A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 10

"A storm is coming," Erestor muttered darkly. Indeed, the clouds had gathered and were shadowing the valley in the past hours. Glorfindel ignored Erestor's warning though when he rushed past him to get the horses off the pasture. The sky was becoming a dark blue that gave the feeling of an early night even though it was only early afternoon. Glorfindel skilfully shooed the last five horses towards the shed and managed to lock them inside just before the first drops of rain reached the ground. He hurried back inside only to be nearly overrun by the twins who were looking for shelter in Elrond's house after having brought straw bales into safety. All three of them reached the last homely house just before the first lightening stroke afar.

"It is coming towards us," Erestor said as a forewarning and left to his family's rooms, reaching them before the rain had gained in strength and began pouring down on the roof, draining the acres, and filling up the river.

"Father always said that the best you can do during a thunderstorm is to stay inside, drink tea, and watch nature play from behind a window," Elladan said.

"I'm going to make some tea," Elrohir offered and went towards the kitchen. The chef and staff had left for the afternoon. Dinner was not to start before many hours and the elves wanted to be in their own houses when the rain began to fall.

Elladan and Glorfindel left towards Elrond's study. "I like thunderstorms," Glorfindel said with a slight shimmering in his eyes.

"Only when I am inside," Elladan added. "Father used to read us stories while we had our cup of tea. But one day, Elrohir and I got caught in a thunderstorm during a ride towards Gundabad. We hid among the rocks on a wide field and lay down as low as we could. The storm passed us by only a few miles, but the thunder was terrifyingly loud. When we could mount our horses again, we came past an old oak that had been struck by lightning. It had split the tree not into half, like you have heard of before, but into four equal parts, each spread out into another cardinal direction. It reminded us that nature is the strongest force in these lands and is never to be underestimated." The Lord's son had stopped in front of a window that allowed him to view the whole valley that had been plunged into darkness.

Glorfindel touched his shoulder, imagining what impact such an event must have had on the young elf. The scenery on the outside was occasionally illuminated by a thunderbolt.

"I know what fire can do," he muttered.

Elladan, knowing the terrible fate of Glorfindel's once glorious city, put his hand on Glorfindel's on his shoulder. They looked deeply and sadly into each other's eyes when the door opened and Elrohir came in with a pot of tea in one and three cups in the other hand. He balanced them towards the table next to a window and poured some liquid for all of them. His twin brother and Glorfindel joined him.

They were silently sipping their tea, the raindrops hitting the window in an irregular rhythm. Elrohir suddenly stood up and lit two more torches at the wall as the darkness had now completely enclosed the elven town. The moment he sat down again, the so far loudest thunder rumbled through the air.

Elladan twitched, something that did not go unnoticed by the blonde Lord. He reached out and touched his hand which was playing with the handle of his cup. "We are on the inside," he said. "There is nothing that can happen to us. Also, it is raining which greatly reduces the chances of a wildfire."

Elladan nodded, ashamed for his fear.

Elrohir simply continued sipping his tea. Another lightening stroke again, and this time the thunder followed rather quickly which made even Elrohir nervous.

"We should distract ourselves," he said and looked out of the window. He could not see anything but blackness and silver-looking raindrops hitting against the glass.

"A game of chess?" Elladan voiced a suggestion.

"Boring," Glorfindel decided. "The time you take to think about your next move will make your thoughts return to the presence and every thunderbolt will increase your fear."

"Then suggest something that takes the outside world off our mind," Elrohir challenged him.

Glorfindel chuckled. "There is something I used to do when I needed to empty my mind. In Gondolin we had no thunderstorms but a few decades ago, Rúmil and I were taking cover in a cave on the way to his home in Lothlórien when we were caught in a terrible storm."

"Oh, I can imagine what kind of activity the two of you engaged in two pass the time," Elrohir said and rolled his eyes.

"The same that the two of you engaged in with Aragorn before he exchanged you for Legolas and later for Arwen," Glorfindel muttered with a mischievous smile.

"Father does not know, does he?" Elladan asked nervously and turned his head from the window to Glorfindel. A loud thunder rolled through the sky.

The blonde elf laughed silently. "No, he didn't find out about the two of you and Aragorn or Legolas. I am unsure, however, if he won't find out about the latter in the future."

"What do you mean?" Elrohir asked.

"How long have the elves of Middle-Earth now joined together to fight the uprising darkness?"

"Four years," Elrohir answered, obviously confused by the question.

"And in that time, envoys from Imladris and Mirkwood have been visiting each other. Such often visits are not without consequences."

"Is Legolas seeing an elf from Imladris?" Elladan asked surprised.

"He and your father began a secret relationship less than three years ago. Why do you think Elrond wants to lead the troops to Mirkwood so often? Why do you think Legolas is among the party heading to Imladris every time?"

The twins kept silence and gave at each other meaningful looks. Glorfindel laughed this time; mixed with the thunder it sounded menacing.

"But…", Elladan began.

"And who have you been seeing?" Elrohir asked.

Glorfindel smiled. He knew they would figure out his hints. "Galion."

"King Thranduil's butler?"

Glorfindel nodded. "It was just fun. He is fun. And he is a very old and experienced elf. We live for centuries, what else are we supposed to do for passing the time? Read books all the time? Perfect the arts? Train our battle skills? You can do this for a few centuries, but what is the point? The eldarin body is so rich that exploration never stops. You never got bored of Aragorn or Legolas… or each other?"

"Do you know everything that happens within this city?" Elrohir asked.

"Of course, I do," Glorfindel said and leaned back satisfied. He took another sip of the tea.

Elladan and Elrohir shook their heads. They were glad, however, that Glorfindel was their father's closest counsellor as he saw many things from a different perspective.

A lightning stroke very close and the thunder made the twins both jump up and rush to the window. Glorfindel slowly put the cup down and stepped behind them. He put a hand onto a shoulder of each of them and told them, "relax."

"The lightening has split a tree. Look!" Elladan said and pointed into the dark. Indeed, the aftermath of the lightening could be identified: A tree was lying on its side and smouldering. The fire was quickly put out by the rain, but still, having seen such a giant tree fall onto its side demonstrated the enormous force of nature.

The twins were calming down again and turned to Glorfindel.

"Do you want to be distracted?" he asked putting his hands on their hips and pulling them closer.

"Teach us what you know," Elladan said, and both he and his brother bent forward to give Glorfindel a kiss on his cheeks.

The blonde elf took the twins by their hands and led them away from the window. He started undressing them, one clothing item at a time, then turning to the other twin. In between, the twin he did not undress opened parts of Glorfindel's robes so that after a while they all stood there naked.

"Now, do you want to show me what you have learnt with Aragorn and Legolas?" Glorfindel asked and started rubbing his tool.

Elladan and Elrohir looked at each other and then got down onto their knees. Elladan immediately started wetting and sucking at Glorfindel's penis while Elrohir started kissing his groin area. The blonde lord smiled but signalled them to stop after a while.

"You are starting to quickly," he said. He told Elrohir to lie down on the floor and picked up some pillows from the chairs to put them under his bottom and head. He then kneed down next to him and in front of Elladan.

"First start by kissing him. You did this part right," Glorfindel instructed Elladan and bent down. His long, untied hair dropped down onto the pale skin of the twin. Glorfindel started kissing Elrohir's thighs and worked his way alongside the groin up to the abdomen. He then started licking around the hairless shaft. With his mouth full of saliva, he began encircling the shaft and wetted it. His long tongue licked around the glans, making Elrohir moan and roll his eyes.

"You try," the Lord said and Elladan repeated Glorfindel's movements.

"Don't stop," Elrohir begged his twin once he had arrived at the glans.

"Lick it and suck it. Move your lips around on his glans. But make sure that you use enough spit," the blonde elf lectured the youngling while watching him carefully. After a while, Glorfindel was satisfied with Elladan's performance.

"Now show me," he said and leaned back, supporting his hands on the floor. Elladan bent over his twin's body and started sucking Glorfindel's wood.

"Yes," he moaned, "spit on it. Make sure it is very wet. It will help gliding movements."

Elladan did as he was told and brought a smile on Glorfindel's face. He then pushed the twin back again and bent over the other twin's body. He gave him long, silent kisses and devoured Elrohir's mouth. The twin lying on the floor gave moans of satisfaction.

"You're a good kisser," Glorfindel said and then kissed Elladan. "Put your tongue deeper into my mouth," he ordered and was surprised by how quickly the young elf learnt. "I don't know why Legolas gave up on you for your father," he found. "Now go down on him," he said and watched Elladan's mouth moving gently over his brother's neck, collarbone, kiss his nipples, his chest, his belly and return to the penis. "Slowly," the blonde elf instructed him and Elladan obeyed. Elrohir kept his eyes closed while his penis was well erect. Glorfindel kept playing with his own erection while watching the twins.

"Now get up, both of you," he said, and the two brown-haired elves followed his command. "Which one of you wants to be prepared first?" he asked.

"Elrohir," Elladan said.

Glorfindel told Elladan to bend over and place his hands onto his father's study desk for support. He wiped away the books and parchments which lay in his way. Then Glorfindel strode over to the bookshelf, took out a book about dwarfish children tales translated into Sindarin and picked up a bottle of oil that was to be found behind it.

"Oh Valar," Elladan muttered. He had not known that their father had been keeping lubricating oil in here for naughty play during his study. No wonder that Elrond and Legolas loved to engage in "literature discussions" in the late evenings.

Glorfindel smirked. The twins had no idea how well he knew their father. He handed the oil bottle to Elladan who dripped some of the viscous liquid onto his hands. He started entering his brother with one finger at a time. When he had arrived at three fingers, he wanted to stop.

"Put in your whole hand," Glorfindel demanded.

"No," Elrohir asked, but Glorfindel applied more oil onto the skin over his butthole. Elladan wiped his already wetted hand in it and used the second one to support his grip on his brother's waist. When both his right hand as well as Elrohir's behind were wet and smooth, he glided deeper into him than ever before, clenching his fingers to a fist. Elrohir wanted to scream out loud, but Glorfindel placed the twin's underwear into his mouth, making him gag at first, but bite his teeth deeply into the cloth.

Elladan took a shine on hearing the sweet, muffled voice of his brother and moved his hand inside of him. He pulled out just to shove it right back in. Glorfindel laughed maliciously. He had not intended to play the twins out against each other but watching this slightly sadistic play made his blood rush through his head. He rubbed his penis and knew that he would soon need some action himself.

"Very well, Elladan," he said. "Now prepare me." He moved himself behind Elrohir who was still standing bent over his father's desk. He put his hands onto Elrohir's pelvis and dug his face into the dark brown hair.

"How do you feel?" he asked while he felt the coldness of the oil that Elladan dripped onto his butt.

"Wide," Elrohir moaned. He was very much aroused and had not anticipated that Glorfindel massaged his pelvis and then moved his left hand to grab his penis.

While Elladan prepared Glorfindel's ass, Glorfindel worked on both his own and on Elrohir's erection.

"I am ready," Glorfindel said when he already needed to suppress further arousal. He moved closer to Elrohir and carefully penetrated him. He could hear a sound of joy from the elf's mouth. From behind, Elladan shoved his hard cock into Glorfindel. The blonde elf could feel the breath of the twin on his back.

"Now we work," he instructed them. Elrohir only moved slightly, guided by Glorfindel's hand on his penis that he continuously rubbed. Glorfindel let Elladan guide him at his pelvis so that the gentle thrusts moved very deep into him. He listened to the same gasps and moans from in front of and behind him. They properly worked as all three of them started to get hot. Elladan and Elrohir, being only part-Elvish, began to sweat slightly, the scent of which reminded Glorfindel of his nights with Elrond. He imagined Elrond in front of him, skilfully sucking his dick.

He came into Elrohir's ass, and while he was enjoying himself inside of the dark-haired elf, his twin brother released into him. Glorfindel, despite closing his eyes and relishing the moment, continued rubbing Elrohir's penis so that he ejaculated as the last of the elves, into Glorfindel's hand. He quickly took the older elf's hand into his mouth and gratefully licked his white semen completely off. They stayed in the chain for a while until all their penises became flaccid. They pulled out and cuddled on the floor, with the pillows under their heads. Glorfindel loved the twins laying their heads on his shoulder, them gently kissing his nipples and their hands gliding over his muscular upper body. If the thunderstorm had not ceased and they feared to be discovered by the elves returning to Elrond's house, they would have stayed like this much longer.

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