Of Light and Shadow

BY : Avaloyuru
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“Move damn you!" Thranduil screamed as he watched in horror at the bloody scene below him.

The small troop of archers had gotten separated from the company and were cornered as orcs advanced in from the west and the goblins were reforming just south of them. Blocked by the mountains in the east, their only safe route out was to head north to the river. If they could just...

Jolted, Thranduil felt a blinding pain wash over him as if his body was suddenly pierced by a thousand arrows of fire. From a distance, as if it were someone else, he heard himself scream. Falling, he was falling into darkness, a darkness so black he could feel the weight of it pressing in on him. Drifting into the depths of the blackness that seemed to cradle him as the pain slowly ebbed from him, leaving him feeling nothing but weakness.

"He is awake hîr vuin." (My Lord) The servant said quietly as he entered the Masters' study.

"Thank you, Nhaéslal." Cerályië acknowledged him, smiling softly as he looked up from the papers on his desk. "Inform Dorinäélin that I wish for him to join me." He added, rising to his feet, the deep blue of his eyes darkening to almost black as he walked toward the servant.

"Ben iest gîn, hîr vuin." (As you wish, my lord). The servant replied, bowing respectfully as he quickly exited the study.

Schooling his expression with effort, Cerályië strode purposefully through the halls of the Keep. The only sound was the soft swish of his outer robes as his long legs carried him unhurriedly yet swiftly toward the dungeons within the bowels of the Keep. Comfortable in the knowledge that his prize was safely secured and awaiting him, his dusky lips curled into a soft smile.

"Daedalus." He acknowledged the guard at the door as he opened it for him.

The large room was comfortably illuminated with bright ornate lanterns suspended from the ceiling in each corner and warmed by the glow of the enormous stone hearth that dominated the far wall. Carpeted in multicolored braided rugs and furnished in fine carved oaken furniture, the ambiance reflected more of a stately sitting room than a dungeon, but the dungeons of Klëätyrlin Keep were unlike any other for they served a different purpose.

Striding across the room toward the narrow raised bed in the far corner, he smiled down at his prize. Reaching down, he softly caressed his cheek with the backs of his fingers, trailing the tips of his fingers along his chin.

"Yes, you can feel my touch and hear my words but you are not yet fully awake." He said softly, watching the flicker of his eyes behind the closed eyelids following his finger as he caressed his face. "You are even more beautiful than I remember."

"Who are you?!" Thranduil demanded, even as he was beginning to realize it was only his mind that spoke.

Somewhere on the edge of the darkness that engulfed him, he could feel the gentle fingers that caressed his face almost lovingly. Struggling through the fog that still filled his mind, he tried to put a face on the deep but musical voice that taunted him yet it was lost to him.

"I have waited long for you pen neth nîn." (My young one). Cerályië said quietly, almost as if he spoke to himself. "Now move him before he awakes." Cerályië stated, turning away from him as Dorinäélin entered the room

"Get off me!" Thranduil screamed in his mind as he felt himself being manipulated as if he were nothing but a child's puppet, a marionette with strings. His body hung limply between them, his chin resting on his chest as his head slumped forward as they carried him.

"What do you want?!" He continued to demand, even as fear filled him at the sound of clinking metal chains and feeling of leather strips being fastened to his wrists and ankles. His breath came in short gasps as they maneuvered him, the realization sank in that he was completely exposed in his nakedness.

"Soon pirá neth (little one) you will be fully awake." The musical voice rang in his ears as he heard the clinking of the metal again as he was slowly lifted, his arms spread with only his toes touching the carpeted floor.

"Only then, when I can look into your eyes will I answer some of your questions." Cerályië told him quietly as he lifted his chin, smiling at the quivering lips as he struggled to speak.

Cringing inwardly at the sound of the soft laughter, Thranduil tried to pull away from him as he felt his warm lips pressing against his own. A soft whimper escaped his throat as felt him trace his tongue teasingly across his lower lip before sipping it deeply into his mouth. Unable to resist in his current state, he struggled to breathe as the demanding mouth now ravished his own with a searching hungry kiss.

"One day you will beg me for these tender moments." Cerályië whispered, brushing his lips with his own as he spoke.

"Nn... Nnn." Thranduil struggled to speak.

"Yes, pirá neth (little one), come on, wake up." Cerályië almost cooed at him as if he truly were a child as he watched his eyelids flutter in his struggle to open them.

"There you are." He continued, smiling warmly as he gazed into those beautiful sapphire blue eyes admiringly. So crystal clear they seemed to go on forever, filled with tiny diamond flecks that shown like starlight.

Thranduil felt his throat constrict as he slowly focused on the face in front of him. The perfect oval face was framed in the blackest hair he had ever seen, so black the lanterns reflected a blue shimmer over the long silken tresses. But it was the eyes that drew him, deep blue like the dark velvet of a midnight sky filled with the brilliant sparkle of starlight.

"Who...who are you?" Thranduil asked, his raspy voice barely above a whisper as he stared at him, unable to look away.

"To you I am Herdir." (Master) He said firmly, even as he continued to smile warmly at him.

"Never." Thranduil choked, still struggling against whatever drug they had to have given him.

"Oh but yes pirá neth nîn." (My little one) He chuckled with amusement as he leaned forward, kissing the lips that now closed themselves against him. "You are the spoils of war, a payment of a debt long overdue." He continued, his tone growing deeper and more firm as he spoke.

"What do you want?" Thranduil asked quietly, his voice still weak. "I can pay you..."

"I have what I want." Cerályië interrupted him as he released his chin, smiling as he watched him struggle to hold his head up. "I have waited four thousand years for this moment." He stated, enjoying the confusion that radiated from him.

"You said remember." Thranduil said, his voice a little stronger. "I do not know you." He told him as he continued to study him.

"But I know you." Cerályië replied softly as he leaned closer, almost touching his cheek with his. "I have known you since you were born. I attended your coronation." He whispered in his ear.

"Impossible! I would..." Thranduil exclaimed, his voice choked at the stress, cutting off before he could finish.

"You would have remembered me?" Cerályië asked, arching a delicate brow at him as he leaned back. "How touching but I think not." He chuckled as a soft shimmer obscured him for a moment, replacing him with the image of a typical Silvan elf.

"They will come for me." Thranduil stated, his eyes narrowing as the shimmer faded as quickly as it appeared.

"You are a world away from your precious Woodland Realm." He stated, caressing his cheek.

"Why are you doing this?" Thranduil asked as he studied the elf before him, hoping to pick up even bits and pieces of information from him. He spoke perfect Sindarin but the dialect was unfamiliar to him.

"Oh come now." Cerályië chuckled as his gaze drifted over the taut muscles of his body, now fully displayed to him. "I have already answered that question." He said, drawing his fingers teasingly upward from his hips to the tiny buds of his nipples, enjoying the slight shiver he felt in him.

"I will never serve you." He stated, narrowing his eyes at him.

"I am very patient." Cerályië said quietly, leaning close enough to kiss him yet he held back. "I will enjoy breaking you Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm." His voice held a hint of laughter as he taunted him, brushing his lips as he spoke.

"It is futile to resist." He laughed, reaching down to grasp the semi hard shaft of his sex as Thranduil tried to pull away from him. "I derive as much pleasure in torturing you as I do fucking you, the choice is yours." He said as he began stroking him almost absently.

"Yes." Cerályië said slowly, stretching out the word like a soft sigh. "Fear can influence many things." He continued, staring into his eyes as he felt him stiffening in his hands. "The body responds so much more quickly than the mind."

Jerking his knee upward, Thranduil managed to land a blow on the elf's hip, knocking him back a step. The chains attached to his ankles limited his motion or he could have struck him with more force.

"Edicûve." Cerályië stated, a smile curling his lips as he stepped back up to him, taking his face in his hands.

Caught off guard, Thranduil felt the scream rip through his throat as the blow fell hard against the naked flesh of his backside. Clenching his teeth as yet another and another fell, he stared angrily at the elf in front of him, refusing to cry out.

"Spread his legs." He said quietly, smiling softly as his fingers began caressing his face. "If pain is what you prefer, then you shall have it." He told him, releasing him suddenly and disappeared behind him.

Walking toward the table against the wall, he scanned the implements and picked up the wide collar. Disappointed slightly as he had hoped to enjoy watching his expressions as he played with him, but alas the punishment was necessary.

Thranduil yelped and tried to twist his head away as his hair was gathered and jerked back, forcing him to look at the ceiling. Ignoring the pain, he continued to shake his head as he felt the collar being wrapped around his neck and buckled in place. Growling angrily, he arched his body, straining against the chains that held him spread between the tall oaken beams.

"I would gag you, but I want to hear you scream." The deep musical voice of the elf behind him taunted him as he stared at the ceiling, unable to move his head in any direction.

The warning had only slightly prepared him, clenching his jaw as the first blow fell against his sore backside, he refused to give him the pleasure of crying out. Deep growls rumbled in his throat as the blows landed one after another, he fought back the screams that threatened. His chest heaved, his breath became labored from his struggles. Closing his eyes against the tears that stung the backs of his eyes, he felt gentle fingers touching the painful places on his backside. The tenderness was short lived as the blows fell once more, landing sharply across his abused flesh. Against his will, felt his tears leak from the corners of his eyes as he clenched his jaws to stifle the screams he now realized would eventually come.

"There, that wasn't so hard was it?" Cerályië asked as he reached up and unbuckled the collar, handing it to Edicûve. "I would have preferred to simply enjoy you today, but I cannot allow your stubbornness." He continued as he loosely embraced him, placing soft kisses on his neck.

"I told you, I will never submit to you." Thranduil choked out, his throat sore from his screams.

"Oh but you did." He laughed, his fingers tracing teasing patterns over his back. "Now I must see to your wounds." He sighed heavily as he released him.

"Put him on the table." He stated as he walked toward a tall cupboard in the far corner to collect the necessary ointments and supplies to treat the broken and bloodied welts that marred the otherwise perfect backside.

Grimacing painfully as he was lowered back onto his feet, Thranduil considered trying to fight the two elves as they unbuckled the leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles. Stubborn as he was he wasn't stupid, it felt as if every muscle in his body cried out to him as they lifted his arms over their shoulders, all but carrying him toward a long table. Offering only little resistance as they lifted him onto it, positioning him on his stomach over a hole cut in the center that allowed his sex to hang freely. Wincing as they secured him with a leather strap around his hips as well as his wrists and ankles.

Twisting his head back over his shoulder, he found himself staring into the deep blue eyes of the dark haired elf. He could feel a power emanating from him, it was dark yet he felt no evil in him as he studied the beautiful face that smiled warmly at him. He found himself wondering what had happened to him to fill him with such darkness, who or what had hurt him so terribly. He wondered too, what sort of debt would require such a payment.

Flinching instinctively as he stepped closer, wiping his face with a warm damp cloth. Frowning slightly, Thranduil noted the tenderness in his touch as he washed away the traces of his earlier tears. The elf's expression never wavered as he continued to smile at him as if he were pleased with him, stirring a strangely odd but familiar feeling deep within him. Questions jumbled over each other in his mind but he remained silent, not wanting to break the spell that seemed to comfort him.

Closing his eyes, he stiffened as the elf turned his attention to his backside. Clenching his hands into tight fists as he drew the soft cloth gently over his abused flesh, carefully washing away the blood. Tormented by thoughts and feelings that only lingered on the fringes of his mind, he felt the same tenderness in the elf's touch as he cautiously applied a thick salve to his wounds. Slowly, as the gentle hands worked the numbing salve into his flesh, he felt the pain beginning to fade.

Struggling with the questions that continued to plague him, Thranduils' frustration grew as he thought about the strange feelings the elf incited within him. So much of his past memory was blank, only bits and pieces that did not seem to fit together. The battle in the shadows of the Lonely Mountain was his clearest memory, yet he could not recall what could possibly have compelled him to war. Faces, most only vaguely familiar to him flashed in his mind, yet he could not recall the names of so many of them.

"Now you must eat if you are to keep your strength." Cerályië told him quietly as he set about the task of unfastening the straps. "Come." He smiled as he assisted him to sit up.

"There is more to this than a debt." He stated, wrapping his arms around the elf as he attempted to help him down off the table.

"It is now in the past." Cerályië replied as he studied the intense expression on his face.

"Who hurt you?" Thranduil asked, his voice was barely above a whisper, returning the same searching gaze.

Smiling, Cerályië leaned slightly forward, pressing his lips softly to his as he tangled his fingers in the silken mass of his silvery blonde hair at the nape of his neck. Firmly yet gently he pulled his head back as he thrust his tongue deeply into his mouth, kissing him searchingly for long moments.

"Your questions will all be answered in due time." He said quietly, teasing his lips as he spoke.

Swallowing his anger, Thranduil allowed him to assist him down off the table and followed him toward a comfortable looking settee in front of the hearth. As much as he wanted answers, he also knew that pushing him would gain him nothing. There was something in his eyes that told him he was right, someone had hurt him and the cruelty of it had left him scarred.

"Sit." Cerályië told him, pulling a small leather covered stool from under the settee as he seated himself comfortably on the settee. Smiling as Thranduil obediently sank down onto the stool between his legs. He leaned down, kissing him on the forehead as he pulled him closer to him.

Turning toward the small table and the tray of food, he picked up a piece of cheese and broke it in half, holding one half to Thranduils' lips. "No, open your mouth." He said quietly when he reached for it. "When I am with you, feeding you is one of my pleasures."

Frowning slightly he leaned forward and did as he was told, feeling strange that the elf somehow managed to turn even eating into a sensual experience by tracing his finger along his lips. He did this with every bite, sometimes leaving his finger in his mouth, touching his tongue, teasing his lips with his moistened finger. Feeling slightly bold as the elf held down a small piece of fruit, he swallowed it and closed his lips around his finger, sucking it into his mouth.

"You want to play." Cerályië chuckled softly, arching a brow as he felt his tongue caressing his finger. "Show me." He said quietly, frowning as he slowly extracting his finger and lounged back in the settee.

Leaning forward, Thranduil pushed aside the outer robe, watching his eyes darken as he slowly worked the laces of his silk leggings. Slipping his fingers beneath the top, he smiled to himself as the elf lifted his hips allowing him to pull them down enough to expose his fully aroused sex. Lifting himself onto his knees, he circled the crown with his tongue, feeling it twitch as he closed his lips around it. Gentle fingers caressed his cheeks and his jaw as he slowly worked his way down the thick girth, pausing for a moment to breathe deeply and relax enough to press his face into the warm flesh of his lower belly.

Closing his eyes, Cerályië sucked his lower lip into his mouth as he laid his head back on the settee. Part of him wanted to grasp his head and drive himself relentlessly into that hot mouth but he wanted it to last as long as Thranduil could endure it. Digging his fingers into the softness of the cushion as the tension built within him, he struggled to remain still and allow him what he normally considered a reward. Slowly, against his will, he felt himself reaching the pinnacle, the point of no return as Thranduil suckled him passionately. Groaning softly as the pressure broke deep within him, he clenched his jaw and rocked his hips forward as he felt the relief drain from him.

Leaning forward as Thranduil pulled free of him, he scooped him up from under his arms and pulled him to him. Capturing his mouth in a hungry kiss, he could taste himself as he ravished his mouth. Grasping handfuls of his thick hair, he pulled his head back, exposing his slender neck. Releasing his mouth, he kissed his neck, enjoying the feeling of the rapid pulsing of his heartbeat. Content for the moment to just hold him, Cerályië breathed in the scent of him.

"It is time to put you to bed pirá neth." (Little one) He told him softly as he caressed his back. "You must rest, for tomorrow is another day." He said, pulling him with him as he stood up, pausing for a moment to readjust his leggings and tie them back in place.

Taking him by the hand, he led him across the room to the raised bed and pulled the blankets down for him. Smiling as he stretched out on his back, Cerályië let his gaze roam freely over his toned and muscled body. Yes, he was very beautiful, more exquisite than he remembered and far more passionate with another ellyn (male elf) than he would have guessed. Unlike the other slaves that passed through his Keep, Thranduil belonged to him now and like Säévÿl, his only other personal slave, he would remain here for as long as he lived.

"Every place has its rules." He said quietly as he sat down on the edge of the bed, his hand absently caressing the length of his aroused sex. "I have already permitted you one reward in allowing you to pleasure me. Why would I reward you again?" He asked, arching a brow as he studied his face, disappointment flickered in the depths of his eyes before he lowered them.

"You do blush so beautifully." He chuckled as he reached over, caressing his cheek, smiling as Thranduil lifted his gaze to look at him again. "I realize this is all new to you and you do not know these rules yet. But know this, here you are just another slave. As I teach you these rules, I will severely punish you for any disobedience. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes." Thranduil replied, feeling the heat in face intensify.

"Yes what?" Cerályië asked, narrowing his eyes at him.

Staring up at him, Thranduil knew what he wanted and to say it would feel as if he were sealing his own fate. Licking his lips anxiously, he knew too that he could not handle another whipping tonight and had no doubt this one would be worse because he would view it as an act of direct defiance and not just disobedience.

"Yes, Herdir." (Master) He whispered softly through a suddenly parched throat, dropping his gaze as he felt the heat of his embarrassment compounded by the added wave of humiliation wash over him.

"Very good." Cerályië said quietly as he leaned down, kissing him tenderly.

Smiling to himself as his kiss grew more searching, Cerályië slowly drew his hands over his head. Thrusting his tongue deeply as he felt him responding, leaning into the kiss, his nimble fingers quickly secured leather covered metal cuffs around Thranduils' wrists.


"Sh." Cerályië hushed him with a firm finger on his lips, smiling as he pulled back from him.

"You have learned one lesson today." He said quietly as he ran his finger across his lips, enjoying the almost frightened look in those beautiful eyes as Thranduil tried to speak. "While you are most precious to me, I am the Herdir (Master). You are here for my pleasure only." He told him as he stood up and turned away from him.

"I suggest you not exert yourself and try to get some rest." He stated as he walked away from him.

"Damn you!" Thranduil screamed silently, his mouth and lips moving yet the muscles in his throat felt paralyzed. Jerking frantically at the cuffs as he glared angrily at the elf's back as he walked toward the other elf who had made himself comfortable in one of the large chairs in front of the hearth.

"If he continues to struggle, you have my permission to spank him." Cerályië stated loud enough to ensure Thranduil heard him, then turned and left the room.

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