The Evenstar and the Fairie Queen

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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Galadriel had always found it more than somewhat unpleasant that her parents had given her names like 'man-maiden.' She had endured no small amount of contempt and rumors about what lay between her legs with that name, and it wasn't helped by something she'd always struggled with. Other Quendi just desired men or women, she was prone to admiring and desiring other women in a way that men did. After the horrors of the Grinding Ice and settling down in Doriath, it had gotten so much worse when she arrived in the land of Melian, for there she'd encountered the most beautiful woman she'd ever known.

The Maia's daughter, Luthien Tinuviel. A woman with profound curves, full lush lips beyond those conventionally seen in the Eldar. And the most piercing blue eyes she'd ever seen. The desire for her was powerful, and it was glorious, and she'd contrived to lure Luthien alone into her chambers, then pulled the other woman without warning into a bruising set of kisses where to her surprised reaction (yet a pleased surprised at that) the demi-divine half-breed had melted into her arms, letting her grope her, feel her. The memory surged in her dreams. The most beautiful one in all of Arda melting into her kisses, her hands roving around her soft and firm tits, the swell of her ass and the curve of her hip.

Then Luthien had broken the kiss and slapped her to the ground with a hit that displayed an awesome amount of strength and stormed out. It had been then that her 'apprenticeship' to Melian had started. By day sitting at the foot of a literal deity in the flesh, by night tied down and the very first night literally tied down nude and whipped for assaulting Melian's daughter and left the whole night after with welts and blood running down her back to be gawked at, poked, and used for her shame. And then long nights that never featured as much as a living marital aid for her, and for her husband Thingol whose clever hands had given her so much pleasure.

Then the one time that she'd been suspended by ropes seemingly in mid-air, with a blindfold and left to be poked and prodded and groped, and the memory that surged through her and gave her her orgasmic pleasure. Invisible yet very real hands, tits along her, lips. And that long hard shaped work of Dwarven nature that had been Melian's and was used by her daughter to mark her as completely as the whipping had. A cruel pleasure, one from the most beautiful woman in all Arda and a woman whose nature and presence was invisible to her.

Then the heart-wrenching bit for her when her true love had fallen in with that boy Beren and given up immortality for him. How poetic, then, that her own daughter would marry another of those wretched Half-Elven. And then what strange courses of fate when her only daughter was as though Luthien in the manner of the Dwarf-Kings had strode out of the past anew. Arwen Undomiel. Her now-maturing and ripening granddaughter, literal spitting image of Luthien but innocent, in a sense. Sharing her beauty, but lacking the immense supernatural strength Melian and Luthien had at their disposal. Furthermore, one who was likely to be submissive to her.

It was then that she'd heard words she was amazed (and to her shame, given that this was her granddaughter here) and deeply aroused and pleased with all the same. Arwen was coming her, Celebrian taking her to a special time with her grandmother, and even trusting the two alone. Celebrian, for all that she was a gorgeous Elleth herself, had been kin too near for even Galadriel's own desires to focus, but a reborn Luthien who offered her all the beauty and none of the drawbacks? It was.....Galadriel woke up. No, to call it a trial indicated there was a choice. Having this near-resurrected Luthien in Lothlorien wasn't a choice at all. She would get all that she'd wished then. It would be their little secret. She smiled.


Arwen Undomiel for her part had a strange dream the night before she arrived in Lothlorien. She was purely virginal, all she'd known of sex were some writings of the more hidden sort in Rivendell, and accidentally walking in on her brothers masturbating at one point. She'd no ideas of what pleasures her own body could or would hold. And that made it all the more jarring and concerning for her when she had this dream happen.

She was in Lothlorien, dancing at night, surprised to find herself nude. Not the first time she'd been nude in dreams but before she'd thought nothing of it. Here it was as though some eye of someone else was watching her, and indeed it was. The eye roved over her tits, over her bush, between her legs and seemingly suspending her in mid air with her legs apart to do so. It was a gaze with a thousand invisible fingers that kneaded and massaged her and had her moaning in a fashion entirely not innocent and which she didn't understand.

A low whispering wind that spoke in the high Quenya of Elvenhome, a voice that was so very familiar. She landed, flushed, on her knees, panting. What was this heat? Why was she....wet...there? Why this soggy heat that she didn't understand? Why did it feel so good? Was she feverish?

A woman who glowed with the inner light of Almaren and Valimar strode toward her with hair of gold and eyes of fire and she stared at her, for a moment.

"G-g-grandmother! It's not what it looks like!"

Galadriel strode to her and then lifted her up into her arms, and smiled.

"Truly? Then that disappoints me, my beautiful granddaughter, for I was hoping it would be."

And her grandmother kissed her like her father did her mother, and it was so weird, a grown woman kissing her and her tongue caressing her mouth, before she was lain down tenderly and her grandmother's hands on her hips was followed by making sure her legs were spread, and then kisses and lickings and those fingers and that heat grew and surged with the white-hot heat of the sun and Arwen's mouth opened in a silent scream of pleasure as her hips rocked wildly and her lips pulled back and her teeth bared in a frenzied grin.

She awoke in her camp flushed and sweaty and not sure what precisely had happened, while Galadriel awoke satisfied.

Then the next day after her mother and grandmother had chatted, and it turned out her grandfather would be going with her mother to enjoy a visit to Rivendell, she found herself looking at her grandmother almost bashfully, and flashes of the dream came and she turned very red.

Then Galadriel smiled a very carnivorous smile.......

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