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Disclaimer: I do not own "The Hobbit" nor do I make money from this story.

Author’s Note – I apologize for the length of time since my last update for this story. Inspiration struck yesterday, and I was able to get some work done on this story. I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you so much for your patience!


Disclaimer – I do not own “the Hobbit” nor do I make money from this story.


Chapter Fourteen – Exploring Rivendell


After being shown to his quarters, Bilbo gladly took a long bath and turned over his dirty clothing so they could be washed. Elrond had sent a tunic and trousers for him to wear, knowing how fastidious hobbits could be regarding their appearance. Granted, the garments were made for children but since they were clean, the hobbit had no qualms about wearing them.


Bilbo combed his hair, tying the front part of it back in a style he’d seen Kili favor, and left the room to do a bit of exploring. He went down a hallway to find Fili coming out of a room, dressed similarly to how he was. The only difference between them was that the dwarf was armed.


“You do know we’re safe here, right,” he asked, feeling a mix of amusement and irritation at the distrust being shown.


“It’s hard to put aside the enmity between our races,” Fili explained. “What are you up to?”


“I’m exploring; we have some time before the meal, and I’ve been anxious to see Imladris for myself ever since my mother spoke about it when I was a fauntling. There’s a lot of things I wish to see.”


“Uncle won’t be pleased if any of us wander alone,” he said. “Mind company?”


Bilbo shook his head, watching as Fili opened a door to call out in their native language. When he heard an answer, he closed the door and grinned.


“We’re good; uncle said he’d meet us at dinner.”


“Right then,” he answered, setting off to explore the elvish kingdom.


The pair meandered for a while, finding themselves in an unusual room with a statue holding a tray that contained the broken pieces of a sword.


“Damn,” Fili said, looking at the pieces. “Whatever shattered this blade must have been huge and swung with some force. This is of elvish make, and they do know their metalwork.”


“That is Narsil,” Bilbo said, recognizing it from his lessons. “This is the blade that cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand, wielded by Isildur. Mama told me once that there is a legend saying that this sword will be reforged and given to Isildur’s heir so that Gondor will once again have a king on its throne.”


Both of them spotted the mural, going to examine it. The dwarf shook his head, eying the dark figure of Sauron.


“That was one frightening foe,” he said. “The detail is so perfect; it’s like this was painted by someone who had been at that battle.”


“It’s very detailed,” Bilbo agreed, admiring it despite the chill it sent down his spine. “Is it me or does the Ring seem to be glowing?”


“It’s not you,” Fili murmured. “It does look like it’s glowing; it really draws the eye to it. It’s hard to believe that little thing caused so much trouble for everyone. Do you think it really went into the sea after Isildur’s death?”


“I don’t know,” the Tèarmunn answered, looking grimly at his companion. “What I do know is that evil is never so easily defeated. That ring was tied to one of the darkest foes Middle Earth had ever seen outside of Morgoth, and evil that insidious rarely disappears. I would never presume to guess what lies next on Vairë’s tapestry regarding the ring.”


“I agree with you on that, but I do hope it is lost in the depths of the sea, never to be found again.”


“So do I, Fili,” he told him, rubbing the back of his neck as he headed out of the chamber.


They meandered a while before an elf called to them, letting the pair know that dinner was about to be served. Bilbo thanked him, asking for directions, and soon, Fili and the hobbit were on their way to the formal dining room.


The company had arrived, dressed in elvish garb and fully armed. The Tèarmunn frowned, shaking his head as he stared at the group.


“I understand there’s difficulties between your race and theirs but honestly, have you never heard the saying that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” Bilbo asked, hands on his hips.


“Can’t say that I have,” Bofur commented.


“It means that by treating your hosts nicely, they’ll treat you with equal respect. Considering the things we need their aid for, you would think you’d do your best to be polite guests. Would you go armed into a feast held by your king?”


“Dwalin would, but that’s because he’s Thorin’s Shield,” Kili answered, shrugging at the glare he got from the hobbit.


“What does that mean exactly,” he asked, finding a seat and watching as everyone got comfortable in their chosen seats while waiting for their host.


“Every member of the royal family gains a protector, known as a Shield,” Balin explained. “Dwalin is Thorin’s, and we have not yet found one for Fili or Kili. When they wed, their spouses will be assigned Shields as well. The pair must have a strong bond and trust each other implicitly.”


“It makes sense to keep them protected even if they can protect themselves,” Bilbo said quietly. “Do the shields need to be around the same age?”


“We try to keep them at similar ages,” Thorin replied. “It doesn’t always work that way, but we do try to find someone that will get along with their charge. Gloin’s wife is my sister’s Shield, and Dis counts her as her dearest friend and companion.”


“My wife feels the same about Dis,” Gloin told his cousin. “Thicker than thieves those two are, always plotting mischief whenever someone upsets either of them. The things I’ve seen them do to people who make them angry would make a dwarf fear for his hammer and stones.”


Thorin laughed softly, shaking his head at his cousin’s words. Gloin was right; Dis and Ylva were downright brutal whenever someone had really upset them. There was a reason most dwarrow did everything they could not irritate the princess.


“Your lad has bonded well with Fili and Kili,” he said to the other. “I think we may see about training him to become a Shield for one of them.”


“Fili,” Kili said to his uncle. “Gimli and I are close, but he and Gimli really have a stronger connection. Fili makes time to visit and help him train or study; I think the two would work well together.”


Gloin nodded, thinking about what his young cousin had said. Gimli did have a very strong respect for Fili where his relationship with Kili was more playful as the pair didn’t have as much in common.


“I think you may be right,” he said, looking at Thorin. “I may send a letter to Ylva and have her start Gimli’s training if you will allow it.”


“I will,” the king-in-exile replied. “Even if they don’t end up working together, it’s good training for Gimli and should keep him from being unhappy about having to remain in Ered Luin.”


“I’ll send the letter tonight if I can find a way to get a message back to our families,” he told him. “Ylva will be pleased.”


“As will Dis,” Thorin murmured as Elrond and Gandalf entered with a few more elves. “She was worrying about finding someone for the lads to be their Shields. Now all we have to do is find one for Kili if Fili and Gimli work out.”


“Someone better at melee,” Fili said, finally speaking up. “With him being an archer, I’d feel better if he had someone to ensure his safety.”


“We both would,” his uncle answered. “Hopefully, someone will show potential and we’ll see if they match. I don’t want to leave it for too long, but I have to hope that Mahal will provide.”


The topic was changed as their host took his seat, welcoming them to dinner. Thorin remained as polite as he could, knowing there were things that had to be done here in Rivendell. Bilbo’s earlier comment about honey and vinegar made sense, and he would try to be as diplomatic as he could.


The conversation flowed as food and wine were served, and the blades Gandalf and Thorin had found in the troll hoard were examined and named. It was rather humbling to be given a blade with that much history to it, and the dwarf lord resolved to himself to ensure that he added to that history as well.


“You mentioned something about a member of your company needing aid,” Elrond asked. “How can I help?”


“I recently came into a document that hails from some point in Erebor’s history,” Thorin answered, trying to keep this subtle and not do anything to reveal the quest. “I am certain there may be something hidden on it, but our scholars are unable to find it. Gandalf reminded me that you have experience in matters such as these, and I was hoping you might be able to discover what may be hidden so that we can ensure it’s written down for posterity. Not many items survived the loss of our home.”


“I would be honored to help,” Elrond said. “After the meal is finished, I will examine it to see what clues can be discovered.”


“You have my thanks,” the dwarf lord replied. “Also, a member of my company is in need of your unique expertise.”




“I was given a dream by the Valar,” Bilbo said, playing with his wine glass. “Normally, Tèarmunn are given messages directly and being sent a message through dreams is not something I am used to. I’m having a difficult time with it and believe the message being sent is important. It’s my hope you may be able to teach me how to recall the dream properly and interpret it so that I can relay the message to whoever it’s meant for.”


Elrond was quiet for a moment, eyes looking distant. Gandalf caught the expression and frowned, not disturbing his friend nor allowing the others to pull him out of this trance.


“I know your purpose, Thorin Oakenshield, and have been instructed to provide what aid I can so that your quest will be successful,” the elf lord told the king-in-exile.


“You know?”


“As Gandalf has undoubtedly informed you, I have the gift of foresight through visions and dreams. Last night, I was warned of a group coming and told I needed to assist them in everything they require if it is in my power to do so. Just now, I saw the mountain you call home and Bilbo standing before it. I will follow the orders I have been given. Bilbo, after I examine the document, I wish to get started on aiding you with the dream you had.”


“Thank you, Lord Elrond,” the hobbit replied. “I will not deny it has been weighing on my mind since I had it, and I would very much like to know what it means. I have a feeling it’s incredibly important as what little I could speak of warned of two orcs hunting Thorin and his line.”


Elrond’s eyes moved from the son of his dear friend to the dwarf in question.


“Which orcs?”


“Azog the Defiler and another who must be related to him,” Thorin said, sounding angry and terrified. “I had thought that foul creature had died of his wounds, but it seems I was greatly mistaken on that. I must do what I can to keep my family safe from his vendetta against those who hold the blood of Durin’s line.”


“That would explain the increase in orc activity near the borders of my lands,” the elf murmured. “I have sent hunting parties out several times a day, but I have not uncovered the reason for it.”


“There is more, my lord,” Gandalf said to him, gesturing to Radagast. “He has news to present to you once you have time to meet with us.”


“I will send for you once I am done aiding my guests tonight,” Elrond told the pair, who nodded.


The meal ended with everyone feeling well fed and relaxed, except for two members of the company, and Bilbo and Thorin rose to follow their host out of the dining hall. Neither of them knew what to expect and hoped that the information revealed tonight would aid in the quest.


Author’s End Note - A bit short but it does help things move forward. Believe it or not, I have another chapter ready but it’s with my beta so it’ll be posted next week along with the next installments of “Shadows of the Past” and “Mending the Broken Pieces.” If you’re on Tumblr, I’m on there too and post update alerts as well as any other items that might go along with my works. I’m on there under the name ladylaran. Take care, everyone, and I’ll see you next week! ~ Laran



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