A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 8

"You told him?" Lindir could not believe his ears. Why on Arda would Galion tell his master about their night of comfort?

Galion nodded.

"But what will he think of me? What if he tells Elrond?" Lindir started to feel hot. He suddenly felt something cool and realised that it was Galion's hand on his.

"Do not worry, Lindir. King Thranduil will not think any lesser of you. In contrast, I think he finds it very eldarin to live out the need. It is only natural to engage in lovemaking with another elf, especially when to spend solace."

Lindir's dark brown eyes were filled with tears. He had started to think of Elrond and his quest again. What if he did not come back? He had built Rivendell and he had filled it with life. Without him, it would become a sad place. It was still decades before they planned to sail West. If Elrond did not return, many would leave now. Who would guide those who wished to remain? What about the many dangers that Rivendell – or any city in Middle Earth – faced? Before he could fall along this spiral downwards of his thoughts, he felt something wet on his mouth. It took him a second to realise what it was, but then he responded Galion's kiss.

But in the blink of an eye, he stepped back. "Not here," he whispered and looked around paranoidly. "What if someone sees us?"

"We'll go to the wine cellar then. King Thranduil is out with the second troop to kill a spider nest and no one will be there at this time of the day." Lindir nodded, and the wood-elf took his hand and guided him downstairs. The storage of the king's favourite beverages was indeed empty of people, and so they found a comfortable niche in which Galion pressed Lindir against a barrel.

Lindir did not know how to resist this elf with his long, squirrel-brown hair. He was handsome and he knew well how to ignite lust. He let his tongue play in Lindir's mouth while his hands glided all over the body. Lindir felt as if he was engulfed by Galion and as if he was all around him. They played for a long time and Lindir did not remember when he had last time felt so aroused. It must have been when Elrond's children had been sent away to their grandparents and he had watched his master with a glass of wine in one and a book in the other hand, focused sternly onto the written pages while listening to the fire crackling in the background. Lindir had excused himself and returned to his chamber to play with himself having this image burnt into his memory. But this now was something else. Back then, Lindir had quickly found release and happiness. Now, he did not even want a hastened release. Galion made him feel too perfect, too wanted, too needed. He enjoyed every touch by this elf, and he enjoyed his hardness pressing against his trousers pressing against Galion.

Galion kissed his neck and licked the point of his ear. Lindir could not help but moan. The woodland-elf's breath in his ear was more pleasant than any summer breeze. Galion proceeded to fondle his skin with his lips, and his hands glided through Lindir's hair. He then fell onto his knees and worked on opening Lindir's trousers. Before he touched his erected penis, he kissed and licked his balls. Lindir leaned back against the wall into the corner which was more comfortable than the barrel. He dug his hands into Galion's hair but let him guide. Galion continued his game of licking and touching, and Lindir realised that he had never received a more professional blowjob. When Thranduil's butler had arrived at the tip of his glans, he thought he would come, but lingered in that state. He was at a point of highest arousal and yet he remained. Galion skilfully began sucking and licking. When Lindir came, he could feel the climax pulsating like his heartbeat. He moaned and cried, not caring for whether someone would hear them. His body was twitching, and he felt a warmth like a cushion all around him. He hardly noticed how Galion heaved him onto the barrel and let him live his climax. He lay his head onto Lindir's thigh and looked up into those dark eyes.

After a while, Lindir thanked him and glided down from the barrel. They shared long and intimate kisses. He had not been this happy for years. He had hardly felt this relaxed back in Rivendell which was his home. And here he was, in the wine cellar of King Thranduil, making love to his personal butler.

Talking about King Thranduil. He stood right around the corner. The fight against the spiders had been quicker than expected as the evil animals had suddenly returned into the cave they had come from. To be on the safe side, Thranduil had ordered rocks and earth to be dropped down the entries and close in the enlarged insects.

"Well," Thranduil decided to intervene and stepped around the corner. Lindir, with his pants down, and Galion, his mouth tasting from Lindir's semen and saliva, stumbled back respectively, being caught in the act. "I fought a hard battle against my realm's enemies and come back to find some tranquillity with wine, and what do I find? My personal servant making love to a high elf from Imladris." The elven-king's eyes pierced through Lindir who trembled in fear. Galion, who saw this, took his hand.

"Then why do you not join in?" Galion asked.

Lindir mouthed, 'join in?', with a horrified look on his face. Did Galion just seriously suggest a threesome with the most feared elf in the whole of Arda?

But Thranduil gave an evil smile in the corner of his mouth and his eyes lightened up. He walked towards the loving couple. "I think Lindir needs a drink at that prospect," he said and plucked a bottle of wine from the nearest shelf. He loosened the cork with his teeth and then spit it out. He took a big gulp directly from the bottle – something he very, very rarely did – and handed it to Galion. He, too, drank quickly and felt the rush immediately in his blood. He gave the bottle to Lindir who looked at it suspiciously.

Galion laughed. "Don't worry," he said. "Elrond won't find about this. Have you never wondered what the king tastes like?"

"To be honest, no," the high-elf responded but drank nevertheless.

"I could get you near Elrond," Thranduil said. He had an irresistible smile.

Lindir swallowed hard and looked at the light brown-haired servant. "You told him?" He took another gulp.

Thranduil stepped further forwards and pushed the bottle up, forcing Lindir to drink faster.

"Careful, my king. He is not used to it," Galion warned him, and Thranduil allowed Lindir to put down the flask again.

"You are hard, Galion," Thranduil said. "Do you want Lindir to taste how sweet your semen is?"

Galion gave a questioning look to Lindir who nodded and finally achieved a smile of looking forward to this endeavour.

"Face him," Thranduil ordered Galion. "I will make you cum."

Lindir pulled up his trousers before he went onto his knees in front of Galion. He touched Galion's muscular thighs and glided his hands over them before he opened his trousers. Thranduil pulled them completely down from behind, and also let his own trousers drop. He had apparently had wanted to use the wine and the – expected – emptiness of the cellar to work on himself as he had brought a bottle of oil downstairs with him. He massaged several drops over his penis to get it lubricated enough to enter Galion. He also moistened his fingers and glided them into Galion's behind first. He received the well-known sound of his servant's moan as gratitude.

Galion smiled down onto Lindir when Thranduil finally entered him with his penis. The servant placed his hands on the high-elf's shoulders. The Imladris elf looked up when he started rubbing his lips over Galion's erectness. He obviously enjoyed repaying the favour and was maybe even glad for that he was not entered by Thranduil right now. He was quite scared of the elven-king and Galion knew that.

Thranduil now worked like a machine in Galion. Like a well-oiled machine. Galion squeezed his hands into Lindir's shoulder. He could feel Thranduil's breath in his neck. The king had put Galion's hair over his right shoulder so that he could kiss his neck. The butler enjoyed Thranduil's hardness inside of him and his brisk and ungentle thrusts. His commander went smoothly in and out, and Lindir synchronised his sucks. It was such a difference, having the powerful king working in him with force and having the gentle Lindir pleasuring him with tender care. An equilibrium between those two made Galion the first to come and he released into the open mouth of Lindir. It tasted indeed sweet and he swallowed it all, downed it with some of the wine.

"You naughtly servant," Thranduil moaned, "coming before me. If I were not so aroused already, I would punish you." Then he gave a half-moan-half-scream and stayed inside of Galion, giving only small pushes. He dug his head into Galion's hair, smelling the sweet scent of berries he used to wash it, breathing heavily, then laughing silently. Galion closed his eyes and leaned back his head against his king's.

After a while, Galion than squatted down and kissed Lindir who had not gotten up yet. His head was slightly red, but he looked happy. Galion took his hand and helped him up. The wine had had an effect on the high-elf, and he felt comfortable in the warmth that it spent.

"Shall we go somewhere cosier than the cellar?" Galion suggested.

Thranduil led them upstairs and to the bedroom where he and his servant had played dominance and bondage games only two nights ago. By now, the bedclothes had of course been cleaned and replaced.

Lindir had never before been in the chambers of the king and was amazed by the enormity. Like most other parts of the caves, the columns were decorated with carefully made woodcarvings. The bed was king size and looked very comfortable. There was a desk with parchment and quills, a sofa of wool harvested from animals kept in Lake-town, and even a bookshelf. Thranduil did not strike Lindir like a frequent reader, but maybe his standards had only been set high because of Lord Elrond who maybe was the wisest and most well-read elf in all of Middle-Earth.

Galion helped the shy elf take off his clothes and the two servants climbed onto the huge bed full of pillows and cushions they pushed aside. Thranduil took out the oil again and dropped his robes as well.

"Now, Lindir," he said and turned to look at the big, brown eyes of the Imladris elf. He gazed up at the king with expectation, but also with hesitation. Was he really ready to sleep with the elven-king?

"I will not force anything upon you, Lindir," Thranduil said kindly when he climbed onto the bed. He was, after all, an elf, and not a rude Orc or Troll. "You are free to leave. But if you want to experience me, I will do so very carefully. I do not want to hurt you. But I can show you your own body like you haven't felt it in centuries. What say you?"

Lindir swallowed. He might have drunken some wine, but his head was very clear right now. Thranduil was very tall, muscular, well-built, and his hair was perfectly combed and shimmering in the torch light on his bare chest. He looked both mean and affectionate, fierce and gracious. He made Lindir want him in ways he had never felt before. His perfect skin, his tiny wrinkle of his nasolabial fold, his muscular chest, the tender-looking small lips, the way he was taller than any other elf in his realm, his authority. All of this made Lindir feel a sting in his chest.

"Yes, I want to experience you, King Thranduil," he made his decision.

"Galion will assist me. Tell me whenever I rush, I am not used to taking things slowly. Now, lie down and open your legs."

Galion handed his master pillows which he put under Lindir's behind to lift his pelvis. Then Thranduil oiled his hand well and started to enter the high elf with his index finger. Lindir moaned as he was not used to this kind of work. Galion lay down next to him and started caressing and kissing his chest and nipples. Lindir wanted to close his eyes, but the excitement did not let him. He switched between looking at the blonde elven-beauty and his hazel-brown haired servant who looked cared so much for his well-being.

When Thranduil entered the second finger, Galion worked his way downwards and put his right leg over Lindir's body, crouching on his upper body. His hair fell onto the high elf's stomach which tickled him a bit. Thranduil made sure that his movements were smooth and rhythmic. Galion bent down and kissed and glided over Galion's thighs with his lips. Lindir was aroused at the pleasant touches on a very sensitive part of his skin. There had not been anyone paying that much attention to his physical body in ages. And especially never two elves at once.

When Thranduil entered a third finger, making Lindir moan louder, Galion started fondling his balls. Lindir rolled his eyes and his body started to tremble with excitement.

"You are very wide now, but it might still be unfamiliar when I enter," Thranduil warned him. "It will get better in time. Tell me if I hurt you too much."

Lindir nodded. He felt a sort way of relief when Thranduil pulled out his fingers.

"Relax, Lindir," Galion advised him and kissed his cock. As Lindir could not relax, Galion moved up to face the high elf. He glided his hand through his dark brown hair. "Relax. King Thranduil is not going to hurt you," he said and gave Lindir a romantic kiss. His mouth engulfed Lindir's and he ate his lips passionately. Lindir's mouth felt hot and wet, and he played with Galion's tongue. He suddenly felt a push in his behind and his pelvis lifted. It felt unusual but hurt only slightly. He breathed out in relieve and Galion smiled at him. Thranduil pulled out again and glided into Lindir again smoothly. The oil shimmered goldenly in the torchlight.

"Don't stop," Lindir moaned. It felt so well and every time that Thranduil just entered him, he felt a peak in arousal which steadily climbed. He was so happy, and he never wanted this sensation to stop, even as he was nearing the climax. Thranduil worked in him steadily, not fastening his pace, not clashing himself against Lindir but entering him gently as far as it would go. It was the movement itself that aroused Lindir, not the depth with which Thranduil penetrated him.

At the same time, Galion worked on Lindir's erection. He loved the squeaks and moans of Lindir and he was pleased to see the high elf experience such sexual adventure. When Lindir came, Galion took it all in to give it to Thranduil. He came while kissing Galion and he stayed inside for Lindir for a long time. When they were all happy, king and butler lay down next to Lindir, and Galion cuddled himself at his body.

"I am glad that all this is part of my services to the king," Galion said and smiled at Thranduil who lay pleased and stared at the dark brown-haired elf.

"Elrond has never required such services," Lindir answered, still out of breath.

"I am sure that there are other elves at Imladris who like to explore physical activities beyond reproduction," Thranduil hinted him to find out more.

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