.

                Gandalf shrugged off his small friend’s remark, and crouched down next to him. “I have come to take the ring and cast it into the fires of Mordor,” he said, his tiny speedo twitching from underneath as he did.

                Bilbo was taken aback. “You need to take what?”

                Having forgotten already what he just said, Gandalf declared, “I have come for your peanut butter and jelly cups! I must cast them into my belly from whence they came!”

                “I don’t have any right now. I ate them all,” Bilbo said with a sigh of relief. He silently thanked the God of Alzheimer’s for once again protecting his favorite possession.

                Gandalf started to knock the bony knees of his chicken legs together and pound his gnarled old-man-hands on the ground in dismay. His liver spotted limbs grew uneven white stubble, looking as though he had shaved them some time ago but hadn’t kept up on their maintenance. The wizard’s blue eyes then shot up at the hobbit assertively. “Then I shall have to fuck them out of you!”

                Bilbo gasped. The strange rumbling in his tummy rolled about his innards violently. “What? No you mustn’t!”

                “Yes, I must!” Insisted Gandalf. “For the sake of the Banana Pudding Princess and the realm of Pecan Delights, I must tame that hole!”

                For a moment Bilbo could have sworn he saw a gangly creature staring in at them from outside, but his attention was quickly drawn from it when Gandalf ripped his small vest from his pot-belly body. Bilbo gasped again, wanting to fight him off but unable to muster the will to do so. Could it be that in his secret heart of hearts that he had wanted the senile bony wizard to plunder his hobbit hole all along? Giving in to his carnal yearnings, Bilbo whispered, “Well, if you must.” He licked his lips, which still had soggy crumbs from his night time snack all over them in anticipation. He could not get them all off because Gandalf had already planted his chapped, peeling ones against them in a forceful kiss. The crumbs slipped between their mouths on waves of old man slobber. Bilbo would never have guessed that Gandalf’s mouth could be so wet. In the excitement, a rumbling fart passed from Bilbo’s anus.

                “Mmm,” moaned the wizard. The intoxicating smell of Bilbo’s gas excited him even more, making him slip his long tongue into the hobbit’s mouth. Bilbo ran his own tongue over Gandalf’s, feeling random bumps from where the man had most likely been chewing it. He had never felt anything so sexy, but was sure there was way more sexiness to come. Ropes of spittle dribbled down his chin and into Gandalf’s nappy beard, kinking the iron strands together. Bilbo quickly removed his shirt and pants, leaving his small fat body exposed in the firelight.

                Gandalf pulled back to admire Bilbo’s man tits that, though hairy, were as buxom as a budding teenage girl’s. They rested on top of his pot belly, all of which was covered by thick curly salt and pepper hair and large dark moles. One could have charted out several constellations on the hobbit’s torso because there were so many. The wizard’s eyes scanned downward to Bilbo’s crotch and smirked. To his delight he found that the hobbit wore little girl panties with pink lace trimmed at the edges. Bilbo looked away shyly. “One does need to feel sexy sometimes,” he muttered. His embarrassment was quickly washed away when Gandalf engulfed one of his nipples in his mouth with savage pleasure.

                “Oooohhhh,” Bilbo moaned. He rubbed the wizard’s beard all over his face as Gandalf suckled his nipple, smooshing his man boobs together as he did so.

                Their love making was briefly interrupted when they noticed someone else was now standing in the room. Golum had snuck into Bilbo’s home, planning on stealing back the ring. But he too was overtaken by the sexiness of the situation at hand. His loincloth lay at his ankles and his grey cock was buried in a raw fish he had brought with him. They could hear the “slurp slurp slurp” of Golum’s cock ramming into the fish’s guts, drawing it back and forth on his length with his hands while never taking his eyes away from the hobbit and the wizard.

                “Oh Princess Penny Snatchel, how I worship your shinies!” Exhaulted Gandalf. He flung himself at Golum, ripping the fish from his cock and gorging it into his own mouth. The remnant fish guts on it swirled around with Bilbo’s crumbs around the wizard’s pallet as he bobbed his head up and down on the creature’s heated member. Golum cried out in glee. He then felt Gandalf tracing his grey pimpled ass with the defiled fish, running it over and inside his crack. Golum wanted the fish up his butt. He tried to jam himself onto it, but Gandalf kept it out of his asshole’s reach.

                Bilbo watched the scene, feeling somewhat bewildered yet enticed nonetheless. He slipped off his lacy panties and started to play with himself. He had trouble locating his member at first, it being hidden by his untamed pubic bush, but as he watched the wizard suck off the gangly creature, it grew into a throbbing erection at a full two inches, which is considered a decent size for a hobbit. Bilbo played with his two inch love machine, moaning as he observed the other two and their fish-ass-play, smacking it up against his sagging belly as to feel his stomach hairs graze against its head. Soon he could bare it no longer. Getting up he went to join the others.

                Bilbo made it his first priority to rid Gandalf of his tiny orange speedo. The wizard’s dick was at half-mass, covered with oozing sores and boils, no doubt the result of one of the many STD’s he had collected in his horny youth. The sight of it drove the old hobbit wild. He buried his head into the wizard’s ass, sucking at his unwiped asshole, taking in the flavor of the crusty excrement left behind. The strands of poo caked in the wizard’s butt hair clung to the sides of Bilbo’s face, sticking and leaving fecal smears on his cheeks.  He wanted more. He needed more of the senile wizard’s droppings. He patted Gandalf’s ass cheek a couple times in order to get his attention.

                Gandalf pried himself off Golum’s cock and looked back at the hobbit. “Gandalf, shart,” wheezed Bilbo pathetically. “Please, shart into my mouth!”

                Gandalf, having eaten way too many prunes and refried pinto beans earlier, had been feeling the need to relieve himself, and therefore was more than happy to accommodate the small man’s request. With a loud expulsion of gas, Gandalf’s ass shot out stinky wet nuggets into Bilbo’s mouth, who lapped them up ferociously. Rivers of his poopy saliva trickled down his jaw and onto his hairy man tits, which he rubbed all over them lustfully.

                Golum, now wanting more than to be teased with a dead fish against his ass crack, turned around and got on his hands and knees, lifting up his boney pimpled buttocks to the wizard in silent pleading. This aroused Gandalf. The blisters on his cock crackled and popped as it grew to its full majestic ten inches. Using the puss as lubricant, he plunged his large penis into Golum’s asshole, not bothering to widen the creature’s cavern beforehand. Golum screeched like a cat in heat, this intrusion hurting way more than he had been expecting. It turned on Gandalf, who began to thrust hard and fast, loving the feeling of the popped skin of his blisters sliding back and forth as he did, sometimes breaking away from his dick and rolling down the back of Golum’s legs, escorted by streams of ass blood. Each time he moved out of Golum, his ass rammed into Bilbo’s face, who continued to toss his salad feverishly.

                Suddenly, Bilbo got an idea. He moved away from the wizard’s ass and seated himself on Golum’s back as if he was riding a pony, leaving his ass exposed to Gandalf. “Put it in,” he begged. “Give me fishy delight!”

                Realizing Bilbo meant the fish still in his hand, Gandalf shoved it between the hobbit’s fatty dimpled butt cheeks and against his personal hobbit hole. Bilbo’s love cave tweeted in delight, signaling Gandalf to push the deceased herring into his cavernous pit. Bilbo cried out in ecstasy at the feeling of the fish inside him, its guts being squeezed up by his anus’ clenching walls and through its mouth, filling his insides with fishy intestines. He rocked back and forth against it on top of a bucking Golum like a rodeo clown.

                As they all fucked, Gandalf could feel his climax reaching him. Screaming out, “Love me, Bubba of Gumdrops!” he blasted his load into Golum. He tried to pull out after, but he did so too quickly, and soon found Golum’ prolapsed anus still wrapped around the tip of his deflating dick. Golum bellowed in agony, so far not having enjoyed this encounter as much as he initially thought he would. He screeched again when Gandalf ripped the prolapsed anus off his puss covered dick, and was then greeted by the painful yet luscious feeling of the wizard taking it into his chapped and bumpy mouth. Golum had never felt his insides inside of someone else’s mouth before, cooing as the old man slurped out a mixture of cum, blood, and puss from its center.

                Bilbo pouted at Gandalf’s abandonment of the fish. Its tail stuck out from between Bilbo’s butt cheeks, cracked and bent from heavy usage. Golum bucked him off and positioned the hobbit on his back in front of him, propping his legs up over his shoulders. The creature licked his crooked teeth as he eyed the fish hungrily. Pumping Bilbo’s two inch erection in one hand, Golum bit down onto the fish tail, eating it out of Bilbo’s ass. Bilbo squealed with glee as he felt Golum’s hungry mouth eating at his anus and gasping into it, due to the attention he was receiving from the senile wizard. Golum bit and tore the fish piece by piece from Bilbo’s hole, consuming the whole thing before sucking at his asshole vigorously so that he could get the remaining guts inside.

                Soon it was as if there was an explosion of pleasure. Both Golum and Bilbo reached their peak and ejaculated all over the place. Bilbo panted heavily, running his hands over the poop smears on his chest in ecstasy. Golum, now in a euphoric daze, grabbed his loincloth and bounded out of the hobbit hole, his prolapsed anus flapping up and down and into the darkness. Gandalf sat on the ground, staring up at the ceiling in confusion. He had forgotten what had just happened and was trying to figure out where his clothes had gone. He wandered off and out the door where Golum had just exited; unaware of the extremely passionate, sexy moment he had just partaken in.

The End.

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