The Moth & The Flame

BY : Avaloyuru
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Strange encounters on patrol raise concerns that there are more than shelob (spiders) that haunt the forest around the palace.  Legolas expresses to Tauriel his acceptance that things have changed, yet still hopes to regain her love.  Tauriel remains tormented as she struggles to find resolution within herself about her love for Thranduil. 

~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~

“Check yourselves and gather your arrows.”  Lárasarnë stated as he strode briskly toward a small group of the morning patrol.  “We can break here.”

“Are you alright?”  He asked, his tone softer as he reached Aûraë.

“I’m fine.”  She replied absently rubbing her shoulder.  “Since when do shelob (spiders) set traps?”

“They don’t.”  Dûrláën said angrily as he approached them.  “Those tracks back there were not animal either.”

“You think they’re orcs?”  Gäérrÿk asked, watching Lárasarnë as he stepped closer to them.

“I think they were made to look like orc.”  Lárasarnë replied, meeting his gaze.  “Orcs rarely walk single file.  There’s something or someone else out here.”

“What is it?”  Eréndriël asked, her eyes filled with concern as Gäérrÿk walked back toward her.

“”We’re not alone out here, watch yourself.”  He told her as he took the fist full of arrows from her, shoving them back into his quiver.

“That goes for you to fool.”  She retorted, frowning at him as they turned away from the group to find a comfortable place to take their break.  “That was a crazy stunt you pulled back there.”  She complained, her eyes narrowing at him.

“He could have picked any group, why this one?”  He grumbled as plopped down beside her and reached in his pack for a couple of the small bread rolls they brought with them.

“Elvändéruil.”  She laughed softly, reaching for her water flask.

“What?”  He asked, confusion radiating from his eyes as he handed her one of the rolls.

“I swear, you ellyn (male elf) pay attention to nothing.”  Eréndriël stated, the laughter in her eyes belied the scorn in her tone.  “Legolas knows he’s been visiting Tauriel.  He’s been to her rooms for the last three nights.”

“They have been friends forever.”  Gäérrÿk said, rolling his eyes as he shook his head.  “Only you elleth’s (elf maiden) make something out of nothing with all your silly romantic ideas.”

“I don’t hear you complaining.”  She laughed, shoving him playfully with her shoulder.

“Your mind is divided.”  Elvändéruil said quietly as he approached the prince, some distance away from the others.  “You could have been seriously injured or worse gotten yourself killed back there.”  He added, his silvery gray eyes clashing with the pale blue of the prince.

“I saw it.”  Legolas stated, his eyes narrowing only slightly as he watched him lower himself onto the fallen tree beside him.

“That is not the point.”  He said, refusing to be intimidated by the anger he saw in his gaze.  “There were already three archers on it.  You endangered not only yourself but them.”

“Are you questioning my skills?”  Legolas stated more than asked as he turned slightly to face him.

“No.”  Elvändéruil replied, schooling his expression to one of indifference.  “Only your state of mind.”

“What do you know of my state of mind?”  Legolas retorted, feeling the small muscle in his cheek begin to twitch as he glared at him.

“I know that stalking her in dark tunnels will get you nowhere.”  He said as he turned away from him to watch the others.

“And what about you?”  The prince asked more sharply than he would have preferred.  He was aware of Elvändéruils’ disapproval of the relationship between himself and Tauriel.

“I am as I have always been.”  He stated as he rose to his feet.  “Regardless of what you may think, we are only friends.  If you truly intend to win her affections, stop taking the past for granted.”

“What?!”  Legolas blurted as he watched him walk away.

“Let’s move.”  Lárasarnë ordered, shaking his head in frustration as he turned his gaze away from the prince and the lord.  “Träëliôrn you’re on point.  Ivósaar and Nînquië take the rear.  Everybody else, spread out, stay low.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~

“Is he in?”  Tauriel demanded more than asked of the sentinel as she strode purposefully across the large foyer at the bottom of the stairs.

The words on the page in front of him blurred as Thranduil heard the sound of her voice just beyond the door of his public study.  Recognizing the tone of her voice, he braced himself for the now unavoidable confrontation with her.

Hîr vuin.” (My Lord) Thalieth addressed him quietly as he opened the door.

“Send her in.”  He sighed, smiling almost apologetically at the longtime sentinel as he pushed himself up from his chair and walked around to the front of his desk.

“Tauriel.”  He stated without looking toward her, his tone official and far calmer than he felt as he lowered himself onto the edge of the front of his desk.  It presented him in a less intimidating light yet allowed him to maintain the necessary authority of his position.

“My Lord.”  She addressed him formally, steeling herself as he smiled softly toward her.

“Damn you!”  Her mind screamed at him as she watched his eyes flicker over her quickly before meeting her gaze evenly.  She felt her anger rising, seeing his guarded expression of indifference, as if she meant nothing to him.

“Why are you ignoring my requests?”  She asked, struggling to control her tone.  “You promised you would consider it.”

“And I am.”  Thranduil replied, unaware of the soft smile that curled the corners of his lips as he admired her beauty.  He sensed the struggle within her as he watched her body stiffen, her eyes flashed like brightly polished emeralds.  For a brief moment he saw the young elleth (elf maiden) who fought him so adamantly all those years ago for the same reason.  The beautiful, fiery spirit that had secretly stolen his heart without him even realizing it.

“When!”  She exclaimed as she clenched her hands into fists, her eyes narrowing as her chin lifted slightly in defiance.  “I am suffocating within these walls!”

“You need to be patient.  Have I ever broken a promise to you?”  He asked quietly as he rose and moved toward her.

Stepping back slightly she felt the cushion of the chair against her legs as he stopped in front of her.  Frozen in place as he took her hands in his larger ones, the tips of his fingers traced teasing patterns over her palms, sending shivers through her entire body.  It felt as if the world around her shifted and there was only the two of them as she stared up into his face.  The brief look of sadness flickered through his eyes so quickly, she wondered if it had been nothing more than her imagination.

“No.”  She said quietly, not trusting her voice, she squeezed his hands tightly to make him stop, feeling the warmth from them.  “Don’t so this to me!”  Her mind begged him silently as she continued to stare up at him.

“There are things I need to consider first.”  Thranduil stated, releasing her hands as he regained control over himself.

“Like what?”  She could not resist asking as he turned away from her.  Her eyes narrowing as she folded her arms beneath her breasts.  “My service should speak for itself.”

“Yes, and I have considered it.”  Thranduil commented thoughtfully, lowering himself back onto the edge of his desk.  “But I also need to consider your state of mind.”  He added as he clasped his hands loosely in front of him.

“My state of mind?!  How dare you!”  Tauriel blurted, her eyes widening as she stared at him in disbelief.  “There is nothing wrong with my mind!  It’s not as if I’m asking for reinstatement to my former position!”  She stated, quickly collecting herself as she noted the soft smile on his lips.

“You have already fled once.”  He stated calmly, tilting his head slightly as he studied her.  “How can I be sure you will not do it again?”  He knew he was taunting her yet it was necessary to get her to drop her guard and speak her true feelings.

“You banished me remember!”  Tauriel exclaimed angrily as she stepped closer to him, wanting desperately to slap the smirk off his face.  “Then you drag me back here for what?!  Just to toy with me as if I were nothing more than one of your little courtesans!  As if I have no feelings of my own!”

“Enough!”  Thranduil snapped as he nearly leaped forward, trapping her within his embrace.  “You know better than that!”  He exclaimed, burying his face in the softness of her silken tresses as he hugged her tightly to him.

“Do I?”  She asked quietly, tears stinging the backs of her eyes as she turned her face from the lips that sought her cheek.


“Thranduil, don’t...”  She said softly, her voice choked yet she made no move to pull away from him.  “We both know that what we may want can never be.”

“You will not be reinstated to your former position.”  Thranduil stated as he stepped quickly away from her, his tone far more calm than he felt.  “I will inform you of my decision after the Winter Solstice and not before.”

Ben iest gîn, hîr vuin.” (As you wish, my lord).  She stated, her eyes unreadable as she stared at him for long moments before turning away from him.  Resisting the urge to flee, she strode purposefully out of his study with no clear destination in mind other than anywhere away from him.

Frustrated, Thranduil went to the wine cupboard, collecting a carafe and a goblet he carried them with him as he sank heavily into one of the chairs in front of the hearth.  Her words had hurt far more deeply than he would admit even to himself as he watched the flames lapping at the logs.  Long buried yet never forgotten feelings of resentment burned with renewed anger in his heart toward his father as he stared into the dark liquid in the goblet.  Old grudges and the foolish bitterness that were not his own still haunted him.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Tracing her fingers absently over the soft leaves of the Dianthus plant, its tiny buds still hidden deep within the foliage, Tauriel let her thoughts wander to where they may.  There had been so much happen in the past eight months that whatever she had once thought of as her normal life seemed ages ago.  They had lost so many on the fields of Erebor in the Shadow of the Lonely Mountain.  While she understood the dwarves desire to take back what was theirs, the cost had been great for all of them, the dwarves, the elves and the people of Lake Town.

Time had smoothed the jagged edges of some of her own pain yet changed her life beyond her ability to reconcile with who she had once been.  Thranduil, her king and the only father figure she had ever known had banished her from him and that pain cut deeply into her fäë (soul) far more than she would ever admit to him.  Yet his change of heart had reawakened those long ago feelings for him that she thought she had buried too deep to feel them.

The Woodland Realm, like Lórinand had always been Sindar ruled, something that was simply accepted by both the Silvan and Wood elves, she was unaware King Oropher had formalized it by decree.  A sardonic smile curled her full lips as her train of thought flowed toward Legolas, who had been a brother to her.  Her familiarity with him coupled with his whimsical view of life, his charm and wittiness had enchanted her.  She knew now the love she felt for the son was not the same as what she felt for the father.

Her smile softened as she remembered the feelings incited within her as Thranduil teased her palms with his fingertips, flirting with her in an old elvish courting custom.  Galion was right to accuse her of being selfish in her feelings as the cruelty of that oath was a pain that went both ways.  She did not know if he loved her, only that he desired her and she wondered if that would be enough for her.

“Tauriel.”  A familiar voice spoke softly next to her.

“Legolas!”  She exclaimed, startled as she glanced quickly around the solarium.

“I have something for you.”  He said quietly, a soft smile touching his lips as he brought his hands from behind him, presenting her with a bouquet of bright yellow Narcissus.  “Will you walk with me?”  He asked quietly, still smiling softly at her.

“They are beautiful.”  She said quietly as she smiled back, pressing her face into them.  “I’m sorry...”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”  He told her as he touched her elbow, gently guiding her with him as he turned toward the path that led deeper into the solarium.  “I am not asking for your forgiveness, only the chance to make it up to you.”

Together they walked in silence just as they had done so many times in the forest, there had never been a need for words between them.  Her thoughts turned to those times, when just his presence near her was comforting to her.  The smile in his eyes, the soft curl of his lips, and the gentle touch of his caress had been more than enough for her, or was it.

“Do not give him hope where there is none.”  The kings’ words haunted the back of her mind as she gazed down at the flowers.  Narcissus, the first flowers before spring, meant to remind them of the forests rebirth and new beginnings.

Long ago Legolas had confided in her that in his heart he had felt the call to other lands, often talking of places he read about in the many books in the palace library.  She knew deep down he loved his father and the forest, yet he rejected the duty and responsibility of the crown.

“I...”  He began quietly, swallowing as he glanced toward her.  “I did not understand and I acted childish.  Can we talk in private?”  He asked quietly as he stopped in front of one of the small rooms reserved for solitary meditation.  “Please?”  He implored, waving his hand toward the door.

“I need you to know that it was never my intention to mislead you.”  He told her as he closed the door behind them, turning the small lock. 


“No.”  He hushed her quickly, pressing a gentle finger to her lips when she started to speak. “I need to say this.”  He continued as he took her hand and led her to a small stone bench, pulling her with him as he sat down.

“I know things have changed and I will accept it if that is truly your wish.”  He told her, smiling weakly as he took the flowers from her and laid them on the floor so he could hold her hands.  “I have had much time to think about things.”  He said nervously, pausing as he squeezed her hands, his gaze flickering about the room as he gathered his thoughts.

“You are right.  I knew my father could never allow it.”  He said, his tone turning more serious as he looked down at their hands.  “I did not think about it as he has taken lovers over the years and in my heart I prayed that he would fall in love with one of them and marry again, have more children and free me not only from that oath but the crown itself.”

“I have been so blind to so much.”  She said quietly, her voice barely above a whisper as she searched his face, seeing only pain.

“It is not you.  Part of me understands him.”  He said, almost to himself, his gaze turning inward as he thought of his conversation with the Lady Gilaiwë.  “He was as I am now when my grandfather fell at the Battle of Dagorlad.  I know he was never the same after that.”

“I do not understand the cruel nature of the fates.”  He told her as he brought her hands to his lips.  “When my father told me about my mother and how they were forced into a marriage that neither of them wanted, I promised myself I would not live the lonely life that befell him.  I will marry only for love.  My children will know the love of both a father and a mother.”

“Yet it would seem that the fates have other plans for me.”  He continued as he pulled her into his arms.  “I will always love you Tauriel.”  He whispered, nuzzling her ear softly.  “I would have taken you with me to the ends of Arda (the world) if only to be with you.”

Capturing her mouth as she turned to look at him, he kissed her searchingly as he felt her lean against him.  Clinging to her, his kiss turned hungry as she surrendered to him.  Trembling at the feel of her in his arms again, he savored the taste her and breathed in the scent of her.  Holding her tightly, he pulled her with him to the thick moss covered floor.

Amin sinta lle, lle naa vanima?”  (Do you know how beautiful you are?)  He whispered, his lips brushing hers as he spoke.

“What does it matter?”  She asked herself as Thranduils’ beautiful face loomed in her thoughts, they were both bound by an ancient oath and sworn to another yet unknown elleth (elf maiden), never to be hers.  The familiar feel of his soft kiss, his gentle touch awakened the deep longing within her, a need that had been building with each encounter she had with the king.  Her heart ached for the pain she felt in Legolas, yet she felt it breaking for her own loss of the only one she knew she would ever love.

Gradually as she surrendered to him, he felt hope rising in his heart matched only by his growing desire for her.  Cradling her in his arms, Legolas slowly worked loose the tiny buttons down the back of her gown as he kissed her face.  Caressing her cheek softly, he comforted her as he tasted the slight saltiness of her unshed tears.  Frowning inwardly as he trailed his kisses to the warmth of her neck, he sensed something different about her.

“I need you.”  He groaned softly as he kissed her neck just below her ear.  “I have dreamt of this moment for months, to hold you again.”  He said, pulling back slightly to look into her eyes.  “If you have found someone...”

“I have been with no one since you.” She said softly as she tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling his face closer.  “Make love to me.”  She whispered, teasing his lips with her own.

Tears stung the backs of her eyes as he pulled the gown from her shoulders, his lips capturing a tiny nipple as his hand cupped her breast, she had spoken the truth with her words yet lied in her heart.  Struggling to clear her mind of any thoughts of Thranduil, she arched toward him as he gently suckled her breast.  Her breath caught in her throat as he pulled her gown down to her waist, the slight chill danced across her skin, causing her nipples to harden even more.

Lifting her hips as he pulled the gown free of her, reaching toward him as she watched him lay it over the bench.  A slight smile curled her lips as she massaged the hard length of his swollen sex trapped in the tight silk of his leggings.  Her smile broadened as she heard his breath catch as he froze for a moment, smiling down at her before quickly loosening the ties of his leggings.

Closing her eyes, she let her mind drift back to other times they had enjoyed each other’s bodies on cool nights beneath the starlight.  Her fingers absently caressed his cheeks and shoulders as he cupped her full breasts, his warm moist tongue flickering teasingly over her nipples.  Moaning softly, she licked her lips as he trailed his kisses lower over her taut stomach, his hands caressing her skin, building the tension within her.  Trembling, her fingers tangled themselves in his hair as he reached her sex.

Gasping softly as he slipped his tongue between the lips of her sex, drawing it upward over the tiny pearl at the apex, that sent shivers through her.  Pressing tighter against him as she felt his lips encircle it, the tip of his tongue moved teasingly over the aching little muscle.  It had been so long and her need was great as she rocked her hips against his gentle almost teasing attentions.

Smiling to himself, he moved upward, capturing her mouth in a long searching kiss as he pressed deeply into the warm of her sex.  Groaning as he held himself tightly against her, struggling to contain himself as he felt her muscles flexing against his sex.  Burying his face in her neck as he slowly rocked against her in short thrusts, savoring the feel and taste of her as he built the tension between them.

Clinging to him as she felt him stiffen, she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth as his thrusts quickened.  Pressing her cheek tightly against his as she felt the warmth of his release filling her, she blinked back the threat of tears at the frustration that remained within her.

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