Taming the Twins

BY : Pippychick_TAFKAB
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Chapter Two
 The next day Elladan presented himself as ordered, stripped with haste, and knelt upon the floor with his arms behind his back, quivering. Erestor did not bother to tell him whether or not he would be observed as he did service, leaving him instead to wonder and fret. It would help to occupy his mind when the strain of waiting grew tiresome.  

He absented himself for some hours, continuing his translation as he would normally have done.  Elladan knew his usual hours of occupation well; to return early would be seen as unwarranted mercy or indulgence.

He did not, however, tarry beyond the midnight hour, arising and taking a light meal for a late supper, then heading down the corridor toward his rooms. If there was an unusual lightness in his step, it was not enough to alert any to the feelings in his heart; as usual, the ways he walked were devoid of witnesses at this late hour.

He hesitated at the door, composing himself. It had truly been too long since he took a lover; his heart fluttered with anticipation and eagerness – even with a little nervous tension. Perhaps he merely wondered if Elladan had been faithful to his promise this day.

Entering, he found the young lord upon his knees, trembling, covered with a sheen of sweat, his face drawn in pain as he struggled to remain still. Though his body quivered, his knees were firmly upon the floor and his hands, white-knuckled, remained locked behind his neck.  

Erestor walked to stand behind Elladan, and smiled where the young elf would not see it. Gently, he lowered his hand to rest it on Elladan’s head. “You have followed my order today, pen neth,” he said. “I am pleased.”

When Elladan spoke, his voice quivered with tension. “Thank you, sir.”

Erestor took one of his hands. “Come to the bed then, Elladan.” So saying, he pulled Elrond’s son to his feet and led him there. “Lie down on your back,” Erestor instructed, watching as he complied.

At last! Erestor sat on the side of the bed, and opened his right hand to cup the young elf’s face in his palm. There were very slight differences between Elladan and Elrohir, and Erestor considered Elladan the more perfect of the two.

He let his palm glide down over Elladan’s neck, feeling his pulse under the palm of his hand, down further onto his chest, where his heartbeat thundered. Elladan began to sit up, reaching out for him. Erestor stopped immediately. “Do not touch,” he said, and Elladan fell back to the bed, passive.

“Sorry, Sir,” Elladan whispered as Erestor continued to touch him, examining the lines and planes of his body, noting what made him draw breath, and what made him shiver. It was less of a caress and more of an interested examination. Erestor touched Elladan as if he was thinking of making a purchase. He was sure the attitude was not lost on the young Lord.

When he wrapped his hand around Elladan’s cock, he surged up from the bed. Erestor tutted, and he subsided.

“Sorry, Sir!” he gasped, as Erestor began to pump him slowly. “I could not help it!” he rushed out, ending his words with a wanton moan.

His study of Elladan’s cock over, he moved his hand further down, cupping his balls before sweeping his fingers over Elladan’s thighs.

“Please, Sir…” the younger elf begged, agonised.

Erestor blinked mildly down at him. “You are obviously under the mistaken impression that you can control what I do with you. If it is your wish to have such control, you should arise and leave my bed now.”

Elladan fell back against the pillow, shaking his head, his eyes wild. “I apologise.”

“You apologise, what?” Erestor withdrew his hands and made his voice crackle. Honestly, this young one was so easy to manipulate it hardly seemed possible his father was one of the shrewdest, most politically acute diplomats Erestor had ever known.

“I apologise, sir!” Elladan licked his lips, and Erestor remained still, watching the boy fear he had gone too far at last in his failures.  

Erestor might have smiled, but he chose not to. Instead, he rewarded Elladan by replacing his hands, resuming the interrupted downward journey. Having been made to wait for what he wanted, he was of no mind to indulge the feverish anticipation of the very person who had cost him weeks of waiting.

“Does your father know you have pursued me?” He questioned idly, noticing how the ellon’s calves fit nicely into the palms of his hands.

“Yes, Sir.” Elladan swallowed.  

“What did he say of it?”

Elladan flushed with shame. “He said if I wished to learn to keep bees by diving into a hive of wasps, it was my own lookout. And he provided me with,” Elladan blushed deep crimson. “A variety of medicaments.”

“He is wise,” Erestor nodded approval. “They will be needed.”

Elladan swallowed. “I give myself freely. Do you mean to abuse me?”

“Do you mean to set terms?” Erestor parried. “Again, if so, leave now. I accept no terms but my own. Otherwise,” he patted Elladan’s hip expectantly, “turn over.”

The younger elf turned to lie on his front, his face buried in the pillows. Beginning at the feet, Erestor bent Elladan’s knee by lifting his foot at the ankle, cradling it on one hand, while with the other he dragged a fingernail over the sole of his foot.

Elladan’s foot scrunched up and he giggled, his body twisting to move away instinctively. That reaction was beyond his control. Erestor would not punish him for it.

“Feet are very sensitive. I could control you exactly the way I want while never punishing you anywhere else.” He held Elladan’s ankle for a further moment, until he felt it tremble, then lowered it back to the bed slowly.

He skimmed his palms up the back of Elladan’s legs, passing over the raised marks of the previous night, until he reached his buttocks, pausing there to squeeze and knead, noting the shape of the muscles and their give. “You will require punishment,” he prophesied softly, ignoring Elladan’s gasp.

Moving further, he slid his hands up the curve of Elladan’s spine to his shoulders, tracing their size before continuing to his biceps and squeezing them, testing the strength there.

At last, he sighed. “Very pleasing,” he noted, then slapped Elladan’s backside smartly. “On your knees. Present yourself to me.”

Elladan scrambled to his knees with the considerable enthusiasm of someone who hopes very soon to be well-fucked, bending forward on his hands and knees with his backside toward Erestor, who rolled his eyes, trying not to laugh aloud.  

“You can do better.”

Elladan hesitated, then returned to his prior position and attempted to make a display of the motion, moving in sinuous arcs and curves – all very pleasant, but Erestor did not have to tell an untruth.

“That is not what I meant!”

Elladan gave him a doubtful glance, then tried lying on his back with his legs spread.

“Get up, on your knees. Put your face on the pillow and your chest on the bed. Reach back with your hands and open your body for inspection.”

Face burning with embarrassment at the undignified position, Elladan nevertheless obeyed him, parting his cheeks wide.  

“You are not prepared.” Erestor made his voice frosty. He had not expected him to be, of course, not after a day spent posing. But it was another way to manipulate the younger elf. He reached for a vial of oil and put it into Elladan’s hand.

“Fuck yourself open with your fingers. I did not say you could move from where you are!” He set a heavy hand on the nape of Elladan’s neck.  

He enjoyed watching as Elladan fumbled with the oil, making sure to cluck noisy disapproval when he wasted it. “Two fingers,” he snapped. “One from each hand.” He watched, pleased with Elladan’s struggles and with the eager jut of his cock, which bounced heavily beneath his belly.  

“That is enough,” he said at last. “Now beg for my cock.”

“Please fuck me,” Elladan gasped, his voice taut with strain.

“I said beg for my cock. You will learn to listen!” Erestor slapped his arse, very much liking the way the print of his hand stood out against the creamy skin.  

“Your cock! I beg you, put your cock in me! Please, if it be your will, I would feel your cock inside my body,” Elladan gasped, all but vibrating with anxiety to be had, so desperate he began to whimper. “Sir, I beg this favor. This unworthy vessel awaits your flesh.”

With an amused smile Elladan would not see, Erestor took off his robes neatly and put them away orderly in his wardrobe, aware of Elladan on the bed, waiting and trembling, still holding himself open and ready. When he was undressed, he knelt on the bed behind Elladan, cock in hand, and used the oil to slick himself, then pushed inside, slow and steady.

Elladan moaned, but Erestor did not stop or acknowledge it. When he was surrounded by the tight heat of the younger elf’s body, he sighed in pleasure, then placed his hand on the small of Elladan’s back to keep him still before beginning to move in and out.

He set a fast pace, keeping quite deep, the way he liked it, looking down to observe the sight of his cock disappearing into Elladan again and again.

“From now on, when I retire, I wish to find you presented like this on my bed, ready for use,” Erestor said. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir!” Elladan moaned again, and Erestor stilled inside him.

“Work your muscles on me,” he ordered, with another slap of his hand. “Milk me, pen neth.” He waited, and then felt Elladan struggling to obey, his inner muscles tightening and then relaxing slowly, trembling around him.

“You will get better at that,” he said. “You must practice when I am not here, until you can flutter around me.”

“Yes, Sir,” came the response, though Erestor was sure that Elladan didn’t even know quite what he was agreeing to. He would, when he failed to improve.

Erestor looked down upon his lover, liking the way his body bent, half-buried in the bedding. “You may cease to try,” he said comfortably, and began to move again, focusing fully on claiming his own pleasure, thrusting just as he liked until the coiling tendrils of lust ripened and blossomed into climax. He gasped, spending himself deep inside Elladan’s body, feeling the younger elf still tense and unsated under his hands.

“What have you truly come here for, pen neth?” He stroked his hands along Elladan’s flanks, wondering how much of it he could articulate, hard and desperate and unsatisfied.

“To have a lover,” Elladan gasped through gritted teeth. Erestor could hear his uncertainty as to whether he would receive pleasure this night, but would not send him away unsatisfied. Not yet, not until the hook was well and truly set.

“You could have a hundred lovers.” Erestor swatted him, mild punishment.  

“To have the only lover I wanted.”

That was closer, but still abysmally short of truth. Erestor sighed. “Do not try to tell me this is an adolescent crush, young one. The stars in your eyes speak of lust, not of infatuation. Turn over.”

He waited while Elladan obeyed, arranging himself carefully, trying not to jostle Erestor with his legs as he moved. The ellon’s hand did not go to his cock, lying instead upon his belly just above the gleaming tip. He was a lovely sight.

“Son of Elrond, you are not fool enough to go to a wasp for honey. You go to a wasp because you desire its sting.” Erestor arose, graceful, and went to a cabinet, making a selection. “Tonight you will receive what you desire in measure with your ability to grant what I desire. That is part of the wasp’s lesson; it will sting only as it wishes.” He held up a small item: two prongs joined by a hinge, with a sliding ring near the base. The tips of the prongs were jagged with teeth. “This is what you have earned tonight.”

He approached Elladan thoughtfully, allowing himself to enjoy the way the younger elf’s throat bobbed as he swallowed. His cock persisted, stiff and eager, as Erestor carefully positioned the clip with its teeth about one of Elladan’s nipples, holding it closed with his fingers until he could slide the small ring upward, tightening it.  

He watched, calculating, as Elladan’s fingers slowly fisted in the blankets, going white at the knuckles. He stopped just short of drawing blood, then reached to Elladan’s cock, taking it in his hand and giving a slow stroke. At the apex, he flicked the nipple with his fingertip, and Elladan arched off the bed, giving a wild cry, his cock leaking clear fluid.  

“Please! Sir!” Elladan almost shouted. Erestor merely raised an eyebrow, and decided to teach him something of himself.

“Please, what?” he asked, as if curious. He repeated the motion of his hand on Elladan’s cock, and the flicking of his nipple.


“Please stop? Please continue?” Erestor did it again, enjoying hearing Elladan’s helpless cries. He bent his head and used his tongue on that nipple, pressing the metal and flesh with it as Elladan half-sobbed and half-moaned; a long drawn-out rhythmic sound.

“I do not know!” Elladan cried out at last. Erestor leaned back up, but continued pumping until Elladan spilled in his hand.

Erestor wiped away the pearlescent issue with a cloth, and then released the contraption from Elladan’s nipple. “Do not move,” he warned. Then he smiled and swatted at the freed nub of flesh. Elladan shrieked and arched up from the bed again.

“What do you have to say?” Erestor questioned, tapping at the sensitive bruised flesh again and again as Elladan struggled to think.

“Thank you!” he managed at last. “Thank you, Sir!”

“Yes. We shall see if you mean it when you return tomorrow,” Erestor said coolly. He tapped Elladan’s hip. “Get up, get dressed, and find your rest.”

He watched Elladan struggle into his clothes and scamper away, then lay back on his bed and laughed. The son of Elrond promised to be quite an entertaining and pleasurable diversion.


To be continued…


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