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Author's Note: This chapter is not really part of the story. It was written as an AU chapter, and fits in where Elrond is accompanying Thranduil and Legolas back to Mirkwood after the first White Council meeting. Enjoy!


Shenanigans on the Way to Eryn Galen

(for BronxWench)


Elrond awoke face-down in the darkness and immediately felt quite hot and stifled. More than one arm was draped over him, and he dislodged them with an irritable sigh. He also carefully pulled his own leg back from where he had flung it over Thranduil's knee. Turning over and settling again, laid on his back staring up at the invisible canvas ceiling, he relaxed, and he was just drifting off when he felt a warm body huddle up next to his left side. Legolas.

Surely he was fast asleep, or he wouldn't do that, not with his father right next to them. Elrond swallowed as he felt Legolas' face nuzzle into his shoulder. And then there was something else. Thranduil's hand sneaking back over his waist.

Elrond was certain the King was awake. This was exactly the kind of dark game he would love to play, and so he had no qualms about grabbing Thranduil's wrist to push that hand back. Maybe he had assumed Elrond was asleep again. Still nothing further happened. Legolas was still, heavy and warm, his body leaning on Elrond's left arm and shoulder.

Eventually, Elrond drifted off again.

When he woke the next time, Legolas had still not moved, his breath was hot against Elrond's neck, deep and even. Thranduil however had taken up a similar position on his right side, effectively meaning both his arms were trapped, and the King's hand was busy fingertip stepping down his body. Instinctively, he tried to move his arms and the sleeping Legolas tumbled further into his embrace, that tickling breath against his ear now.

Elrond sighed, and this time there was nothing irritable about it. Thranduil, meanwhile, had just about reached his waistband. “Thranduil!” Elrond whispered, his voice harsh, as loudly as he dared.

“Shhh,” was all he got back in the dark, and if the moon and stars outside were not covered by cloud, he was sure he would have seen Thranduil smirk.

“Don't!” he breathed as he felt that hand begin to undo the laces on his breeches, even though his body was, it seemed, already anticipating the King's touch. He turned his head away from the sweet breath of the Prince, because it was so teasing and yet that made it worse. The warmth of it was behind his ear now, and Elrond shivered as a deep and delicious tingle made its way slowly down the entire length of his spine.

Perhaps it was planning to meet Thranduil's touch, he thought incoherently, his mind losing the thread of events as he felt his rapidly filling erection held in a firm grip. His throat made a sound of protest and pleasure as that hand began to move, squeezing and pulling.

“Easy now,” murmured Thranduil knowingly. Elrond raised his knees to try to dislodge him, but all that meant was the hand on him stopped moving, and instead each of Thranduil's long, graceful fingers tightened then loosened one by one. It felt like he was sliding deep inside somewhere, and Elrond surrendered with a wanton sigh, his legs straightening out again as his heels scraped along the ground. As soon as that happened, the King continued with the teasing caress.

He should get up. They could not really keep him prisoner, especially when one of them was asleep. All he had to do was sit up. And yet he allowed it, this playful torment. Thranduil began to move his hand again, up and down, as if relishing the length of him. Elrond turned his head again, because the breath behind his ear was making it so difficult not to just give in and voice the pleasure that was rising in pitch with each upward stroke of Thranduil's hand.

His movement meant that he accidentally brushed his earlobe against Legolas' lips, and he was so still and quiet then, but it was too late.

“Mmm,” Legolas said drowsily, then kissed him there as he woke up. “Elrond?”

“Go back to sleep. 'Tis only a dream...” Elrond said quietly, because if he was truthful he did not want this to stop, did not want Thranduil to stop. Actually wanted to touch him in return – yes – maybe turn the tables on him. Yet his body was trembling now, much to Thranduil's delight if his warm chuckle was any guide.

“Legolas,” Thranduil said out loud, his voice full of mischief. “Have I ever told you how you came by your name?”

“No, Ada.” For a moment, in the darkness, he was as curious as the Legolas that had come to Imladris so long ago.

“Thranduil, no! Don't!” Elrond said in alarm, but then Legolas suddenly seemed to understand the game, and was kissing him. Valar! He really was truly adept at it now. Gentle fingers stroking through his hair, moving further down to his neck, touching on his pulse. All the while his tongue darted in between Elrond's lips as he sighed. That tongue was as agile as the rest of him. Elrond groaned.

“Feel how he trembles?” Thranduil asked, and Legolas voiced an affirmative against Elrond's lips. “Like an aspen leaf...”

Ada!” Legolas said in shock, breaking off the kiss so that only his hand remained on Elrond's chin, tilting his face up. Elrond licked his lips, sorry to have lost the taste of the Prince. Then Legolas laughed, and it was a low, amused sound. Elrond groaned in dismay as Legolas sat up a little. “What are you doing to him?”

Then Legolas reached down, and his fingers covered Thranduil's, touching him too.

That was more than enough for Elrond, who sat up, dislodging their hands and fingers with more than a little regret.

“Enough!” he announced. But then a hand twisted in his hair, pulling his head back, just a half step away from cruelty.

“Oh, I don't think so,” said Thranduil with amusement. “Did you really think you could lay between us night after night and never satisfy either of us?” Elrond felt his body tighten in arousal at those words.

His other hand patted Elrond's thigh, loudly. “Legolas!” Thranduil demanded, and Elrond gasped as the younger of the two came to sit astride his lap, head already bending to kiss his neck since Thranduil had helpfully exposed it.

The fingers in his hair relaxed, sliding through his locks in a gentle caress as Thranduil sat behind him. The King stretched his legs forward, nudging Legolas' knees far apart, so that Elrond felt his uncovered erection nestle snug between the crease of Legolas' buttocks. At least Legolas was not undressed, Elrond managed to think, dizzy with unwanted lust as the scent of them both surrounded him.

Thranduil's body heat was hot behind him, and the King's hands rested on his waist, his palms warm through Elrond's clothing.

“Taste him again, ion nín,” Thranduil suggested.

“Please,” Elrond begged, though he knew not which one of them he addressed.


“I promise you he has done nothing but imagine this since we arrived at Imladris,” Thranduil noted wickedly. Elrond had his hands in front of him, pressing against Legolas' chest as if he would push him away. The Prince hesitated. Elrond could feel it. Thranduil's fingers tightened on his waist, and he rested his chin on Elrond's shoulder.

“Haven't you?” Thranduil said. “Tell him, Elrondlas. Tell him how much you want him.”

“Please, kiss me, Legolas,” Elrond said, as commanded, because this was the Thranduil he remembered, who'd secured his submission so deeply Elrond thought it might be part of his very soul. Yet what he said was the truth. Thranduil did not encourage him in a lie.

As if he had broken some kind of restraint, Legolas leaned forward, the young archer's lips on his as Elrond's hands were caught and trapped between their bodies.

“Very good, maelui lass,” murmured Thranduil into Elrond's ear as Legolas resumed the same skilled kissing as earlier. “We will both spill in you here tonight, on the border of our realm. And, if you please us, I may even let you come too.” Elrond moaned at the words as Legolas plundered his mouth, rocking his body slightly against Elrond's erection.

Thranduil's fingers lifted the hem of Elrond's tunic, tickling against his bare skin. Then he chuckled. “Oh, tâd maeluilas nín, stop for a moment.” The kiss broke, and the tunic was pushed up. “Take it off,” the King commanded.

Elrond did so, his misgivings relegated somewhere else as he sensed movement in front and behind him, knowing that Thranduil and Legolas were divesting themselves of clothing too. When he had cast his tunic aside, he felt the warmth of Thranduil's skin against his naked back, and tried to stifle his moan of desire.

“You will accept this, Elrond, and welcome both of us. You want me to possess you again, don't you?”

“I want you, Master!” Where that came from, Elrond couldn't think, except that it felt like coming home, even when Thranduil laughed like that.

He was so astonished at that he didn't immediately realise Legolas had not returned to sit on his lap as before. Instead, he felt Legolas pulling his breeches down, fingers beneath the waistband, encouraging him to shift his weight momentarily to allow it.

As they were drawn down his legs, and from his feet, Elrond appreciated how vulnerable he suddenly was, naked between them, the King and the Prince. Thranduil's hands sneaked around his body to tease his nipples, soft lips on the back of his neck so that he almost swayed in the King's embrace.

When Legolas crawled forward again, Elrond did not even notice until he felt lips around the head of his erection, and he cried out as Legolas began to suckle on him lightly, drawing Thranduil's attention to it.

“Excellent, ion nín, yes. Show him all that you have learned, but do not give him release.”

Elrond moaned helplessly, feeling his hips rocking slightly up into Legolas' mouth. To his dismay, the Prince stopped and released him.

“Yes, Ada,” he said, and then resumed his teasing. Elrond could not think of anything but the way Legolas' tongue caressed him, even when Thranduil grasped his hands to lead them to Legolas' head, touching on his hair, the King's palms covering his, pressing slightly.

Legolas made a growling sound of pleasure when he felt that gentle pressure, and Elrond felt the noise throughout the length of his shaft. There was a sob of pleasure caught in his throat. It sounded with every indrawn breath as Thranduil bit his neck, while Legolas sucked and curled that tongue around him, pleasuring him at the command of his own father.

At last, when Elrond was beyond thought and reason, Legolas pulled away, and neither Elrond nor Thranduil stopped him. “He is too easy to please, Ada,” Legolas told his father with a slightly breathless laugh. “He would spill in my mouth if I continued any longer.”

“Well, we must not have that, Elrond. We have much to do, and you will stay hard and wanting throughout it,” Thranduil said. Elrond felt his hardness twitch at the words of his Master, but he did not come, Legolas' spit felt cool on him now, and he whimpered.

“You know how much I like you desperate and trembing, lass nín,” Thranduil whispered, and as if that were a command too Elrond felt his body give the King a delicate shiver of lust.

“I think you should repay Legolas' kind attention, Elrond.” And Thranduil pushed him forward. Legolas had undressed completely, and was now knelt between Elrond's legs. His hardness brushed against Elrond's lips, and Elrond caught at it, raising his hand to hold Legolas' length steady as he let him in.

Elrond was still too incoherent to really think about what he was doing, and Legolas' hardness in his mouth was wonderful to him. He used his tongue to make his shaft wet and slick with saliva before sealing his lips to suckle, dragging his lips up and down over the skin. The taste of the Prince's arousal spread over his tongue, completely addictive. Legolas sighed heavily in pleasure.

“How is he, ion nín?” asked Thranduil from behind him. Though Elrond could not feel the King's presence any more, he was close by.

“Very good, Ada.” Elrond's fingers tightened on Legolas' hips in a silent plea, and he rubbed his tongue against Legolas desperately. “Ai,” Legolas said, then laughed a little. “He tries to make me come!”

Thranduil's hands wrapped in his hair and pulled him back. Elrond groaned, his eyes watering a little.

“On your knees for me now, Elrondlas,” Thranduil whispered. “Worry not. You can stopper your sweet mouth with Legolas again once I have you spread open and filled with me.”

Elrond shook his head, for as lust-addled as he might be, it was important – prudent – to warn Thranduil.

“Have a care, Aran-nín,” he begged. “I have not... for many centuries I have not...” He could not bring himself to speak of it, but it seemed Thranduil understood him nevertheless.

Peredhil,” Thranduil said, and then relented, speaking more warmly. “Elrond. I would not hurt you that way. Especially not when I know that you have kept the pleasure of your body in memory of me and my line.”

Elrond hissed when he felt Thranduil's first well-oiled finger pressing against him. It truly had been so long it was almost forgotten. And yet, after a couple of minutes in the dark, it seemed his body did recognise Thranduil after all, and it relaxed, allowing Elrond to feel Thranduil's oiled finger deeper inside him, where the sensation of touch was so intimate it made him moan in fresh desire.

“You always did make such pretty sounds,” Thranduil noted with a smile that Elrond could hear in his voice. “Even when Sauron's army was less than a league away from our tent.” At that reminder, Elrond moaned again, feeling a wonderful heat spreading through him as Thranduil kept nudging one of the knuckles of his finger against Elrond's prostate. It felt like surrender, and Elrond lost his way as the King handled him, making more of those low yielding cries.

“I wish I could let you make those noises all the while,” Thranduil said then, “songbird that you are. But you will be kept quiet as you attend Legolas.” Thranduil almost growled. “Like me, he has been kept waiting long enough for you.”

Elrond gasped as Thranduil removed his fingers, knowing what had to come next. But he had been well prepared, and Thranduil slid into him with a deep groan of satisfaction that Elrond added to. For a second, he was still, then he began to move. Slow, short back and forth movements at first, then longer, deeper, more possessive.

At that point, Legolas came forward again to slide between his lips, and Elrond accepted that too, letting them both into him. It made him feel dirty, used, wicked, and overcome with lust, between them on his hands and knees. So then he did rather more than accept. He pleasured Legolas again deliberately, as well as he could considering that Thranduil kept stealing his entire attention.

“Mmm... very good,” Thranduil said behind him, never ceasing in those regular thrusts. “Tomorrow night when we camp, we shall change positions. Would you like that?” At first, Elrond thought Thranduil was speaking to him, until he heard Legolas reply, and he was sure he blushed.

“I would like to, Ada, if I may.”

When he realised what was afoot, Elrond would have begged for them to stop if he thought his pleas would silence their teasing words. If he thought they would grant him mercy. But he knew that they would enjoy this all the more if he remonstrated with them. That is even if he physically could protest.

With an effort, Elrond tried to back away from Legolas, only to feel the young archer's hands in his hair. Using his hands on Legolas' hips, he tried to gain leverage, until Thranduil's hands grabbed his upper arms and pulled them back.

“That is not allowed, lass nín. Just let us use you, exactly how we wish.” He ended as a captive, Thranduil keeping his hands still and useless behind him while they took whatever they wanted from him, and still he couldn't help but encourage them both.

“He likes it, to be discussed,” Thranduil said at last, and Elrond moaned around Legolas' hardness. “To be talked of like this. He cannot hide his lust from me. I can feel every excited flutter of desire his body gives.” Thranduil laughed a little, and still he continued with the deep powerful strokes, more of a reclaiming than anything else. “And you, Legolas?”

Legolas seemed just as willing to torment. “He seeks to please me still,” Legolas said, and Elrond gave a high-pitched whimper because it was true. He gave attention to Legolas' pleasure, even now, even despite his words. “But I am not so easy as I once was,” Legolas said, his voice deep in tender amusement. “I think he begins to realise.”

Yet in the end it was Legolas who gave up first, his member shooting strands of essence in Elrond's mouth while he tried to swallow as they landed on his tongue and his lips, dripped from his chin in the dark.

Legolas moved from his place. Without the Prince in front of him, the position was too difficult to maintain with his hands held behind his back, and Elrond let his upper body sink gracefully to the ground in submission as Thranduil finished off, almost seeming to shake inside him before letting him go and pulling away.

Elrond groaned and shook with frustrated desire, curling around on the floor, aware of his own neglected arousal so much it almost hurt. But then Legolas and Thranduil were adjusting him to lie flat on his back, one at either side of him, their body weight pinning his arms as they nestled against his shoulders. The moon was shining now, so brightly Elrond could see the pale outline as father and son both reached out over him, their fingers entwining in a show of solidarity. Then, as one, they lowered those joined hands to touch him. Two hot palms, ten curling fingers, working together.

Elrond arched up unconsciously into their combined touch.

“Now, what do you say, Elrondlas?” Thranduil questioned. “Enough?”

“Please!” Elrond hissed, wanting, needing, so desperate.

“What do you say?” Thranduil was merciless.

“More...” Elrond moaned helplessly.

“Of course you do, lass nín,” Thranduil said with a kiss to his cheek. “That is what you should have said at the beginning.” They made him come – easily – between them at the border of Eryn Galen, a dark sparkling gem, trapped eternally by majestic silver.

Elrond gasped in the night as Thranduil moved his hand away at last, his own essence cooling on his stomach where the King had pushed up his tunic. Legolas lay snuggled up to him on his left side, sleeping, his breath warm and content against Elrond's ear.

“Shhh,” was all he got back in the dark, as Thranduil turned away with an amused chuckle to go back to sleep. Just a dream, Elrond thought. At least, most of it. Thranduil had manipulated him to orgasm while he slept with Legolas pressed against him.

This was exactly the kind of dark game he loved to play. Elrond sighed into the silence. What had he let himself in for?



Author's Note: Thank you for reading. I hope you had fun! Please leave a comment. I will reply here:


tâd maeluilas nín – my two lustful leafs

maelui lass – lustful leaf

ion nín – my son

Ada – father

aran-nín – my King

Peredhil – half elf

lass nín – my leaf

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