Retribution [LoTR] [FxFxF, OrcxElf, Noncon]

BY : LoveHatesYou
Category: -Fourth Age to Modern times and beyond > AU - Alternate Universe
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***Trigger Warning!! The following story may include light-heavy themes of: Abuse(physical, substance, emotional, etc.), Dub-Con/Non-Con, BDSM, Torture, and other themes that some may find disturbing. ***


Author's Note: This is my first time writing LoTR fanfiction, please excuse any discrepancies from the original lore. I write this as a stand-alone short story, not to be taken too seriously, please bear that in mind before you decide to jump down my throat for getting anything wrong. That being said, enjoy!! ^_^ P.S; If you are just looking for something smutty to read, go straight to chapter 3(girlxgirlxgirl), orcxelf starts at chapter 6



The time of the elves in Middle Earth has come to an end... and as such we enter into the dominion of men....


Even before the destruction of The One Ring, the influence of elves within Middle-Earth was ever dwindling while that of men grew ever stronger with the steady passage of time. Elves cared little for the politics of men, and even less so after the fall of Sauron brought lasting peace and tranquility to the vast lands of Middle-Earth. In the end of the third age and the beginning of the fourth, most of elven folk sailed west to the Undying Lands, however not all were ready to leave Middle-Earth even then.


While the realms of men were made whole and strengthened with the destruction of the ring of power, the woodlands that were once protected by the power of Galadriel's ring were left vulnerable without its protective magic and those elves that still clung to the land were charged with protecting it from the scattered orcs and other manners of evil that refused to crawl back into the earth after Sauron's demise.



Lorelei of Lothlórien was one of the those of the noble race that choose to continue to dwell within Middle-Earth, her clan sworn to protect the Golden Wood, a vow that they would honor to their dying day. Though the threat of Sauron was long gone after the destruction of the One Ring, that didn't translate into the complete annihilation of all things evil and vile in the world. Though the darkness was mostly gone from Middle-Earth, there would always be shadows for evil to hide itself in, ever lurking and awaiting creatures of light to devour in the black of night.


"Lorelei, remember that you must return before the first star light is visible in the sky..."


Lorelei was still a child, even by elven standards the night her whole life was turned upside down. She had been a rebellious child, and no matter how many times her mother scolded her for wandering the woods late at night, she simply couldn't resist her urge to venture out to capture the fireflies that brought out the gentle glow of her hazel eyes. Lorelei was born in the fourth age, in times of peace. She knew nothing of evil and destruction other than the stories that her elders told as stern warnings in regards to the greed of men and the evil of arrogance. Lorelei had been taught to use her bow for hunting, not for war in these tranquil times. Nothing in her life had prepared her for what she was about to see when she finally returned home that fated night.


At first she thought that the bright glow over her village was a swarm of fireflies. It seemed so beautiful at first and her heart raced with excitement as she began to run faster and faster toward her home. It was only when she heard a deep laughter from the distance that she stopped in her tracks, frozen in terror. It was a laugh like none she had ever heard before, nothing like the sweet musical laughter of her kin. Big hazel eyes filled with tears as she saw the animal that made such a hideous sound. In that moment she didn't know what it was, but later she would come to know this creature as a Urak-hai, specifically, Bolg-Plague-Bringer.


Not in her wildest nightmares could she have ever dreamed of anything so utterly grotesque. His ears were pointed like those of elves, and he stood upright, but that was where the similarities ended. His skin was a sickly shade of grey, covered in a mix of boils, scars, and deformities. His teeth were a nasty yellow and sharp like those of wild beasts and his eyes were blacker than the night sky, filled with the malice of his evil intentions. He wasn't the only one either, there were dozens of others there with him, all just as ugly and as horrifying.


Lorelei couldn't bring herself to move, her legs locked in place as she watched those beasts burn and wreck her beloved home. She could hear the screams of her loved ones, and in an instance she saw an image that would be burned into her mind for the rest of her life, her father laying on the ground, one of those monsters standing over him, his axe about to fall as her father caught sight of his little girl, with a tear-filled gaze he motioned frantically to her to hide herself and just as the heavy blade tore open his chest, Lorelei threw herself to the ground and rolled underneath a thorn-covered bush.


The small elf-child hid as her father wished, tears streaming down her cheeks as everyone that she ever knew was brutally cut down. The ground ran red with their blood. The orcs spent the whole night celebrating the death and carnage and there was nothing that she could do to stop them. They ripped apart the bodies of her family, roasting them on the fires before feasting on them right before Lorelei's innocent eyes. It was a night that would play over and over again in her restless sleep from that day forward.

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