Allassa and Haldir

BY : Silvana
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I cuddle myself on her with my head on her brest she was awake smiling to me happy that she have me and I her,but it was not always like that the strange turn of events in my life brought Allassa in it daughter of Sauron and march warden of Lorien in same bed.No one would believe in this but still this is true. I have need to tell my story to someone to write it for my son or daughter so they would understand who are their parents....I never know Allassa till that faitful moment when new order came to me my lord Celeborn sent letter for me to leave everything and come to Caras Galadhon. And I did as he commanded.I went in grand hall there was my lord Celeborn and king Thranduil as I approached to them I bowed in respect,waiting to hear what is my new task and since king was here I knew that is something about Mirkwood. Celeborn:"Haldir you have served this realm more then anyone you gave your whole life to it now it is time for you to complete this task bigger then any other before if you accept it that will bring two realms two world of elves together" Haldir:"My lord I wold do anythig to assure peace for us I will accept any task you give to me"

As I answered king smiled coming closer to speak.  

Thranduil:"This task will make your own life better not just this realm and mine. I want you to take my daughter Luthien as your wife, she is young and every ellon I choose to her she refused but I saw her how she was looking at you...This marriage will bring us closer to each other as kin and allies" I looked at him not sure what to say this was not task that I expected great king was giving to me hand of his daughter to me simple warrior commander of Lorien. Thranduil:"So what is your answer Haldir?" I had no choice but to say yes and back then I though why not at the end every ellon need elleth so I said yes in five days we arrange everything I prepared myself and day before I had to go my Lady of Light called for me she wanted to see me,that was strange all these dayes only she didnt say anything about this matter. I wonder why? Was she against all of this? Any way I went to see her she was alone in middle of meadow looking at me as I approched she looked at me and said that from this part on my destiny will shape me into something that Arda never saw before.I tried to ask more but she just smiled and wished me safe journey............

Time skiped like blinck of an eye and I exchanged my vows with Luthien she was happy shinig from happines,really beautiful in white dress her golden hair was curled over her back with ribbons that were holding it.Grand palace hall was full of elves even few dvarves. I took Luthien to table to sit where guest were already sitting drinking and eating.I was looking around drinking too and speaking with guests. When music started we danced till we fall down then I let her dance more she was young and happy and I was drunk so chair was my best friend for now. Looking around I saw girl sitting in corner alone drinking even now I dont know what was on her that draw my attencion she looked breafly at me and went out of hall,my look follow her out as celebration continyed almost over half night. All elves were or drunk or away Luthien was thired and drunk I took her in my arms and carry her to our chamber as few sober elves clapped and wistel when I left.I opened doors and carry her to bed she was really beauty I caressed her cheek and took gently off her dress letting her rest. Cracking outside draw my attention one look trough window it was that girl again what is she doing this late all alone outside.Mirkwood was not safe as Lorien with deep sigh I took my sword and go outside for her.When I got out she whas gone I walk the path trough dark forest of Mirkwood praying to Valar that she is alright then I decide to search for her using trees so I climb up and go fast trough tree tops when I saw her,she was again in woods, in her secret place I guess, sitting on branch and looking into forest, enjoying her peace with warg standing near and eating rabbit that she just trow to him I never saw something like this elven lady with that creature.

Girl:"What a nice evening, don´t you think, Fang?"Warg growl when I got closer and she turned at me. Haldir:"My lady why you are alone in forest that is unsafe?" She look at me with her blue eyes like she was entering my soul. Girl:"I am always alone these days and I am not lady I am Allassa my lord Haldir,rason why I am alone is I don´t have too much friends and if, they are far away from me. She knew who I am why am I suprised she was on party of course she knew. Haldir:"I see you have friends that warg and as I am part of this realm you have my frendship" Allassa:"Thank you Haldir but shouldn¨t you be on wedding party?" Haldir:"I was but its too much wine there why you are not on party?" Allassa:"I wasn¨t invited, I think... or the invitation got lost. She shrugs her shoulders. I don¨t know. And.. I think it is not good for me to be there... I have nothing to do with them I have to be here for my own good then elven council will find me home" Haldir:"Well let me tell you sicret I was part of this to unite elves that is why I got married and love will come in time I hope" Allassa:"Then it is better for you to be away from them. Hope they would not miss you.She smiled brightly at me,her smile was bright as sun raus. Haldir:"So how was your day?" Allassa:"My day? I was all day in woods. Don´t like rush places and in palace there was too much servants and guests... I don´t like places with too many people, who constantly looks at you and whispers about you. So I get up, snatch some food from kitchen and ran here. And now, you found me. Thats probably the best thing that happened to me today. How did you get past Fang?" Haldir:"I didnt use road I use trees to pass it why you ask?" Allassa:"Just to know, he doesn´t eaten you and you didn´t kill him. I would not like that. Him getting killed, I mean. It was really tiring to get him into his health now, his injuries were severe." Haldir:"He must attacked someone and got few arrows how do you control him?" Allassa:"I am that girl Saurons daughter and I am not that stupid. I killed those things in battles myself" She then look away from me.I saw that she was ashamed of talking about this so I smiled... Haldir:"My fearless lady." Allassa:"I have fears, don´t think I don´t. She waves her hand. And I do not wish to speak about this. It is making me uneasy and I don´t want to feel that way right now." Haldir:"Forgive me I didnt want to upset you" Allassa:"You are forgiven, of course. I can´t stay mad at you for long. I don´t even know, if I can be mad at you..." Haldir:"Yes you can my lady I dont know me I am not that good as I look"

She looks at me and smile as we got down from trees she poke my ribs and provoke me to chase her smiling like child and I got her in my arms but she did something I never expected....And so on dayes passed we become friends what will destiny bring to me with this I do not know....

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