Frozen Heart

BY : Argleena
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Disclaimer: I do not own (or profit from) the characters in this work, but do enjoy playing with them for your reading pleasure! All LOTR references are property of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Elrohir gazed out into the rhîw night sky, lost in the same thoughts that had plagued him night after night for nigh on six years now. Thousands of stars glittered overhead in the deep dark of midnight. Mayhap there was one star for each day his erstwhile lover has been gone astray. 2,045 days. Well, 2,046 now to be exact, being that the minutes had just crept past the mid-of-night. More than five and a half years since the one he had given his heart to so cruelly walked out of the palace with another at his side, not to be seen or heard from since. While five or six years is naught but the blink of an eye in time to an elf, it is ages in time to a broken heart and jilted lover.

Had not his beloved promised to keep Elrohir at his side for eternity not that long ago? Weren’t they supposed to travel Arda alongside one another now that the world was a safer place to be, revelling in the opportunity to spend some precious time alone together, with only each other as company? They could temporarily slip away from the demands and duties that came with being sons and brothers, warriors and princes, friends and colleagues to others. They would have concerned themselves with only each other during this blissful time together. Now, though, he had been abandoned. What was worse is the fact that this wasn't the first time his one time love had left him without speaking a word of goodbye. That first time he had left a brief note and later returned to Elrohir. This time, however, felt permanent. Deep in his ever cooling heart, he felt as if it were that he would truly never hear from or speak to his love again, especially with his own Choice looming before him. Rather than remaining with him, his love had ventured off with another, leaving no explanation or namarie. Elrohir was left to wonder, “why?” Since the day he walked away without him, Elrohir had not heard any single thing from his runaway lover. He had received not one letter nor caught any word of him by those passing through his homeland of Imladris, which was a central hub for travelers to take their rest at before continuing their travels across Middle Earth. So complete was his absence, there was no sign of this magnificent creature that he once called his own; not a song on the wind nor a whisper through the trees. All that was left was a deafening silence in his heart, as cold and quiet as the crisp winter night laid out before him, slowly freezing the life force of his love.

Elrohir's blank stare drifted from the frosty night sky to the ice hardened waterfalls surrounding the great house, whose movement was frozen in place by the bitter, harsh, cold. Not so long ago in years past, the power of his father’s ring allowed for a more temperate winter climate. Now in the years following the Ring War, with the destruction of the Master Ring and the fading of the time of the elves, Vilya’s power waned as did its bearer’s will to yield it. So tired had his father become. It was only a matter of time before he set sail to join his wife and kin on the other side of the sea. Now, just past Yuletide, the air whipped around the Last Homely House with its bitter cold teeth sinking into every little crook and crevice, just like the bitter despair settling in his heart. Elrohir shook his head, trying to clear it of these melancholy thoughts. Too long now had he wallowed in these dark and disparaging ideations. He could not, would not, allow himself to fall deeper into this despair that seemed to control his every thought and move. He must pull himself out of the trench of self pity he had dug himself into. The muck and mire he found at the bottom there provided no comfort or warmth for him.

In the distance, catches of merriment, singing, and convivial chatter rose up from the Hall of Fire. The celebration inside was decidedly moving in a much more boisterous and rowdy direction now that the elflings had been ushered to bed and into a deep slumber brought upon by the evening’s earlier exuberances and perchance the murmuring of a light sleeping spell or two for the more restless of elflings. Wisps of smoke curled in the air and the faint scent of burning oak infiltrated his nose. It was a smell that brought back memories of gathering around campfires, cuddling close to the one he loved for added warmth. Yanking closed the curtains on the memories that particular scent evoked, Elrohir turned his attention to something new. He adjusted his position in the tree that held him aloft to regard the house set in the distance before him. He could see the remote flickering of red and orange reflections radiating from the flames of roaring fires, red-hot light emerging forth from the great fireplaces located within the hall, glowing through the rows of half-frosted windows and spilling out onto the snow carpeted grounds in front of the house, the only sight of warmth around on this frostbitten night. Despite the appearance of warmth, however, the frozen ground remained unyielding to this illusion of flame, as solid as ever, unable to be melted. The same could be said of Elrohir's ice-encapsulated heart.

Although Yuletide had just recently ended, the elves remaining in Imladris would use any reason to throw a lively party or celebration to keep spirits high. Tonight, his family, fellow elves and a number of visitors to the realm (be them men, dwarves or other creatures) were celebrating the bonding anniversary of the beloved Lord Glorfindel to his father’s beautiful, but prickly Chief Counsellor, Master Erestor. They were marking over a millennia spent together in love. Elrohir flicked a guilty glance at the windows where the celebration was taking place. He should be in there right now, commemorating and congratulating the two who were his greatest mentors and like uncles to him, but he just did not have it in himself to do so. How difficult it was to look upon two so in love and not have all that was in him turn toward bitter jealousy and resentment. No, he would not enter the celebration hall tonight and slight the two that had helped raise him alongside his family with his dour mood and petty envy. He would remain out in the frozen night until the celebrations ceased, paying his penance in the biting cold with the sharp winds whipping around him, for surely he had committed some egregious sin to be cast aside so by his love. Every day memories of his estranged lover tortured Elrohir as they forced their way into the forefront of his mind, no matter how hard he tried to forget him.


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Arda- the world as a whole, including both Middle Earth and Aman
namarie- goodbye, farewell
rhîw- winter 



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