A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 18

The elves had been riding for nearly two days straight when they began to climb the mountain passes. The road was becoming steep and just enough for the horses to handle. They kept the nights short as they wanted to move as quickly as possible. Only long after nightfall did Thranduil signal the company to halt and rest. They had packed quickly and only the most necessary things for the war. The riders lay down with their heads on the bags and most shared blankets.

Thranduil and Glorfindel, the heads of both elf-kins, put down their blankets in quite remote distance to the other warriors. Thranduil was glad that Legolas was staying among his archer troop, but he looked absent and lost in thought. Thranduil could not blame him. He had reacted far worse when the love of his life had been taken from him.

"We stop only shortly at Rivendell," Glorfindel said and pulled out a map of Arda. They sat down and lit a small bonfire. It was getting cold and the night was dark without a moon. "We get reinforcements in men and supplies and then we continue our ride."

"Morgoth might have already left Weathertop towards the West or he is gathering orc armies there. We cannot know," Thranduil said and regarded the map. Arda was so big and yet too small for all its occupants. He had never desired to expand beyond his borders and there had even been a time where he had never cared for anything outside his lands.

His glance was resting on the map, and so he did not realise that Glorfindel's look had wandered to his face. He then looked up and noticed. "What?"

"You liked Elrond, didn't you?"

Thranduil snorted and folded the piece of paper. He stood up to put it back into his horse's pocket. He suddenly felt Glorfindel standing behind him. The Elven-king sighed. "I accepted him as my son's love."

"Did you ever engage with him?"

The Elven-king chuckled. "Oh yes, yes we have," he said. He felt Glorfindel's touch in his neck. He was wearing heavy armour which he now started to remove. Glorfindel knew what the king wanted, and he grabbed his hair and briskly turned him around. Thranduil looked into the blonde elf's smiling face. He seemed so weightless, so careless, but at the same time he knew which burden he was tasked with.

"Elrond is safe in the Halls of Waiting," Glorfindel said and leaned his head against Thranduil's. "I've been there, I've done that. He is being cared for," and with that he pressed his chin forward until his lips touched those of the Elven-king.

"We haven't done this in a very long time," Thranduil whispered, being careful that no one heard them. He did not want his son to know about *this* story.

"The last time when…" Glorfindel did not dare to finish the sentence, but the Elven-king did it for him, "when my father died." Thranduil held Glorfindel's chin higher and bent over him again. He was taller and broader built, and he used that to his advantage.

"I've got something," Glorfindel muttered and walked to his horse. He returned with a small fabric bag. He pulled out a metallic butt plug.

"You still have it?" Thranduil asked surprised. It had been a gift.

They returned to the campfire and lay out blankets. They were in safe distance from the rest of the elves whose bonfires were shimmering in the distance. There were hardly birds or animals to be heard and most of the riders were sleeping by now.

"It would be such a beautiful night if we were not to go to war," the elf lord said while undressing himself. He lay down next to Thranduil when he was naked as well. He leaned over the pale, muscular of the king and put his head down. His hair fell down like a stream flowing, glittering in the light of the fire. Thranduil began kissing his head and glided his hands over Glorfindel's back and arm. His touch felt so tender, so unnatural for a big elf like him. It spent Glorfindel warmth on the side that was averted from the heat source. After a while, he also started to fondle the king's skin. He began kissing his nipples and his chest and went further down on him. He inhaled the lemon scent that had once been so familiar to him.

"It's been a while," he muttered but Thranduil only responded by exhaling in relief. He had closed his eyes and enjoyed the work done by the former Lord of Gondolin.

Glorfindel crouched down beneath Thranduil's penis, but before he started his work, he turned the Sindarin elf onto the side until he had found a comfortable lying position. The Ñoldorin elf then began to kiss and lick Thranduil's arse until he found himself his way to the arsehole. He wetted the metallic butt plug with spit and began to massage his way into the king's opening.

A smile formed on Thranduil's face. "I can always trust in your abilities. Both on the battlefield and before we are to fight," he muttered. He felt Glorfindel's left hand glide over his waist and his wary kisses on his skin. He inhaled deeply when the butt plug was inside of him at his fullest. Glorfindel bent over him to give him a short kiss on his mouth before he climbed over him to do work on his penis. Thranduil had been rubbing his erection for a while now and Glorfindel did skilfully suckle at his hardness that still needed some work.

Thranduil gasped for air again and the deep breathing sounded like music in Glorfindel's ears. He preferred, however, Elrond's desperate attempts to pant for air because his voice sounded rougher and dirtier. His lips rubbed over Thranduil's glans and boosted his arousal. He continued sucking and licking until Thranduil finally came into his mouth. Glorfindel swallowed and twisted the butt plug which he had been pulling out and pushing in with constant movement. He turned over Thranduil's butt, kissing and fondling it. He pulled out the butt plug completely and froze mid-movement. The butt plug was glowing blue!

"Orcs!" Glorfindel hissed and jumped up. They got dressed in no time. As soon as they had removed all evidence from their nightly encounter, Thranduil repeated loudly, "ORCS!" Elves began to awake, shouting to arm themselves and patrols spread out. It was a matter of mere minutes until the first clashing of swords. Within another few minutes, the nightly camp of the elves was turned into a battle place. Orc heads flew across the field, trees were drowned in dark brown blood. It was already becoming day again when the few orcs that survived the encounter hurried off in the direction of Rivendell.

Glorfindel watched them run away. "They will be slaughtered at Rivendell," he predicted.

"Saddle the horses. We go for a hunt," Thranduil shouted and climbed onto his trustful horse. It was the tallest and most elegant one among all Woodland horses, but nothing could replace his beloved elk.

The elves loved light and starlight. Some stars were still in the sky, but the lack of the moon dampened the mood among the elves of Imladris. That's why Glorfindel had initiated more dancing and singing sessions in the evening and while he was gone, Erestor kept them mandatory.

It was therefore late at night already when Elladan and Elrohir returned to their chambers in the upper level of Elrond's house. They stood a while in the corridor, not knowing what to say. Sometimes, they preferred to sleep in the same bed to spend each other comfort. Without verbal communication, they knew that tonight was such a night.

Elrohir silently entered Elladan's room and they lit a torch at the wall. They did not want the night to be hulled in complete darkness.

"It is scary looking outside," Elladan said. There were hardly lights lit in the valley as most elves had spent their night at the festival indoors and were now tapsing to their homes.

Elrohir put a hand onto his brother's shoulder. "It is also becoming colder. Winter is coming."

"Then it is upon us to spread light and warmth."

"Light we have," Elrohir said and nodded over to the lonely torch at the wall which doused the room in interesting shadowplay. "Warmth we have to give to each other." Elrohir stepped forward and gave his brother a tender kiss on his lips. Elladan smiled and then answered the act of kindness.

"It has been a few days since Glorfindel," Elladan understated the time since they had made love to the blonde Gondolin-Lord.

"Let's make sure we have improved since then," his twin brother said and placed his hands on his brother's shoulder. Their hands were not as big and they were not as manly as their father's, but they were as tall and muscular.

Their hands started gliding all over their bodies and over the clothes that began falling to the floor one by one. While devouring each other's mouths, they began moving towards the bed. It was an inelegant, simple bed made of wood and decorated with carvings. For a Lord's child it was inelegant, for an elf it was normal and for a man it would have been aesthetic. But Lord Elrond had always raised his sons without any privileges in their status and so they have become hard working and honest elf warriors who did not shy away from doing physical work.

And physical work they did. When the last piece of clothing had dropped to the floor, Elladan climbed onto Elrohir's body. He loved making love to his brother as it was like making love to himself. They had each explored their own bodies when they were young and now, they felt so comfortable about the other's body that they knew exactly what stimulated the other one.

Elladan kissed his brother and his mouth glided down his body like water in a stream he would bath in. The sound of kisses was like music in Elrohir's ears and he let his brother do all the work. Elladan reached the pelvis and inhaled the scent of his twin's skin before starting to lick his testicles. Elladan's relaxed breathing and sounds of approval turned into moans that became more and more involuntary and less and less easy to hold back.

They hoped that no one would hear them but there were no other elves scheduled to sleep in the vicinity. While Elladan started to taste his brother's penis, Elrohir began fumbling for the flask of oil in his night table drawer. When his penis was hard, he told his brother to turn around. Elladan climbed over his twin's body and bent forward so that his behind pointed toward Elrohir's face. While he continued engaging with his hardness, Elrohir began massaging his well-oiled index finger into Elladan's butthole.

He soon added a second finger and spread them like a scissor to widen his brother's arse. They had both been gifted with thick penises, and that way they had learnt very early to prepare each other properly.

Elladan moaned and begged for a third finger. He knew that whatever measures they took to prepare, his brother's hardness always hurt at first. It was a pleasurable pain that he enjoyed when Elrohir was positioning his brother above him. Elrohir moved to the end of the bed to lean against the many pillows. Elladan moved with him but positioned himself above his brother's pelvis. Elrohir grabbed his waist and started to move his bottom onto his erect penis. He distributed oil all over his genitals and rubbed his erection until it was very smooth. Then he lowered his twin's pelvis down to him. Elladan began to moan in pain and lust while he glided onto Elrohir's thick cock.

Elladan moved up and down in a slow rhythm, giving moans of pleasure in irregular intervals. Elrohir guided his movements with his hands on his hips. He watched the hair jump up and down playfully and began to undo the ties. When he had released into his brother, he pulled him back to him and Elladan lay down with his back on his chest. His brown hair spread all over his skin and tickled a bit. Elladan looked up and kissed his brother's cheek. Elrohir smiled and began to grab Elladan's erectness with both hands. His twin closed his eyes and leaned his head against his brother's while the work was being done on him. In the end, he released with a satisfied outbreath onto the bedsheet.

Elladan moved upwards for Elrohir to pull out of him, but then he lay down onto his brother's chest again. It was so peaceful for both of them to lie close to each other, having spent their lustful drives in full trust. Their breathing was synchronised, and their hair mingled on their pale skin.

They must have both dozen off because suddenly there was light outside and elves were near, shouting something they could not make out yet. Afraid to be caught in sinful position, the twins jumped up and got dressed in appropriate clothing. When they ran outside, they could clearly hear the elves yelling of orcs and running towards the torches to cast light into the valley. It did not take long for the first orc creatures to show themselves.

Elladan and Elrohir ran back inside at once and grabbed their swords. Five minutes later, they were engaged in the fight at the border of their city as the orcs had probably been disoriented and had wanted to avoid the Elvish settlement. Soon thereafter, the Imladris elves also found out what it was that made the orcs so disoriented: Thranduil, Glorfindel, and company came galloping through the dark. It must have been the whole woodland realm that followed them.

"What is happening?" Erestor asked. He had just been slaughtering three Orcs who now lay dismembered on top of each other.

"We are going to fight Morgoth," Glorfindel answered whilst beheading an orc. "We ride to the coast and sail to Aman to save our beloved lands," he added while stabbing the heart of another one. "But first we need to slay these misborn and restock our supplies."

"And we will take every able warrior with us," Legolas answered. Erestor had not even spotted him until now as the elf prince was even paler and more slender than last time that he had seen him. He was jumping from tree to tree and tried to massacre orcs in the most violent way. His clothes were already drenched in brown blood, but he lusted for more.

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