Short and Sweet

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Author's Note:

Ok, this is an offshoot fic from “The Teacher” my Elrond-centric story. The events in this will eventually link up with a future chapter of that story, or can be read independently.

This is way too much fun to be taken seriously. Updates will appear as and when the muses allow.


Chapter One

III 3020

“How did this even happen?” Elrond asked as he sat in his study with Legolas, completely unable to understand it.

“Well, it all started after we left Gondor together after the wedding celebrations.” He paused, seeming to understand it was still very close and painful for Elrond, who took a sip of the cordial he had poured for them both.

“I was going back to Eryn Lasgalen, and he said he would accompany me. We kept running into rogue bands of orcs on the way north. We were taking our time, having a bit of fun together.”

“Normal fun!” Legolas said at Elrond's raised eyebrow.

Elrond nodded. Legolas looked at him with a strange, guilty expression. “I don't know why it happened. Might have just been the way we were sharing the one horse, because I swear I never even thought of him in that way. But one day we were riding together, just like always, and I... Well, I was quite sure he could feel it.” Legolas groaned.

“It was horrible. I knew I was going to have to take care of it, and I was about to suggest we stop for a break,” Legolas said.

“Yes. That would be the best way to deal with it,” Elrond noted, slightly amused. “It's what I would have done.” Legolas gave him a quick, humourless smile. He held out his glass, and Elrond poured him a little more of the Miruvor. He'd thought it appropriate for this confidence. For them both. He sipped at his own as Legolas continued.

“So, I was about to suggest it. But then, he started talking...”


“Oh, it's a shame, Legolas. A real shame,” said Gimli.

Legolas, who was unsuccessfully trying to control the horse, and keep his erection from poking Gimli in the back, was a little distracted. “What is?”

“I'm sure it's a great compliment from one of your kind, and I like you, lad. Really, I do. But you're not enough for me.” He reached back and patted Legolas on the thigh, hard. Legolas supposed it was meant to be comforting. Or worse, consolation.

“Not enough?” Legolas echoed faintly, his embarrassment forgotten in his shock.

“We should stop, and you can take yourself off somewhere and see to it. Find some nature to 'commune' with or whatever it is you do.”

“No,” Legolas said, even though that is exactly what he'd been planning to suggest. Well, not the 'communing with nature' part, but at least the privacy. He was feeling annoyed, especially since the way Gimli was speaking wasn't making his problem go away. In fact, it was getting rather worse now that his friend had acknowledged it. “We carry on, we can make Rohan by nightfall,” he said, his voice cold.

“Oh, don't be all prudish now, Legolas,” Gimli said gruffly. “We've killed too many enemies together. See that boulder over there? We'll stop and I'll make a fire while you knock it out. Then we'll have a bite to eat.”

“Knock it out?!” Legolas said, feeling somewhat insulted by the crude language. “And what exactly do you mean by 'not enough'?” Legolas quoted.

Whenever Gimli sighed, even in normal circumstances, it sounded like a growl. He sighed now, and the sound seemed to speak directly to Legolas' erection. He swallowed, and geed up their horse, tapping his heels against the horse's flanks, which unfortunately had the effect of making his hips thrust against Gimli.

“Well, see, I like something a bit more substantial,” he said, and Legolas shook his head in disbelief, his mouth hanging open. “Like a good strong ale, or a meaty stew. But you...” He drew in a breath through his teeth and shook his head as Legolas began to wonder how satisfying it would be to run Gimli through with his sword. His real sword. And still, the regular rhythm of the horse beneath them was tormenting him so much that he almost sighed in pleasure.

“You're a bit like a lollipop,” Gimli said finally. Legolas was rendered speechless for a moment.

“A lollipop,” he repeated, stunned. He was a lollipop?!

“Aye. You know, I'm sure I could lick and suck on you all day,” Gimli deliberated, “and I've no doubt you'd taste really nice, but... ultimately, I just couldn't make a decent meal out of you, lad.”

Legolas made a strange sound that was a mixture of anger, lust and amusement. He pulled on the reins to make the horse stop. “You're teasing me!” he managed eventually.

“Bit slow on the uptake,” Gimli noted under his breath as they dismounted.

Legolas looked at him. Actually, looked down at him. Gimli was not intimidated. He nodded at Legolas' groin. “Off you go, then!” he taunted. Legolas narrowed his eyes.

“No,” he said, and threw down a blanket from the pack before reclining back on it. “I'm fine right here,” he announced, and deliberately began to untie the laces of his leggings.


“You didn't! Why?” Elrond asked, and Legolas sighed.

“He'd made me angry, and even then I was still angry. And by the time I thought about what I was doing, it was too late to back out.” He frowned. “You don't know how... competitive he is.”

“So you decided to do it there and then. What did he do?” Elrond asked, sure he wasn't going to like the answer, whatever it was.

“What do you think he did?” Legolas took a largish sip of the cordial. “He watched.”


To be continued...


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