The Sacrifice

BY : Juliette
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  Thorin sat on his throne in the massive halls of Eribore. The Lonely Mountain had been won, the dragon killed and the Battle of the Five Armies has ended. He was grateful to all those who had fought beside him and to his master burglar for helping him regain the home of his people but his contempt for elves still remained. Even though Thranduil had reluctantly helped him in the end, he still did not give him that which was promised to him. Gems of pure starlight, the light which Elves value above all. Thranduil has spent many an Elven life in pursuit of these gems and he was no longer willing to do this. Defeated and burdened with grief for not only loosing these precious gems but knowing his son, Legolas would most likely never return to the Woodland Realm, he returned to his home and sulked in his palace. Thorin pondered these things. He could hear his kin rejoicing in victory and singing songs of old but he did not feel joy. In fact, he felt nothing. He felt as if something was desperately missing. He laid his head back against the cold stone of his throne and closed his eyes. The silence was interrupted by the sound of brisk footsteps and voices. He looked up to find his nephews Kili and Fili hurrying towards him.

    "Thorin! There are 5 Elves at the gate. They wish to speak to you." Kili said rushing in front of his brother.

Thorin stood from his throne and met them at the bottom of the stairs.

    "Are they armed?"

    "Just their bows and swords. I could only see 4 of them clearly. The other wore the hood of their cloak."

  Thorin marched from the throne room to the gate with Fili and Kili in tow. Reaching the rampart he could see the riders on their horses waiting at the bridge.

    "Hail Thorin Oakenshield. King Under the Mountain. I am Glandur of the Woodland Realm. We come with peaceful intent and wish to speak to the king"

Thorin narrowed his eyes. His trust for the Elven race was fairly spent.

    "I am here, now speak quickly."

  Suddenly, the elf in the middle on the pure white horse moved forward and removed the hood of her cloak. Her blood red hair shone in the sunlight making her bright grey blue eyes dance. She smiled warmly and bowed her head. Thorin felt all the breath leave his lungs and his heart still in his chest.

    "My lord, I am Lothiriel of the Woodland Realm. Please allow us to enter your halls. I merely wish to speak to you in your own house. I wish to present you with a bargain we could both gain from."

Thorin could not tear his eyes away from her. He had never seen anything more beautiful in his life.

    "Open the gate Kili. Take your brother as well. Confiscate their weapons and escort them to the throne room."

Kili and Fili looked at each other and left the rampart. Thorin was left alone with the sound the the wind and the crown upon his head that weighed heavily already.


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