The Moth & The Flame

BY : Avaloyuru
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Conspiracies abound within the Woodland Realm.  Some for power, others for love.  The choice is made and stage is now set, for Thranduil and Tauriel there is no turning back.  But what of Legolas

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The hour had grown late, many of the married couples and most of the older elves had long since departed the festivities, leaving the merriment to the younger ones.  Perched comfortably at the end of the long table on the dais, Gilaiwë enjoyed the perfect view of the grand ballroom.  A sly smile touched her lips as she caught sight of the young prince standing in the far corner near the minstrels.  Although his expression was similar to the guarded indifference often worn by his father, it was obvious at least to her that he had not yet mastered the art of concealing his heart.

Glancing in the direction of his intense gaze, her smile grew as she watched Lord Elvändéruil bow low before the beautiful young fiery haired former captain of the forest patrol.  Always the gentleman, she watched as he guided her out onto the floor, maintaining the respectable distance between them as she smiled up at him.  She definitely seemed more relaxed, the deep folds of her forest green gown flowing around her as they moved with the music.

Sipping her wine sparingly she also felt the change in the atmosphere since Thranduil had retired for the evening.  Part of her longed for the quiet serenity of her beloved Lórinand as she sensed an undercurrent and she was not quite sure yet if it threatened the Woodland Realm or Thranduil himself.  The feeling heightened as she watched the young courtiers as they moved about like chess pieces, each one unaware that they were merely pawns in a much larger scheme contrived by power hungry older nobles.

“What wickedness are you plotting in that beautiful head of yours?”  Tóriôn chuckled, slipping into the seat next to her as he continued to watch the small group of ellyn (male elf) nobles near the prince.

“What have you heard?”  She asked as she continued to watch the dancers, ignoring his teasing.

“Galion confirmed the rumors.”  Tóriôn said quietly, schooling his expression as he turned his attention toward the prince.  “Thranduil fully intends to abandon the hereditary oath, much to the dismay of certain nobles.”

“So.”  Gilaiwë sighed softly, her slender fingers toying with the stem of her wine glass.  “He has finally admitted to himself that he is in love with her.”

A playful smile touching her lips as she remembered how adamantly he denied it when he came to Lórinand to retrieve her.  Part of her was a bit jealous yet she had no desire to bind herself to the throne of the Woodland Realm.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the fates had once again dealt him a cruel choice between his love for his son and for the one he had loved as daughter yet now desired.

“I am sure he did not come to this decision lightly.”  Tóriôn commented quietly as he reached for the carafe to refill her glass.  “I can see that it pains him greatly.”

“No.”  She agreed, frowning slightly as she turned toward him.  “Unfortunately it was a decision made with his heart not his mind.”

“You do not give him enough credit Gilaiwë.”  He stated, his silver eyes silencing her as she met his gaze evenly.  “Though he hides it well, Thranduil has always listened to the voice in his heart.  In many ways, especially with his son’s willingness to abandon him, Legolas has left him no choice in this matter.  He has already sacrificed much in the name of the throne, he deserves the right to be selfish once.”

“So how do we help him?”  She arched a brow as she lifted the wine glass to her lips.

“According to Galion he has done well in over the past weeks, stepping aside to allow her the chance to decide what she wants.  He has limited his contact with her only to official matters yet his desire for her deepens.”  Tóriôn said quietly, turning his attention to the dancers as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table.  “Lord Elvändéruil has been more than gracious in humoring my request that he occupy her time this evening.”

“What are you up to?”  She asked, the sly smile on her lips belied the glare of her narrowed gaze as she watched him.

“There, see it?”  He stated, nodding toward the prince, chuckling as she turned, looking toward the far corner.

Gilaiwë saw the flash of anger on the face of the young prince as the music faded, bringing the dance to an end.  Lord Elvändéruil threw up his hands in mock despair before bowing to Tauriel as she was whisked away toward a nearby table by two young elleth’s (elf maiden).

“One is the Lady Cäthdéirÿn, the only child of Lord Tulcë and the other is Lady Cëänielóra, the only daughter to Lord Thalión and Lady Malinaloxë.”  He said quietly, smiling as they watched the prince move toward a table occupied by two ellyn’s (male elf) they recognized as members of the forest patrol.

“You have been busy.”  Gilaiwë chuckled, watching the Lady Laûrläéthëe lean close to Tauriel as one of the elleth’s (elf maiden) seated herself at the table while the other moved onto the floor with Lord Elvändéruil as the minstrels began to play again.

“Please.”  He laughed, his silver eyes dancing as he turned to look at her.  “I leave the match making to the elleth’s (elf maiden), I am simply trying to figure out who is who.  The other two at the table are her friends from the forest patrol, the ebony haired one Aûraë is the daughter of Lord Arthädión and Lady Presráë.  The other one, Ilÿraná is the daughter of Lady Kÿriäén.”

“Even so, you work very quickly.”  She eyed him suspiciously from over the rim of her glass.

“Again you give me too much credit.”  He laughed as he wiggled his thin brows at her.  “All I needed to do was speak with our beloved busybody.”

“Galion, of course.”  She chuckled, shaking her head.

“You needn’t worry.”  Laûrläéthëe whispered in her ear as she filled the goblet with the dark red Dorwinion wine.  “It has been very much watered down.”

“It has been a very long time since I have seen my brother so happy.”  She laughed as she set the carafe back on the table, glancing around at the smiling faces of the others before turning back to smile at the surprised look on Tauriels’ face.  “There was a time, long ago when I once looked at him the same as you do now.”  She continued, her tone and expression softening as she met the young elleth’s (elf maiden) gaze.  “Alas, he did not look upon me as he does you.”

Dropping her gaze from the beautiful elleth’s (elf maiden) face, Tauriel felt the room spin around her as she remembered the first time she had seen her with Thranduil in the meditation room.  He had been so upset with her for not informing him of her plans to attend the festival.  She knew then that she was of some importance, only now realizing that her mother was none other than the kings’ longtime friend and council member Lady Laurefindë.

“Tauriel.”  Laûrläéthëe said softly, smiling brightly as she leaned closer to her.  “My calling was elsewhere.  All I care about now is his happiness and if he has found it in you, trust me when I say there are more than you realize who feel the same as I do.”

“I don’t understand.”  Tauriel said quietly, glancing around the table as all eyes seemed to stare at her

“Oh, I think you do.”  Cäthdéirÿn said quietly, her bright blue eyes dancing as she smiled at her with the same warmth as Laûrläéthëe.  “The old ways are dying and we must look to the future if we are to survive.”

“What are you talking about?”  She asked, frowning deeply as she studied Cäthdéirÿn’s face.  “If we are to survive what?”  Tauriel shifted uncomfortably as they all seemed to be studying her.

“Smile, you are supposed to be having fun.”  Aûraë stated, smiling softly yet her tone was a bit scolding.  “It helps if they believe we are little more than silly elleth’s (elf maiden) sitting here gossiping.”  She added, her comment soliciting a burst of laughter from the others.

“There is talk the king will petition the council to abandon the oath that separates Sindar from Silvan.”  Ilÿraná stated softly, her gaze imploring her to understand.  “If this is true then even the nobles will have the right to marry of our own choosing.”

Staring at her normally quiet friend, Tauriel fell silent as she remembered the longing in her eyes before she turned away from Rielassë at the morning meal.  A mixture of both Silvan and Sindar, there was a tight comradery among those of the forest patrol, their lives depended on each other out there and they knew it.  Regardless of her noble birth, Ilÿraná was still Silvan and considered by some as less than those of Sindar heritage and Rielassë was Sindar.

“Thranduil has had centuries of practice at hiding himself behind one formidable mask after another.”  Laûrläéthëe said quietly, a soft smile touching her lips as paused to take a sip from her goblet.  “I can count on one hand those who know him well enough to know that he loves you.  But he is no fool.”  She added, her tone taking on a bit of warning note.

“He will not ask it of you.”  She stated, studying the young former captain of the patrol.  “He is well aware of his son’s feelings for you.  Soon you must make a choice between them and it will not be easy for you.”

“What of Legolas?”  Tauriel asked, her voice was barely above a whisper as tears stung the backs of her eyes, knowing if she followed her heart the choice was clear.

“There are those who have lost faith in the prince.”  Cäthdéirÿn told her softly as she reached over to grasp her hand.  “It has nothing to do with you.  The prince is ruled too much by his heart, but he is impetuous like his grandfather and has never hidden the fact that he has no desire to rule.”  She added quickly, squeezing her hand.

“Come, I know that he wishes to see you tonight.”  Laûrläéthëe said quietly, smiling as she rose to her feet.  “They are enjoying themselves tonight and will have fun distracting the prince for you.”

“Why are you doing this?”  Tauriel asked, casting her a sideways glance as she rose and turned away from the table and from Legolas.

“Many reasons some that cannot be explained.”  Laûrläéthëe said quietly, clasping her hands loosely behind her back as they strolled casually toward the large doors of the ballroom.  “They are right you know, the old ways are dying.  Thranduil never believed in the separation of us as a people.  I would never burden you by implying that this is your duty, yet as one who understands the weight of it, you are one who can also understand him.”

“I closed my heart to him once.”  Tauriel reluctantly admitted as they reached the corridor that led to her rooms.   “Fleeing into the forest, to spare my heart the pain of what I could not have.”

“There are many who still believe in fate.” Laûrläéthëe stated, her gaze turning inward for a moment.  “There is no higher power that guides our lives, only the strength within ourselves to become what we need to be when the time comes.”

“What am I supposed to do?”  Tauriel asked quietly, a nervous feeling settling over her as they reached her rooms.

“Follow your heart Tauriel.”  Laûrläéthëe told her softly as she took her hands firmly in hers.  “You have been given much to think about, but not tonight.”  She said as she leaned closer to her.  “Tonight he is not a king, he is just an ellyn (male elf) whose heart yearns for the one he loves.”  She whispered as she hugged her tightly.

Turning away from her as she entered her rooms, Laûrläéthëe walked quickly toward Côrnäith, the guard who stood silently in the shadows of the tall statue near the stairs leading down to the kings’ private areas of the palace.

“It is the kings’ wishes that she not be disturbed.”  She told him quietly.

Ben iest gîn, hiril vuin.” (As you wish, my lady).  The guard replied after casting a glance toward Thalieth, the guard standing watch on the landing at the bottom of the first set of stairs.

Swallowing against the lump in her throat as she closed the door, Tauriel felt as if her heart would burst.  Walking toward the glowing hearth, her mind raced as she struggled to grasp not what they had told her, but with what had not been said and her own feelings. 

All her life Thranduil had been the one constant, first as her father, her protector and as her king.  It had always been his strength that she had leaned on so selfishly and he never failed her, not once.  Even when he banished her, she knew what it had cost him.  She owed everything she was to him.  Hot tears leaked from the corners of her eyes as she stared into the flames.  How it must have pained him to choose between his love for his son and the love he felt for her and he was being forced to do it again.

The folds of her gown swirled as she turned and fled to her bathing chamber.  Grabbing a soft cloth, she soaked it in the cool water in the small bowl next to the basin.  Shaking herself angrily for her weakness, she quickly washed away any signs of her tears and stared at her reflection in the polished silvered glass as she collected herself.

Frowning slightly, Thranduil watched in silence from the shadows of the small private sitting room opposite the hearth in her rooms.  Concern etched in his brow as she walked back into the sitting room, a strange expression on her face yet there was soft smile that curled her lips.  He let his gaze travel appreciatively over her as she walked back to the hearth.  The simple yet elegant gown draped seductively over her feminine curves, artfully revealing nothing of the treasure hidden beneath the fine silk.  Unhindered with her customary braids, her bright auburn hair hung freely to her waist.

“My Lord!”  She gasped, instinctively stiffening as his arms closed tightly around her, pulling her against the length of his body, the familiar scent of him washing over her.

Trembling, a faint moan escaped her throat as she felt the heat of his lips brushing softly against her neck.  Closing her eyes, she felt her entire body shudder as he gently suckled the soft flesh of her earlobe, his breath so warm against her skin.

“I will not ask of you what you do not freely give.”  He whispered softly, his lips brushing her neck as he slid one hand down the length of her taut stomach.  “Is your answer still yes?”  He asked quietly, pressing her against his hips.

“Yes.”  She whispered, relaxing against him as she grasped the arm holding her so possessively just beneath her breasts.  Swallowing against a parched throat as she felt the hard length of his desire pressing against her lower back.

Thranduil felt his heart leap as he gathered her into his arms, cradling her against him, he turned away from the hearth.  Smiling to himself as he strode purposefully toward her bed chamber, his long legs clearing the distance quickly.  Lowering her to her feet as he reached the edge of the bed, he took her face in his hands, capturing her mouth in long searching kiss.

“Aye Eru (God)!”  He groaned silently, he felt her lifting herself upward, thrusting her hot little tongue into his mouth.  His breath quickened as their tongues entwined, intensifying the growing pain in his groin.  Many nights over the long months her emerald eyes and the sound of her sweet laughter had tormented him in his dreams with no relief.

Reluctantly, he released her mouth only to turn her away from him, hugging her tightly against himself for a moment before lifting her hair over her shoulder, he paused to lean down kissing her neck softly.  His nimble fingers made quick work of unfastening the row of tiny buttons down the back of her gown.  Slipping his arms around her as he pushed it from her shoulders, he teased her taut nipples through the thin silk of the soft chemise, smiling to himself as she trembled and leaned against him.

“Thranduil...”  She breathed, turning her face toward him, her body trembling as her legs grew weak beneath her.

Silenced as he leaned down, slipping his tongue into her open mouth as he tightened his arm beneath her breasts.  Her arms trapped at her sides, she lifted herself onto her toes as she snaked her tongue into his mouth.  Moaning softly as he slipped his hand between her warm flesh and the thin silk of her undergarment.  Clenching her hands as she felt his finger slide between the lips of her wet sex, drawing the tip of his finger upward to the find the sensitive spot at the apex.  Squirming at the touch, her moans grew louder as he massaged her now very slick pearl, building the tension within her.

I dhû hen and.” (You’re in for a long night)  He whispered in a voice thick with desire, his lips brushing teasingly over hers as he spoke.  “I have thought of little beyond this moment since last night.”  He told her softly as he removed the soft silks of her undergarments, casting them aside, he gave her a gentle nudge toward the bed.

Climbing into the center of it she turned to face him, only now realizing he had changed from his official robes, he wore no crown, only a soft blue tunic and gray leggings.  She watched in awe as he pulled the tunic over his head, tossing it carelessly on top of her gown.  Her gaze flowed over his tall frame, admiring the toned muscles of his broad shoulders and chest.  She felt her mouth go dry as the leggings slipped freely to the floor, revealing far more than a slender waist and strong thighs.

Gathering her into his arms as he slipped into the bed with her, he was content for the moment to simply hold her.  Kissing her lips and face softly, waiting patiently for her to relax before turning to her neck, trailing his lips slowly toward her hardened nipples.

Clenching her jaws to keep from crying out, she tangled her fingers in his hair as he flicked one nipple before pulling it into the warmth of his mouth.  There was no pain yet it was not the gentle teasing she had known with Legolas.  The warm mouth at her breast suckled like a babe starved for it as his tongue swirled over the hard little bud, sending jolts of pleasure through her as he moved between them.

Grasping her wrists as he trailed his kisses lower over her taut stomach toward her sex, he held them firmly.  Settling himself between her thighs, he watched her through narrowed eyes as he slid his tongue along the crevice of her sex.  Smiling as she lifted her head to look down at him, he pressed his face tightly against her sex, thrusting his tongue into her.  Encircling her swollen pearl with his lips, he suckled it firmly as he teased it with the tip of his tongue.

“Ahh!”  Tauriel cried out, her thighs instinctively tried to close against the pleasure that bordered on pain.  She heard her own voice as if in a distance, moaning shamelessly as pleasure beyond anything she had imagined coursed through her body.  With a mind of its own, she felt her body responding to that tantalizing mouth and tongue as she rocked hard against him, seeking release from the near painful tension he had built within her.

Smiling as she arched against him one last time, Thranduil lapped greedily at the sweet taste of her fluids before moving up over her.  Capturing her mouth in a hungry kiss, he carefully guided himself in place and slowly entered her.  A soft whimper escaped his lips as he rocked forward, the tight sheath of her sex gripped him as he buried himself in her warmth.  Wincing slightly as he felt her fingers digging into his back, he held himself still, allowing her to grow accustomed to his presence within her.

Slipping his arms beneath her shoulders, he cradled her head in his hands as his kiss turned more searching.  Breathing in the fragrant aromas of lavender, lilac, the familiar scent of her, and now the stronger scent of their passion, Thranduil wanted the moment to last forever.  Slowly as he rocked against her, savoring the feel of her flexing muscles, he felt her moving with him.  Her fingers tracing teasing patterns over his back, sent shivers through him as he struggled to hold back his release.

Feeling him tremble, Tauriel wrapped her arms as he stiffened, groaning painfully as he buried his face in her neck.  His breath was ragged as tension broke within him, his hips jerked forward as she felt the warmth of his release filling her.

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