The Moth & The Flame

BY : Avaloyuru
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Irritated at the soft but persistent knock at her door, Tauriel slipped the marker within the pages of the book she had been reading and laid it aside.

“Tauriel?”  Came a soft familiar voice of the kings’ personal servant.

“Come in.”  She called out as she rose to her feet.

“Galion.”  She acknowledged him as soon as he entered.  “What brings you here?”  She asked, schooling her expression as she felt her anger rising.

“I was hoping we could have a chance to sit and talk for a bit.”  He said quietly, smiling warmly as he walked toward her.

“I have cinnamon spiced hazel tea if you like.”  She replied, turning toward the small cupboard to collect another cup and saucer.  “It’s not like I have anything else to do.”  She added, waving her hand toward one of the chairs in front of the hearth.

“First of all dear.”  He said quietly as he stopped her, taking her hands gently in his own as he smiled warmly at her.  “I am here of my own accord.  I thought you might need a friend.”

Tilting her head slightly, Tauriel narrowed her eyes at him as she instinctively stiffened.  The old elf was much respected among the various circles, nobles included, regardless of the fact that he was considered by most to be the kings’ eyes and ears within the palace.

“Forgive me if I am a little distrusting under the circumstances.”  She stated as she turned away from him.  “Please sit.”  She added in a lighter tone as she continued toward the cupboard.

“Nothing to forgive.”  Galion told her, watching her closely as he seated himself comfortably in the chair.  “I have four sisters.”  He began as she returned and collected the teapot from the hearth, filling the cup for him.  “I understand a little more than most.”

“You have never spoken of your family.”  She said cautiously as she seated herself opposite him, eyeing him suspiciously.  In truth she had had little interest or reason to come to know anything about the kings’ personal servant over the years.

“Most of them still live in the vales just outside of Lórinand.”  He commented, picking up the teacup.  “Only my sister Minûiáliën followed me here.”  He added almost absently, deciding that she might be more willing to be open with him if she felt he was doing the same.

“Is that where the two of you met?”  She asked, her curiosity getting the better of her for the moment.  The mention of Lórinand was not lost on her yet she chose to ignore it.

“Oh no dear.”  He chuckled softly, pausing to take a sip of the tea, knowing exactly who she was referring to.  “I lived with him for a time there but I met him and his father when the Sindar first arrived here.  Thranduil was but a young elfling at that time.  I took care of him for the most part, he was not much older than you were when you became a ward of the king.”

“Where was his mother?”  She asked, taking a sip from her own cup, hiding her slight smile at the thought of Thranduil as a little elfling.  Still she studied him, wondering what purpose he had in visiting her since he had never had any interest or dealings with her in the past.

“I never met his mother.”  He sighed but smiled warmly.  “She died before they left Lindon and Oropher never took another wife.”

“He could not find one among the other Sindar who came with him?”  She asked, her tone was cutting as she was unable to squash the anger that rose again so quickly in her heart.

“Don’t you think you are being unreasonably selfish?”  Galion asked, his expression hardening as he pinioned her with an angry gaze that matched her own.

“Excuse me?!”  She blurted, nearly spilling her tea.  “I’m being selfish?!”  Her eyes narrowed dangerously at him.

“Has he touched you in that way? Forced himself upon you?”  Galion asked, arching a brow at her.  “I think not.  Yes he is arrogant and I suppose I have spoiled him beyond measure yes.  But I know him well enough to know that he would never take advantage of anyone in that way, especially you.”  He stated firmly, refusing to back away from her.

“I think you should look deeper if you truly wish to find the answers you seek.”  He continued, taking advantage of the fact that she was too startled to speak.

“So you think this is my fault?”  She asked, staring at him in disbelief.

“Absolutely not!”  Galion exclaimed, shaking his head.  “It is no one’s fault.  Your pain and your anger have blinded you Tauriel.”  He said quietly.  “My mother once told me that a son is a son until he takes a wife, but daughter is a daughter for life, and you are the daughter he could never have and I do not believe he thought beyond that when he became so attached to you.  I do not know the extent of his feelings for you as he does not discuss these things with me.”

“I don’t know Galion.”  She said quietly, her hands trembling as she leaned forward, placing the cup and saucer on the table.  “It was a foolish dream.”  She added more firmly as she turned her gaze toward the flames in the hearth.  “I am more than grateful for everything he has done for me and will always love him as if he were my father.  I think I could have shared him with the crown...”  Her voice trailed off as she thought of his other loves.

“But?”  Galion pressed, sensing that some of her walls had begun to crack.

“I cannot share his heart.  I did not know...”  She stated, then stopped herself as she turned back to face him.

“Tauriel.”  Galion sighed, setting the cup and saucer on the table as he rose to his feet.  “He has been alone for most of his life.  Both of you must do what you think is best for yourselves.”

Frowning, a thousand questions filled her mind as she watched him turn and walk away from her.  Tears stung the backs of her eyes as she turned back to the hearth, her thoughts no longer filled with questions but memories.  Shaking herself from her reverie, she pushed herself up from the chair and paced the length of the hearth until her hunger pangs reminded her that she had not eaten anything since she had stormed out of the kings’ chamber last night.

It was late but the dining hall was still considerably full as she entered.  The evening meal served as much as a social event to many of the elves, as they moved from one table to another visiting with each other.  Out of habit now her eyes went to the dais if only to catch a glimpse of him.  He was seated in the middle with Aldalómës’ father, Lord Garävegión to his right and the Lady Laurefindë to his left with her hand on his arm.  His face lit up beautifully as he smiled warmly at her, his head tiled slightly toward her as he listened with interest to whatever she was saying to him.  Turning away quickly so he would not see her looking, she scanned the room for a familiar face but found no one.  Most of the patrols would have returned to their post or gathered at the barracks by this time.  Finding an empty seat near the kitchen, she ate her meal in silence.


Arching a brow at the knock on her door at such a late hour, Gilaiwë glanced toward Tóriôn as she set her tea cup on the table beside her.  He rose at her nod and left her private parlor in the back of her cottage to answer it.

“I would like to speak with the Lady Gilaiwë.”  The visitor stated, she recognized the dialect and knew it was the young prince from Mirkwood.

“This way please.”  Tóriôn stated quietly as he led him through the sitting room to her private parlor.

Entering the room Legolas was taken aback slightly as his gaze fell on the small childlike figure seated in front of the hearth.  Schooling his expression as she turned her oval face toward him, long golden tendrils slipped over shoulder, spilling into her lap.  It was only when he looked into the deep blue eyes that he saw the great age about her.

“I would like to speak to you alone.”  He said quietly, his gaze fixed on the beautiful golden elf before him.  Feeling slightly irritated when the dark haired elf just stood there.

“Welcome Prince Legolas of the Woodland Realm.”  She said softly, her voice was barely above a whisper yet it could be heard clearly throughout the room.  “Would you care for wine or tea?”  She asked, her tone and mannerism unchanged as she openly studied him.

“I am fine thank you.”  He replied, still staring at her as she nodded to the dark haired elf, who immediately took his leave of them.

“Please.”  She waved her hand toward the chair opposite her.  “What brings you to my humble abode at such a late hour?”  She asked as she leaned back in her chair.

“I know who you are.”  Legolas stated as he seated himself across from her.

“And who am I?”  She asked, narrowing her eyes at him.  “Your anger makes you very bold pen neth.” (Young one)  She thought to herself with little amusement.

“You are the reason my mother left.”  He stated, his eyes flashed slightly before he could school his expression.

“If it makes you happy to believe that, then so be it.”  Gilaiwë said quietly, turning away from him to pick up her tea cup.

“Then you do not deny it.”  He stated as he straightened in the chair, the muscle in his cheek flexed.

“You will believe whatever satisfies your own purposes.”  She stated, her voice now full, rang clearly throughout the cottage.  “I am your fathers’ oldest and closest friend.  I knew his mother before he was even conceived.”  She informed him, guarding her tone as she stared at him.  “Oh yes pen neth (little one), you should fear me.”  She added silently as his eyes widened slightly if only for an instant.

“You will not find the answers you seek here.”  She continued, pausing to sip her tea and let her words sink in.

“Why does everyone protect him?”  Legolas asked as he governed his tone.  While he felt no threat from her, a brief glimpse of her power was enough to warn him not to anger her.  “Why does he feel he can just take whatever he wants?”

“Ah, I see.”  Gilaiwë said quietly, her voice carried an almost musical undercurrent of laughter as she smiled at him.  “You are in love with this...”

“Tauriel.”  He interrupted her.  “Her name is Tauriel.”  He stated clearly, lowering his tone slightly yet he continued to hold her gaze.

“Love her or not, you are bound by the same oath as he.”  She told him, frowning slightly as she watched the storm building behind the pale blue eyes that stared back at her.  She felt the war within him, a battle between the part of him that was like his father, but there was also that part of him that was his grandfather.

“Why does everyone here talk in riddles?!”  He exclaimed, shifting uncomfortably in the chair.

“You do not listen, that is why you do not understand.”  Gilaiwë began quietly.  “When we were young, your father and I held little concern for the orthodox ways of our people.  Unfortunately, as we grew older, we began to understand that duties and responsibilities of a crown outweigh the wants and needs of the bearer.  One day fate may put that crown on your head, until then you must search within yourself for the strength and the courage to wear it.”

“What about love?”  Legolas asked quietly, his eyes now seemed to implore her for answers.

“Love pays no part in the plans of fate I’m afraid.”  She replied absently as her thoughts turned Thranduils’ last visit.

“Then you do love him.”  Legolas stated, staring at her curiously.

“Not the way you think I do.”  She told him pointedly.  “I am one of your fathers’ oldest friends and his ally that is all.”

“Then I must apologize for my accusations.”  He stated, his shoulders slumping somewhat.  “My father does not speak to me of himself, his past, my mother.”  He sighed, his gaze flickered about the room as if he searched for his words.

“Legolas.”  She said quietly, smiling softy as he turned to look at her.  “You must not judge him too harshly.  He was younger than you are now when he was forced upon a throne he did not want and the Thranduil I knew was gone, in his place stood a king.”


Shifting his gaze at the slight movement, Thranduil smiled slightly as he watched Galion enter his bed chamber.  Illuminated perfectly in the soft glow of the flames in the hearth, his gaze flickered over him as he watched him undress, meeting the soft green eyes as the servant walked toward the bed.

“You always seem to know when I need you most.”  Thranduil said softly as he moved the covers aside and pulled him into a warm embrace, kissing him tenderly.

Returning the kiss, Galion said nothing as he pressed himself along the length his body, enjoying the feel of the roaming hands that caressed his back.  Taking his face in his hands, Galion placed soft kisses over his face before capturing his mouth in a long searching kiss.

Surrendering his mouth to him, Thranduil clung to him as he rolled on top of him.  Sighing softly, he slipped his arms beneath his shoulders, cradling his head in his hands.  Thrusting his tongue deeper, he kissed him hungrily as he breathed in the familiar scent of him.  Here in this room they were not a king and servant but lovers as they had been for nearly three millennia.

Releasing his mouth, he nipped playfully at his chin as he trailed his kisses to the softer flesh of his neck.  Burying his face against the warmth, Thranduil enjoyed the feel of his squirming body beneath him as he kissed the sensitive spot just below his ear.  Smiling to himself as he felt his fingers tangle themselves in his hair, pressing his mouth tighter against him.

“Tonight I am hungry.”  He said quietly, pulling back slightly.  Smiling almost wickedly as he admired the perfect balance of beauty and masculinity of Galions’ face.  His soft moss green eyes looked back at him through half closed lids framed in long dark sooty lashes.  Dropping his gaze to the slightly parted lips, he felt a subtle twitch in his groin as Galion ran the tip of his tongue teasingly across his upper lip.

Chuckling softly, Thranduil moved down, placing soft kisses over his chest, tracing the tip of his tongue along the warm skin toward his taut stomach.  Listening to his soft moans, he sought out all of the sensitive places that he knew so well as he continued to move lower.  Raking his nails gently down his sides as he settled himself between his thighs, he ignored his swollen sex as he sought the tender spot just below the hollow at his hip.

“Thranduil!”  Galion choked as his thighs instinctively tried to close against the overwhelming surge of pleasure washed over him.

Ignoring him, Thranduil smiled to himself as he gently pushed his knees farther apart, kissing the trembling flesh of his inner thigh.  Grasping his hips to hold him still, he slowly trailed his lips upward, tasting the sweet nectar of his arousal with a flick of his tongue.  Taking him in his mouth, he slowly swallowed the length of him as he buried his face against the warmth of his groin.

Trembling as the warm sheath of his mouth engulfed him, Galion struggled for control of his body.  He felt his passion boiling deep within him as Thranduils’ gentle suckling slowly grew in earnest.  Groaning softly, he knew it was a futile effort as his hips rocked forward of their own volition.  Stiffly, his fingertips caressed Thranduils’ cheeks as the tension continued to build almost painfully within him.  Crying out through clenched teeth, Galion drove himself into the deliciously torturous mouth as his release spewed forth.  Trembling, he closed his thighs against him as Thranduil continued to suckle him gently, pulling the last dregs from him.

Moving upward as Galion finally relaxed, Thranduil slipped one arm beneath him.  Kissing him tenderly, he was content for the moment to hold him and touch him.  Nuzzling his neck with soft kisses, he drew the tips of his fingers teasingly along the flesh of his hip, caressing him lovingly as he savored the feel of his still trembling body beneath him.

“I am in no hurry.”  He chuckled softly as he grasped Galions’ wrist, pulling his hand away from his own aching sex.  Capturing his mouth before he could protest, Thranduil kissed him deeply as he shifted his body slightly over him.

Willing his body to relax, Thranduil ran his fingers through his silken chestnut hair as he kissed his forehead.  Smiling to himself, he placed soft kisses over his face as memories of their many long years together flittered through his thoughts.  Galion had been the one constant in his life from the beginning, understanding him like few others could.

Untangling himself from him, Thranduil pushed himself to his knees as he reached for the small tin of herbal salve he kept in a carved box in the headboard.  Grasping the shelf for support, his breath caught in his throat as he felt the warmth of Galions’ lips close around the crown of his sex.  A soft moan escaped his lips as he felt his tongue flicker teasingly over the surface, sending shivers through him.

“Not so soon.”  He told him as he pulled free of him and collected the tin.

Scooping an ample amount with his finger he lowered himself back onto the bed, settling between his thighs.  Meeting his gaze, he smiled as he reached down, spreading it over the tight wrinkled muscle, teasing him for long moments before entering him.  Quickly finding the tiny spot that would bring him pleasure, he moved his fingertip in a circular motion, massaging it gently as he watched him.  Patiently, inserting a second then finally a third finger, he gently prepared him to accept him.

Rolling onto his stomach as the fingers slipped free of him, Galion braced himself as he moved over him.  Relaxing, he felt him use his knee to spread his thighs, positioning him as he lowered himself onto him.  Soft groans mingled with whimpers escaped his lips as Thranduil wrapped his arms around him and entered him in one slow thrust.

Pressing his cheek against the top of his head, Thranduil closed his eyes, savoring the feel of the tight warm sheath as he gently rocked against him.  Taking him in long easy thrusts, he listened to the soft moans as he leaned down, kissing his cheek.  Slowly as the pressure built within him, he held tighter to him, whispering soft love words in his ear.  Stiffening as he felt the tension suddenly break within him, his breath came in ragged gasps as he thrust harder into him.  Collapsing against him as the weakness of his release washed over him, he held onto him as waited for it to pass.

Turning to face him as Thranduil pulled the covers over them and wrapped his arms around him, Galion kissed him softly and snuggled against him.

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