Gates Of Dawn

BY : Massanie
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'Thoughts'; ~visions~; **mind speech**; -l-Letters-l-

Lindir would never have thought that the day would come when he would dread Erestor's return. The ill-tempered advisor was his best friend and he had spent week after week worrying for him, fearing for him, now finally Erestor returned and would be safely back in the Hidden Valley ... and yet Lindir stood in the courtyard with practically all of Imladris, unable to prevent himself from feeling dread; for the return of his best friend was herald of his beloved's departure.

Under hooded lashes he looked to where Haldir stood behind Galadriel like a statue, the captain of his lady's guard. Somehow he stood out with his solemn face and the humble uniform of the Galadhrim amidst the joyous Imladrian elves with their colourful clothing occupying the festively decorated courtyard.

The marchwarden had never cared for appearances, never cared for prestige and precious things and garments. No, he had always given preference to his duty and when the lady left for Lóriën, Haldir would follow. And Lindir would stay in Imladris, because Erestor needed him now more than ever. It was not fair.

"Don't look so sorrowful, Lindir. All will be well." Arwen murmured next to him.

"You may accompany me when I visit my grandmother in two years."

Surprised, Lindir turned to Arwen. The lady's gaze was directed at the courtyard in front of him, but she smiled mirthfully.

"It's already decided. You may start counting the days."

Shaking his head slightly, Lindir smiled. No wonder everyone loved that lady, somehow she always seemed to know what people needed to hear.

Minutes later the general talking subsided all at once, making place to a firestorm of happy outcries and cheering, as Elrond's party rode through the rain of flowers at the gates and into the courtyard.

Galadriel smiled warmly as her ever observant mind and eyes wandered over the riders. Now finally weeks of doubting, waiting, searching and planning were over at last; and it had come to the most fortune end anyone could have hoped for: Imladris and her lords and people were safe – at least for the moment – and Brandon was sentenced.

And the joy, especially at being home, was written on their faces. Especially her grandsons seemed ... changed; neither Elladan nor Elrohír had appeared this unburdened and light of heart since the attack on Celebrían. Gently her mind started to probe while her gaze settled on her son-in-law.

"Welcome, Elrond. It must be the first time that an elven ruler has the chance to bid another ruler welcome in his own land."

The peredhel chuckled as he and his party gracefully dismounted from their long-legged elven mounts. "Well, it certainly was a time of first times, lately. I will just thank you for the warm welcome in my own lands, then."

Finally Galadriel felt out what she had searched for in the twin's mind. A letter. A truth, yes, hurtful yet wholesome.

For a moment she halted and closed her eyes - 'Your family is whole again, Celebrían, pen velui' – and opened them again with a bittersweet smile to see the peredhil approaching together with Glorfindel and Gandalf, Erestor loitering behind them.

Galadriel's lips curled into an amused smile as she saw how happy Gandalf seemed next to his newfound son although she could not say the same about Erestor.

"Welcome to you all, I hope your return journey was not as ... adventurous as your outward journey."

Inclining his head, Glorfindel stepped forward to embrace his cousin. "It was thankfully uneventful. I hope you didn't run into problems here?"

"There have been Orc sightings at the northern border, but the dark beasts are merely fleeing back into the mountains and trying to avoid a fight at all costs. They have been badly decimated."

She turned to Erestor, assessing him with her deep eyes. "You did well. If you like, I can teach you how to properly use it, Erestor."

Quickly Erestor lowered his gaze, wishing only to be left alone, to finally flee into the privacy of his own chambers.

"Someday, my lady. For now I only wish for the comfort that Imladris provides for the travel weary." He said with a false smile, sure that the lady would back down as everyone had done so far whenever he tried to steer a conversation away from the happenings on the High Pass and Mirkwood.

"I think Erestor has had enough of long journeys for some time." Gandalf said next to him, winking at the lady of the Golden Wood.

"Of course, I understand that, mellonen." Galadriel smiled in return, but in her mind she addressed Erestor with her gentle and calming voice.

**My offer stands, whenever you are ready, Erestor. Rest for now, but know this: you now have the unique chance to change all that was and have the eager help of dozens of elves who are all but begging to assist you. You don't even have to ask, you have only got to let them. You, Erestor, can make your life whatever you want it to be, don't let it pass you by!**

Erestor looked away indignantly to where Arwen was greeting her parents and brothers. He was not yet ready to think about another life, still busy realising that he *was alive* in the first place; and looking at the peredhil and Glorfindel he became painfully aware of the fact that the life he wished to lead was well out of his reach.

A gentle hand on his shoulder prevented his thoughts from getting lost in a spiral of sulkiness, the slender fingers squeezing slightly in comfort.

"Come, Erestor, I'll escort you and Gandalf to your rooms." Lindir said while behind them Elrond, Glorfindel and Galadriel started to climb the stairs with a last glance towards the Maia and half-Maia, making sure that they would be taken care of.

Gratefully Erestor accepted and together with his father and the minstrel he left the courtyard, leaving only the twins and Arwen behind.

"I have news for the two of you!" Arwen whispered, gazing after the departing chief advisor with a smug smile.

"Maybe tomorrow we could speak if you'd spare some time for me."

"Of course. I think we have a little present for you, too, aewithen." Elladan murmured back conspiratorially, using the pet name Celebrían had given her daughter.

Hours later, when the last echoes of the welcoming feast had faded away, the last revellers tumbled into their feathery beds, Lindir entered his chambers with a stony expression and closed the door behind him silently. As he leaned back against it his fingers unconsciously clawed at the smooth surface. Long moments he stood there like this before finally he let himself slide to the ground.

What had he expected? That Erestor would offer his apologies for being such a secretive prat? That he would realise that he didn't need to hide and lie anymore and finally, finally accept help?

A bitter chuckle escaped his grim lips. The foolish illusions of a dreamer.

Sometimes he was unsure if it was worth to fight for a friendship that was more a hardship than anything else ... but then again, it was his only friendship that went beyond meaningless diversion.

Lindir drew a shivering breath, praying that somehow, Erestor would change for the better.

'What kind of a friend are you?' he looked up into nothingness, angry at himself. One should not try to change a loved one, but love them the way they were. The question was: could he still do that?



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