A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 5

In the early evening, Thranduil commanded small troops to patrol the Mirkwood realm. He then called Elrond to him. The Lord arrived at the throne and dropped a small curtsy which seemed to please the Elven-king.

“There is something in this forest that makes its non-Illúvatar children inhabitants aggressive and belligerent. I have sent out our men to guard the peaceful beings, but I want to be sure that we find the source of this change. I would like you to go to Dol Guldur and make sure these abandoned ruins are as abandoned as we think them to be.”

Elrond nodded. He had thought about this haunted place before. It had been a while since he, Galadriel, Saruman, and Gandalf fought off Sauron. If a malevolent spirit had returned to Dol Guldur, they should seek it out and prepare a response. Elrond turned to leave as he had heard enough, but Thranduil stopped him. “Take my son with you. I trust you to protect him.”

Elrond nodded and, on his way, out, his skin became hot and cold at once. Did that mean that Thranduil approved of their affair? Did he not consider him too old, or not worthy because of his Maya-Human heritage? Did he not want a warrior for his son, a noble Sindar, instead of a scholar half-elven who would soon follow the call to set sail for Aman?

He was awoken of his thoughts when he nearly ran into his lover at the bottom of some stairs.

“Where so hastily?” Legolas asked, a smirk on his lips as he loved the inattentiveness of Elrond being lost in thoughts.

Elrond looked up and melted immediately in the ocean of Legolas’ wonderful eyes. “King Thranduil sent us to support the patrolling guards and inspect Dol Guldur.”


“Indeed. He specifically asked me to take you with him, Legolas.”

“That is a good sign then, I believe. I will pack our horses at once,” he said, and Elrond followed him to the weapons chamber.

Less than two burnt standard candle lengths later they were riding their horses towards the south. The last time, Elrond had been accompanied by his then-future mother-in-law and a powerful wizard. Now, he was with a young elf who he was also told to protect at all cost, and this task made him feel uneasy. He knew that he had the role of the protector in their relationship, not only due to his age and experience but also because of his knowledge of Arda and its occupants. His heart ached at the thought of the world east of the Great Sea as his mind involuntarily wandered to the Undying Lands and Celebrían. It had taken him centuries to overcome his grief and turn it into good. He had tried to do his best as Lord of Imladris and father to four children. Now, looking at Legolas, he felt his heartbeat increase and his ears turn red. This young Sindarin prince was filling his life with love that he could give, and he lessened the pain when the two lay together at night, his body warmth spending solace and comfort.

They could not travel fast due to the lack of light. It was a full moon but still, only little light faded through the tree canopies. Thranduil had insisted on their immediate departure and, while Nazgûl preferred to walk under moonlight as well, they had dismounted the horses and led them by the reins to minimise the noise they were making. When there was no light left shining through the thickening leaf roofs to illuminate their path, they agreed to halt and camp for the night.

The two lovers did not dare to make a fire as they feared to be seen. They tied the horse reins to a tree and gave the animals food. Then they sat down themselves on a blanket and silently ate bread. When they were done, they cuddled closer together. It was beginning to get cold as they were not moving anymore, and Legolas was freezing hopelessly.

“Come closer to me,” Elrond invited the shaking elf and took him into his arms, lying down. He covered them both in a blanket and they woke up still huddled together the next morning when the first sun rays pierced through the thick layer of leaves and branches.

“Good morning,” Elrond said and smiled.

“Morning,” Legolas said. He reached up to gave Elrond a good morning kiss. His lips were so soft. He nearly forgot when he looked at the Peredhil’s face.

Elrond freed them both of the blanket, but they had slept so close to each other that, when they looked down, they knew that the other elf had also dreamt of this night together. They smiled and looked at each other. They kissed while standing up and Legolas clasped his hands around Elrond. Elrond then proceeded to untie the cords of Legolas’ shirt. The blonde elf understood the gesture and in less than a few eye’s blinks they stood there nakedly, surrounded by bushes and trees in the nature, making out passionately as if there were no dangers in the land.

“Turn around,” Elrond said, and Legolas obeyed immediately. The brown-haired elf licked his fingers and started to widen Legolas’ arsehole. The young elf moaned and bent forward, grabbing the thick branches of a small tree for support. He felt Elrond widening him, preparing him for his big cock that was about to enter him. Legolas was glad that his father’s penis was enormous and that he had been trained by him before he had slept with any other elf. And luckily, he had inherited most of his father’s physical equipment, even though he hoped that it would still grow to the exact same measurements.

“I am ready,” Legolas said. It took Elrond a while to wet his penis with his spit, but then he pressed himself slowly into Legolas. His belly touched Legolas’ back when he had inserted himself fully. He sorted the blonde hair that had gone wild over night and pushed it over Legolas’ left shoulder. He proceeded to kiss his neck and right shoulder. Gently, he moved himself in Legolas, then pulled out and wetted his member again. Legolas loved the romantic way of Elrond making love to him and wished his father would have shown it to him much earlier in his life. Elrond understood to be considerate of Legolas’ body and was always so tender with him as if he feared to break him.

Elrond increased his pace, one hand on Legolas’ chest to guide his movements towards and away from him, his other hand on his shaft, slowly rubbing so that Legolas remained aroused. Their bodies clashed together again and again in a wild rhythm, as wild as the nature around them. When Legolas had become good in keeping up the pace, Elrond’s manly hands started to glide all over his body, along his waist, over his belly and chest, his thighs. Legolas felt Elrond’s breath in his neck and listened to him panting for breath. This sound was music in his ears as he could listen to anything Elrond would do with his mouth, it always aroused him. He loved it when Elrond sometimes told him a bedtime story about his time during the ring war or his own first experiences with other elves.

Before either of them came, Elrond pulled out and said, “turn around.”

Legolas turned to face the reddened head of Elrond. Lord Elrond crouched down and took Legolas’ penis into his mouth to get it wet. Then he grabbed both of Legolas’ thighs and the young elf knew what he was up to. He grabbed two branches above his head to help Elrond lift him up. He crossed his legs behind Elrond’s back and leaned his head back, smiling in anticipation. Elrond entered and Legolas lifted his behind to make entry easier when Elrond glided his penis into Legolas’ widened hole.

The Lord changed his clasp and grabbed Legolas under the knee while his second hand fortified his grip on his back. He then proceeded to fuck him like before. Legolas closed his eyes and concentrated on the powerful thrusts that Elrond gave him. Each push was accompanied by a moan on his side. The sun shone onto his face and warmed his skin, and he thought in this moment that there was nothing more perfect as a morning with his lover’s touch under the golden light of Anor.

Elrond’s movements became faster and Legolas’ moans longer. The dark-haired elf grabbed Legolas’ behind so that he could easier move in and out of him. Legolas lifted his head and looked into Elrond’s beautifully kind eyes. No wonder he could not resist the face of this millennia old elf. He was beautiful and beautifully wise. It was not just his physical appearance that fascinated Legolas, but the aura of wisdom and gentleness that emanated from him.

Now, Elrond bent forward to kiss Legolas. It was passionate but a bit rough as they both trembled due to the powerful thrusts with which Elrond broke into Legolas’ arse. Elrond was the first to come and Legolas enjoyed the feeling in his behind and the nearly silent cry of relief of Elrond so close to his face.

Legolas was close to coming himself. Elrond now put Legolas carefully down and bent towards his penis to finish off what he had started. Legolas had not anticipated the warmth of Elrond’s lips and tongue as the morning in the forest was rather cool today. It did not take long for the blonde elf to release completely into his lover’s mouth. Legolas let go of the branch he had still been grabbing and slung his arms around Elrond’s head as he pulled him upwards and towards him. Elrond pushed Legolas against the tree, his heavy chest touching Legolas’. They could feel each other’s chest moving with their elevated breaths as they passionately shared kiss after kiss as if their lips never wanted to part again.

“We should get moving,” Elrond then suggested, and they started to get dressed. They still had half a day’s ride ahead and they wanted to arrive at Dol Guldur before the night fell again.

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