The Gift of Kindness

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer – I do not own “the Hobbit” nor do I make money from this story.

Author’s Note – I received fairly good response for “The Gift of Samhain” and decided to continue it as a series. The vote for who the dwarf was turned out to be unexpected due to a suggestion and when others read the suggestion, their votes changed to this one particular dwarf. I have to admit, I was very taken with the idea and felt it would be fun to work on!


Warnings – This is an AU with magical hobbits, a female Bilbo, and people alive who aren’t in canon.


Disclaimer – I do not own “the Hobbit” nor do I make money from this story.


Chapter One – A Summons


The dwarven visitor she had hosted several weeks ago had often been on Camellia Baggins’s mind for quite some time, and it took considerable effort to keep herself focused on the tasks that was apart of being a wraig ddoeth. Fortunately, it was work she enjoyed and found fulfilling so the lass did not resent the necessity of focusing on her tasks instead of her missing soul’s equal.


Camellia was rather startled when she heard her name being called while she was returning to Bag End after aiding a couple who were having a few problems starting a family. She turned, spying one of her cousins hurrying down the lane towards her.


“I wasn’t sure I’d find you,” he gasped, leaning forward slightly to catch his breath. “I tried at Bag End, but your gardener said you had gone out.”


“I had a Call to make,” she told him. “What’s so important that it requires you to run like this?”


“Grandfather wishes to speak with you,” Fortinbras informed her. “He said it was very important you head to Tuckborough immediately.”


Instead of returning home, Camellia began making her way to her grandfather’s smial. It had to be important to summon her like this so she knew she couldn’t waste any time. Her cousin felt the same and kept pace with her ground eating stride.


The pair said nothing to each other as they hurried to Tuckborough and entered the great smial that was her grandfather’s home. She went to the thain’s study, knocking on the door and entering when she heard the much loved voice call out with permission to do so.


“Camellia, my blossom,” Gerontius greeted in their native tongue, rising to give her a hug. “I’m sorry to drag you away from the Calls you had to make.”


“It’s quite all right, Taid,” she answered with a gentle smile, using the same language. “You wouldn’t ask for me like this unless it was important. Those in need will understand and call for another if it’s an emergency.”


“It is,” he agreed, guiding her deeper into his study. “Blossom, we have a diplomatic envoy from Ered Luin that has come to the Shire.”


“The settlement in the Blue Mountains,” she asked, remembering the discussions she had shared with her soul’s equal during that one night when he took shelter in her smial.


“That would be the one,” Gerontius stated. “The envoy was sent to speak with you, my blossom, which is why I sent your cousin for you. It seems the family of your soul’s equal sent these dwarves to speak with you.”


He guided her to the chairs near the fireplace and she found several dwarves sitting there, enjoying some of her grandmother’s cooking as they partook of snacks.


“Sirs, this is my granddaughter, Wraig Ddoeth Camilla Baggins,” he introduced her. “Camilla, these are Balin, son of Fundin, adviser to the king, Nori, son of Adori, and Rúni, co-captain of the royal guard.”


All three rose and bowed, greeting her politely, and she watched them for several moments. Some of her gifts as a wraig ddoeth told her that they had ties to her soul’s equal, but she did not speak of that as she returned the greeting.


“Welcome to the Shire, good gentle-dwarves,” Camilla said to them, sinking into a curtsy. “What can I do for you today?”


“A few weeks ago, on the night of Samhain, you gave a dwarf shelter in your home,” Balin began, sitting once she had done the same.


“Yes,” she answered. “He said he’d lost track of the days and had forgotten what that night was when he had set out to return to his family. I allowed him to take refuge behind my wards and within my home, supplying him the next morning when he resumed his journey back to his kin.”


Rúni made a sound that resembled a smothered laugh, then commented.


“That would be like him,” he said, shaking his head with a small smile. “His brother gets lost outside of a mountain, and he can’t keep track of days even with people frequently reminding him. I swear the pair of them are hopeless.”


“You have our thanks for allowing him shelter, Miss Baggins,” the adviser continued, smiling as well.


“You are very welcome, Master Balin, but I doubt you came all this way to thank me when a letter would have sufficed,” she replied quietly.


Nori nodded to Balin; he’d been quiet, and she was aware he’d been watching her since she’d entered her grandfather’s study. It made her wonder what it was he’d been looking for and if she had a chance later, Camilla would ask him about it.


“Indeed, Miss Baggins,” the older dwarf answered. “This particular dwarf is of some importance in our community. Not long ago, he was ambushed by a group of orcs and his survival was deemed to be a miracle. He shared his belief as to how he survived, and our religious leaders, who are sensitive to magic, agree that the talisman you gave him kept him safe.”


Camilla was filled with both worry and relief; she was so glad the talisman she’d created and gifted him had kept him from serious harm.


“I am pleased to hear it worked,” she said quietly. “I wish it had not needed to be tested but am grateful it did what it was supposed to do.”


“We have been asked to come here and extend an invitation from his family so they may thank you personally,” Balin informed her. “They also wish to repay your hospitality.”


A bit surprised by the offer, she turned her eyes to her grandfather. Camilla wanted to go, eager to see her soul’s equal again, but she knew there would be a few things that needed to be taken care of before she could agree. Gerontius read the wish in her eyes and nodded, agreeing with her silent request to handle the arrangements.


“I believe that would be a good trip for her,” the thain began. “However, before she can go on this journey, I will need to find a chaperon for her. My granddaughter is a lady of rank and position here in the Shire, and I will not allow her to undertake this trip without someone to watch over her. Despite her position and the respect it garners, her reputation would be in tatters if she departs with a group of males and no one to chaperon her.”


“We can make accommodations for another traveler,” Balin agreed, glad to see they were willing to allow this trip.


“I will speak with my daughters and see which of them will be willing to accompany Camilla on this journey,” the older hobbit stated. “They will ask how long the invitation is for so they can make arrangements for their families.”


“The journey from the Shire to Ered Luin is under a week,” the adviser stated. “It is our wish to host Miss Baggins and her chaperon for a month at least.”


“So plan for six weeks but expect the possibility of a longer stay,” he mused, nodding as he mulled over the problem. “I’ll let them know.”


“If one of my aunts agree, then I would be honored to accept the invitation,” Camilla told them with a smile. “I must ask about preparing for the journey as well as my time in Ered Luin; I’m unsure what to pack. The longest trip I have made was to Bree so I welcome any advice you may have for me.”


“For the trip, you’ll want to pack clothing that you can travel comfortably in,” Rúni answered, glad to see the lass was practical. “Most women prefer trousers since skirts are a hindrance in riding.”


“As for your time in Ered Luin, casual clothing for daily wear with a few nice things for parties and feasts,” Balin told her. “If something comes up that requires a more formal attire, your needs and your aunt’s will be met by the family.”


“That’s very kind of them,” she said softly.


“Given what you did to save the life of their loved one, Miss Baggins, I doubt they will consider it payment enough,” he replied.


Camilla blushed, nodding at his words, and Gerontius gave a satisfied smile.


“Excellent,” the thain stated. “Camilla, my dear, I hope you will stay for dinner before returning home? Our friends here have agreed to accept our hospitality while the preparations are made for your journey.”


“I’d be delighted to accept, Taid,” she answered. “I should go and see if Nain needs any help with cooking dinner.”


“I will send a messenger to Donnamira so I can speak with her about this trip,” he told his granddaughter. “Afterwards, I will get our guests settled while we wait for your aunt to arrive.”


Camilla kissed his cheek, then curtsied to excuse herself. She was both excited and worried about this trip. The thought of seeing her soul’s equal again was one she couldn’t let go of, but she just hoped that nothing would go wrong.


Her dwarf had not spoken much of his family, and the wraig ddoeth knew there was a lot more to this request than what the trio had said.





Author’s End Note – It’s a short beginning but hopefully, it’s enough to get things rolling. Here is a list of terms that have shown up in the chapter. I love how Welsh and Gaelic seem to fit the Shire so well, and I went with Welsh again. If I have made a mistake, please let me know as I’m relying on translation sites. Wraig ddoeth means wise woman; taid is grandfather. Nain is grandmother in Welsh. Please let me know what you thought of the story! See you next chapter! ~ Laran

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