Gates Of Dawn

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CHAPTER 4: Laurinque



'Thoughts'; ~visions~; **mind speech**; -l-Letters-l-

Warmly the pale morning sun fell into the spacious, luxurious bed chamber of Imladris' ruler, bathing it in an almost surreal glow with the colour of white gold and throwing the shadows of tree branches onto the walls opposite the large window, where they moved about in a restless dance, just as their substantial equivalents did outside of the large windows. It was this time of the day, these magical moments of twilight that Glorfindel favoured beyond everything else. This single hour, when neither he nor Elrond was plagued by the worries of a long working day, belonged to dreams, to indulgences. It belonged to him and Elrond, always had since that first night they had spent together and always would for the rest of their lives. The one time of the day that he did not allow any of his troubles to find him yet.

And for the moment Glorfindel indulged himself with drinking in every detail of the half elf that had stolen his heart within a glimpse of their first meeting and kept it since then, the part of his soul that he had come so close to losing during the last weeks.

Elrond still slept in between the rumpled red linen of their bed, caught in whatever pleasant dream Irmo had gifted him with, very much unaware of the blonde sitting silently on the window sill, watching him with his chin propped up on one hand.

And what a view that was, Glorfindel thought to himself, what with the striking contrast of the dark red bed linen and the light-toned skin of Elrond's lean muscled body.

He was no warrior, not anymore, it showed in his slender form and yet, he had always kept in shape and Glorfindel knew that those elegant hands that used a quill more often than a sword could still well remember the weight of a leather-encased sword handle and how it felt to pull back a bowstring with sure movements. The elf that seemed so peaceful and innocent in his sleep mere meters away (Glorfindel smiled at that thought slightly; after last night and the hundreds over hundreds of nights that they had spent together by now, he could hardly call that elf innocent; no, he knew better by now) was still a powerful warrior.

And handsome. Definitely handsome...

Slowly Glorfindel stood to approach their large bed in silence and with the grace of a big cat he crawled onto the soft mattress, mesmerized by how the fresh light of a newborn sun encompassed the body before him. Carefully, so as not to disturb the sleeping form, Glorfindel circled him so that his shadow would not disturb the rays of light playing on the marble skin.

All this belonged to him: this beautiful being in front of him, this image of perfection, this moment. He did not wait to grasp at it – in the true sense of the word.

Slowly Elrond woke to the feeling of feathery fingertips tracing patterns on his skin. Still drugged with sleep and feeling comfortably warm, Elrond turned his head to look at Glorfindel, too drowsy still to form a coherent thought, and then too surprised in his sleep induced daze as palms cupped his face and soft lips descended onto his own, moving against them gently. Elrond closed his eyes in utter bliss and instinctively parted his lips when Glorfindel demanded entrance. Felt Glorfindel's tongue slipping inside, warm and heady; felt the rough and velvety texture as it explored the slick insides of his mouth, challenging him to respond likewise.

And Elrond did.

Immediately a hand, calloused from yielding swords and shields, tangled in his dark tresses, kept him still for the onslaught of sensations, as Glorfindel continued to devour him with fervour and for a moment Elrond could feel his lover's smirk, both in the movements of the soft lips on his and in the echo of the other's thoughts and feelings, a constant companion in his own mind.

Then the blonde moved atop of him, his broad, imposing form covering Elrond's more slender one. It never ceased to thrill him, feeling this heavy weight pressing him down, feeling the power of the balrog slayer and he gripped the strong shoulders to pull that strength closer still.

But Glorfindel broke the kiss and moved lower, grinning against the heated skin of his lover's throat as he heard Elrond suck in a breath of air, desperately for the lack of it and because it would not settle the maelstrom of sensations flooding his body and the reeling in his head.

A gasp escaped the half elf's lips as a calloused hand that he had not noticed loosening its grip on his hair moved down his body, stroking and teasing pale skin, grazing a sensitive nipple before moving on, moving lower over his taut abdomen, ever towards the current centre of his existence.

Elrond's world imploded, seemed to reduce itself to the feelings in his nether regions as that agile hand reached its destiny and he opened his mouth in a soundless scream when he was tightly grasped.

He could feel it again, Glorfindel's smirk, and he would doubtlessly have wiped it off that handsome face if only he could have formed a coherent thought. But the half-elf found it difficult to focus on anything else than the relentless, even strokes on his hardness, even more difficult as Glorfindel's hot mouth closed over one of his nipples.

Quickly the knowing movements brought him so close, so close to that elusive crescendo of pleasure only to suddenly stop.

Elrond moaned in annoyance and glared at his lover, even though he knew the retreat would only be short and only for his comfort. He watched as Glorfindel took the small bottle with oil from his nightstand and uncorked it hastily.

"Get on with it, Laurinque!"

Glorfindel stopped in his movements and raised an eyebrow at his lover. He had almost forgotten their little conversation.

"Oh, Elrond!" He chuckled as he generously poured oil over his fingers, before settling again between the half-elf's spread thighs.

He leaned over the brunette, his loose blonde hair brushing over his lover's chest while his hands started to knead the flesh of Elrond's buttocks, slid between the crease to massage the puckered entrance. "I see you managed to gather your wits again, a transgression on my part that I shall try hard to atone for and remedy at once!"

Elrond leaned his head back and closed his eyes, an appreciative moan on his lips as two slick, cool fingers entered him, not so much stretching him, merely covering his insides with a fine sheen of oil. Again those warm lips moved over his body, trailing kisses on his smooth stomach, his chest, his nipples; moved lower still to close over his straining erection. And again he lost the trail of his thoughts, lost himself in the euphoric, agitating pleasure that Glorfindel caused him.

He moaned and whimpered, his fingers grasping at the bed covers in rapture, the combined sensations of the fingers inside of him and that incredibly warm mouth on him almost too much to bear. He was so close again, so close.

Then the slow, wonderful torture stopped and Elrond looked up again to see his lover hovering over him like a large predator. One of his legs was grasped and lifted to rest on one of the muscular shoulders, the other was captured in the crook of Glorfindel's powerful arm.

He could feel the slick head of Glorfindel's need pressing against him, pushing inside his quivering passage slowly and evenly and he bit his lip at the mild discomfort he still felt even after all those times. But, Valar, the stretch was unbelievably good.

Finally completely inside, Glorfindel stopped and leaned down, moving Elrond's leg from his shoulder, spreading his limbs further while he did so. Tenderly he pressed his lips to the corner of Elrond's own before leisurely engaging them in a deep, loving kiss that did not betray any of the exertion he felt within as he tried to keep himself still, waiting for his lover to accept his considerable size.

But not for long. After only a moment Glorfindel started to move within his lover, slowly and surely rocking in and out of that incredible heat.

Fascinated, Elrond watched his lover's graceful movements, the heaving chest, watched him bite his lip in an attempt to keep his control. In some way, in a rather detached part of his mind, he knew that it was the control of his movements that Glorfindel tried to keep so desperately so as not to hurt his lover, *him*. But Valar, how he wanted to shatter…

Then Elrond's eyes fluttered shut at the sensation overload, rendering him unable to pursue any coherent thought.

He was not aware of the gasps and moans that left his lips, not until he managed to open his eyes again at his lover's urging only to see the triumphant smirk.

… to shatter that control.

Smirking back at the Vanya, the half-elf locked his legs around his lover's hips and pulled him nearer. He arched his back and moaned at the overwhelming closeness, squeezing the flesh invading his body.

It did not fail to have the desired effect. With a groaned "Valar, El!" the blonde leaned forward to grasp the firm shoulders, holding onto them as he started to thrust faster, almost brutally so.

Elrond had no time to bask in his victory as he felt the pleasure mount unbearably and once more he writhed and arched as both he and his Glorfindel rose to a crescendo of pleasure that seemed to explode from their taut bodies.

Glorfindel's head leaned on his shoulder, he could feel the rapid breathing caressing his silken skin, then it were quivering lips.

"Laurinque." Elrond murmured affectionately and smiled in response to the smile that he felt against his shoulder.

"Ithilen" came the whispered reply and he could feel the blonde nuzzling his neck before Glorfindel breathed a sigh against the heated skin and tried to shift away. "We need to get up…"

Elrond pulled him back "One moment, Laurinque, one moment longer."



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