Yavanna's Warriors

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Disclaimer: I do not own "The Hobbit" nor do I make money from this story.

Author’s Note – Your eyes are not deceiving you; I am updating and doing more than one chapter for this.  It’s an apology for the length of time since my last post.  I’ve had issues with health and personal life, and I lost my grandfather several days before Christmas so writing has been last on my priorities lately.  Thank you for your patience.

Disclaimer – I do not own “the Hobbit” nor do I make money from this story.

Chapter Ten – Early Warnings

After returning to the camp with Nori, the hobbit was glad to find that he didn’t have first watch that night.  For some reason, he was feeling incredibly exhausted and it was a battle to stay awake.  Bilbo didn’t participate too much in the singing and sharing of stories and finally excused himself, retreating to his bedroll.  It was odd for him to feel this tired at this time of night, but he had learned to listen to his body over the years. 

With a sigh, the Tèarmunn got himself comfortable and burrowed under a blanket, giving a drowsy response to the company’s “good nights” before he drifted off to sleep.  What he hadn’t realized when he’d fallen to sleep was that the exhaustion had been arranged by the Valar and Irmo was sending a message that Mahal and Yavanna knew needed to be sent.

It was dark and fiendishly hot, and Bilbo could hear the sounds of screams echoing around him.  The cries of agony and fear were accompanied by the sounds of low growls, almost wolf-like in nature but deeper and more frightening.  He was quick to recognize the hideous Black Speech, though his very being shied away from the twisted language, and the Tèarmunn soon realized that he was within Irmo’s grasp.

As soon the Vala realized the warrior of Yavanna understood what was going on, the darkness shifted and revealed a battlefield soaked in blood.  The young hobbit could see dwarves, elves, and men fighting alongside each other against a huge horde of orcs and wargs.  A massive mountain, solitary in the horizon, loomed over the battlefield and whispers filled the air.  The words were easily heard despite nearly being drowned out by the terrifying sounds of the fight that was raging on the battlefield.

~I have been poisoned, Child of the Blessed Pair, and my children are hurt.  I know not what to do.~

The voice was deep but gentle, carrying a feminine quality to it that soothed Bilbo.  His eyes drifted to the mountain for a moment, realizing who was speaking.

~What happened, Mother?~

The title came from him easily as his heart recognized her as the mother who had nurtured and protected her children since Moria had been lost to the dwarrow of Durin’s Folk. 

~I was infected by a great poison,~ the mountain replied.  ~An evil thing designed to corrupt my children and draw darkness to me.  I had hoped and prayed it would not be found, but it was and drew a creature of Morgoth to drive my children out into the wild.~

The sight of a dragon flying around the mountain was seen for a few moments, striking terror into the Tèarmunn’s heart, and he took a moment to force himself to focus on the mountain.

~Are you saying this poison was planted in hopes of drawing a dragon to you and driving out the dwarves?  Why would someone do this?~

~I speak the truth, Chosen of Yavanna.  It is known by all that the children of Mahal would unite under the banner of Durin to fight alongside the other races in order to purge Morgoth and his disgusting creatures from Arda.  So Morgoth acted in many ways, influencing Mahal’s children and driving them away from their true siblings.  He also implanted the blood lust within a certain line of orc, and they will destroy the House of Durin if not stopped.~

Blue eyes were drawn back to the battle, and Bilbo could see two pale orcs atop white wargs.  They were hunting a trio, who he recognized as Thorin, Fili, and Kili, and his heart began screaming when the two dark beings ripped the three dwarves apart.  A shadow began to fall as the body of the last Durin struck the earth, and the hobbit turned back to the mountain.  His voice was full of fear and determination, knowing he had to do what he could to ensure what he had seen would not come to pass.

~What must I do to stop this?~

~Destroy the source of the poison, heal my children, and find my true heart,~ the mountain answered, grateful that was someone would help her.

~What is the source of the poison?  How will I know it?~

~All things living seek it,~ Erebor replied in a fading voice.  ~It draws them close and poisons them to become slaves to greed and death.~

Bilbo saw the darkness wrapping around all of the other living beings on Arda, watching as hobbit, man, elf, and dwarf fell to it.  The two white orcs kept laughing and ripping through the three Durins over and over again, and the last sight the Tèarmunn saw before he was removed from the vision was an orb of white that radiated multiple colors.

The hobbit launched himself out of his bedroll, running to the edges of camp to be violently ill.  The others, who had not retired for the night, watched in concern.  They had noticed that he had been in the grips of a nightmare and despite the signs of terror, Gandalf had not allowed them to wake him.  They hadn’t been pleased with his decision, but Thorin could see concern and something else on the Istar’s face that kept him from protesting.

Bilbo returned to the camp, taking the skin of water that Nori had given him, and dropped onto the ground not far from the fire.  His shirt and hair were soaked with water from where he’d cleaned himself of the sweat of the nightmare.  He took a deep drink from the skin, looking up when Gandalf’s voice broke the silence.

“You were touched by Irmo tonight, were you not?”

Blue eyes met the deep blue gaze of the king of dwarves and held, not answering the wizard’s question but asking another and the hobbit could see the stunned surprise at the words that came from him.

“Are you aware you and those of your line are being hunted?”

“What?  No, I was not aware of it,” Thorin replied, taken aback by the question.  “The only one I knew that held that kind of grudge of is dead; he took a fatal injury during the Battle of Azanulbizar and died within Moria.”

“A pale orc, heavy with scars and metal device driven into the bone where his left forearm once was, rides on a white warg alongside another orc, as pale as the first, who is younger but similar,” he told him.  “They hunt you and yours, Son of Durin.”

“Are you certain of this,” the dwarf asked, a raw edge to his voice.

“I am,” Bilbo answered, voice a bit ragged.  “They seek your line out on orders from their master, who wants the Line of Durin destroyed.”

Gandalf straightened up, leaning forward as he eyed the hobbit.  He’d been right, Irmo had touched him tonight, and the Istar had a feeling that the message was more than just the two orcs showing in the Tèarmunn’s dream.

“The Defiler was given orders regarding Thorin’s family,” he asked, knowing all eyes were on the hobbit now.

“He was,” the younger one answered.  “I’m not sure I can explain what I saw, Gandalf.  The dream was a warning, and it wasn’t just about the orcs.  There are other things at play here, and I am having difficulty making sense of it all.”

“Are prophetic dreams normal for Tèarmunn,” Oin asked, watching the halfling closely.  The lad looked worn out and very anxious, and he didn’t like it.

“Not usually,” Bilbo told him.  “If our parents need to tell us something, they usually just appear in the Grotto at the times when someone is taking care of it.  This is new for me, and I’m not certain I like this method of giving messages.  It’s confusing and makes my head ache.”

“Irmo can be a bit abrupt,” Gandalf soothed him.  “Especially if the message that needs to be sent is something urgent.”

The blue eyes of the hobbit stared into the fire for several long moments before he broke the silence to ask something that hadn’t made much sense to him since he was a hobbit that dealt with the earth and nature.

“Can mountains speak?”

That question caused a stir amongst the dwarrow and Bifur soon answered it, his cousin translating for him as he did so.

“We feel the stone around us,” the toymaker told the curly haired male.  “All of us are born with the ability to sense and hear it, but only those with a very deep, profound bond can hear the voice of the mountain.  It’s rare for something like that to happen.”

“I heard Erebor,” Bilbo said, nearly too quiet for his words to be heard.  “She sounded frightened and worried for her children; I promised to do what I could to help, but the shadow she fears is something I’m not sure I can fight on my own.”

“With a bit of luck, you won’t have to,” the wizard said softly.  “Can you tell us more?”

“I don’t know if I can,” he rasped out, anxiety building within him.  “The images burn in my mind, and I am so afraid inside.  The words need to be spoken, but I cannot.”

The Istar gently carded his fingers through Bilbo’s long curly locks, hoping to soothe the distraught hobbit.  Those who had not had visions like this before could find themselves overwhelmed and despite the Tèarmunn’s strength, the dream tonight had caused a panic within him as well as confusion.  It would take someone with more experience in these things to help bring the message to light. 

“Do not fight it, Bilbo,” he soothed him, hearing the trees groan around them as nature reacted to the male’s building panic and powerful raw emotions.  “I know of someone who can help you sort through this and speak the warnings that need to be shared.”

Oin murmured something in Thorin’s ear, and the king nodded.  The message that Bilbo had been given needed to be heard, and he would do what needed to be done in order to ensure the dream was shared properly.

“What will he need,” the dwarf asked.  “If Erebor has spoken and my family’s lives are in jeopardy, I want to know the full message.  What is it he will need?”

“Bilbo needs to speak to the Lord of Imladris,” the wizard replied, still trying to soothe Bilbo.  “Outside of Lady Galadriel, Lord Elrond is the only other person I know in Arda who is familiar with this sort of thing.  He will be able to help Bilbo face the dream calmly and be able to speak of it.  Since he is familiar with visions, Elrond can also aid in any interpretation that might be needed as well as teach him how to do this on his own should Irmo touch him again during the quest.”

“I dislike going to the elves,” the king said, eyeing the tree near him as it swayed and groaned.  “However, a message from the Valar should not be ignored so we will make for Rivendell in the morning.  In the meantime, is there a way to calm him down before the trees uproot themselves?”

“They’re reacting to his emotions,” Gandalf informed him, sounding worried for the hobbit.  “Oin, do you have something that will calm him down enough to sleep?”

“I do,” the healer replied, already digging through his packs.  “Bombur, get the kettle on.”

Before too much longer, a cup of tea was pressed into the Tèarmunn’s hands and he sipped the potent herbal mixture.  Bilbo could feel the remedy begin to work before he finished the cup and by the time he’d finished it, he was already nodding off.

The hobbit never heard the shifting of the dwarves as one of the company rose, picking up the sleeping figure and tucking him back into his bedroll.  Nor did he hear the soft words in Khuzdul, asking Mahal to allow the smaller male a chance to sleep well tonight.

All he was aware of was the deep lure of an exhausted sleep, and he was grateful for the quiet as his body and mind took the rest it needed.

Nature relaxed as he slumbered, and the dwarves were rather happy when the noises and movements stopped.  This had been frightening, and they could only hope that their change in course would provide what was needed to help the hobbit work through the message he’d been given tonight.

Author’s End Note -  For those who might not know, Morgoth is another name for Melkor (the dark Vala who corrupted Eru’s song while Arda was created) and Irmo is the Vala who is the master of visions and dreams.  I hope this helps!  Please let me know what you think of the chapter.  ~  Laran

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