Taming the Twins

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Chapter Nine

In the morning, Erestor awoke on his back staring up at the ceiling. The twins were to either side of him, their arms draped over his chest while they slept, a mirror image of each other. Erestor looked down at their dark heads and sighed heavily. The twins stirred.

Carefully, while they were still waking, Erestor moved their arms away from him and pushed himself up the bed into a semi-seated position, fluffing the pillows behind his back and arranging them so as to be comfortable. It was time to have a little fun.

“What is the meaning of this?” he asked, his voice stern as the twins blinked and looked at each other, then up at him, guilty.

When neither of them answered, Erestor looked to his left. “Elladan?” he prompted, giving no sign of his thoughts or feelings. Elladan jumped, startled at being so easily recognised when his brother was beside him, and yet after all they had done, Erestor wondered how he had ever been fooled, even for a moment.

He turned his head. “Elrohir. You will tell me what this is about.”

In truth he felt very happy indeed, though it would not suit the game if the twins were to realise it. It occurred to him that he had let his heart become involved, and that he had hoped for this so as to save him from putting an end to the twins’ interest in him. Be that as it may, they still had questions to answer. They looked at each other now. Elladan spoke first, but in their haste they shared the sentence between them, the effect of which managed to make Erestor feel quite dizzy.

“We have been -”

“- deceiving you, not -”

“- because we wished -”

“- to, but because we do everything together.”


That last word was spoken by both of them in synchronicity. Erestor frowned, seeing it as the tactic it was, which probably worked for them more often than not. It would not work with him! “One at a time, if you will,” he said, a note of warning in his voice.

They exchanged a nervous look, uncertain who should speak first, so he fixed Elrohir with a cool stare. “I would know your thoughts as you arranged to approach me. All of them.” He fixed them each in turn with a stern stare. “Which of you wished this? Who wished it first, who wished it more? What did you think I would do if I discovered your deception? How will you make yourselves seem trustworthy in my eyes, and prove that you are worthy of my time in the wake of your betrayal?”

“It was I who thought first of an interest in you,” Elladan spoke softly, his eyes downcast.

“But it was I who thought seriously of it and made plans for it to happen.” Elrohir added, more defiant, still daring to look Erestor in the eye.

“Then you were the one who planned the deception?”

“It was not planned in those terms.” At last Elrohir had the grace to avert his gaze. “It is… a matter of course for us to trade places for the sake of convenience. We rarely commit to any duty together. It can be useful to be,” he glanced at Elladan, obviously missing his brother’s supportive input. “Interchangeable,” he said at last, when Elladan did not speak.

“We intended no malice in trading places. We did not understand the consequences or the problems of our choice fully when we first began,” Elladan contributed, earnest. “It was not until you first beat one of us that we began to comprehend, but by then it was no longer convenient to reveal our actions.”

“I suspect it was also less than convenient to perpetuate the deception,” Erestor told him, dry. “I trust my efforts to ensure that inconvenience were not wasted.”

They exchanged an alarmed glance. That he had known for so long…! Erestor suppressed a chuckle.

“We were ashamed to confess what we had done.” Elladan swallowed, his dry throat clicking.

Erestor drew a long finger up Elladan’s spine, slow and meditative. “Elrohir?”

“My brother speaks truth. Yet neither of us was willing to withdraw.”

“I see.” Erestor rejoiced secretly, deep in his heart. He waited, and sure enough, they began.

“Please don’t send us away, Sir,” pleaded Elladan, fingertips daring to creep up over Erestor’s chest.

“We only wish to please you, Master,” countered Elrohir, and Erestor considered him thoughtfully. He was a lot less sincere than Erestor would like, but he would learn. Over time. And they all had plenty of time.

So as to teach him a lesson, Erestor turned deliberately towards Elladan and slid back down the bed, rolling over to claim a kiss from him. Elladan was more than happy to prove his ardour, and he participated so eagerly Erestor could not help but smile as he pulled away. He touched a finger to Elladan’s lips.

“Very nice. You shall stay,” he said, then rolled over to his other side. To Elrohir.

Elrohir looked a little crestfallen and alarmed, at least until Erestor cupped the back of his neck with one hand and kissed him too. Elrohir also responded wonderfully well. Erestor had no doubt his heart was in it, and he pressed his lithe body upwards, in a promise of pleasure that made Erestor come to a decision over which one of them he would use this morning. Elrohir had a place to fill, and Erestor would make sure he learned it from the beginning.

A half plan formed in his mind, and he smiled inwardly. “Elrohir. You will stay too,” he announced, and then they were both clinging to him, thanking him, kissing him everywhere they could reach. Erestor actually laughed then.

“Very well! Elladan, you will pass me the oil, then you will put on a robe and go to find a servant to request a bath for all of us. Tell them…” he paused, staring at Elrohir intensely. “Tell them half an hour.”

Elrohir lay in his arms when Elladan departed, gazing at him with some anxiety, and Erestor rolled over him, holding him pinned still. “Was it truly you who made this happen after your brother speculated about it?” Erestor searched his eyes.

Elrohir squirmed, abashed.

“Am I anything like you hoped?” Erestor could read the truth in his embarrassment. “Or like you feared?” He kissed Elrohir’s lips lightly. “Or both?”

“Both,” Elrohir confessed, a throttled whisper. “I would never have dared, had Elladan not spoken of it.”

“What else do you crave, but do not dare to speak?” Erestor wondered, and saw a momentary flash of terror in Elrohir’s eyes, swiftly masked. “I will know it ere long, Elrondion,” he promised. He drew his hand down along the ellon’s flank, making him shiver.

Elrohir said nothing, and Erestor smiled inwardly. Very well. If that is the way he wished to play this, he would find himself confessing sooner or later. Erestor made a vow to himself never to ask Elrohir a question more than once. He would soon learn to give answers that way.

He tapped Elrohir’s thighs, demanding. “You will learn to spread your legs for me,” he said, deliberately crude, so that Elrohir winced. “Do it now, and raise your knees.” Still, Elrohir obeyed despite the way Erestor talked to him.

Erestor used the oil on him, pressing fingers into him slowly while Elrohir squeezed his eyes closed, his head turned to one side on the pillows. When at last he relaxed, Elrohir licked his lips. “Will you touch me this time?” Elrohir asked hopefully, without looking up.

Erestor paused to cover his own erection with the oil, taking the opportunity to touch himself while he stared down at Elrohir. “To what end? You will come for me again when I fuck you, just as you did last night.” So saying, he pressed home slowly, overcoming the resistance of Elrohir’s muscle easily.

“I can’t!” he moaned. “Not again. Not like that,” Elrohir protested, shaking his head, though he did not struggle at all. Erestor only chuckled.

“If you can resist, it is you who will remain unsatisfied. Or else there are other things I could put inside you.” Erestor sighed, as if imagining it, moving his hips in lazy rolling movements that made Elrohir moan deeply. “You would come then,” he confided. “I would make certain of it.”

Elrohir moaned, shaking his head from side to side as if to negate Erestor’s confidence, but he was responding already, his cock taut and leaking against his belly.

“Feel how much you like this,” Erestor told him, changing the angle, giving him good hard strokes right against his prostate. “I could make you come very soon, but I will not. I want Elladan to see you like this, taking it like an elleth, coming without me ever touching your cock.”

“No!” Elrohir’s eyes flew open, glazed with panic. He shifted, pushing himself down on Erestor’s cock as if to make himself come then and there.

“Yes,” Erestor insisted, purring the word against his throat. He allowed Elrohir only a few strokes before he shifted once more, denying Elrohir the stimulation he suddenly craved. “He will see you,” he promised. “He will see you come on my cock many times.”

The door creaked then, and Elladan was there. Erestor smiled at Elrohir tenderly.

“Elladan,” he called. “Come and kneel beside us.” He rolled them suddenly, allowing Elrohir to come up on top. He held him perfectly still with strong hands until Elladan took up his position as commanded.

“Watch him, Elladan,” he commanded. “Watch your brother very closely as I fill him. Is he not pretty as he takes my cock?” He pushed up once, then again; Elrohir moaned, squeezing his eyes shut. “A pretty little elleth indeed,” Erestor purred. “Eager and needy for it, needing to be filled.”

Elrohir shivered, biting his lip. His muscles squeezed around Erestor as if in desperation, and a bead of clear fluid welled from the tip of his cock.

“He does not even need me to touch him,” Erestor whispered. “Show your brother, Elrohir. Fuck yourself on my cock until you come.” He stilled his hips, but did not release his grasp, holding him at the exact angle necessary. “Do not touch yourself.”

Elrohir did not move, but half sobbed and half hiccuped, folding his arms over his chest. It didn’t work, because his biceps bulged and his torso was toned and muscled from regular fighting in the hills. Erestor narrowed his eyes at those antics. “If you do not, then Elladan will be the least of your worries.”

Erestor glanced at the door. “It will not be long until the servants come with hot water. If they arrive Elrohir-nín, I will turn you over and fuck you in full view of all of them.”

Still, Elrohir said and did nothing, though he flinched at Erestor’s words. Elladan looked from one to the other of them, his face showing the distress Elrohir felt.

“On all fours I will have you,” Erestor pressed, merciless. “Like an animal.”

Elrohir’s eyes flashed, and for a moment Erestor wondered if he had pushed just a little too far. His arms relaxed, coming down so that his hands rested on Erestor forearms. Then something in his eyes faltered. He flashed a look at Elladan, then swallowed, blushing as he lifted himself partway, inhaling, before moving back down. He took Erestor deep, shuddering. Again he did it, and Erestor made a deliberate sound of pleasure.

“Yes,” he said. “Very good, Elrohir. Faster now.”

Elrohir obeyed, tears of shame and humiliation in his eyes, but this was no worse than Elladan had endured at breakfast. Erestor guided the younger elf’s movements as he speeded up, hands on his hips.

“Tell me when you are close, elleth nín,” Erestor said, and Elrohir growled.

“Do not call me that!” Nevertheless, he did not slow or falter. His breathing quickened and his hands moved to Erestor’s chest, fingers flexing unconsciously.

Elleth nín,” Erestor said again, and bit his lip as Elrohir’s body gave the tell, tightening around him in lust at his words.

“I am close!” Elrohir gasped, ignoring the taunt. “It is coming! Please, Master!”

Without missing a beat, Erestor rolled them over again, taking over, plunging deep and back and in again, making sure to get the angle just right so that a few moments later Elrohir arched off the bed, inarticulate moans spilling from his lips.

“Master!” he cried out, over and over. “Master!” Oh, he was so perfect like this. Erestor spilled deep in him, deliberately selfish.

“Very good, elleth nín,” Erestor crooned, gathering up Elrohir’s seed on his fingers, then pressing them into his mouth. He lips were soft and relaxed, but he tried to suckle, moaning, accepting his reward with tear-filled eyes.

“Elladan, go to the third drawer down in the chest,” Erestor directed. “Bring back the box that is there.”

Elladan hastened to obey, and Erestor reached in, selecting a plug of moderate size. “This will keep my seed inside you even in the bath,” he told Elladan. “I find I like the thought of you filled with my come, unable to sit because of this, the symbol of my cock inside your body. It will make you sore,” he kissed Elrohir’s lips lightly, “But I will fuck you anyway after I remove it, and you will come again with me inside you.”

While Elrohir was still so pliant and defenceless, Erestor rolled him onto his front, lubricating the plug and pushing it in until it was well-seated.

“Such a pretty elleth,” he whispered, and pushed Elrohir onto his side to pinch his nipple, palming his breast. Elrohir flushed, and his hand came up but there was no strength behind it and so Erestor merely continued. “I should have dresses and underclothes made that will look well on you, my elleth, and rouge for your face and lips. Perhaps I will take you out like that, and we shall see if the others can tell you apart from your sister when I have dressed and painted you.”

Elladan gave a low gasp, biting his lip, and Erestor made a note of it. Very interesting indeed.

As he stared at Elrohir, he was surprised to find himself suddenly held close, Elrohir’s arms around him as his breath hitched. Even spent, he was close to tears, and Erestor shushed him, lavishing kisses over his face until Elrohir shook his head slowly.

“Don’t,” he said. “Don’t call me that, Master.” His voice was breaking, and Erestor sighed, sliding hands under him to gather him up. “Please…”

“It is only a game, nothing more. Remember that, Elrohir. I have no wish to harm you, though my conditions will seem strict and unfair. I know who you are; Elrohir, Elrondion, warrior, fighter, grandson of Eärendil.” At that Elrohir calmed immediately and he even gave Erestor a tentative smile.

“Very pretty,” Erestor remarked, and this time Elrohir laughed a little, pushing at his chest to make him move. Erestor did not oblige him, dipping his head down briefly to claim Elrohir’s lips in a kiss.

Erestor was up and dressed in a robe before the first knock at the door, and servants brought in a bath for each of them, keeping their eyes averted from the twins. When they had gone, Erestor stared at the door thoughtfully.

“Well, the secrecy is ended now,” he noted to the two of them. “At least among the staff.” He walked over to the door and locked it, then threw off his robe and stepped into his bath, sinking down into the water with a sigh of contentment. Feeling eyes upon him, he looked around, then clicked his fingers.

“The water cools while you dawdle. Bathe yourselves. We have a long day ahead, and you will need breakfast!” He did not miss Elladan’s alarm, but did not comment on it either. All that mattered was that they obeyed him quickly. Elrohir walked a little stiffly, kneeling inside the tub. Erestor sank down into the water to wash his hair, happy, and Elladan joined him, giving his brother a comforting smile.

Soon they were clean, combing through their long dark tresses, but Elrohir remained still, on his knees, sunk deep in thought.

“Wash his hair for him, Elladan,” Erestor said softly, and Elladan obeyed, tending his brother gently, as though he were incapacitated or ill. Halfway through the process Elrohir seemed to recover, and he took over, only subsiding to allow Elladan to help comb his hair.

“Come here,” Erestor spoke softly to him when they had finished, and Elrohir came, his cheeks faintly flushed, though that might just have been from the heat of the bath.

“Kneel over my lap facing me.” Erestor reached between his thighs and washed him tenderly, then removed the plug with care and finished the job as Elrohir trembled under his hands. It was the first time Erestor had touched his cock in many hours, but he did not touch it for long, and when Elrohir was clean, Erestor oiled him and replaced the plug inside his body.

“What is this?” He touched the protruding end, making the plug shift.

“Your cock in me,” Elrohir breathed, quivering in spite of himself.

“Very good.” Erestor kissed him, slow and thorough, then arose and offered a hand to help Elrohir climb out.

When they had dried off, Erestor clicked his fingers. “Elladan,” he ordered. “Come lie on the bed.”

Moving quickly, Elladan obeyed, a question in his eyes as Erestror seated himself at Elladan’s hip. Without looking away, he clicked his fingers again. “Elrohir. You will kneel by the side of the bed and observe this.”

Only when both twins were arranged to his satisfaction did Erestor begin his task. With his right hand he teased Elladan to hardness, adding oil to ease the touch and provide pleasant friction. Soon, he was gasping and moaning on the bed while Elrohir watched.

Erestor was relentless, and soon Elladan spilled in his hand. For a few seconds too long, Erestor continued with the caress, until Elladan was hissing in discomfort, squeezing his legs together to stop himself from instinctively turning away.

“You can both endure much. You will work with me today, then tonight you will each observe the other. Elladan, I will require the same from you as you gave me the other night.” A haunted, helpless look came over Elladan’s face.

“Yes, Sir,” he said, swallowing.

“And you, Elrohir. We shall see just how much your body can take too.” There was no doubt as to his implied meaning, and Elrohir blushed, looking down.

Wiping off Elladan’s stomach and his own hand with a towel, Erestor got dressed and provided each of the sons of Elrond with a dressing gown to attend breakfast.


To be continued...


Authors' Note: Thank you for reading – we hope you're having fun! So... the truth is revealed. Now the fun can really start! Please leave a comment on your way out <333

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