Taming the Twins

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Chapter Four

Erestor used Elrohir for his pleasure the next morning when he awoke, then dismissed him. The ellon cleaned as directed and departed with the dawn, somewhat subdued. Erestor supposed that was to be expected; Elrohir had a great deal to consider. He did, as well; he must make plans and arrangements for manipulating his reckless young lovers.

He sat for a time, smiling faintly to himself, then got up. He thought he might spend the greater part of his day in company, where he would be likely to encounter the twins together. Dressing calmly in his best robes and brushing his hair, Erestor prepared to drive home the wedge he had inserted to push his wayward lovers temporarily apart and into utter confusion.

He found his targets in the refectory, sitting very close together. They did not see him enter, so he tarried for a time, marking carefully how they each shifted uncomfortably on the bench. So, they had tried to duplicate his markings? He would be greatly interested to see what measure of success they had gained.

He smirked to himself, his guess as to which twin was which confirmed when Elrond passed by them and spoke to one by name, then was answered.

Taking a plate of fruit, he approached their table with carefully constructed eagerness, and faced them to speak.

“Ah, Elrohir. It is a fine morning, is it not? The sun is bright on the leaves. Will you go out hunting orcs today?”

Elrohir dithered a little, then nodded. “Yes, ada has asked me to patrol the northern reach.”

“You will have a successful trip, I am sure. Have a care the foul things do not evade you. It will be a great feast when your group returns, and I hope you will bear many trophies.” He smiled down on Elrohir, benevolent but without particular sincerity, taking care not to spare even the slightest glance toward Elladan.

As he turned away, he could hear Elladan whispering furiously into Elrohir’s ear, and sat down some distance away. He remained aware that the twins were discussing things between themselves in harsh tones. They were not cautious at all, and he even caught the occasional word or two.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Elrohir hissed. “I told you what happened!”

“Then why is he annoyed with me?”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

After that it went silent, and Erestor could only assume Elladan was gathering the courage to approach him. At length Elladan sat down before him. He looked up slowly, as if in surprise.

“Yes? Elladan. What can I do for you?” he enquired politely.

He watched with interest as Elladan looked past him to his brother. Clearly they were communicating somehow, and he imagined Elrohir engaging in some kind of ridiculous sign language behind him, but resisted the temptation to turn and observe him at it.

At last, Elladan looked at him. “Is everything…” he began, then frowned and bit his lip. “I mean, are you pleased with me?”

Erestor breathed in deeply and sat back as if in consideration, looking Elladan up and down. “What, now?” he asked, and he could almost observe Elladan’s mind jump from his imaginings of what Elrohir had done to his own behaviour in the moment. He looked startled.

Erestor smiled coolly. “I had no idea you had a fondness for public displays, Elladan. Is that what you wish?” His words seemed innocent, but he saw to it that Elladan took his darker meaning for he flushed and shook his head.

“Then you should employ more discretion in the future.” His pleasant tone suddenly vanished, and his voice cracked like a whip. “Kneel, Elladan of Imladris, and accept your breakfast from my hand.”

Elladan glanced around in a panic, but there was no help for him – and a large number of elves were present, including his sister, his father, Glorfindel, and others of particular note.

“Now.” Erestor’s voice turned cold.

Elladan dropped like a stone, knees hitting the floor next to Erestor with a noise that made numerous elves look up, startled, and wince; another bruise that would have to be duplicated.

Elrond merely rolled his eyes to the heavens and shook his head, then continued conversation with his advisers, not choosing to intrude himself where he was very obviously not needed.

Erestor might have smirked, if he did not wish to keep his face stern. He reached and selected a large, juicy blackberry from the pile of fruit before him. “Open,” he instructed, and Elladan did, but Erestor took his time, crushing the fruit against Elladan’s mouth and leisurely painting his lips with the dark juice before placing the berry on his tongue.

“You may chew.”

Elladan did, in haste, and licked his lips, swallowing the berry.

“I did not give you leave to lick or swallow,” Erestor said, silky with menace.

The ellon’s face was already burning with humiliation, but Erestor was surprised when Elladan placed hands on his knee and bowed his head in supplication. “Sir, please, I –”

“You may think you are paying for your insolence now,” Erestor said, his voice low. “But I assure you that awaits. Tonight.” He let his words sink in. “Hands behind your back.”

Elladan obeyed instantly, and Erestor was not unaware of the attention this little display had garnered. “Open your mouth,” he instructed, and Elladan did so.

This time, Erestor crushed a couple of berries against his lips, then counted as he placed five of them into his mouth.

“Chew and swallow,” he said. When he had done, Erestor offered his fingers to be cleaned in silence. Elladan obeyed, likewise in silence. By this time his eyes were glimmering with unshed tears, and Erestor determined that was enough.

“Are you hungry still?” he asked, and Elladan shook his head. Erestor waved a hand to dismiss him, not sparing him another look as he pulled himself to his feet and escaped quickly, walking in the direction of the exit, rather than back to his brother. Erestor reflected on that with satisfaction, then turned to look at Elrohir.

“Have you hunted recently among the limestone cliffs in the upper stretch of the Anduin? Have a care for your safety, young one. There are always new caves and cracks forming there as the water cuts through the soft stone, and your foes may prove unexpectedly clever.” He gave Elrohir the blandest possible smile and swept out, murmuring about cataloguing a set of rare tomes on herbalism.

He spent much of his day wondering where Elladan was hiding, taking careful note of the hunting party as it departed. He was too far away to see which twin rode out, but he was confident he could tell later exactly who he dealt with. He could imagine the twins engaged in heated argument over who must stay and who must go – possibly neither was quite certain which he preferred to do.

When he finally judged it time to return to his quarters, he was pleased to see his servant awaiting him, arrayed as instructed. Humming carelessly, he put aside his outer robe and went to his desk. From that position he could see the marks on Elladan’s back. For it was he; Erestor had no need to check his foot for the flinch reflex. The attempt to duplicate his design of bruises was creditable but imperfect.

Erestor considered the marks on him, and regretfully put aside the idea of making more of them at present, despite his threat of punishment earlier. That did not mean Elladan would be comfortable. As he was having these thoughts, Elladan looked around uncertainly, and Erestor stood up with purpose.

He strode to his collection of implements and selected some things while Elladan watched him. Soon, he would be unable to see.

“S-sir?” he asked, and Erestor did not reply. Soon, he would be unable to speak.

He brought the things to the bed with him and sat upon the side of it. “Turn over and sit up,” he instructed, without even sparing a glance to the ellon on his bed. He selected the first of the items he had brought – a blindfold – and fitted it securely. Elladan trembled.

“What will you do with me?” he asked quietly, his hands reaching up to the material that covered his eyes. Erestor merely grabbed his wrists and placed his hands on the bed. Elladan understood, and kept them there.

“Open your mouth,” he said then, and fitted the gag he had selected. When it was in place, the plug filled Elladan’s mouth, but narrowed so it did not stretch his lips. He would be unable to make a sound. His nostrils flared as he breathed in and out quickly.

Those hands reached out again, this time for Erestor, touching his face and for a moment he allowed it, bringing his own hands up and letting the warmth of his palms rest against the back of Elladan’s hands.

“Stay calm,” he said softly, “and do not panic.” Elladan’s breathing slowed just a little, though he still trembled.

“We are embarked on a journey that requires trust and attention to its maintenance,” Erestor said, running a hand over Elladan’s quivering flanks. “Tonight you wear a dangerous item, one that could harm you. If you are in distress, if your nostrils close and you cannot breathe, alert me by opening and closing your hands swiftly. Demonstrate your understanding of what I want, Elrondion.”

Elladan did so, his fingers flickering swiftly in and out of fists. Erestor nodded to himself. “That will suffice.”

He kept Elladan grounded, touching him slowly. “Do not wait until you pass out, or I will not know, and that could be disastrous. Similarly, do not indicate distress unless you want our time to be over, and to be released, cared for, and dismissed. If you signal falsely, I will be most displeased with you.” He kept up his caresses, avoiding Elladan’s cock, focusing on his back and his thighs. “I will be attentive to your motions. I am always attentive.”

Erestor moved so that his breath brushed against Elladan’s cock. “Open your legs,” he commanded, and Elladan shuffled his knees apart, shivering at the feeling of Erestor so near.

“Become aroused for me.” He bent close, thumbs caressing the trembling muscles of Elladan’s belly.

Elladan whimpered low in his throat, but his cock obeyed – aided by the warmth of Erestor’s breathing on his vulnerable parts, and by self-consciousness, it filled, bobbing thick beneath his belly. “I could use you over the breakfast table, and your father would not intervene.” Erestor murmured, moving very close indeed, so that Elladan quivered, anticipating the touch of his mouth. “Perhaps I will do so tomorrow. Think on it.”

Erestor placed a single kiss to the head of Elladan’s cock, noting the increase in his breathing, and the quiet muffled sound that came from behind the gag. He pulled back and let his fingertips trace over the inside of Elladan’s thighs until he had calmed again.

Taking Elladan’s right hand, Erestor directed him. “Touch yourself,” he said softly, and Elladan obeyed, his hand moving slowly over his own length. Erestor nodded in satisfaction to himself, and took Elladan’s left hand to secure it to the bed by means of a leather cuff.

“Do not stop,” he advised, then retreated back behind his desk to watch. Erestor did not intend to take his attention away from Elladan, lest he should signal. He was very beautiful indeed, and yet it was not long before Elladan was shuddering with lust as he moved his hand, his breathing stuttering. He would climax soon. Erestor wondered whether to allow it, or to stop him.

Then Elladan stopped all on his own, his hand still on his erection. “Are you in distress?” Erestor asked, eyes flicking to Elladan’s hands for a sign. The young elf shook his head slowly. But then he suspected he knew what it was. “Are you close?” he asked, and Elladan nodded.

Erestor stood up and walked back to the bed, leaning in close with an indrawn breath as Elladan trembled. “Do you fear to court my displeasure?” he asked wickedly, and a sudden frantic noise came from behind the gag as Elladan nodded.

“Very good. I shall reward you,” he said, his gaze moving down. “But you must remember to breathe, else I shall stop. Indicate your understanding.” Elladan nodded.

Smiling, Erestor moved his hand away and then licked at Elladan’s cock heavily with the flat of his tongue. He paused there, and Elladan breathed in and out very deliberately. He sealed his lips around the head and suckled, listening to the breath, letting it guide him as he moved his head down over that hardness, then back up. There was quiet.

“Breathe,” Erestor instructed, letting him go. He waited. Elladan made a tight sound in his throat, and then breathed again, deeply.

Erestor returned to his task, awaiting the inevitable, wondering if Elladan understood the physiology of their game. Most people stopped breathing by instinct on the verge of orgasm, holding their breath until climax struck, then gasping to fill their lungs. Erestor believed it helped the chemical processes of climax; certainly depriving the body of oxygen could prolong and intensify the sensation of orgasm, though it was a dangerous thing to attempt alone.

Sure enough, Elladan’s breath hitched and stopped again, provoking Erestor to withdraw. Elladan made a frantic, disappointed sound, his chest rising and falling swiftly once more. Erestor decided to make him aware of his breathing, and the sight of Elladan’s motion inspired him. He withdrew and reached to a drawer, coming back with two small clips and a handful of stone weights that could be affixed to the chains that dangled from them. The clips were small, but they had fine teeth that would bite into skin and hold them steady even under considerable pressure.

He carefully affixed the clips to Elladan’s nipples, tightening them by stages until the ellon was gasping, then affixing two stone weights to the end of each chain. With these on, he would feel every motion of his chest tugging at him.

“Every time you stop breathing, I will add a weight to each chain. You have stopped twice. Therefore, you wear four weights. Do you understand?”

Elladan nodded, nostrils flaring, and Erestor returned to his cock, sliding all the way down and suckling powerfully. It took only a half-dozen strokes before Elladan lost control and stopped; Erestor withdrew immediately, adding two more weights. The pressure dragged at Elladan’s nipples, stretching them, and the boy quivered, but did not utter a sound.

“You like this pain now,” Erestor whispered. “But it will worsen each time you do not come, until you are in torment.”

Elladan nodded and endured, his hands resolutely closed, as Erestor alternated between sucking and adding weights whenever he lost control and faltered in his breathing, until at last Elladan managed to continue, his breath rasping in his nose, his whole body shaking as he spent in Erestor’s mouth. Erestor milked him dry, licking the tip of his cock, then withdrew.

He sat watching Elladan, who began to shake, sweat coming out on his skin, little mewling noises erupting in his throat as the pleasure of the nipple clips turned to pain, then to agony.

“This is your punishment for your indiscretion of the morning, and for failing to breathe as instructed,” Erestor whispered, watching and waiting as Elladan’s pain grew until he finally gave in, moving his hands in agonized spasms of desperation: open and close, again and again.

Swiftly Erestor withdrew the gag – Elladan would need his mouth for what came next.

Then he released one clip and Elladan screamed as the sensation intensified when blood flowed into the abused nipple. He sobbed when the second one was released, and his head fell forward against Erestor, his face wet with tears leaking out from under the sodden blindfold.

“Don’t send me away, please don’t send me away,” he begged, almost incoherent, between sobs.

Erestor removed the blindfold and held Elladan’s face in his hands, shushing him sternly, but with a little resigned affection as well. He was very rewarding. “I will not send you away. You did well to warn me, Elladan nín.”

The sound of his name, spoken thus, seemed to calm him immediately. “Yours,” he said, looking up into Erestor’s face. He sobbed once more then was silent.

“Mine,” Erestor repeated, watching for how Elladan reacted, and saw exactly what he had hoped for. “Now you have a choice to make,” he said as he freed Elladan’s hand from the bed and then held him in his arms.

“I choose you!” Elladan said passionately, his arms so tight around Erestor he almost laughed.

“I am flattered,” he said dryly, “but that is not what I meant. You have yet to pleasure me. You will decide how to accomplish it.” He pulled Elladan’s hair to look down at him, running a single finger over his lips. “Either you can take it here,” he said. “Or you can ride my cock before we sleep. Which would you have?”

He looked down at Elldan’s chest. “If you choose the latter,” he said, warning, then dipped his head down and licked at one abused nipple, making Elladan cry out. “There will be more of that.”

Now it was an interesting dilemma! Erestor waited to see which he would pick.

Elladan dropped his gaze, his lip trembling, a blush covering his cheeks. “I would like to be fucked, please sir.”

Erestor could not suppress his smile. “That pleases me.” He bent and delicately suckled the nipple again, making Elladan squirm and moan piteously. “You are exquisite when you are like this,” Erestor said. “Mount me, Elladan nín, and ride.” He lay down on the bed on his back, steadying his cock.

Elladan obeyed, sinking down with a low cry, and Erestor obliged him by thrusting up lazily as he rode, reaching up to torment Elladan’s swollen nipples frequently. Soon Elladan wept as he rode, silent, his head flung back, his mouth moving to form words Erestor could not discern.

“Harder,” Erestor commanded, and Elladan obeyed – and Erestor pinched harder, drawing ragged cries and wracking shudders. He realized Elladan was poised between pain and pleasure, unable to differentiate between the two, needing and aching and lost.

Erestor paced himself, drawing it out until he could resist no longer, then climaxed inside Elladan with a low cry of his own, spilling deep inside the ellon’s body. When his vision cleared, Elladan still knelt over him, whimpering, reaching to touch his own nipple.

“No,” Erestor reproved, voice husky with satisfaction, and reached with both hands, grasping his nipples and twisting sharply.

Elladan shrieked, and his cock leaped without being touched, spitting a few pulses of seed. Elladan slumped, breathing hard, slick all over with sweat and tears.

Erestor nuzzled at his neck. When Elladan did not move, he let his palms rove over Elladan’s back, relishing the idea that this young ellon had come to him. Two of them. Suddenly a deep sob racked Elladan’s body, and Erestor took hold of his head, tilting his face up to see. He felt a flicker of concern then for Elrond’s son. These were dark things Elladan had walked into, and Erestor suspected his eyes had been opened somewhat. He sighed.

“If you wish to end this, Elladan, you have but to speak.” His eyes were still full of tears, and he shook his head mutely, his hair falling about his face. Erestor frowned. “Do not pursue this under some false notion of changing me. I will always demand submission from you, in all ways.” He smiled faintly. “This will never be a two-way street.”

It was true. He had no intentions of taking a lover that way. It did not suit him – he had found that out in his own youth when his first was lost to him. Better to make sure Elladan knew, and did not fool himself. One of Elladan’s hands curled around his wrist, and he looked into Erestor’s eyes.

“I can’t stop,” he said, sounding helpless. “I want…” He didn’t finish the sentence, and instead twisted his lips, clearly conflicted. Then he leaned back down and Erestor could feel Elladan’s hot breath against his neck. “What are you doing to me?” he whined.

Erestor was satisfied, and he caressed Elladan’s sides. “I am giving you exactly what you want, Elrondion.” He smiled and slapped Elladan’s backside. “Get up and fetch a cloth for cleaning. Then you can sleep in my arms.”

Elladan brightened, hastening to fetch the cloth as he was bidden, eager for the favour Erestor offered. He cleaned them both, tending to himself second, then awaited Erestor’s beckoning before hurrying into his arms. He nestled close, hissing a little as his sensitive nipples accidentally touched Erestor, then slowly easing into the loose embrace, relaxing.

“You have deep bruises. I will be able to arouse you, just by flicking one of these with a fingertip, for many days,” Erestor whispered, circling the nipple with his thumb, not touching it. “And I will, whenever and wherever we meet.”

“Yes,” Elladan whispered, the ghost of a moan behind it – arousal at the thought of his own humiliation. Erestor kissed his lips lightly.

“Sleep, Elladan-nín. I am pleased, for the moment.”


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