Dwarf passions

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Disclaimer: I did not create any of the characters used it this story, they are all from The Lord Of the Rings/ the Tolkien-verse. I did not make any money or profit of any kind from this story.

They had been riding all day, and as they approached the forest  the sun began to sink into the west. Aragorn  was far ahead scouting for a good place to camp, Gimli  and Legolas  were sharing a horse, and were  making their way slowly into the tree line. Legolas  was sitting in the front, and with a whispered word, the saddle less horse sped up to a quick canter. This set the elf to bouncing slightly on the horse's  back, his bottom  rubbing against the dwarf’s  crotch. Gimli noticed this, but try as he might to control it, his member began to stiffen. ‘

Legolas could feel it rubbing against him and blushed, he immediately became aroused himself. He had been wanting Gimli for quite a while now but always tried to hide it, because he didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Now though… Making a decision, he steered the horse off of the path and into the trees, riding toward the sound  of a bubbling brook.

“What are you doing?” Gimli asked. “You do realize you’re heading the wrong way?”

“I know exactly where I am going, Gimli.” The elf replied. About 80 yards later, Legolas dismounted and looked up at the dwarf expectantly. Gimli followed, trying to hide his erection from view. He didn’t want the elf to know his true feelings for him.

Legolas slowly walked up to Gimli, then bent down and softly kissed him on the lips. Gimli blushed and backed away, not knowing what to do or how to react. “I want you, Gimli.” Whispered Legolas, “I need you to fuck me.” Gimli uncovered his erection, which was now rock hard. “You need say no more, Legolas.”

He strode forward and pulled Legolas down to kiss him. It was a long, hard, passionate kiss, full of longing. He helped Legolas out of his green tunic, revealing his lean and hairless torso. Gimli smiled. “Take off your pants.” He commanded. The elf did as he was bid, freeing his hard, smooth, 8 inch penis. Meanwhile Gimli was getting undressed. He took off his armor and his pants, leaving only his underwear. He was very muscular, and covered in red hair. his chest was heaving with excitement, and he slowly walked to Legolas. The elf immediately dropped to his knees, and slid Gimli’s underwear off, and his massive cock sprung out of them. It was about 7 inches long, and at least 3 ½ inches thick.

Legolas wasted no time and wrapped his mouth around it’s head. He sucked on it and swirled his tongue around it, drawing a gasp and a quiet groan from the dwarf. Then he took him farther in his mouth, and then farther. He cupped his massive, hairy balls and tried to take him farther into his mouth but he was too big. Then Gimli grabbed the back of his head and thrust his cock deep into his throat. Again and again he thrust, until Legolas pushed him off and gasped for breath. “Sorry,” Gimli said, “I got a bit carried away.”

After taking a few deep breaths, Legolas looked up and Gimli, wiped the drool from his chin, and smiled. He crawled over to him, kissed him again, then began licking and sucking his hairy nipples. “Fuck me now, Dwarf.” He said. Gimli, not needing to be asked twice, turned Legolas around and bent him over. Legolas’s ass was perfect. He had not a hair on his body and it was perfectly toned. Gently at first, Gimli began to lick his butthole. As he did this, he squeezed with one hand, and fondled the elf’s penis with his other. Legolas moaned with pleasure, and Gimli could barely restrain himself from plunging in. Instead he continued to lick and suck, then he sucked on one of his fingers, and gently inserted it into the elf. Legolas moaned louder, and pushed himself back into the finger, loving it. He had put his own fingers in his ass before, but it never felt so good as this.

Gimli moved his finger in and out, then inserted another. Again Legolas accepted this readily and happily. Then Gimli couldn’t take it anymore. the took his fingers out, game Legolas’s dick another good rub or two, then positioned his cock up to his butthole. “Are you ready, elf?” he asked.

“More than ready. Please!” He begged. Gimli obliged and slowly began to insert his penis. He groaned in pleasure as the elf’s tight virgin asshole began to stretch and wrap around his massive girth. Legolas whimpered in pain, but did not want him to stop. He began to stroke his member, which helped turn some of the pain into pleasure. Gimli kept pushing, going deeper inch my inch. He slowly pulled out, then slowly went back in. Legolas moaned and continued masturbating. Soon when he pulled out and went back in, he was balls deep.



Aragorn had walked on for a while and had eventually found a great place to camp. As he was gathering firewood, it occurred to him that his companions should have joined him by now. He walked back on the path, curious as to where they may have gone. We noticed that for a while, it was only his footsteps on the path. When we found where his friend’s horse’s tracked veered off, he began to follow them. It went a good ways into the forest, but Aragorn was a good tracker and he had no trouble following the clear hoof prints. The light was fading quickly and he kept to the shadows, walking quietly.

Soon he began to hear strange sounds, grunting, moaning and a squelching slapping sound. He followed the noises until he saw what was causing them, and he hid behind a bush, where he could see them but they could not see him. What he saw, he never imagined would be happening.

Gimli was railing Legolas mercilessly, in true dwarf fashion. Aragorn could see on Legolas’ face that he was in quite a bit of pain, but he looked to be enjoying himself nonetheless. Aragorn slowly slid his hand down his pants and began stroking his hardening, 6 inch long member.




Legolas was swearing quietly in elvish, jacking himself off as the giant hairy dwarf pounded into him, filling him more than he knew was possible, in agony and ecstasy. Again and again the dwarf rammed his cock all the way into the elf, and he could feel the pressure building. Legolas, too, could tell the dwarf was nearing climax, as his cock began to wiggle and jerk inside of him. This only brought the elf closer to the edge as well. Finally the dwarf began to cum. “Sweet mother of Durin!” he yelled as he filled Legolas with his seed, still pumping in and out, still cumming. Legolas let out a cry and ejaculated on his hand and all over the ground, then braced himself as the dwarf pounded out every last drop. Finally he slowly pulled out, and slumped on the ground. Legolas fall right where he lay, moaning and writhing in the afterglow, and in pain. Slowly he crawled to Gimli and put his head on his hairy, sweaty chest.

“Oh Gimli.” Was all he was he was able to manage.

Gimli chuckled. “You know how to take a cock, elf.” He said, then kissed him on the forehead.




Aragorn had spilled his seed at the same time as his companions, as quietly as he could. He grabbed a leaf from a nearby tree and cleaned up what mess he could, then quickly made his way back to camp. There he started a fire and began roasting two rabbits he had shot earlier that day.

Finally, about an hour later, his companions showed up at camp. “There you are,” said Aragorn, “I was beginning to wander where you two were. Where were you, exactly?” He asked, smiling.

Legolas blushed and slowly walked over to a log and gingerly sat down, wincing. Gimli walked over, grabbed a rabbit from the cookfire, sat down and said “We were stargazing. Mind your own damn business, Strider.”

Aragorn laughed and dropped it. He split his rabbit with the elf, and they all slept soundly that night.

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