The Healing of Haldir

BY : K.Rayne
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He bolted upward, shoving his upper body upon by his hands.  His back arched severely since he couldn’t get his hips to lift off the bed.  He collapsed back down on the bed, clutching his right arm close. 


The sounds of his screams were going to haunt Aisling for a long time.


“What have you done to me?” he growled. 


Aisling settled herself down on the side of the bed, resting a hand upon his trembling shoulder blades. 


“It will be all right,” she murmured.  “I will get you through this.” 


“How?” he shouted turning his face to glare at her from behind the pillow.  “I can’t move my legs!” 


“I understand.  But that doesn’t mean you have lost all function of them.  You haven’t moved in almost two months; your muscles are straining from lack of movement.  You are also not fully healed.  The orc blade cut almost to the bone.  You are lucky to be alive.” 


“And I have you to thank for that, don’t I?” he asked, making no attempt at hiding his disgust. 


“I saved your life.  Everyone else had already resigned themselves to your death.”  She shot up from her place, her hands on her hips.  “You do not trust me.” 


“How can I?  Last I remember I was falling down onto a stone rampart overrun with Orcs trying to signal a futile retreat.  Next thing I know, I’m here with you and completely incapacitated.  Forgive me, if that doesn’t instill a lot of confidence.”


She reached into her shirt and removed the necklace.  Pulling it over her head, she threw it down on the bed beside him.  His eye catching the gleaming metal.  


“Your brother trusted me!” she shouted before turning on her heel and storming out the front door. 


The warm spring air hit her face and she breathe it all in.  It was all she could do to keep herself from strangling him. 


Haldir was hurt, alone and no doubt afraid.  The reasonable part of her mind told her it was only natural for him to want to take it out on her – his only real target.  But it still hurt.  Hurt to think that after everything she had done for him, he did not trust her. 


She growled, running a hand through her hair.  It wasn’t his fault really and her own judgement of him was clearly clouding her ability to even think straight. 


“And why am I naked!”


Her lips twitched for a moment, almost waiting for the moment when he would have noticed.  Squaring her shoulders, she returned to the cottage. 


He was exactly where she had felt him – sprawled out on his stomach atop the bed, his hands gripping his pillow as if it was the only thing to hold on to.  He glared at her from the corner of his eye but refused to meet her gaze.


She stood at the side of his bed, crossing her arms about her chest, glaring down at him.  “If you are quite done, I have to give you a full assessment on your condition.  If you cooperate there will be a hot meal and a bath at the end of this.  If you continue to fight me and accuse me of things I have not done, I will leave you here alone.  Understand?” 


He groaned with a nod of his head.  “Just make it go away.”


She sat down beside him.  “It is not that easy, Marchwarden.  You will have to want to live, to want to fight.  Without that, anything I do will be for naught.  Now before I start invading your space again, is there anything you wish to ask me?”


He turned his head and slowly held out his hand, the gold chain clutched tightly in his fist. 


“Orophin gave this to you.  Why?” his voice was still weak and hoarse. 


She chuckled.  “He obviously knew you would be this way.  If it were not for his help and that of Prince Legolas, you would still be in the halls of the dead.  Your brother helped me bring you here.  He left you in my care, knowing that there would be no one else to help you.  He left his necklace in the hopes you would understand his choice.” 


“Do you think there is hope for me?  For me to ever get out of this bed?”  The desperation in his voice was unmistakable and Aisling felt her heart clench at his suffering. 


“I don’t know.  Not until I have done your assessment at the very least.  You will have to fight for it and I will be here every step of the way if you allow it.”


Haldir sighed, the tension in his shoulders easing ever so slightly.  “Do what you must as long as you promise dinner at the end of it.” 


“I promise.”  She rested her hand over his clutched fist and that too slowly started to relax.  “Would you like to wear it?” 


He simply nodded.  She untangled it from his fingers before slipping it around his neck and securing it in the front. 


“Are you ready?  I will not lie and tell you that this will not hurt because it will.  I have to see exactly how much you can or cannot move and what that damned blade did to your back.  Understand?” 




“Now, do try to relax.  I’m going to move you around a lot and if there is pain or any feeling, do not hide it.  I need to know” 


She took his head in her hands, his thumbs lightly grazing over his cheeks as she lightly turned it to gaze into his eyes. 


“Any visions problems? Blurriness, sensitivity to light?” 




After making sure he hadn’t addled his wits and that there was no residual headaches, she moved on.  Pressing her ear to the side of his ribs, listening to the steady beating of his heart. 


Haldir subjected himself to whatever crazy notions she had about checking up on him.  She looked at the cut in his arm, pleased that it was sufficiently healed.  She removed the thin stitches gently, plucking out the thread.  She ran her hands all over his arms and hands, down every finger, along the broad expense of his shoulders, down the length of his back and sides. 


She checked his wound again.  He had tugged at the stitches against with his movement but none at snapped.  She removed them as well.  The gash from shoulder to waist was healed closed.  The skin having fused back together nicely. 


“Once I have these out, we might be able to make you more comfortable on your back,” she mused as she tugged the last stitch out.  “Keep your back straighter for the time being.  You will carry this scar for the rest of your life.” 


She ran her fingertips over the scar and then more firmly on their side, massaging the muscle underneath.  Haldir groaned as she worked some of the tightness away from his body.  It has been so long since he had felt a woman’s touch and even though she was his healer, he couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling. 


“I think we can roll you over now.  Then I might be able to assess the state of your legs.”  She moved to grasp his shoulder and his hip and flipped him over before he even knew what happened. 


He hissed through his teeth as he came to lay on his back as he fought to keep his cloak from falling off the bed.  The red fabric balling in his grip, held firmly in place as to not betray how much he had enjoyed her touch. 


Her eyes found his face again as he panted for breath, his bare chest heaving and his eyes clutched shut. 


“It’s alright,” she whispered as she trailed his fingers over his shoulders, the hard planes of his chest.  The muscles in his stomach quivering as she moved her hand down them to grasp his wrist in her hand. 


His free hand shot out and grabbed hers. 


“Don’t,” he gasped. 


“Relax, I will not hurt you.  You should be more pleased to know that this function of your body remains unchanged.” 


He growled.  “I am, but now was not the time for it to…” 


“To what? Do what certain parts of the male anatomy are designed to do?  How long as it been, Haldir?”


He gritted his teeth and refused to answer as she touched his chest again. 


“The sooner you relax, the sooner we might be done with your assessment.  So, you either have two choices,” she said, keeping her voice calm and even as her thumb drew circles around his tensed wrist.  “Either you can trust me enough to let me help you, as confirmation that I am not here to do you harm or you can continue to suffer as I complete my examination.  If you can trust me to touch you, you will be able to do so with things not nearly so personal.” 


She went to remove her hands.  The last thing she wanted was to break what little trust he might hold for her, so she backed off, waiting for him to make any sign that he actually wanted her to touch him.  The answer was clear the moment she tried to remove her hand from his.  His grasp didn’t not relent.  He opened his eyes, the passion he felt raging behind them as he finally let go, pressing the hand she had on his chest closer. 


“Forty-five years,” he whispered. 


He led her hand underneath the cloak, wrapping her slender fingers around him.  He hissed at the sensation of having another touch his most sensitive flesh. 


Aisling marveled at the feeling of him in her hand – hot and hard.  He guided her hand for a few moments, showing her how he wanted to be touched, before his hand fell away and a loud groan echoed from his throat. 


She stroked his entire length, slow at first but increasing in speed.  He grabbed hold of the hand that was lightly stroking his chest and brought it to his lips.  He kissed the tips of each of her fingers as his eyes connected with hers again.  His tongue peaked out to lightly lick the palm. 


With a sudden tug on her arm, he pulled her down beside him, his lips crushing against her.  Her gasp of surprise allowed him to slip his tongue into her mouth, tasting her more deeply as her hand stroked him hard. 


She surprised herself by responding to his kiss.  She couldn’t deny she was attracted to him, fore he was a rather good looking man.  But she had to remember that he was also her patient and once he was well, he would be going home. 


However, she couldn’t even think about that at the moment, not with the way he was kissing her or the way his fingertips lightly grazed over her ear points earning him a moan of her own. 


The muscles in his body tightened as he neared completion, groaning into her mouth as he spilled himself into her hand and onto his stomach.  She felt something jerk against her hand and she caught herself smiling into his lips.  


“Your thigh twitched,” she murmured as she pulled her head away. 


“What?” Haldir asked slowly, every part of his body suddenly feeling like mush. 


“Your thigh twitched,” she repeated, looking down into his eyes.  “It’s a good thing.  It means that your legs around totally dead.” 


“So, I might yet walk?”  He seized a loose piece of her hair and wrapped it around his fingers. 


“There is hope for you yet.” 


Haldir sighed in relief, his head settling further into the pillow.  He released her when she tried to move away.  This time he didn’t protest as she grabbed a cloth to wipe down his body.  He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this relaxed. 


"Forty-five years huh?" she chuckled, as she pulled his cloak up and tucked it under his armpits. She moved to the foot of the bed, and pushed it up to his knees.


Haldir shook his head. "When you are away from home as much as I am, it is hard to form attachments."


"That just be difficult for you."


"It can get lonely."


She ran her finger from his heel to his toes, noticing how they curled. She grinned brightly.


"Did you feel that?!" She exclaimed.


"No. Why?" He lifted his head to peer down at her.


She repeated the motion and he watched as his toes moved.


"Thank the Valar! What does that mean?"


"It means that with a lot of hard work, you might just walk again. That the numbness you feel right now will hopefully be only temporary."


Haldir smiled as his head fell back and he laughed.


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