A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 19

Tom Sandyman could really not be bothered with any more of those queer stories and tales that now arrived from all over the place. Ever since the dwarves had suddenly marched into The Shire, strange riders came and went, most of them human or elvish. They talked with the dwarves, and then they continued on their journey. Most Hobbits did not ask where their journey would lead, and Tom was the least of all interested in that.

He had become an old Hobbit now, and all he wanted was his peace. To get it, he went to The Green Dragon at Bywater every evening and ordered a large pint of peace, also called freshly brewed beer by the Brandybuck family. In recent days, his peace, however, felt disturbed as dwarves frequented the inn as well. He had nothing against other folk, as he was used to seeing them at The Prancing Pony, but that was in Bree, and here at Bywater, it was strange seeing foreign lads.

Nevertheless, he sat down with his pint at the fireplace and began poking in the fire logs. Hamfast Gardner soon sat down next to him, also with a beer. "Strange sightings over Weathertop," he said and sipped at his drink.

"Strange sightings all over the place," Tom replied and left the fire alone. He turned to Hamfast. Then his gaze shifted to the entry of the pub where three large, hairy creatures entered who were nearly as wide as their were tall.

"Three big Gaffer's Home Brew," one could hear one of the dwarves shout in his dwarfish accent.

"Look, they're liking your grandfather's legacy," Tom said and laughed. He had known old Hamfast Gamgee, gardener in The Shire.

One of the dwarves seemed to have overheard Tom's comment and once they had received their drinks, he directed his friends over to the two hobbits. As dwarves were only slightly taller than the halfling-folk, they could sit down on their normal chairs, even though those creaked dangerously under the weight.

"Your Seanair invented these?" the tallest dwarf with long, red hair and a beard nearly as long as his head hair, asked.

Hamfast nodded. "Yes. We drink it on holidays and festivals to his honour," he explained.

"Aye, your grandpa must have been a wise man. And very hoachin' in his days," the brown-haired dwarf who was just as fat as the red hair one, said and gulped down half of his drink at once.

"We were just discussing the strange sightings over Weathertop," Hamfast Gardner explained.

"Oh yeah, there was a man-rider today who came from there," the red-haired dwarf said. "He explained that something came down from the sky. That no one now dares to go near Weathertop, but that strange creatures are drawn to it."

"No one goes there but strange creatures? That would be half the Shire," Tom said and laughed at his own joke.

"Only twallies would go there," the brown-haired dwarf said.

"Orcs, spiders, flies, wargs, even Uruks," the red-haired dwarf added.

Tom looked at Hamfast with an uneasy look on his face. These were exactly the news he did not want to get in The Shire. Especially not after a long day of work in which he ignored anything funny or queer.

"Are you not here to keep all those creatures away from us?" Tom asked.

"Aye. But only when they attack you," the red-haired dwarf agreed. Like on command, a dwarfish horn was blown. It was the horn of battle. The red-haired, the brown-haired, and the silent dwarf all jumped up and ran out within a matter of seconds – several seconds.

Tom and Hamfast looked at each other. "They'll protect us," Tom said and drank his beer.

Hamfast was not so sure.

Maim, the red-haired dwarf, came to a sudden halt, and Laim, his brown-haired brother, bumped into him.

"Watch your step," Maim complained and looked at Dimli, the dwarf that had blown the horn. Many dwarves had gathered around him, and nearly all the hobbits had fled into their holes or homes or inns. There was one particularly tall figure though which confused Maim.

"Who's that?" Laim asked and Maim shrugged. The three dwarves stumped forwards to the gathering of other dwarves and the tall person.

"What's all that noise about?" Laim wanted to know. He was louder than most other dwarves.

"Dimli blew the horn because he thought we were being attacked," a really short dwarf, who probably had and disputed any hobbit relationship, answered. "Just because he saw a tall elf coming out of the woods. As if we were afraid of the elves."

"We're even helping the elves," another dwarf joined in.

"We all have the same goal," the calm voice of the tall elf spoke from above them. All the dwarves shut up and looked at the tall figure. He did stand out with his long, white robes. He even seemed to be shimmering in the lack of moonlight. "We need to cast out evil from our lands and defeat Morgoth once and for all." His voice roared through the night, and many hobbits, who missed the sound of clinging swords, dared to peak out of their hiding places again.

"Morgoth will soon pass through these lands and nothing can stop him," the wise elf spoke with a sad face. "The prophecy foresees him reaching the Undying Lands and fighting the battle of all battles on these grounds. The Shire only lies in his way."

"We will defend our home," one keen Hobbit, probably a Took, shouted. Some hobbits who had never done any fighting in their lives, except for arguing about the last carrot on the marketplace, yelled in agreement.

"Morgoth and his orc army will overrun these lands. The only question is whether he will kill its inhabitants on his way or not," the dark haired elf said wisely.

"Then what do you suppose?" Faramir I, the son of Peregrin Took asked. He pushed himself through the crowd. "What do you suppose, Lord Elrond?"

The sun rose over Rivendell and finally, the fires could be extinguished. Glorfindel was busy sorting and organising supplies and horses and men, when suddenly a shout reached him. He was standing in front of the down-valley horse shed when he saw Erestor rushing towards him. The blonde elf took the hand in front of his eyes as the sun was blinding him.

"What is it, Erestor?" Glorfindel asked and then spotted more elves running around agitatedly.

"Gollum," Erestor replied out of breath. He must have been running up and down the many buildings of the city in order to find Glorfindel. "He has been found."

"What?" Glorfindel asked. He could not believe what he was hearing. That slimy creature had not been seen by a living soul ever since Frodo had failed to cast the ring into the fires of Mount Doom. "Where is he?" He began rushing towards the upper buildings and Erestor had problems keeping up with his pace.

"He is being brought into the interrogation chambers. Thranduil has been informed as well." Erestor expected a storm to break lose at the mention of the Elven-king's name but Glorfindel ignored him.

The Elven-lord stopped and the brown-haired elf bumped into him. "Ready the horses. Ration the supplies. Organise the troops," Glorfindel commanded and continued alone to the so-called interrogation chambers. Those were actually a house built behind the main buildings, far from anyone living, and carved half into the mountains. They were seldomly used as the deep elves were a peaceful people – despite their past.

Glorfindel spotted the blond-shimmering hair of Thranduil right away. He was just watching how the small, not remotely hobbit-like creature was strained to a torture table. The servants left and let the two blonde elves alone.

"Do you think he can be of any help?" Glorfindel asked.

Thranduil did not bother to turn to him but continued staring at the grey, vile halfling screaming and shouting. "Shut up," he roared and surprisingly, Gollum did shut up. He probably remembered Thranduil, and he remembered how Gandalf had threatened him to talk many years ago.

Gollum watched the elegant Elven-king with his big, round eyes. His whole body was trembling but he dared not squeak a sound.

"What were you doing near this city?" Thranduil spoke and his deep voice echoed from the cave walls.

"Fishing… we was fishing… we was hungry," Gollum replied, now his eyes started to uneasily swift from the left to the right and back.

Thranduil wanted to inquire further, but suddenly a shadow appeared in the door, darkening the inside.

"The leaders' council is awaiting you, King Thranduil," Erestor said and bowed half-officially.

"Fine. You take care of this scum," the Elven-king said, and he and Glorfindel left the brown-haired Ñoldorin alone with the grey creature.

"What were you doing?" Erestor asked. "You can go fishing everywhere there is a river."

Gollum began to squeak again even though no one had even hurt him yet. "We feels alone. We feels so alone," he cried. "The ring is gone from us and now it is only me… and me." His yells were reduced to a sobbing that was painful to watch. He had not had the ring in years, but he had not recovered from the things that it had done to him. Erestor felt pity and slowly walked towards the whining gestalt.

"The ring is gone, Gollum," Erestor said softly.

Apart from an additional sob, there was no other sound from Gollum.

Erestor sighed and began to bind him lose from his restrains.

"We just want to feel loved again… protected… safe," Gollum weeped.

The elf closed his eyes. He, too, knew the feeling of just wanting to be loved. Being close to a person, feeling the warmth of the skin, feeling the touch on his own skin. Such simple feelings, but yet people who had them knew not how special they were. Those who lacked those touches were the only ones who could appreciate them. He reached forward and touched Gollum's head.

Gollum shrieked at first, but then let it happen. He had not been touched by another person in centuries if it were not for torture, so he needed to get used to it.

Erestor's hand wiped away the tears from Gollum's big eyes. He crouched down next to him and opened his arms. Gollum broke into tears again when he leaped into the hug. "We just wants to be loooved," he sobbed and dug his round head into Erestor's chest. The few hairs that he had clung to his skin, and Erestor softly fondled the back of his head. He seemed so fragile. He could not imagine what kind of torture his life must have been. He could not imagine the deep sorrow that had been eating him up from the inside.

"Do you want to be loved?" Erestor suddenly asked.

Gollum at first did not react but then looked up to the elf. He blinked and more, big tears flowed down his cheeks. Erestor bent forwards and licked them off his face.

"Yes," Gollum squeaked. "Yes, we wants to be loved." His eyes were suddenly glowing with life again. He turned around and let down his loincloth.

Erestor gently touched his head again. "Are you sure, Sméagol?"

"Yes, yes, I am sure," Sméagol answered and bent forward.

Erestor also dropped his pants and undergarments. He began to rub his member and also Gollum's butt cheeks to relax him. He spit onto his fingers and rubbed them until they go properly wet.

"You need to relax, Sméagol," he said and began to enter him with his fingers. He massaged his slender fingers into Gollum's butt until he deemed him wide enough. Then he bent over him and entered his penis. Gollum moaned and panted. He felt as lively as he had not felt in centuries.

While Erestor worked in him with gentle pushes, Gollum began to talk, "we hears much. Men are in anguish, dwarves are restless. People move all over the lands. Then there was lights, bright lights. It hurt Gollum in his eyes. It was near Weathertop. Vile creatures followed it. Orcs and spiders and birds, they all went there. We wanted to go there, but then I said no, no. We cannot go there. We ran, we ran very far. We wanted to hide in our caves again, in the mountains. On our way there, we was caught here." Gollum's story was interrupted from moans then and again. Then, when he had finished his story, he came into his hands and greedily licked the sticky liquid off. Erestor came in Gollum's behind and then pulled out his penis. He sat down on the stone floor and breathed heavily. He had not had such actions in weeks.

"Is this all?" he asked, referring to the story.

"I swears. I swears by myself. We told you the whole truth," Gollum squeaked and put on his loincloth again.

Erestor nodded. "Good," he said and pulled up his pants. "I will tell the council."

"No need," a voice behind him said and he rushed around.

"King Thranduil!" Erestor's voice nearly swallowed itself. He fumbled his trousers closed and bowed, his head red ashamed.

"Gollum said he watched the return of Morgoth near Weathertop and this is what drew him near our town," Erestor explained.

"Good," Thranduil said and stepped closer to the grey creature that squatted on the floor in fear of the Elven-king. "Then we shall not need it anymore," the Sindarin elf decided and drew his sword. Erestor watched Gollum's head roll on the floor sooner than his penis could go limp.

"Why did you do that?" he asked upset.

"As I said, there was no need for him anymore. Besides, you deserve at least a dwarf-mate," Thranduil answered sarcastically and wiped his sword clean. "I did it a favour, after all. Maybe a bigger than you did." He looked at the beheaded creature with an expression of full disgust on his face. He quickly turned to Erestor, then left the cave again. He had had enough of stinking caves or dungeons in a while and went to search Glorfindel. He lusted for some action in a proper bed before they would soon be on their way riding and camping.

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