A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 14

Legolas fell into Galion’s arms. He was so surprised that he nearly dropped the king’s son.

“Legolas, what is it?” he asked and heaved the elf to his own small quarters which was the nearest.

“I served my father,” Legolas moaned in pain and sank down on Galion’s simple bed.

Galion sighed and undressed Legolas to have a look at his injury. “Oh, Legolas,” he sighed and began to wet a cloth with oil. Legolas moaned in pain when the cold liquid touched his wounds, but then he began to relax. He remembered how Elrond cared for him the last time that Thranduil had his rage fit. Elrond was always so endearing, so tender with him. That’s why Legolas loved him so much. He trusted him like he trusted no other elf; with him he could feel vulnerable and helpless, and the wise Lord would never misuse such knowledge or his position.

“He is in Imladris,” Galion noted. Legolas had not realised that he had spoken the name of his lover out loud.

“I miss him,” he admitted.

“It is true love, is it not?” the servant asked. He massaged Legolas’ butthole with marble on a string. It felt good and satisfying on his skin and the entry.

“I have had many relationships, but none has felt like this,” the elf-prince answered with a smile on his face. “I have never felt so naked and so safe while it.” He imagined Galion smile.

The butler removed the marbles and lubricated his slender fingers. He massaged the area between Legolas’ scrotum and anus. It felt so good that Legolas could not help but moan. Galion repaired the damage that his father had done to him. The blonde elf closed his eyes and imagined how it would feel if his father was so affectionate to him. He lay his head aside and started to breath heavy. Galion had now entered his anus with his other hand and curled his fingers. He reached inside only a few centimetres. The marbles had already widened Legolas quite well. He gave a little shriek when Galion hurt him, and the butler pulled out his fingers immediately.

“I am sorry,” he apologised and put more oil on his fingers. He then glided smoothly into Legolas’ arsehole again. A few centimetres inside, he fondled the interior wall until he had found what he had been looking for.

“Oh no,” Legolas cried in pleasure. Galion’s other hand was still massaged the outside of where his prostate was, and now he also stimulated it from the inside. It was too much for the poor elf. He pressed his eyes together and clenched the bedclothes. “Don’t stop,” he begged even though he knew that the servant would not stop until he found release. Since Galion’s two hands were already busy with exciting Legolas, the red-brown-haired woodland elf bent forward and began licking the prince’s testicles.

Legolas rolled his eyes. He could not take more pleasure. His penis was well erect, and he was so close to coming. He bit his teeth together and was surprised about how long he could hold on when Galion’s wet lips engulfed the glans of Legolas’ penis. Legolas opened his mouth in a silent scream. He had never felt more aroused and more pleased. When Galion started to suckle and use his tongue to play with his sensible hardness, Legolas could not stall it any longer.

His blood pumping into his head, his face in grimace, he released the sticky, white semen into his butler’s mouth. The orgasm came like a multitude of waves and when they were over, Legolas’ whole body relaxed, and he fell into a deep sleep. Galion stood up and content with his work and put a blanket over the pale, peacefully sleeping elf. Then he left to see whether Thranduil had finished his bath.


Lord Elrond had travelled the uneven paths to Mirkwood so often in the last few months that even his horse knew the road by heart. Therefore, the half-elf could relax and sit back. However, he found that he could not enjoy the landscape, not only because the canopy of Mirkwood looked dismal and baleful from afar. Even the animals had retreated into the shadows and Elrond wondered where Radagast was these days and whether he was giving his beloved companions shelter from the terrors that had plagued the forest and that were still ravaging Middle-earth.

It took him two days to cross the mountain through a very new passage and reach the edge of the woods, and he only rested when the horse needed a break. He ate while riding, he drank while riding, and he only descended when he needed to relieve himself. The landscape changed and the forest grew higher the closer he came. At first, it was just the shadow that the trees drew, but as soon as he had entered the elf-path and passed the stone memorial of Thranduil’s late wife, the sun seemed to have left nearly completely.

There was little light shining into the forest and when it had become night and there were neither stars nor the moon, he decided that it would be too dangerous to continue. He bound his horse to a tree and climbed it to be safe from whatever came out here at night. The orks and spiders had been defeated, but he did not know whether Pallando would soon notice his partner’s absence and come looking for him. He bound himself around the trunk to prevent himself from falling down in his sleep. He dozed off, but he had weird dreams that he did not know to construe. He feared they were foreboding or visions, but there were no pictures or sounds that he could grip, and so he woke up several times bathed in sweat, but not remembering what it was that had shrieked him from his dreams.

He had no idea what time it was and when he could only remember that his dream had something to do with Legolas and death, he decided that he could not go back to sleep anymore. He untangled himself from the ropes and climbed down. He had no light, so he tapped forward with his hands, searching his horse. When he grabbed the rope which he had tied around the branch, he realised that it was hanging lose. It had been cut off! Had someone approached in the dark and made his horse run off? Why had he not heard anything?

The answer to this question came earlier to Lord Elrond than he would have liked: He stumbled over something that he thought to be roots when he found himself in a puddle of something slimy and very wet and nasty smelling. Horse blood! He rushed up and away from the dead body of his trusty companion. “Brego,” he murmured sadly. The horse had belonged to his adopted son which had by now long passed. Suddenly, there was a wind breeze and the mighty Peredhil realised that someone was standing behind him.

All of sudden, there were light and voices. Elrond turned around and grabbed his sword, ready to attack. A shadow moved and disappeared. Then he heard the voices coming closer and becoming clear-cut. It was wood-elves and high-elves hunting the blue wizard! Elrond drew his sword and looked around. The torches of the elves illuminated the alley. He saw the shadow again moving into the direction he came from.

“Eastwards,” he shouted and heard elves’ light footsteps approaching. The first figures appeared in front of the trees. “He ran eastwards,” Lord Elrond repeated and led the company to where he suspected the wizard. He recognised Lindir popping up next to him.

“There again!” another elf shouted. They now saw a blue hat between the epiphytes and bushes. The first arrows whizzed by his head. Then the blue hat fell. Elrond and Lindir rushed towards the position and saw the old man jumping back onto his feet. He reminded him of Saruman, but his beard was longer and he wore a grey robe under his blue coat. Pallando grabbed his staff and muttered words in the darkest speech of these lands. He tapped his staff onto the ground and suddenly a crack appeared in the forest floor. It expanded and soon ran through roots and grass and moss.

“Back,” Elrond shouted, and they all stumbled backwards, watching how a giant cleft grew in the middle of the forest. He jumped over the fissure before it grew too wide. Another arrow whirred past him and bored itself into the wizard’s staff. They both looked to its origin and the Peredhil spotted his love Legolas in the tree, unerring as always.

Elrond used this moment and jumped forward. His sword clashed against the wizard’s staff and they lost both their weapons. Pallando grabbed Elrond at his shoulders and pushed him back, but surprisingly, Elrond was not as weak as he had suspected. They both stumbled and fought, too near to the cliff.

“Elrond!” Legolas screamed, realising the danger. But it was too late. The wizard had reached Elrond’s sword and stabbed him right into the chest. Elrond gulped, his eyes widened and backwards he stumbled and fell into the cleft in the ground.

“Elrond!” Legolas shouted again and jumped off the tree he had been hiding in. He ran towards the cleft but was held back by Lindir.

“He’s gone,” the high elf muttered, himself in disbelief.

Legolas shouted and screamed and sank to his knees. The blue wizard picked up his staff again and hurried away into the direction of the Misty Mountains.

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