Ravishing the Evenstar

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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Elrond gazed with a dull, disappointed look at the proud and swaggering Orc general. Victorious at the Pellenor field, carrying on his belt the decaying head of Aragorn son of Arathorn, and at the behest of a set of very large and menacing looking Orcs, one of whom was to Elrond’s further chagrin the notorious Bolg, whom rumors had given roles in the transformation and debauching of the maiden Tauriel of Thranduil’s Kingdom in Mirkwood. Or perhaps it wasn’t Tauriel but Celebrian herself, rumors were unclear. Either way, Bolg’s wife was an Elf-maiden defiled and twisted by the Orcs.

It had been bad enough to learn that Gothmog and his father had secured the submission of the Golden lands of Galadriel and Celeborn. It was even worse that the Orc-general was standing and swaggering about it.

“Yes, we went to the golden-haired Witch-Queen and we have turned her and her husband into a willing slut and a cuckold.”
He laughed. “The new crown for King Celeborn has horns, and you will be having new half-Orc uncles as soon as one of us whelps that whore of a grandmother of yours.”

He gazed at them all, his leering fanged monstrous face grinning.
“But there shall be peace there and cuckoldry and many aunts and uncles of yours to come, some of whom will sire their own offspring on that slut. Your realm alike can know peace as that one has.”

He then laughed again, in a colder and more brutal sense as he gestured to Bolg. “My father and I shall give you the price. All three of your children given to us to take, sacrifices for peace like with their whore-grandmother. Or one of them, taken as a sacrifice to Gundabad, to enjoy the pleasures of my own grandfather and my family, including my mother.”
His fanged smile leered. “Either way, the sacrifices or the sacrifice will be taken in public before all the inhabitants of this simpering land of elf-things, and this is the price of peace between our realms and yours.”

Silence fell, and the gathered Quendi looked at Elrond, whose face was white and his teeth gritted at the realization that he had to choose and either way, his people lost and the Orcs sealed their victory. He looked to his children, the pale and frightened Elladan and Elrohir, both of whom were close together, and the broken bird that was Arwen.
When Aragorn had died, their bond had been severed and Arwen had nearly gone mad. She’d held herself together after a period of mourning and wailing and then a brief coma before exiting it. Her eyes were broken glass mirrors of pain, but she was more than aware enough that her father and brothers were looking at her. Pale again, she whimpered “Not again.”

A memory flashed into her, of her previous rapes. One at the hands of Orcs who’d defiled her and her mother and made them commit incest, including eating out her mother and helping the Orcs rape her. And then another when she’d been found nude and covered in Orc-cum by Bill Ferny, who’d made her suck him off and fucked her up her ass and in her pussy, and then left her without so much as a by your leave.
Now she faced this again, not merely at the hands of random Orcs but the grandson and the son of Azog the Defiler, Orcs who were every bit the inheritors of their old man. She gulped as the Orcs swarmed her. Four of them, tearing open her dress, exposing her flesh. With each tear and more of her flesh, she was humiliated and afraid but unable to stop them. At least, as a concession to Elven fragility they’d taken the beastly armor off.

She was drawn to their phalluses as were all the witnesses close enough for a view, including her family. Monstrous looking things with black veins and buboes. Seemed impossible, actually, that she could take them and survive but she knew Elves had. That her grandmother had. If Galadriel could do it, she could too. When the dress was fully torn, one of the Orcs, the tall one called Bolg, pulled her arms back with one hand, exposing her bare armpits.
Her bush and her tits were on full display, the look of fear in her eyes palpable. When she was groped by the Orcs, all she could do was moan and whine at the thought that her dishonor would be publicly visible not just before her father, but both of her brothers. When she was suddenly told “Spread those legs, whore,” she did so without question. One of the Orcs licked one of his fingers and started to rub her pussy.

She gaped at the sight of the finger. It was as large as an Elven or human cock. As it rubbed her and made her start to moisten, it slipped inside her. She moaned with sudden shock. It was big, all right. She felt full. It started to rub and thrust further, working out her clit as she began to flush. When she saw that her father and her brothers were starting to pitch tents she went redder and started to cry.
The Orcs, however, saw it and laughed, deciding then and there to start fucking her. One of them shoved her down on her back, and enjoyed the sight of her humiliated and flushed body with her dripping pussy exposed to them, as another took her mouth and a third slid under her, using another such finger to start preparing her ass.

Arwen screamed around the cock in her mouth, but the scream was muffled and the fingers in her ass continued to work regardless. Preparing her, making sure she could endure it. When the cocks slid into her pussy and ass, she screamed again. She felt so cheap, so used. So marked. For their part, Gothmog and Bolg grinned at each other.
“Enjoying that Elven ass, Father?”

Bolg grinned. “Yes, but it’s not as good as Celebrian's.” Licking Arwen’s face as she gagged around the cock in her mouth, drool pouring from her lips, her hips rolling in tune with the cocks double penetrating her. Airtight, feeling like she was gonna choke on the Orc cock in her throat, Arwen’s vision began to double and go black until the cock withdrew and she made a great gasping breath, before the cock plunged back in.
This lasted for at least an hour, the boners of Elrond, Elladan, and Elrohir painful. It was the longest hour of Arwen’s life, her mouth, pussy, and ass fuller than she’d imagined possible, loosened, cheapened. Marked. Flushed. Her hips rolling, her eyes rolling, her orgasms and arched back the marks of the most painful defeats she could imagine. The boners even moreso. Then the Orcs’ cocks, the monstrous rods that had defiled her and conquered her, started to throb.
She whimpered. It was impossible for anything to cum that much. She almost choked and drowned on the cum pouring down her throat in torrents, defeated and ashamed. The floods up her twat and her ass were even greater, she groaned. Between the load up her belly and in her guts she’d feel and was feeling so goddamn bloated. Then the Orcs began to cum again and she whimpered, feeling her vision starting to go black as she passed out, cum spewing out of the cock all over her face, chin, hair, and neck and a bit on her tits, the loads in her pussy and ass dripping onto her legs and her pubic mound.

Slipping out, the Orcs grinned as they saw the boners, pulling Elrond and her brothers over, yanking their pants down.
“First things first,” they said.
Flipping Arwen onto her knees, prostrate, her hands flat on the ground, they smiled as they lowered Elladan near her ass, Elrohir near her pussy, Elrond near her face.
“Where the cum’s on her, lick her clean and swallow every last drop.” With their asses and hard cocks exposed, the Elven men complied, licking Arwen clean. Elladan and Elrohir’s attentions to her ass and inner thighs and mound made her whimper. Her father’s licking her face and chin and neck clean made her start crying again, as did his lips on her cum-soaked tits and ass.
After she’d been cleaned, the Elven men were made to stick their own cocks inside her. After the sheer size and weight of the Orc-cocks, Arwen was humiliated at not only being raped by her father and her twin brothers but by how small their dicks felt inside of her. And that where the Orcs took an hour, they had perhaps two or three thrusts and then added their own cocks there.

As a final and delightfully Orcish twist, the Orcs made the men slurp off their cum-covered cocks, the twins cleaning off Elrond, and then each of them cleaning off the other.
They looked to the defeated Arwen as one of them clasped their ropes around her hands.
“It’s to Gundabad with you, my dear.”
They smiled and laughed as she flushed, ashamed, and was led off as the Elven men looked at each other, and at the quiet disapproval, shame, flushed appearances, boners, and humiliation of their crowd. The Age of Orcs had begun all right, but their reputations and their society would never recover from the defilement of their Evenstar.

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