Yavanna's Warriors

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Disclaimer: I do not own "The Hobbit" nor do I make money from this story.

Author’s Note – I want to thank everyone for waiting so patiently for the update to this story.  Life has been problematic, though things are slowly starting to improve.  I’m just so tired of things going badly and want to see an upswing in luck.  Truth is, I am just putting my trust that karma will help bring things back into balance soon.

My muses are still cooperating, thankfully, so I will continue to try to get my current stories updated.  Up until a few days ago, I hadn’t gotten anything written and for an addict of the written word, that’s a difficult thing to handle.  All I can do is write and hope the muses continue to aid me in my various ongoing projects.

Disclaimer – I do not own ‘The Hobbit” nor do I make any money from this story. 

Chapter Six –  Starting an Evening Routine

It hurt when they crossed the borders of the Shire, and Bilbo’s head dropped for a moment when he felt the warm energy of Yavanna’s touch within his old home disappear.  He sighed, praying silently for the strength needed to face the tasks ahead of him.  Not being able to sense his Mother’s energy around him would be difficult for him, and he hated the empty feeling around him.

“You all right, laddie?”

The Tèarmunn looked up to find Dwalin looking over at him with a hint of concern in his eyes.  Bilbo gave him a small smile, admitting the truth.  Honesty would be needed to form friendships here in the company, and he knew he would need those friendships while he acclimated himself in his new home.

“One thing special about the Shire is that you can feel our Mother’s touch in every blade of grass, every inch of the soil,” he told the warrior.  “Now that we’re out of the Shire, I can’t sense Her energy anymore.  I’ve gotten used to it, having grown up with Her touch everywhere, and it’s going to be a change now that it’s gone.”

“I think we felt something similar when we lost Erebor,” the tattooed dwarf informed him.  “All of us who were born there were used to the song of the stone and when we had to leave, the stones of wherever we took sanctuary simply didn’t sound the same.”

“Did you ever get used to that change,” he asked, watching the one riding beside him.

“No,” Dwalin admitted.  “Another reason why we want to return home so badly is because we miss the song of the stone we’ve known since birth.”

“We’ll get your people back to where they belong,” the hobbit promised.  “I hope that Mother will grace the land around Erebor with Her touch so the people within the mountain and outside of Erebor will have bountiful harvests.”

“As well as comfort one of her own as he makes his home amongst dwarves, aye?”

“There is that too,” Bilbo answered with a small smile.  “I don’t think I’ll be homesick there if She does that, and the land will be able to heal faster with Her blessing upon it.”

“It will be something we will all hope and pray for, laddie, and not just because we’ll need to eat,” Dwalin said, showing a bit of insight and compassion before speeding up to ride at Thorin’s side.

Bilbo sighed and remained quiet for the rest of the day, sliding off of his pony easily once they’d stopped for the night.  He removed the saddle and tended to his mount, ensuring she was taken care of before dropping his pack near Gandalf’s side.  The hobbit disappeared, intent on gathering firewood for that evening’s fire.

When the Tèarmunn returned to the campsite, he dropped off a stack of wood beside the fire pit that had been dug for the night.

“We were wondering where you’d gone off to,” Bofur commented, handing the kindling to Gloin to get the fire started.

“Once I got Myrtle settled, I thought I’d make myself useful,” he replied, heading back out to find more wood.  Granted, he couldn’t carry as much as a dwarf could but he wasn’t afraid of making multiple trips to ensure they had enough wood to last the night.

Bilbo kept himself busy, helping with the setting up of the camp, and once everything was done, he set up his bedroll and then settled on it.  He was quiet as he watched the group interact with each other, picking out what looked like family units, and the familiarity that some of the dwarves used with their family members made his heart ache.


Blue eyes turned to meet the matching blue of the Istari, and the hobbit gave his friend a soft smile.

“I’ll be all right, Gandalf.  Just thinking of things I probably shouldn’t be,” he admitted.  “Some wounds never heal.”

“Some do, some do not,” the wizard replied.  “I miss them almost as much as you do, my boy.”

Bilbo nodded, giving a soft sigh for a moment. Leaving his grandparents behind was hard, and he would have to find a way to set the pain aside and focus on what was important.  They had been there for him after he’d lost his parents and while the ache for them had been renewed, it was difficult to accept that he wouldn’t see them for a very long time, if ever.

The hobbit slipped off his coat, then looked to Bombur and called out to the heavy-set dwarf.

“Do we have a bit of time before the meal is ready?”

“We do, Bilbo,” he acknowledged, giving the smaller one a smile.

“Thank you,” he replied, getting to his feet and looking for a clear area near where the others were setting up bedrolls and attending to their weapons.

Bilbo stopped, closing his eyes for several moments as he sent a tendril of consciousness to the earth beneath his feet, feeling for the spark of life.  It took a few moments because he was used to doing this in the Shire where Yavanna’s touch was so prevalent and always made this exercise much easier.  The roots in the soil beneath his feet pulsed a few times, acknowledging his will, and he let them go after sharing a bit of his energy with them.

Gandalf, who had sensed what the Tèarmunn was doing, watched him for several long minutes.  Noticing his distraction, Thorin threw him a querying look and the wizard, despite his attention being mostly focused on the hobbit, answered in a low voice.

“You are about to see something that is rarely seen by non-hobbits,” he replied to him.  “One of the training exercises Mahal gave to the Tèarmunn to train the next generation as well as keep their reflexes sharp while practicing on their own.”

The corran gleamed in the setting sun as Bilbo drew them from his belt, twirling them once before setting into a defensive posture.  There was a scant second of a pause before the small body exploded into movement, fighting against an opponent that only the hobbit could see.  The weapons sparkled as they moved, lunging and defending simultaneously.

All of the dwarves were silent, watching in quiet admiration and amazement as the smallest member of their company displayed a wide range of flexibility, speed, and skill while working through the exercise.  Once he had finished the first one, the corran were pulled close to the belt and several seconds passed before another exercise was begun.

As Thorin watched this, he was feeling quite a bit better about the decision to include Bilbo into the company.  This was the final sign he had needed in regards to the hobbit’s presence.  The fact that the halfling had given up so much to follow the orders of Mahal and Yavanna as well as ensure the success of the mountain once it had been reclaimed had also played a large part of the king’s acceptance.  He had been concerned about taking someone on who could not defend themselves and despite his small stature, it was obvious that the Tèarmunn had been training for most of his life. 

“Lad has talent,” Dwalin commented quietly, eyes on Bilbo as the hobbit continued working through his exercises. 

“He does,” the king replied.  “Despite everything he’s done and given up for this quest, I had my concerns as to whether or not including him was the right thing to do.”

“The wild is no place for gentle folk,” the captain of the guard replied.  “This one isn’t as gentle as he seems to be.  I think the Stone Father did well in ensuring his wife’s children were protected.”

Thorin nodded, still watching as the Tèarmunn kept working until something made him pause and slide the weapons onto his belt.  The hobbit crouched, hands sliding into the grass for several moments as his eyes closed.

“What’s he doing now?”

“Acclimating himself to nature around him,” Gandalf replied to Dwalin’s question.  “One of the gifts their Mother gave to Her chosen is the ability to use nature if needed.  He is used to being surrounded by Yavanna’s energy and will need to connect with nature without that extra help.”

“I’m not certain I understand,” Thorin replied.

“I cannot give much more information than that,” the wizard replied.  “I may be in the service of the Valar, but I am not privy to all of the secrets that surround Yavanna’s Tèarmunn.  I doubt even Radagast knows everything there is to know about them.”

“If he requires time to practice in the evenings, we’ll see to it that he gets it,” the blacksmith said softly, turning his attention away from the hobbit once Bombur had called out that the meal was ready.  It had pulled Bilbo from his concentration, and the small male had returned to the company.

Author’s End Note -  A bit of a demonstration of what Bilbo can do and a little bonding time too.  I’m not sure I have a general idea of who Bilbo might be with, and that’s rare for me since I’m six chapters into the story. Guess it’ll come to me when the time is right.  Please let me know what you think; thank you so much for reading.  ~ Laran


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