Taming the Twins

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Chapter Twelve

The night spent between the three of them was interesting, Erestor had to admit, even if it was hard work. After Elladan, he had seen to Elrohir, then back to Elladan again, and again, while Elrohir looked on dread, but also just a little envy.

By the time it was done, Elladan had given an extra orgasm, although he had become incoherent after the fourth, and he slipped easily into reverie while Erestor had Elrohir suck him to completion.

They slept together and awoke late in the morning. As before Erestor did not make any demand of Elladan, having Elrohir go out to order them breakfast in his rooms, and baths to be brought.

“Now that the secrecy is over, we should consider bathing in public,” Erestor announced over a handful of messages that had been delivered to him once he was dressed. The twins concurred quickly in quiet murmurs, which immediately made Erestor think they were up to something.

He looked around only to see them sat on the bed, each in a dressing gown, a largish brown paper package laid there between them. It was from the tailors. Erestor hadn't even heard the knock on the door as it had been delivered.

“Excellent!” he said, and then: “Well, don't just sit there looking at it Elrohir. Open it up, and see what I have in mind for you.”

“Yes, Sir,” said Elrohir, his face beginning to flush. Really, he was delectable, even down to the way his hands trembled as he pulled upon the string to open the package. Erestor leaned back in his seat, anticipating the young ellon's reaction. He'd requested the package be arranged in a specific way, and hoped for their sake the tailors had attended his instructions.

The paper was moved aside, revealing a largish pile of outfits, each of them bound together with ribbon. Elrohir gasped and then laughed in relieved surprise, holding up a set of clothing for working in. It was made to the latest fashion, of the finest materials. His pleasure was palpable as he looked to Erestor.

“Thank you, Sir,” he said. Erestor nodded with a faint smile.

“Continue. There is more.”

Elrohir uncovered some more sets of clothing, far superior to those he had owned before. And superior to Elladan's, who oohed and aahed, but Erestor did not miss the young one's look of uncertainty. His thought were almost transparent. Why had Elrohir been given a treat like this, and not him?

At the bottom of the package was a new set of light leather armour, embellished with mithril at great expense.

“Sir...” Elrohir breathed in awe as he lifted it, his eyes shining.

Erestor deliberately recalled the words he had spoken before. Words which had clearly been on Elrohir's mind. “You now have clothing to match your sober mind, your keen intellect, and your skill in battle,” he said. “As for your beauty, there is one more item.”

Ceasing in his admiration of how the mithril swirls captured the light, Elrohir dropped his gaze to the package and froze. Elladan too, gulped and caught his breath.

“If you wish to thank me for the gifts, you will put it on and come over here to me,” Erestor instructed. Elrohir gulped, lifting the flimsiest item of lingerie from the package. It was floaty and see through for the most part, and extremely feminine.

Elladan put a hand on his brother's arm, but Elrohir shook it off as he stood up to remove his robe.

When he was naked he drew the garment over his head, and it slid down onto his slender form in a whisper. The triangular cups were small enough to fit snugly over his pectoral muscles, and the design of the thing made Elrohir's body appear feminine, giving it curves that did not truly exist. A satin panel that was part of the design did the job of hiding his masculine parts, and the hem of the garment was well above the knee, displaying his long legs.

The tailors knew the measurements of the twins already, and Erestor knew the thing was far too large for any elleth. Although slim, Elrohir had well developed muscles, courtesy of his time spend hunting orcs in the mountains with his brother. They had done a fine job on this special request. Erestor made a mental note to personally show his appreciation later.

Complying in silence, Elrohir dropped his head as if in shame, his hair falling over his face as he walked slowly over to Erestor's chair, faltering as he got nearer.

“Sir...” he said, then jumped when Erestor placed palms on his waist to pull him forward.

“Sit upon my lap, Elbrennil,” he said, and Elrohir shivered.

Erestor was aware of Elladan too, watching all of this with his mouth slightly open. If he had entertained thoughts of envy, he probably had abandoned them now.

“Is he not pretty, Elladan?” Erestor asked directly as Elrohir settled on his lap, legs spread wide at either side of Erestor's own, facing out towards the desk. He did not wait for Elladan's softly spoke affirmative, but groaned deliberately into Elrohir's ear, fingers dragging up the younger elf's outer thigh, lifting the hem of the lingerie.

“Lean forward over the desk, brennil nín,” he said. “I want you.”

Elrohir gasped in humiliation, but complied swiftly, trembling. Erestor quickly freed himself and did not waste time getting into Elrohir's body. As the only one of them Erestor was currently fucking, he'd ensured Elrohir was prepared for use after their bath.

“How much do you like the armour?” he whispered.

“I have never seen anything so fine, Master,” Elrohir said, and Erestor smirked.

“Then moan for me, brennil nín,” he instructed. “Become who I wish, if only for these moments, and if you please me, I'll give you exactly what you want.”

For a few seconds there was silence except for their movement, and then Elrohir gave him a deliberately high-pitched moan.

“Again,” Erestor ordered.

Elrohir began making those little noises over and over, even daring to call out 'Master' in a pleasing falsetto. Erestor continued to take him, turning his head to study Elladan, who was looking on in a mixture of horror and fascination. Really, he was so easy to read!

“It will fit you too, Elladan,” Erestor said meaningfully, and the other elf, blushed, looking down, but not before Erestor saw the truth in his eyes.

And then, perhaps because he had become used to it, Elrohir's body suddenly tightened, and he came on Erestor's cock, breathing his apologies and thanks in that same feminine voice.

Erestor became still. “That was very naughty, elleth nín,” he said. “I think that after this, I should punish you for dirtying your new dress.”

Elrohir's sudden moan was not feigned, and Erestor continued then, until he released himself into Elrohir's body some minutes later. This particular ellon enjoyed pain, which made his threat a promise, rather than real punishment.

“You may choose what I use on you, Elrondion,” he said when he pushed Elrohir from his lap. “You know where I keep all of the toys. Go and select one. Then change into your work clothes. Later, after work, we will explore your penchant for pain together.”

Elrohir actually dashed away, excited, the hem of the negligee bobbing up and down, and he whispered a happy: “Yes!” under his breath. Erestor laughed, then Elladan caught his eye.

“You do not want pain from me, do you, Elladan?”

“No, Sir.”

“Very well. Fetch me a cloth for cleaning, and then if you kneel before my chair I shall brush out your hair and braid it for you.”

That seemed to please Elladan just as much, and he obviously considered it a great reward, considering the way he swayed and sighed while Erestor was handling his hair.

But Erestor's lesson continued, and he thought secretly to himself that it would only take a few days of this for the twins to wish they could exchange places. Elladan would soon long for penetration. Elrohir already longed for touch, though he seemed to understand of late that asking for it would get him nowhere.

Yes, things were progressing very well indeed. Erestor was pleased.


To be continued...


Elbrennil – elf lady

Brennil nín – my lady

elleth nín – my girl

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