A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 2

For Elrond, the dinner could not be over quick enough. They had already missed the most of it, but the elves started to sing and compose songs about the day’s victories. Legolas fitted in perfectly, dancing with his long, blonde hair swinging around his shoulders. Elrond watched his graceful moves with amazement.

“More wine?” a servant next to him asked politely. Elrond was pulled out of his days dreams and held his goblet up to allow the red Dorwinion to be poured in. He smelled the liquid and took a large gulp. His butt ached and the alcohol lessened the pain. He also needed its dazing effect to come to terms with the unexpected sexual adventure he had just had the pleasure of experiencing. He looked over to his left where Thranduil was standing in fresh, elegant robes of silver and black. His head was lifted, his with pompous rings adorned hand held a brazen trinket of which he took a nip from time to time. He had completely ignored Elrond since they had joined the feast.

When Elrond felt the tiredness grow on him, he decided to put his cup on one of the large wooden tables and made his way for the exit. Once in the corridor, the music immediately faded, leaving him with his thoughts. He daydreamt of that patrol ride to the edge of the forest where he had spent an afternoon lying with Legolas in the grass near a river. But he was quickly caught back in reality.

“Where do you think you are going?” he heard the powerful voice of the Elven-king behind him. He turned to see Thranduil with a cup in one and a three-quarters full bottle of Dorwinion in the other hand.

Elrond did not dare to respond, so the king strode forwards. “To my quarters, now. You are not done for today,” he said in a lower voice and passed the lord to lead the way.

Elrond had never been before to the king’s private chamber, and he was not disappointed. The wing-door flung open and he entered a big, round room with marvellous artwork on its walls. A huge desk was covered in parchments and inkwells. The curtains were drawn over the windows, but Elrond doubted he would have seen anything due to the progress of night. On the right and left there were a door each, leading to a bathroom and a dress room, Elrond assumed. At last, his gaze fell upon the object of interest for tonight: the wooden canopy-bed, decorated with golden twigs and leaves, making it truly an appropriate resting place for the king of the woodland realm.

Thranduil closed the doors behind him, and now was the time that Elrond felt trapped. Did he even want to be exposed to the king’s lustful drive? He had feelings for Legolas, but why would Thranduil involve himself in their affair? Maybe he is lonely, Elrond thought and looked into the arrogant face that eyeballed him up and down. Wordlessly, Thranduil poured himself another cup of Dorwinion, clinked glasses with an imaginary trinket, and swallowed half of it down in one rush. Elrond had no idea what this fast amount of intake would do to him, but the king seemed to be used to its effect.

“Drink,” Thranduil said and handed Elrond the trinket. The half-elf took a careful sip, knowing how his non-Eldarian side had problems with the tipsiness that followed the indulgence.

“All of it,” Thranduil demanded and lifted the trinket at its bottom, forcing Elrond to swallow faster. “If you are such a lousy drinker, I wonder how you will hold up with my own liquids,” Thranduil said as if he were disinterested. Maybe Elrond did not live up to the high standards of his usual chamber guests.

When Elrond had emptied the cup, Thranduil already strode to his bed. He neatly placed cup and bottle on the bedside table and began to undress. Not really wanting to be commanded around again, Elrond followed his example. When he had disrobed himself, Thranduil guided him by his hand onto the bed. For while, Elrond sat there, one leg bent and below the other, his hands supporting his slightly backwards leaned upper body. He anticipated the king’s next move, but he was only standing there, enjoying the view. Then, Thranduil started rubbing his member, focused on Elrond’s chest, then his chin, his lips, and then the long brown hair.

When Thranduil’s penis was stiff, he took up the trinket again and poured the rest of the bottle into it. With the cup in his hands, he crawled onto the bed and onto Elrond. His legs were bent next to the lord’s chest and he sat down on his thighs.

“Sit up,” he ordered, but his voice had become soft. “Drink, but do not swallow. I want to drink all of the wine from your mouth,” he explained.

Elrond stared at the cup that was filled nearly to its edge. He carefully took it and started to sip. The king cowered down to make it easier for Elrond to give him the Dorwinion in a form of kiss. The first time, he spilled a large quantity over Thranduils chin. Without being asked to, he licked it off the king’s smooth skin. He obviously enjoyed himself. With time, Elrond became more skilled, and Thranduil even licked out Elrond’s mouth for the tiniest drop of the previous drink. When the trinket was empty, Thranduil threw it onto the floor without care. He then climbed further onto Elrond and pressed him down onto the bed.

The king held his penis over Elrond’s face and said, “show me how much a millennia-old elf has learnt in Imladris.”

Elrond did not let this be told him twice and started rubbing and sucking. He took his time to be playful as well, much to an increase of moans that expressed the king’s gratitude. When Thranduil came, he took his penis back into his own hand and released his white semen all over Elrond’s face. Some of it dripped into his mouth and he tasted it. It was bitter-sweet, and the warmth felt good on his tongue.

“Let me wash this off your face,” Thranduil said and stood up. He rubbed his penis once more and then started to pee aiming at Elrond’s face at first, then all over his body. Elrond, who had not been expecting the wet play, coughed at first, being surprised by the urine and wanted to sit up. But Thranduil pushed him back and aimed his piss directly at Elrond’s mouth, forcing him to swallow. His piss was even warmer than the semen and tasted even better. The liquid shimmered ochre in the torchlight and was probably heavily influenced by the amount of Dorwinion the king had drowned himself in tonight. When the flow stopped, Elrond absorbed the last drop off Thranduil’s penis. The king then kneed down again and licked his own piss of Elrond’s body, giving him a wet kiss from time to time, involving a lot of tongue play. Elrond could not help but be aroused. He had never indulged in such fetishes, but it had turned him on in ways that he could never had presaged.

Thranduil started to fondle his belly with his long, slender fingers, and let them wander down. He took Elrond’s balls into his right hand and started to massage them. Lying next to Elrond now, the blonde elf kissed the lord’s shoulders, neck, and stopped at his mouth, inserting his tongue deeply. Only then did he let his mouth follow and skilfully engaged in a romantic making out session. Elrond did not need to work on his penis, Thranduil’s advances made him boost his arousal sufficiently.

His moans became louder and loader as he could not contain himself any longer. The king now started to move his hand from his balls to the penis and started to rub gently. Elrond knew that there was not much needed for him to discharge. Before he was to come, Thranduil fetched the empty trinket from the floor and held it near Erond’s penis. The brown-haired elf sat halfway up while Thranduil performed the final movements on him. He released into the trinket. A small droplet remained hanging on the tip which Thranduil licked off with relish.

“Now piss into the trinket so that we can drink it,” Thranduil whispered with a slightly rough voice into his ear. He had lain down next to Elrond, still holding his hand on the height of his penis.

“I cannot piss on command,” Elrond responded.

“You will have to learn if you want to continue your affair with my son,” the king said.

Elrond looked at him. The king had again the arrogant and demanding look on his face – or had he never lost it? It was apparent that Thranduil was used that it was done whatever he asked. Elrond concentrated on his penis again. He indeed had to pee as he had drunken too much Dorwininion tonight. He rubbed his member, and he took embarrassingly long in his own view to feel relaxed enough for the liquid to flow. Finally, a golden-shining ray shot out of his penis and filled the trinket like a whirling pool. He sat further up to assure he would spill nothing. His semen mixed with the urine but was quickly not distinguishable anymore.

“Hmmm,” Thranduil commented as he smelled the liquid. “Your piss has a pleasant scent. You have not only indulged in Dorwinion today, but also in red leaf tea. Did Legolas prepare you one for the morning?”

Elrond nodded. Thranduil guided the trinket to his lips and started sipping from it. “The taste keeps all the promises the odour makes,” he said and poured the rest over his chin and upper body. He lay down and looked at Elrond with expectation. “Lick your pee off my body,” the blonde elf said with a smile.

Elrond admitted to himself being slightly curious how it would feel, and he tasted his urine. Thranduil’s soft body had a slight scent of lemon that he had not smelled during the orgy in the bathroom. He must have applied it later. Thranduil moaned in pleasure while Elrond licked and kissed his body. When he was done, he lay down beside the king and cuddled into his arms. They lay there motionlessly for a while, only listening to each other’s breathing.

Elrond had lost his sense for time. Maybe it was the light-headedness induced by the potent wine, maybe it was the joy of the moment. He must have dozen off, because he nearly shrieked when a person was tiptoeing towards the bed. The torches illuminated from behind, but not his face. When he bent down towards the two cuddling elves though, Elrond saw the gleaming blue eyes of his love.

“Someone has left me all alone and gone to have fun without me,” he babbled, obviously having enjoyed a bit too much of his people’s brew. He undid his shirt and unzipped his trouser, letting fall every piece of his clothes to the floor. He was staggering a bit, having to hold onto the wooden column at the edge of the bed from time to time.

“I see my father has gotten you fascinated into wet foreplay,” Legolas said as he dropped his underpants onto the floor. “This is quite handy as I have taken in an… incredible amount of Dorwinion.” He waved his penis and started to pee onto the two elves lying in bed. Thranduil opened his mouth expectantly, and Elrond also received his fair share of the yellow liquid. Legolas’ urine tasted similar to Thranduil’s but sweeter. Having relieved himself, the young elf crawled onto the bed and asked, “my arse is itchy from all the sitting at the banquet. Would someone enter me, please?” He looked at Elrond whose skin was illuminated orange-white in the light of the torches.

“Are you wide enough yet, ion?” Thranduil asked and waved him over. Legolas crawled further and sat down on Elrond’s pelvis. He then leaned forwards, allowing Thranduil to test his width. The elven-king licked his fingers, then entered one, quickly two and three fingers, leading Legolas to give a half-drunk yell.

“Too quick,” he moaned.

“You were the one aching for Elrond’s member already,” Thranduil reminded him and sat up to spit into his son’s arse. While he was making Legolas ready, the prince started to make out with Elrond.

The lord felt the warm touch of Legolas’ lips and responded the slight pressure. He was more sensible and less dominating than Thranduil, and Elrond enjoyed guiding the young elf a bit. He suddenly felt a touch at his penis, but both of Legolas’ hands were clenching his shoulders. It was Thranduil who was preparing Elrond as well for his work in Legolas by rubbing the glans and wetting his member with spit and piss. When he deemed the two lovers to be ready, he pushed Legolas’ chest back so that he would sit up straight. Then he helped Elrond’s penis to find the small hole.

Legolas moaned in pleasure as soon as Elrond started to enter him. “Do nothing,” he said, “I wish to work in you with my rhythm. Tell me if I may go faster.”

“Use my penis as you like. You determine the pace,” Elrond offered and closed his eyes. He felt Legolas moving up and down on him, first slowly, then becoming faster and faster. Legolas searched support on Elrond’s belly, and he felt the warm hands glide on his skin. He became aroused not only by the thrusts but also by Legolas’ heavy breathing. He imagined it being near his ear and feeling the warmth of the air move his hair. Legolas gave a few screams when he went too fast, but he did not let the pain slow him down. He continued, and by now his arse was probably sore and aching. He still needed more.

Elrond felt himself close to coming already, but Legolas showed no sign of stopping.

“You’re too quick,” Thranduil reprimanded Elrond and pinched one of his nipples. He startled, but then caught himself again. He laughed, but Thranduil, this time, bent down and bit his nipple. As Elrond shrieked in unexpected pain, Legolas released and spread the cum all over Elrond’s belly and chest. Thranduil licked it all off thirstily and gave Elrond a kiss full of Legolas’ tasty semen. Legolas began to move slower as his penis relaxed. He moved his bottom up and sat down next to Elrond who was still aroused.

Thranduil crawled towards his phallus as well, and hand in hand, father and son worked on it. They were cautious, they never stayed too much in rhythm, they switched between rubbing and sucking, and they made Elrond last longer than he had ever before. He moaned relentlessly and enjoyed the heat flowing through his whole body. At the beginning, he wanted to delay it, too, but the longer it went on, he just wanted them to finish.

Finally, when he came, a huge amount of white, sticky stuff sprayed at the faces of Legolas and Thranduil in several boosts. Legolas licked Elrond’s penis, and then he and his father licked each other’s faces and kissed. When they were done making out, the two blonde elves came to a rest lying down next to the lord. He felt the warm bodies of king and prince huddle against him. Elrond was sweating but did not care. He felt so relaxed as he had not in a long time. This was indeed a perfect end to a day of battle and slaughter. Right now, he was surrounded by the most handsome elves in Mirkwood, having been pleased as if it were torture, and all he could do now was close his eyes and sleep.

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