A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 7

The forest canopy became lower and lighter the closer they came to Legolas' grandfather's former kingdom. They could guess that it was late afternoon. There had been a flooding near a lake that had turned the adjacent area into a swamp. The way around it had delayed their travel so that they now arrived later at the ruins than they had planned.

"It still looks abandoned," Legolas noted when the black stones appeared in their view.

"It always looks like that, whether evil hides behind the stones or not," Lord Elrond taught the young elf. They noticed the absence of bird chants. Not that there were many animals making noises ever since Greenwood had turned into Mirkwood. But now it had become so silent that apart from the twigs breaking under their horses' feet, they could each hear their own, elevated breath.

Legolas grabbed the reins tighter. Elrond noticed his tension and reached out to put a hand on the blonde elf's shoulder. "We are only here to investigate whether something is housing here," he reminded him, but that did not put Legolas at ease at all.

Lord Elrond rode ahead to cross the bridge first. It was old, and they could hear some stones loosening and falling down into the abyss. The wind made a howling noise. Even though there was still the sun in the sky, Legolas was not bale to make out the bottom of the valley on either side of the bridge. He could not imagine how beautiful and graceful this place must had looked during his grandfather's time. Now, it seemed haunted and it scared him. They arrived at something that might have been a gathering place centuries ago. Elrond did not comment on the memories he connected with this place but dismounted his horse and continued guiding it by the reins.

"It does indeed look abandoned," he said looking around while Legolas followed his example. Besides their footsteps and breath, there were no sounds. Not a single bird was watching them, not even a bat or an insect. The whole place seemed dead. They bound their horses to a statue in the middle of the place and started to investigate the ruins. But nothing changed much from their first impression.

Elrond strode towards the lookout on the Eastern side. Very soon, he did not hear Legolas anymore. The elf was light and hardly made any noise. Elrond envied him for this ability as he felt that his human side was rather heavy and anything but graceful. He tried to avoid stepping on branches. There must had been a storm as the ground was full of twigs and leaves and dirt.

Suddenly, something changed. Lord Elrond at first did not realise what it was until he noticed how he heard his own heartbeat. The wind had stopped. All of a sudden, not even the tiniest leave bent anymore. He had an unwell feeling and wanted to find Legolas and leave this place. He had just taken the first step into the direction from which he came when he heard a scream. Unmistakably coming from Legolas, a hot shudder went through Elrond's spine. He drew his sword but before he could make a second step, he was suddenly flung back and landed on the floor. Puzzled he looked up and realised that it was a man who he had run against. He held a long, grey staff that he placed on the floor. He was neither young nor particularly old despite the grey beard he fashioned.

"You are a ring-bearer," the man said and pointed with his staff towards Elrond's right hand.

Elrond let his hand hover over the ground to search for the sword he had let fall. The moment he touched the metal, the sword flew several yards away and fell down onto a lower level. Elrond looked back to the man to realise that it had been him who had moved his weapon.

"If you are a ring-bearer," the man now continued, "you are not an elf of this forest. Vilya was given to Ereinion. Are you him?"

Elrond now stood up. He knew that the ring he wore, Vilya, had been given to Gil-Galad, also called Ereinion, many centuries ago. But since his death, he bore the responsibility for it. "You have not been around for a long time," he concluded, "or you would know that Gil-Galad died by the hand of Sauron."

"I have indeed not been here for a long time," the old man said as if dwelling in ancient memories.

"What is your purpose here?" Elrond shouted. His patience was long over. If this person had hurt Legolas, he would not only revenge him like Thranduil would ask from him but like a lover who had lost his only reason to continue in Endor (=Middle-Earth).

The strange man chuckled. "To prepare Arda Marred for the return of The King of the World," he answered.

Elrond wanted to respond but was too surprised by whatever this old man wanted to tell him. So he decided for a one-word question instead, "what?"

"The first dark Lord will return, and Pallando and I have been chosen to prepare these lands for his arrival."

Elrond sighed. "You are Alatar," he muttered, referring to the blue wizard who had once come to middle-earth to support the fight against Sauron. But if he spoke of the return of Morgoth, why should he help him? He had been sent to their region to help the battle against Sauron, a servant of Morgoth. "You were sent here to support our fight against evil. Against Morgoth and his servant Sauron," Elrond said loudly.

"My intents had been misled. In the east, I realised my true purpose!", the wizard shouted aloud and grinned.

Great, Elrond thought. The blue wizards had journeyed to the east to free the world from the influence of evil, but instead they have been corrupted by it themselves.

"The first dark lord will return through the Door of Night and will cast a shadow through all of the Eastern world. And once the mortals have fallen, the Valar will follow!" Alatar shouted and held his wizard staff high into the air. Suddenly, the wind was back and so were thunder and lightning. Elrond used this moment of noise and light to jump over the ledge on his right and down into the blackness of the ruins. He heard the blue wizard shout something in Black Speech and the stones above him started to crack. The ceiling was giving in and Elrond fetched his sword just in time and jumped out of the way before the heavy rocks began to fall down. He rolled himself into a nearby corridor but was still covered in dust when his heavy body came to a halt. He coughed and panted for air, but still he pushed himself up and started running towards where he guessed Legolas to have screamed.

He heard more stone crashing behind him and tried to hide behind ruin walls to avoid Alatar. But suddenly, the wizard jumped down right in front of him. Elrond wielded his sword at him immediately, but the blue wizard used his staff to shield himself from the attack. They both stumbled backwards. Alatar started muttering words in black speech and stomped his staff onto the floor. Blue sparks flew out of the top crystal towards Elrond and the half-elf was pulled back and crashed into a stone wall. He tasted his own blood in his mouth and spat it out.

"This should have killed you, even though you possess Vilya. A curse dark enough to kill an elf as old as you," Alatar shouted in disbelief and swung his staff once again.

"I am not an elf," Elrond answered. He hardly ever got angry, but he felt something in his inner body boiling. Maybe it was his human rage. But he could also feel how the nearly lost part of Maiar heritance came up in him and flew like energy through his body. All of it combined made him stand up once more and grab his sword. "I am Elrond Peredhil, part-Elf, part-man, and part Maia," he shouted and jumped forwards. Alatar, a Maia having descended to Middle-Earth as a wizard, had not foreseen to fight against someone who possessed powers similar to him, even though in only minor quantity. Surprised by Elrond's sudden attack, the sword clashed against the staff and they both fell to the ground. The staff was mere wood but incorporated magic, so it did not burst by the first impact of the sword.

Without either of the weapons, Elrond and Alatar rolled around on the floor. The Peredhil reached out and hit the old wizard who was nearly powerless without his staff. The wind started to blow again and stronger, and lightning began to illuminate the scene. Alatar managed to kick Elrond into his yembags and crawled towards his staff. Elrond, fighting against the wind, tried to reach his sword. But the wizard was faster. He grabbed the wooden stick and turned around, facing Elrond whose arm was too short to reach his weapon.

To be continued...

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