Taming the Twins

BY : Pippychick_TAFKAB
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Chapter Six

The hours of the afternoon stretched long in the privacy of Erestor’s rooms. The light had turned golden with sunset before Erestor tired of experimenting with Elladan, discovering the right combination of pleasure and pain that made him sink deepest into submission. He lay exhausted now on Erestor’s bed, his body and hair drenched with sweat, his face wet with tears.

Yet Erestor was wide awake and attentive. He understood limits, and he sensed the edges of Elladan’s, backing off just enough to keep him suspended and lost. He was naturally obedient, even now after all of these hours.

“Turn towards me a little,” Erestor said, and Elladan - almost unconscious – struggled to do his bidding, moving his body so that he rested on his side. During Elladan’s necessary recovery time, Erestor had contented himself with getting to know every part of Elladan’s body in minute detail. It would be interesting to see if it would be any easier to tell the difference between them now. He’d spoken to Elladan in hushed murmurs, praising him for his endurance. Elladan had lost his own voice some time ago. Now, if he spoke at all, it was in whispers, though most of it made no sense.

Again Erestor covered his hand with oil, and then reached between them to take Elladan in hand. The younger elf moaned and thrashed his head. This would be the fourth time in succession.

“Not again,” Elladan whispered, even that gentle vocalisation sounding harsh. “No more, please, sir…” And yet his body responded, even now. Erestor kissed his forehead as he rolled onto his back to get away, but Erestor’s hand went with him, coaxing more from him.

“Again,” Erestor demanded, unmoved by the plea, his voice stern. A flick to Elladan’s nipple made the ellon moan, but his cock jumped in response, firming more. His eyes, wide and dilated, stared blindly at the ceiling; his tongue tried to slick parched lips, but his mouth was dry. Erestor paused to reach aside and pick up a glass of water, lifting Elladan’s head and helping him drink. Elladan accepted two gulps, then lay back, breathing harshly. He was sweating, his whole body slick and gleaming.

Erestor reached to the bedtable, picking up a small clip, and moved down, deciding where to place it. Elladan’s nipples were far too sensitised for more than manual stimulation, but his body was an instrument, and Erestor was starting to discover the places that made the most beautiful music.

He took a small pinch of skin between his fingers, feeling the smooth rounds of Elladan’s balls rolling behind it, and affixed the clip, watching Elladan to see its effect. Elladan moaned, his hips shifting. Just the right amount; not too little and not too much.

Erestor did it again and again, placing little clips until Elladan’s cock quivered and leaked on his belly, and his eyes streamed tears, his teeth sunk in his lower lip. The sounds in his throat began to sound like a wounded animal. A swift stroke to his cock made him lift his hips, trying to thrust; it also jostled the clips and made him squeal. He subsided, gasping for breath, reaching for himself in desperation.

Erestor did not allow it. He took Elladan’s wrists and pinioned them to the headboard instead, inside soft fur-lined cuffs that would not allow him to harm himself. Elladan whimpered, shifting, then forced himself to be still when sensation jolted through him again. His whole body quivered with the need to stay still against the pain, and Erestor stroked his cock again, keeping the balance. He suckled very lightly at one of Elladan’s nipples – they were crucial in blurring the distinction between pleasure and pain; they were so tender that just a touch to one of them made Elladan float on the intensity of every sensation he received, unable to distinguish what he felt.

Erestor licked slowly, watching bone-deep shudders run through Elladan’s body, hearing his breath moan in his throat. He slid one finger deep inside Elladan, stroking him inside to coax it out. Elladan sobbed, his lashes spiky and dark, his skin mottled with a deep flush of blood as he strained and writhed again, unable to help himself.

“Is this what you dreamed?” Erestor licked a droplet of sweat from his ribs. “It is what I have dreamed, young one.” He did not think Elladan heard him over the rush of blood in his own ears.

Each orgasm he drew from Elladan needed a set of more intense sensations to bring it about; each lasted longer than the one before, and as he spent in Erestor’s hand this time there was nothing to show for it. Erestor rewarded him with a slow deep kiss and then removed the clips.

He did not free Elladan’s hands, instead letting his palms skim Elladan’s skin in long strokes as he cried.

“You are doing so well, Elladan nín,” Erestor murmured, seeing how his words stopped the young one’s tears. “I have never been so pleased with a submissive as I am now with you.” Erestor drew in a little breath, having surprised even himself with the confession, but it was true.

It was a long time since he’d taken anyone, and even then those that he’d selected over the centuries could not have endured the session he’d put Elladan through today. It made him feel replete and satiated in a way that a mere lover never could.

For the next half hour or so he continued being gentle as Elladan slipped in and out of consciousness. He made certain he was hydrated, after he’d needed water before. He inspected some of the marks he’d left on Elladan’s body. They were slight, but he attended to them anyway. He was not careless with anyone, let alone a treasure like this.

At last he touched Elladan’s cock again, and the young elf drew his knees up, the tears beginning once more. It was not possible this time, Erestor saw that straight away.

Elladan was too far gone to articulate a protest; he could only whimper. His cock did not stir; if Erestor tried to rouse him now, all he would feel was pain.

“Now I will have you,” Erestor told him tenderly, considering how best to do so. He decided to have Elladan on his back; he would derive pleasure from looking down at him, seeing his face and enjoying what he had wrought.

Elladan lay pliant, completely abandoned, his eyes glazed. He moaned softly with each exhalation, and as Erestor entered him, his eyes struggled to focus, finding Erestor’s face.

It was easy to be tender with a sub who was so beautifully lost in his submission; Erestor set a slow pace at first, gentling Elladan with touches and soft words as he took leisurely pleasure in his body. He made no effort to strike Elladan’s prostate, knowing it would be too much for him, and focused on his own enjoyment instead. Elladan was sublime, soft little cries coming from his throat as Erestor began to move faster, chasing orgasm.

It was a delightful perfection to look directly into his eyes and see his soul: open, honest, without self-consciousness or pretence, the purest essence of Elladan.

When he finally came, he came hard. After all, he had been aroused over and over again during the past several hours, witness and creator of Elladan’s pleasure and suffering, but he had not sought to ease himself until now. When he did, Elladan gifted him with a low, helpless cry that echoed in his chamber. Erestor had never heard anything so delicious, and it drew more from him, until he was exhausted and spent himself.

Without leaving the heat of Elladan’s body, Erestor stirred and leaned forward over him, freeing his hands at last and bringing them down from the head of the bed. He kissed Elladan’s hands and wrists while looking at him. He remembered his earlier promise that Elladan would sleep at his feet, and then promptly forgot it, on purpose.

“Sir…” Elladan whispered, “so tired.”

Erestor pulled away and then rolled over, pulling Elladan’s limp and pliant body into his arms. In the morning, he would reward Elladan for what he had given today. For now, Erestor would hold him through the night. It was what he wanted now.

“Erestor,” Elladan said, a little of his voice creeping back.

“I am here,” Erestor said, tightening his embrace, feeling Elladan clutch at his arms and then relax. “Sleep now. I will watch over you.”

And he did, straight away, as if he could do so exactly on command. Only one other had made him feel similar to the way he did now: Oropher’s son, yet that was long over. Oropher had made certain of it. Yet Elrond would not intervene in his son’s affairs, which meant Elladan would not be taken from him. Erestor kissed Elladan’s forehead in gratitude and got comfortable, then drifted off into a satisfied and happy sleep.

He awakened to Elladan stirring sleepily in his arms, nuzzling against his neck, and indulged the young one by nuzzling back for a moment, then pulled away to survey Elladan’s face. He looked much more self-aware, a little embarrassed, still a little vulnerable.

“Today you will rest. I will not torment you with pain or pleasure,” Erestor promised him. “I will call the servants to draw a bath, and then it will please me to bathe you while you lie easy.” He kissed Elladan’s lips lightly. “Today is your reward for serving me so well, Elladan-nín. There will be no humiliation in the refectory. Tell me what you wish to eat, and I will order it brought to us.”

Shyly Elladan answered him, his voice still rough and damaged. “I would have fruit and cream, if I may, sir, and I am very thirsty.”

Erestor ordered a variety of fruit and cream and fruit juices, and also tea with honey to soothe the young ellon’s throat. As well, he told the servants to bring a hot bath when they had finished eating.

Elladan savoured the food and drink and took a cup of hot tea into the bath, watching shyly as Erestor bathed him – seeming quite at a loss to believe he had earned such gentle treatment. His body was still weary, and his parts only stirred a little when Erestor handled them tenderly to wash him, then anointed him with a soothing balm to ease the chafed skin.

“Who are you and where is my lord Erestor?” Elladan whispered, stretching luxuriantly when Erestor had led him back to the bed.

“I am here. You have pleased me beyond anything I expected or hoped for,” Erestor said. Elladan appeared confused.

“But I did not do anything,” he said, then his eyes flickered to Erestor’s and he seemed anxious. “I should like to know what it was that pleased you so, that I may repeat it often.”

“Be careful of such promises, Elrondion.” Erestor felt fiercely possessive all of a sudden. “Lest you find yourself confined to my bed for days and weeks at a time.” Clearly, Elladan remembered some of what had transpired between them, because he blushed and bit his lip.

“I do not think I could survive that,” he said honestly, hiding his face, and Erestor laughed. Then he remembered the deception Elladan was involved in, and felt cold.

“Yes, well, we must spare a thought for your brother,” Erestor purred softly. “I would not like to deprive him of anything, and I fear he would not understand what has passed between us two.”

Elladan started guiltily. “He wouldn’t?” He worried his lip, and Erestor could see his mind working, imagining Elrohir stumbling into what he had endured the night before and being frightened or upset by it. Or worse, hurt. In fact, as Erestor studied him, he was sure Elladan was on the verge of making a confession.

But the ellon did not speak; he swallowed hard and was still. It seemed his loyalty was still to his brother.

Erestor felt some of his contentment evaporate. “When does Elrohir return?”

“They had planned to return today, if all goes well.” Elladan snuggled close, failing to sense Erestor’s changing mood.

“I will release you to spend time with him.” Erestor rose abruptly. If deception was what the sons of Elrond craved, then he could certainly provide it – but if that was the basis for their relationship, he would have to take additional care not to become emotionally involved. Elladan was recovered. There was no reason to have him remain here. “You may go now.”

Elladan raised himself on one elbow, still half-dazed, blinking with dismay. “I thought you wished me to stay with you.”

“I have changed my mind.” He made a dismissive gesture and sat down at his desk. “Be away with you,” he said briskly, and began to write.

“When shall I return?”

Erestor considered. Elrohir was to return, and Elladan clearly wanted to discuss what had happened with him. How he would love to listen in on that conversation! Though he would not put Elrohir in such danger, when he reappeared in Erestor’s rooms, his brother’s report would no doubt give him an additional thrill of fear. They were lucky, he knew, else they could easily get each other in trouble. Everyone’s limits were different, even the twins would be different in that regard, though they might be alike in any number of other ways.

“Your brother returns. No doubt he will be eager to tell you his news. You should consider the consequences together,” he finished cryptically.

Elladan hesitated; Erestor had not answered his question, but he did not quite dare to point it out. “Yes, sir,” he said, the very model of obedience. “If it please you, sir, shall I return as usual tomorrow?”

Erestor made a noncommittal grunt and flapped his hand in dismissal, not looking up from his work. When he raised his eyes again, Elladan had gone.

Erestor had his meals brought to him in his room for the rest of the day, and he occupied himself writing down all the notes he could regarding the twins’ responses to both pain and pleasure. If he was to spend his valuable time on this game, then he might as well make it productive. As far as he was aware, no one had ever before studied and recorded the comparative physiological responses of a set of twins. He would do so himself for whatever value the curiosity might have.

After Erestor ate he took a stroll through the trees, listening to the eternal hiss and play of the river and looking up at the stars as he planned his strategy. The sons of Elrond were quite intelligent and would require careful handling. He determined he would not reveal his knowledge; he would wait and see whether they were honest enough to confess, or whether they would remain false. That would determine both the length and the depth of their involvement.


To be continued...


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