A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 13

Lord Elrond had been riding for two days and a night when he arrived near Carrock. He could see an army of men and elves resting under a ledge. He rode towards them to ask for news.

“Where do you come from and where are you heading to with which purpose?” Lord Elrond asked when he came nearer.

A muscular, dark haired man stood up. “Many questions for a lone rider.”

Before Elrond could respond, he recognised the only silver-haired elf among the Teleri as Círdan rose and spoke. “Do you have any idea who it is that you are speaking with? This is Lord Elrond of Rivendell.”

“I beg you pardon,” said the man and bowed.

Elrond gestured ‘no need’ with his hand.

“We are a joint army from Rohan and some of those who survived the attack on Lothlórien. An aggressive swarm of orcs have swept over our country from Mordor. We are keeping them at bay, and we are riding to prevent attacks from the north,” the man explained.

“Mount Gundabad has sent its orcs into the forest,” Elrond explained. “Aggression and evil have been on the rise for months and months.”

“If we destroy the dwelling at Gundabad, they cannot produce new orcs there,” Círdan explained.

Elrond nodded. “I shall wish you luck. We have found the reason of evil in Mirkwood. Two Istari wizards have turned against us. They are trying to do what Saruman failed to do decades ago. They serve Morgoth.”

“Then what can we do?” the man asked.

“Destroy Mount Gundabad. Fight all evil that attacks you. I am riding back to Rivendell to find a way to save Middle-Earth. Once we know what to do, we will spread the word. Keep an eye out for a blue wizard. His name is Pallando and he is as mighty as Mithrandir.”

They exchanged little other news about cities that had been attacked, that had been held or that had been lost. Then Elrond swung himself on his horse again and started the ride towards the Misty Mountains. The weather was kind and so he was able to take a mountain path that was the fastest to the city of Rivendell. It had lost most of its charm and since Arwen had left, he felt a great void. The leaves looked like an eternal autumn was upon them, and Elrond’s mood was only lifted when he spied the blonde hair of his closest friend Glorfindel.

“What made you return so quickly? And alone?” he asked when he rushed downstairs to hug his Lord.

“I will tell you once inside. Gather my sons and Erestor. I tell you during dinner. And then I shall do research in my study,” Lord Elrond responded.

While the cooks prepared dinner, he went to his private chambers which he had not seen in months. He got rid of his riding robes and was not prepared to see Glorfindel suddenly in his room.

“Have you forgotten how knocking works?” he asked.

“How’s the king?” Glorfindel asked dryly. He and Thranduil had clashed in the past and that was the main reason why Elrond had trusted his blonde companion with Rivendell instead of working near the Elven-king.

Elrond swallowed hard and rested undressing for a brief moment. “He’s fine,” he decided to say. He could hardly tell what the king and he had done in the past week.

“And Legolas?” Glorfindel asked softer, ignoring Elrond’s obvious hesitation to tell the whole truth.

“As handsome as always,” Elrond responded, having removed his clothes and walked into the bathroom to wash himself quickly with a soaked cloth. He felt Glorfindel standing very close behind him. “I am with Legolas now, Glorfindel, and I love him. Besides, we need to talk about urgent matters.”

“You’ve been riding here for days. The urgent matters can wait for another few minutes.”

Elrond chuckled. “You think you need no more than a few minutes?”

“I know you like no other elf, not even Legolas knows how to make you come within a very short time.”

“With Legolas I take my time. It is love that we make, Glorfindel.”

“What we make is simple pleasure,” Glorfindel said and grabbed Elrond at his waist to turn him to face him. “That’s why you need not feel guilty about it.”

Elrond sighed. Glorfindel wiped a strand of hair of his face that had become loose during the ride.

“You look tired,” Glorfindel said.

“I have no time to rest.” He sighed again and gave in. He leaned forward and pressed his lips on Glorfindel. The blonde elf took the offer and started to eat his mouth. At the same time, his hands glided over Elrond’s naked body and found their way to his penis. With ease, Elrond’s penis became erect and he pressed himself closer at Glorfindel’s body. Glorfindel opened his robe and pulled down his trousers. He then started rubbing quickly Elrond’s hardness and let him discharge into Glorfindel’s underwear.

“See? Just a matter of minutes,” Glorfindel said triumphantly and left Elrond to wash himself.


Less than half an hour later, Elrond, Erestor, Glorfindel, and the twins were sitting in the dining hall of the main house and the Lord of Imladris explained what they had found out in the last few days in Mirkwood.

“It was foolish of you to ride here without guard,” Erestor was the first to comment.

“I know. But I thought that alone I would most probably not be attacked. And I made very little rest,” Elrond replied. “Now, if you excuse me, I have to go to my study.” He stood up and left his half-eaten dinner.

“He should rest more,” Elladan said as soon as the doors fell shut.

“And eat more,” Elrohir added.

“At least he has enough sex,” Glorfindel commented.


It was two days later that Elladan and Elrohir sat still together after an afternoon chant. All the other elves had left by now and returned to their work. Elladan had just finished repairing a water wheel down the river and Elrohir dreaded returning to the carpentry shed because the she-elf working there had a crush on him.

“I am worried about adar,” Elladan said. He stared out of the window and watched the elves walking by the paths that let down to the river.

“He’s been in his study for two days now. He hardly sleeps. And if we didn’t bring food and watch him eat, he would even forget that,” Elrohir agreed.

They heard footsteps approaching and shortly later the door to the eating hall opened. A guard of the gate entered accompanying a rider of men.

“I bring news from the south,” the woman said. She was dressed in men’s riding gown and her blonde hair was neatly tied to her back. “Orcs that had been housing in the ruins of Tharbad left and another great flood has taken hold of anything near the river Greyflood.”

“Gwathló is known for floods,” Elrohir muttered.

“The flood came upstream,” she explained.

Elrohir and Elladan looked at each other. They knew that magic must had been involved.

“This is the doing of Pallando, an Istari wizard turned against us,” a powerful voice cut the silence.

Everyone turned around. Lord Elrond stood in the other door. He looked thinner, his skin was pale, and his eyes decorated dark circumorbital rings. His hair was tied back uncharacteristically, and his clothes were anything but elegant. He gestured everyone to sit down. Before he began talking, Glorfindel and Erestor came rushing into the hall. Either they had heard Elrond’s voice, or they had seen the messenger arrive at the gates. In any way, they took chairs to the table and listened curiously.

“Many, many years ago, Manwë summoned a council of Valar and they decided to send five Maiar to Middle-Earth who would aid us in the fight against Sauron, servant of Morgoth. Among them those who we refer to as Gandalf, Saruman, and Radagast. Alatar and Pallando, the blue wizards, left to the East and were since then not seen. Like Saruman, they were converted by evil and are now serving Morgoth instead of helping us defend him. They want him to return from the Void where he was imprisoned after the War of Wrath many centuries ago.”

“Assuming he can return from the Void through the Walls of Night, what can we do against him?” Erestor asked.

“We can hardly hold our cities against the orks that the two wizards have made so aggressive. How are we supposed to defeat Morgoth?,” the woman added.

“According to the legend,” Elrond continued, “the Valar gave us the Doom of Mandos, a prophecy, when the first elf killed another elf, an act that banned the Ñoldor from sailing to Aman for centuries. However, Mandos gave the Valar a second prophecy, and I quote, ‘when the world is old and the Powers have grown weary, Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World, seeing that the guard sleepeth, shall come back through the Door of the Night out of the Timeless Void; […] Then shall the Last Battle be gathered on the fields of Valinor.’” [History of Middle-Earth, The Lost Road and other writing, as quoted on lotr.fandom.com, the One Ring Wiki, in the article of Dagor Dagorath, accessed 30/05/19]

“Could someone translate this for a woman who is not familiar with Elvish history?” the messenger asked. She, after all, had to over-bring the news and understand the follow-up questions.

“Morgoth will return and strike again,” Elladan summarised what his father had just said.

“Eärendil, my father,” Elrond continued with heavy heart, “is eternally sailing the sky with the Silmaril of his wife’s ancestors. When Morgoth returns, so does he to join the final battle at Dagor Dagorath. The Vala Tulkas, the Maia Eönwë, and the man Túrin will help to kill Morgoth once and for all.”

“Túrin, a man?” Glorfindel asked surprised.

“Túrin was among those men who came to Beleriand, which was later destroyed, in the first age. He was exiled when–”

“I don’t think this is too important right now,” Erestor interrupted.

“You are right,” Elrond gathered himself. “Important is that we are before the Final Battle. It will take place in Aman, but we will most probably endure the consequences of its outcome here on our continent as well.”

“So, what do you propose?” the woman asked. She wanted answers, she wanted something to do.

“We need to find Pallando, the second blue wizard. Only if we break his staff and stop him can we effectively fight the spiders and orks and bad things that fall upon our earth,” Glorfindel said and looked to Elrond who nodded.

“Then I shall spread the word. Find the blue wizard and bring him to Rivendell.” The woman stood up.

“To Thranduil’s realm,” Elrond corrected her. “It has become the strongest hold of Elvish armies and it is from there that we command our legions. Rivendell is where we farm and supply the other cities. It is well protected and has not been attacked… yet. Since the fall of Lothlórien and Mirkwood being under constant attack, Rivendell is the reason we still have the means to continue fighting. It is why we are still under such well defence.” He leaned back.

The woman nodded and the guard of the gates led her out.

“If the battle takes place in Aman, we elves need to help. We have ignored the call of the Valar for too long already. We need to go to Aman and support our ancestors and the mightiest beings that Erú has created,” Erestor said.

Elrond stared at him. He was lost in thoughts.

“We cannot just sit here and do nothing,” Glorfindel added, surprisingly agreeing with Erestor.

“We are not even supposed to be here anymore,” Lord Elrond muttered. “Our time is over. We should have gone to Aman ages ago.”

“And now we go there,” Elladan said,

“to fight,” Elrohir finished his brother’s sentence.


“We have hardly had any time since you have come,” Glorfindel lamented while Elrond packed the parchments full of notes into a bag.

“We do not have time to lose during the war,” Elrond said and blew out the candle on his desk.

“It is close to midnight. It would be foolish of you to ride out at night. The climb over the mountain is steep and the night as dark. The clouds are shielding the moonlight.”

Elrond now did rest his movement. He turned to his trusted friend with a severe expression of grief on his face. “There is not moon.”

Glorfindel let this sink in. The return of Morgoth must stand before. “Stay the night. Ride out with the first ray of sunlight – if there will be one.” He put a hand on Elrond’s hanging shoulders. Elrond touched it.

“Your hand is so warm,” the Lord remarked and touched the blonde elf’s face.

“I have always spent you warmth during cold nights, have I not?” Glorfindel said and stepped closer. His face was nearly touching his Lord’s. “Let me spend you warmth and shelter tonight before you ride out again.”

“Thranduil’s soldiers need to come to Aman. We need every elf we can spare. Mirkwood is not in danger anymore since Alatar was captured. When Pallando is found, we can be sure that the Final Battle is refined to Aman. And we need every elf there,” Elrond muttered and sighed. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. It was the first in a long time that he smelled again the raspberry scent of Glorfindel’s hair. He remembered the many nights that their bodies lay entwined in sin. He remembered the moans of misdeed and the comfort of joined pleasure. It had been sexual satisfaction, but what he had with Legolas was true love. He had learnt the difference in the centuries he had spent acting upon his needs. He reached forwards and tenderly kissed Glorfindel’s lips. “I ride out at the first light of dawn,” he decided.

He allowed Glorfindel to pull him out of his study and together they climbed the watchtower of Rivendell. There was no one up here as there were enough guards patrolling the surroundings and the mountains. “I love being up here,” Glorfindel explained. There was again this light in his eyes that Elrond so enjoyed seeing in him. It meant life. “From here, everything else looks small, meaningless. The only thing that counts is us.” With that, the blonde elf opened the tails in Elrond’s hair and began undressing him. For Elrond it felt like a dream. He had had so little sleep, so little to eat, he felt numb. But Glorfindel wanted to show him that his body was anything but numb. Soon, Elrond felt the cool breeze of the autumn night blowing against his bare skin.

He watched Glorfindel remove layer by layer of his clothes, robes falling to the ground, revealing the marvellous, muscular body of the blonde elf which shone in the light of the torches that were lit throughout the Elf-town. The absence of the moon worried Elrond, but the golden shimmer on Glorfindel’s breast drove him mad with desire so that he could distract himself from the thoughts of doom and peril. He buried his head in his chest, Glorfindel lay his head on his, their hair colours mixing like paint. Elrond started to cry. “I fear, Glorfindel,” he said.

Glorfindel placed his hands on Elrond’s cheek and held his head towards his own.

“I fear for Legolas, I fear for my sons, I fear for the fate of those who travelled to Aman.”

Glorfindel touched the tears rolling down Elrond’s cheeks and tasted them. “Despair and sorrow do not suit you, my friend,” he said and pressed his lips on Elrond’s. Elrond, who was overwhelmed by his feelings, allowed it, he allowed Glorfindel to take them from him and to fill him with ecstasy and joy and pleasure. They explored each other’s mouths which they already knew so well. Their bare chests were pressed against each other and the half-elf loved the heat of the other elf. His head was red, and his mind was high; that much he enjoyed forgetting his worries for a while.

Glorfindel widened him and while Elrond supported himself on the wall and had the view of his entire valley in front of him, his most trusted friend entered him deep. They moaned together as the wind blew, and Glorfindel worked hard in him. Elrond grabbed his manhood and rubbed himself until he had reached hardness in joy. He felt Glorfindel spread his love in him and then he turned to him. The blonde elf gave him a short kiss before he fell onto his knees in front of him. Elrond leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. He needed not much of Glorfindel’s soft touches before he found release in his mouth. He then sank down to the floor where the elf crawled next to him. They sat there for a while, breathing deeply, their heads resting against each other’s. No word was spoken, and with the first ray of the sun, Elrond kept his promise, kissed Glorfindel good-bye, saddled his horse and rode towards his lover’s realm to plead for an army to take to Aman.

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