Gates Of Dawn

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CHAPTER 8: Worth Fighting For



'Thoughts'; ~visions~; **mind speech**; -l-Letters-l-

Haldir smiled wistfully into the warm sunlight bathing his face as it flowed through the strong, old oak tree's leaves that were already taking on a soft golden hue, letting everything beneath it glow. It seemed to lend an ever shifting crown of light to the white haired minstrel who leaned against the trunk, looking down at the captain's face resting in his lap. Haldir could not help but think that this fair, bright being should rightfully wear a crown like that.

And judging from the carefree expression that very elf wore and the light tune he hummed, it had been a good decision to take Lindir outside and away from the tense atmosphere that had not brightened even after lord Elrond had reappeared to inform them that Erestor was resting under Glorfindel's watchful surveillance. The Half-Elf had merely told them that the advisor had had a restless night and that he was not to be disturbed.

That had only served to heighten Lindir's concern especially when he heard how his lord sent a servant for Gandalf and a guard called Tauron, to escort them to his study. His voice had been like mithril, so cold and hard, as he called to the soldier and his Maia friend, who had both not yet been seen that morning and Haldir suspected from the lord's behaviour and deep frown that they were somehow involved in whatever had happened to Erestor that morning.

Honestly, the advisor must be drawing misfortune, there was just no other explanation…

As there was nothing to do for his white-haired love in the houses of Imladris but to agitate himself over rumours, Haldir had led him into the beautiful, yet in his opinion too neat gardens. Nature should stay natural after all. Completely. There was no need to meddle with the lady Yavanna's work.

It was doing him a world of good, Haldir thought, as he saw the soft lips above him spread into a serene smile that forced his hummed little tune to a halt and then Lindir bowed down to plant a kiss on his lips, sweet and light, a kiss that Haldir strained his neck to deepen.

Bringing a calloused hand up to a lily-white cheek, he kept the minstrel's lips locked to his as best as he could while he slowly sat up and came to kneel in front of the elf that had so mesmerized him. Haldir felt Lindir's mouth curl beneath his own as the other tried with much effort not to break out into a smile, and failed.

Smirking back, Haldir leaned forward, gently guiding the other down to lie back onto the grass until they lay chest to chest, flush against each other. Propped up on his elbows, the captain brought both his hands up to cup Lindir's face and force him to encounter his gaze – not that he would have needed to.

"You've entranced me." Haldir accused in a hushed voice, because the moment seemed just so fragile that louder words might shatter it completely. And though he still smiled playfully down at Lindir, his serious eyes belied his jesting words. He really did mean them.

He didn't know if Lindir was aware of that, or if he merely ignored them out of embarrassment. Either way the minstrel decided to continue the banter.

"Not as you have enchanted me, my fair galadhrim. It must be because of how naturally our kin from the Golden Wood take to the fading ways of sorcery." Lindir chuckled, cocking his head at the silver haired elf.

Haldir raised an eyebrow. "The fading ways of sorcery? More likely the old knowledge our blithe cousins of Imladris tend to forget so easily."

"Huh. I would have you know that our lord, the famous lore-master…"

"… Is the founder of Imladris and has therefore had much experience before coming into this isolated valley and allowing others to naively bask in his protection and thrive under his wise leadership."

For a moment Haldir feared he had gone too far with his teasing as Lindir cocked his head to stare haughtily down at him.

"Isolated? I never believed one of the galadhrim to be uneducated but it becomes clear now that I should adapt that illusion to the darker truth of reality. Do me a favour and look at a map of the travelling routes between the lands east and west from the Misty Mountains once in a while and take note on where they pass by, oh mighty captain!"

Laughter danced in Lindir's fair eyes and rang with his words like bells and Haldir fell silent, ignoring the teasing to revel in the moment.

"I wish you could come with me." Haldir murmured more to himself than to the minstrel but the moment the words left his lips, he regretted them instantly as they clouded Lindir's gaiety and he averted his eyes.

"I can't. I told you so."

Almost cringing, Haldir pecked the other's brow in apology, softly stroking his cheeks with his fingertips.

"I know." He said, trying to get back that smile. "It was nothing but idle wishing."

Lindir nodded and turned to him again, but the joyful expression was gone.

Haldir sighed, he hadn't meant to ruin their last hours but sometimes he felt that Lindir's behaviour was hard to predict. That was, in a way, one of the traits that had endeared the minstrel to him, the uniqueness that made him unpredictable for those who didn't know him well.

With time he planned to change that, but as for now he had another concern to address, one that he had not wanted to bring up before and dampen the mood, but as that seemed to be the case already, he might as well do it now.

"I know that you are needed here, that we might not see each other again for years to come. But in the meantime…"

"Not even two."

Surprised, Haldir blinked questioningly down.

"Lady Arwen plans a journey to the Golden Wood the summer after next. She herself offered me to accompany her. So it would not even be two years from now on."

Lindir fidgeted beneath him, playing with the hem of Haldir's sleeve, making the captain bend down once more to kiss his cheek, this time with a sincere smile.

"That is wonderful to hear!" He said as he righted himself again, but almost immediately grew serious once more. He would not allow Lindir to distract him from the point he wanted to bring across.

"And until then I want you to promise me not to lose yourself."

Frowning in incomprehension, Lindir looked up at him. "What do you mean?"

"Lindir, you … you are sometimes too generous. Don't throw everything into this friendship of yours without keeping back enough to sustain what and who you are."

"Haldir, not you, too…" Lindir tried to interrupt weakly, his voice weary, and Haldir was swift to continue.

"It is no secret that you had to endure much more opposition than him for the sake of this friendship, you gave up so much for him, Lindir, more than Erestor ever had to, more than you ever got back."

Angered, Lindir pushed against the marchwarden's broad chest, wanting to get some space between himself and the irritating blonde.

Immediately Haldir rolled away and sat up, but his intent gaze was still directed at Lindir, who had swiftly stood and glared down at him.

"Did it ever once occur to you that maybe I wouldn't have had to give up anything at all if not for the intolerance and stupidity and the utter unbelievable shallowness of my former so called friends?"

Lindir hissed. "I merely stopped wasting all of my time on people who only pretended to be my friends as long as it wasn't too arduous for them. And because they hated the very air Erestor breathed without caring to look any closer and because they all envied the esteem that the lords Elrond, Dírhael and Glorfindel held for him and which they couldn't for the life of them understand, I was ever at odds with them about him. If rumours have it now that Erestor selfishly took all I offered without giving anything back in return, then let me assure you: that is a lie!"

"Peace, Lindir. I didn't mean to aggrieve or offend you or lord Erestor. But you must admit that your friendship…"

"Haldir!" The minstrel interrupted, his voice cutting and full of an unspoken warning. "Do not presume to know anything about the friendship between Erestor and myself, because you do not! You have known me for barely a month and you have never seen me interact with him. You don't know *anything* about our relationship." He said testily, before making a visible effort to calm himself.

"If anything, then Erestor and I have always been honest with each other. Brutally honest, that might be true, but at least we could always trust each other to speak one's mind. There is none other of my acquaintances I can say the same of, except you, maybe."

With that Lindir's eyes gentled and he kneeled down once more in front of the blond marchwarden. "I know that you were only trying to look out for me, but with Erestor there really is no need for any concern. Despite all the rumours surrounding him, he is very considerate of his friends' wellbeing and he tries not to hurt those he has affection for. "

"I am sorry, Lindir. I really meant no offence." Haldir said honestly, a little bit unnerved at the

aggressiveness with which the minstrel defended his friend.

Lindir gave him a half-smile "None was taken. I know he often seems cold, but he really is not. And although he has no mentionable social intelligence beyond that which is necessary to gauge the behaviour and intentions of his opponents in council, which can admittedly make dealing with him rather difficult, I do know how to take care of myself."

Taking the minstrel's hand, Haldir pressed a kiss onto the slender fingers. "Please make sure that you do. That is all I ask."

"I will, Haldir, I promise to be a little bit selfish, starting now! I want to enjoy these hours we have and not speak of this any longer."

"And of what would you like to speak then?" Haldir asked with a half-smirk.

"Why do we have to speak at all?" Lindir whispered and this time it was him who pushing Haldir to the ground with a determined, predatory grin of a kind that Haldir had never seen on his gentle lover before and which quickened his breath before that, too, was stolen along with all his concerns by the soft lips moving persistently against his, and the tongue that begged too sweetly for entrance to refuse.



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