Aywin and the Ring Story

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Aywin moaned and opened her eyes. She had no idea where she was. She remembered being attacked and injured but nothing much after that. The room she was in was small and homey. She spotted Narsil her wolf companion in his small form next to the fire. She was soon staring at a blue screen. 

Say Inventory to store things. 

She blinked at it her mind clearing slowly. She felt something in her hand. A golden ring. She frowned at it. A small person came in. He was about half her size but didn't look like he was a child.

"Ah, awake at last, dear elf?" The man chuckled. Aywin nodded. "You've been asleep and recovering here for a fortnight. I'm Bilbo Baggins." 

"Oh, " she'd heard that name from Gandalf before. "I'm Aywin Young Lady of Rivendell." 

That meant she was a princess child of Rivendell. The only Young Lady as her uncles didn't have children and her mother was Princess.

"A Rivendell elf?" Bilbo laughed. "Do you know Elrond?" 

"He's my grandfather." Aywin said, honestly. "I'm in The Shire?" she asked, suddenly eager. She sat up the best she could. "Oh, wow! I've always wanted to come here!"

Bilbo laughed and took her hand leading her to the kitchen. She quickly fetched Narsil and they were introduced to Frodo Baggins and fed. 

"Are either of you missing a gold ring?" she finally asked. 

"No." They replied. 

"Did either of you give me a gold ring?" 

"No." Frodo said, "You must have taken it off one of your attackers." 

"Yeah, maybe." she nodded. "Inventory."  she added under her breath. She dropped the ring into the screen then closed it. A confused look from Narsil told her that he saw the screen too.

"I thought you were a Ranger." Frodo said, unprovoked as they went outside. "The way you're dressed. " 

"Ah, I am." she said, "It's a long story." 

She tied her hair back flat against her back. Her hair was black her eyes blue almost silver. She was perfect in the way that all female elves are perfect. 

"Ah, can I explore before I leave?" She asked. 

Bilbo laughed again and agreed to give her a tour of the entire Shire. She was so happy. Fordo pointed out that the tour would take forever. 

"No it should only take a day or two." Aywin replied. "We can Narsil." she patted her tiny companion that fit in her hand but was riding on her shoulder. "He's a special wolf that can get to be the size of a horse." 

The two hobbits were amazed. 

Two days later Aywin and Narsil rode out from The Shire at dusk at full speed they'd been gone too long. She was surprised she wasn't ambushed by Rangers as soon as she cleared Bree. She was not so lucky by the time they reached Weathertop. She sighed as her uncles scolded her and made sure she wasn't hurt. 

By the time they got home to Rivendell her mother Lady Arwen was frantic and after being hugged and fussed over she was forced to bathe, while Narsil was forcibly bathed by the handmaiden and then forced to dress in a blue dress and get her hair braided. Her crown was put on her and she was presented with Narsil who was annoyed by his crown. They were shown to a living room where two males were waiting a man and an elf. 

The man, Aragorn quickly made his way to her and hugged her. 

"Aywin." He breathed, "Where have you been, my daughter?" 

"I am sorry, father, I was delayed." she explained. "I was ambushed near The Shire. A friend of Gandalfs took care of me until I was well enough to leave."

"I knew I should have come to get you myself." Aragorn sighed, hugging her again. She did not reach her father's shoulder. She was short for an elf of her age. Her father was tall like the elves but she was half elf and half human. She was sure she would grow. She looked at the elf male that was waiting to meet her. She felt her face heat up he was beautiful. "Aywin, I want you to meet your betrothed. " The male elf came towards her. "This is my old friend Legolas Greenleaf Prince of Mirkwood. Legolas, my daughter and the light of my life Aywin." 

"Nice to meet you, Young Lady Aywin." Legolas took her hand lightly in his and kissed her knuckles. He couldn't look away from her though. 

"Nice to meet you, Prince Legolas." Aywin said, respectfully. 

Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was sure her face was red. 

"Are you ill?" Legolas asked, "You're shaking." 

"No, thank you for worrying after me but my blood is strong that I do not get sick." Aywin informed. 

Legolas nodded but did not look away from her or release her hand. 

Aywin was getting uncomfortable. 

Narsil growled loudly and nipped at Legolas. 

"Oh," Legolas said, hiding his amusement. "and who is this?" 

"This is my Narsil." Aywin said, lowering herself down and picked up Narsil. She stood putting him on her shoulder. "He is my partner." 

"Nice to meet you, Narsil." Legolas said and shook the wolve's paw. Narsil growled again. 

"I apologize, Legolas." Aywin said, curtsying a bit. "Narsil is protective."

"That's a good trait to have." Legolas said. "Oh, I'm sorry I almost forgot." He pulled a silver chain out of a pocket on it was a perfectly and intricately painted leaf. He put it around her neck. 

She touched it. 

"It is beautiful thank you." 

She felt her mother slip something into her hand. 

"Great minds must think a like." she replied, putting a similar leaf necklace around his neck though she had to stand on tiptoe to do so. 

"That is not a bad thing." Legolas told her. "Now no one will doubt our claim on each other." 

Aywin just nodded. 

Arwen and Aragorn smiled at each other. They had known that this was a good idea.

Aywin was getting annoyed with this new power of hers. It had been a month since she'd gotten it and she'd been getting skills and levels for everything. She was very angry at her sword level, dagger level and Archery levels. So she'd been training almost nonstop and Legolas didn't complain just trained with her and helped her improve. Legolas didn't seem to hate that she wanted to be a warrior not a princess. He seemed to accept that she'd inherited her father's love of traveling and adventure. She really liked that. 

"Aywin." Legolas caught her attention as she descended from her tree house home. "I was wondering if you would allow me to read to you this day?" 

Aywin nodded her head and took his arm. He lead her to the biggest, largest and oldest tree in Rivendell. They sat under it and she curled up against him. He put his arm around her and pulled her closer then began to read.

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