A night of fulfilled desires

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This chapter I dedicate to my friend Lukas who is mildly disturbed by the contents of my story but still reading (though hesitantly) because he is a good friend.

Chapter 6

"It has been five days since Legolas and Lord Elrond departed," Thranduil snorted and agitatedly walked from his throne to the nearest table, decorated with always at least two bottles of Dorwinion, and back.

"It takes two days alone to ride to Dol Guldur," Galion, a servant to the King, tried to calm his master down.

Thranduil gave him a sharp eye and returned from the throne to pace back to the table.

"Forgive me, my master," his butler then gave the initiative. "But I believe you need to be distracted," he hinted.

Thranduil stopped and looked angrily at his servant. He wasn't actually angry with him; his nerves just lay blank because if there was something he couldn't stand it was ignorance. He eyed the bottles of Dorwinion for a moment, but then decided against it. He needed to have a clear head to make full use of Galion's offer. Not that Galion would have ever refused anything that Thranduil had asked of him.

"Follow me," the king hissed, and Galion did so silently. Having arrived in his private chambers, Thranduil locked the door. He stepped closer to Galion and put a hand on his neck, squeezing it just enough for not hurting him yet.

"Will you offer yourself fully to me?" he demanded, his head up, looking down. He wouldn't need to put his head up though as he was taller than Galion anyway.

"Yes, my king," Galion answered as it was asked from him.

"Will you do anything I say?"

"Yes, my king. With pleasure, my king."

Without any other questions, Thranduil ungently pushed Galion against his desk. The quills container fell onto the surface and distributed the quills over the desk. Galion had caught himself in time to not slam his body onto the wood. While he witnessed Thranduil unbuttoning his gown, he removed the leather protection of his uniform.

"Take off your shirt," Thranduil commanded and Galion obeyed. He was now wearing only his trousers and shoes, while the king stood before him baring his chest and having lowered his pants.

"Attend me," he ordered.

Obediently, Galion bowed down. He breathed warmly onto Thranduil's balls before he started to carefully engulf them with his tender lips. Thranduil was watching him from above and placed his hands into Galion's red-brown hair. When Galion had wetted his goolies enough, he moved on to the shaft of Thranduil's large penis which was only slightly more colourful than his usually pale skin. Thranduil gave the first audible moans when his penis was touched by Galion's mouth.

"Take it all in," Thranduil demanded. Galion licked his lips and spit onto the glans. He then engulfed the penis with his lips and distributed the spit to wet the shaft. He felt Thranduil's clutch on his head tightening and pushing him towards his body. The penis entered deeper and deeper into his mouth, and only when he started gagging, did Thranduil loosen his grip. He gave him hardly enough time to catch his breath for that he pushed his head towards his cock again. After a few times, Galion's head had become red, but he did not stop sucking Thranduil's erection.

Before Thranduil came, he pulled Galion's head away from him and let his hands slide onto his neck again. It made him feel powerful as he could easily choke Galion. The sounds he would make often gave him additional satisfaction.

"Onto the bed," he barked, not yet pleased, and Galion hurried to the king's enormous bed full of cushions and pillows. He strapped off his trousers and underpants and let them fall onto the floor. Thranduil, also having removed his leg wear, strode to his night table and opened the drawer with his favourite toys. He pulled out metal chains which he had stolen from the dungeons many centuries ago.

"Have you behaved lately, Galion?" Thranduil asked while he weighed the chains in his hands.

"No, I have not, Master," Galion answered submissively. He hesitated for a moment, unsure how much truth he should put into this play. "I have, in fact, sinned last night," he muttered.

Thranduil raised an eyebrow to this news. "This is why Cwingand missed you in the cellar yesterday. He thought you would come down for a glass of wine but accused me of stealing your time. For once, I have not been the reason of your absence."

Galion did not respond but looked expectantly at the metal gliding through Thranduil's hands. "I believe you will not tell me by your free will," the King decided and started to chain Galion's left wrist to the bedpost.

"You want me to betray a fellow elf?" Galion asked playfully.

"Interesting," Thranduil responded while walking around the bed and chaining his second wrist. "You said fellow elf and not fellow servant. I know that you entertained Legolas when he was young, but my young prince is keeping his new love mostly for himself."

Upon Galion's lack of reaction, the Woodland King concluded, "you knew of my son's affair with Lord Elrond." He strapped the right leg chain extra hard so that Galion winced.

"It was a servant I made love to last night," Galion admitted, trying to change the topic.

He failed. Thranduil finished the last chain. He had made them so strong this time that Galion could hardly move and the chains at his wrists started already to scrape into his pale skin.

"He was not one of my servants," Thranduil discovered. His voice had been calm this entire time. Focusing on his dominance, he had already forgotten to worry about the peril that his son was in. Exactly what Galion had wanted to achieve. "He was a servant of Elrond's." Thranduil let his heavy gown drop to the floor. He stood naked in front of Galion, still heavily aroused. "And you knew that Elrond lay with my son, night after night, while I was kindly harbouring his people at the prospect of war. And my own servant denied me from knowing what was going on in my very realm." With 'my' he climbed onto the bed and put his knees to the left and right of Galion's chest.

The dark-haired elf was breathing heavily. "Who was it?" Thranduil asked and cowered down, his hair falling onto Galion's hairless chest.

Galion did not reply.


The first slap of Thranduil hit Galion much harder than he had expected. The king was doing anything but going slow today. Galion bit his lip and pushed back tears. His cheek hurt, and as soon as the pain started to wear off, WHACK!, another slap hit him hard. Now, a tear was running from his eye. He knew the safe word, but he was far from using it.

"I slept with Lindir, elf of Imladris, servant of Lord Elrond," Galion admitted.

Thranduil wiped the tear from Galion's face. He licked it off his finger and placed his hand on his servant's neck without a hint of pity in his eyes. But then Thranduil put his weight onto his knees on the pillow next to Galion's head. He bent forward until his penis was in Galion's face.

"Make me cum," he now ordered.

Galion did not wait to be told twice. Cunningly without the use of his hands he sucked and let his tongue play with the tip of Thranduil's hardness. He worked his lips up and down the shaft and kissed the glans. Thranduil's moans became louder. With one hand he found support on the headboard of the bed, with the other he tore at Galion's hair or pushed him towards his cock. Thranduil released at first into Galion's open mouth, but then took his penis into his own hand and rubbed it until more semen ejaculated onto Galion's face. The servant licked his lips and face as far as his tongue could reach – and that was far.

"Please, my king. Would you show me the gratitude of washing my face?" he asked with his eyes closed. He heard the Woodland king chuckle menacingly.

"How am I to punish a servant of mine who takes every punishment so willingly?" he asked rhetorically but stood up to get a better view on Galion's body. He glided with his right foot over Galion's face and smeared the thick, white liquid. He then held his toes into Galion's mouth which his servant licked willingly.

His penis had softened and he rubbed it briskly. Galion still had his eyes closed but knew what was coming. He opened his mouth to swallow the golden liquid. Thranduil aimed directly for his mouth until Galion had to spit out the piss, and then he waved the stream all over Galion's face to wash off the sperm. When he had emptied his bladder, he sat down onto his servant's belly. With his fingers, he wiped Galion's eyes so that he could open them again. Staring into the marvellously brown eyes of his loyal butler, he asked with his ice-cold voice, "what did you and Lindir do last night?"

While Galion started talking, Thranduil fondled his servant's slender body, his chest, his nipples, and his arms that were tied to the bedposts, "yesterday evening, when you descended down to the cellar reservoir of Dorwininion, I knew that my services would not be needed anymore and that you would drown yourself in the marvellous taste of the liquor which would give you all the incentive you needed to please yourself. So I decided to call it a day and return to my servant's chamber. Before I arrived, however, I met Lindir, servant of Lord Elrond. Like you, he was worried about Prince Legolas' and his master's endeavour to investigate any foul play from the fallen castle of Dol Guldur.

"I invited him into my room and lit the torches at the stone walls to shed some light. One is the more desperate when darkness lies around. I produced a bottle of Dorwinion I had stored in my wardrobe."

"Naughty. You steal that precious wine from your master's storage to indulge in it yourself?" Thranduil teased him, well knowing that nearly every elf in his realm treated himself with the potent alcohol from time to time.

Galion smiled. The wounds at his wrist had dyed the pillows red and the pain made him feel as if it was all a dream and as if he was wrapped in many layers of protective cushion.

He continued, "after a glass or two, Lindir started talking about his sorrows and how he is worried about his master. Lord Elrond has known so much pain, but still he helps others whenever possible. He is the kindness in person and a wise leader–"

"I asked you to tell me how you and Lindir made love last night, not to flatter that half-elf that assumes himself enough for my son," Thranduil reprimanded him, gliding his index finger over Galion's lips, before giving him a very soft slap on his cheeks.

"I placed my hand on Lindir and told him that his Master would be alright. I could see a tear rolling down his face. Lord Elrond probably does not know how much Lindir cares for him. I wiped his tear away and we stared deeply into each other's eye for a long time. I then bent forwards and dared to give him a shy kiss. He responded with another kiss and we both placed our glasses on the floor to start making out. He is so tender when he kisses, and his hands were gliding all over my body. It felt like shy kisses, but he knew what he was doing. We both lay down on the bed and continued. His face is so beautiful when he has closed his eyes. I played with his hair which is really smooth. Then we started slowly to remove each other's clothes, always taking a break to kiss each other. He is very passionate. Everything we did was slow, neither of us wanted to hasten.

"When we were both naked, we started to pet each other's soft skin. He has a very handsome body and we caressed and kissed each spot of us. I then started to lick his balls and take in his penis to make it hard and wet. Even his moans sound so tender and delicate. His breathing is like a calmness. It makes time stop for you. I fetched the bottle of oil from my night table and dripped some of it onto the space between his ball sack and his arsehole. He shivered a bit for that it was a cold sensation. I massaged the viscous liquid into his arse, entering very gently with one finger first, and taking only a second finger when I was sure that it would bring him more pleasure than pain."

While Galion was talking, Thranduil played with his pale skin, but then moved his body onto his servant's thighs. He spit onto the penis and distributed the wetness by robbing the shaft. Galion's speech was now interrupted by occasional moans, but it did not bother Thranduil in the slightest. Au contraire, it amused him and made the storytelling more interesting.

"When I had entered Lindir with my main three fingers, he said 'I am ready'. I took this as an offer and a wish and dripped oil onto my own cock which I had been working on with my other hand when not holding Lindir's bottom in place. With the oil all over my hard penis, entering him was smooth and I glided into him deeply. Lindir moaned and his voice sounds like the chant of an angel. I pulled out until I could nearly see my tip and then went forth again. I moved in a kind rhythm and made sure that whenever Lindir asked something, I would give it to him. Did he ask me to go faster, I went faster. Did he ask me to go deeper, I went deeper. I held his bottom cheeks up to facilitate my penetration, and he looked at me the whole time, with his chest heaving and sinking in synchronisation with my thrusts.

"We kept a steady pace and we both felt as if in trance. Our skin touching was like a wet dream. And but oh, it was no dream. He took one hand to help his own arousal and from time to time, one of my hands joined his and we worked on him together."

Thranduil's grip tightened on Galion's penis. He knew he was going rough and fast.

"We came nearly at the same time," Galion's mind drifted to the moment when his joining with the Imladris elf came to a climax. "I released into him and my breath stopped. My hand was on his was on his penis. He ejaculated all over his lovely body. I lingered in him for a while, enjoying the moment of togetherness. Then I pulled out and licked his belly and chest. We kissed passionately, and then he asked me to give him my penis to taste. He had his eyes closed when his pale lips engulfed my soft member. Had I not just come already, I would have been aroused again."

Thranduil's upwards and downwards movements had increased in pace and Galion's speech was filled by panting and gasps for breath and sounds of arousal. Then at last, Galion released into his master's hand. Thranduil looked at him very pleased. He smeared the white liquid onto the bed clothes and asked, "and then?"

"Lindir and I lay cuddled together until we doze off. The next morning the sun shone into my chambers and enlightened his beautiful face. He smiled at me, and that was the first thing I saw on that day. I wish I could wake up every day to this wonderful sight."

Galion was blushing with his cheeks red. It might have been the story, or the storytelling to Thranduil, or the fact that he was still bound to the bedposts from which no release was in sight. He lay with his head on the side and regarded Thranduil peacefully. His master had not commented on the outcome of Galion's story or that it had seemed like there was more than simple lovemaking in the room between his servant and that of Elrond. He felt like maybe he should pay Lindir a visit and ask him to kindly display how love was made in Imladris. But now, his priority was Galion, his own servant.

"That was a lovely tale," Thranduil said. SMACK! This one Galion had seen coming.

"I have lain with someone not you nor your father nor your son," Galion said pleadingly. "I have been a bad elf and need to be punished." WHACK! "I need to be relieved from my sins for that I can become better." WHAP! "Please, my king. Teach me how to be your most loyal servant." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Galion had hardly time to catch his breath when three slaps followed in quick order, two with the palm and one with the back of the hand. Galion's eyes were teary again. His cheeks had turned red.

"You need to be punished, alright," Thranduil muttered with a threatening voice. His hand now rested on Galion's neck again, and he watched with content how the brown-haired elf was panting for air. Thranduil tightened his grap. He observed calmly how Galion's eyes were growing bigger and his face even redder, and then allowed him to draw breath again. He repeated that game several times before he got up and walked to his desk. He took the red candle off the candleholder and lightened it at the flame of a torch at the stone wall.

"Oh no, Master, this is too hard a punishment. I swear I will behave from now on," Galion said but obviously faking it. He had played this game with both Oropher and Thranduil many times.

"How am I to take your word if you sleep with other elves? With other servants even?" Thranduil answered playfully. He crawled carefully onto the bed. "Will you swear to obey me and only me?"

Galion nodded. "Yes, master."

"Will you swear to tell me whenever you have been disloyal so that I can punish you for it?"

"Yes, master."

With the last answer, Thranduil slightly tilted the candle over Galion's body so that the hot wax dripped onto his hairless skin. Galion moaned as his body became unbearably hot at this spot.

"I will answer to you, my king, and shall I ever endeavour in the pleasure making with other elves, I will tell you," Galion muttered under heavy breathing.

Thranduil's mischievous smile could be seen in the flicker of the light when he tilted the candle again and another drop of the hot, viscous wax landed on a yet untainted spot of Galion's perfect, pale skin. He drew in his breath again and breathed out deeply. He cherished every second of this play with Thranduil. He enjoyed his services to Thranduil as much as those to Oropher and Legolas, the latter preferring less rough sex, but also the romantic night with Lindir was something he liked to merge into.

Thranduil dripped the wax in the form of a heart onto his servant's body. The wax began to cool down and the skin contracted as it hardened. Thranduil blew out the candle in front of Galion's face who inhaled the smoke. He coughed slightly when his king put the candle back onto the night table.

"Your punishment has not yet been severe enough," Thranduil found and regarded his servant like a child regarding its favourite food. He reached over to the night table again and pulled a rope from the drawer. "I feel you are not restrained sufficiently," he said and crawled backwards until Galion's jewels were in sight in front of him. He glided his hands over his balls and penis that lay bent on his belly which was moving with his breath. Then he started to tie the cord around the skin where the balls were connected to the rest of his lower body, pinching off part of the blood circulation. He crawled to Galion's chest and scraped off the dried wax.

Galion bit his lip, determined not to make a sound of pain. They silently looked at Thranduil's work; then the Master moved even further upwards and instead of slapping Galion with his hands, he did so with his big cock. Galion did not complain as the member hit him in his face, over and over again. Then Thranduil started using his hands, too. Galion's cheek had never returned to its paleness, and now it was red again, even bloody where Thranduil's manicured fingernails had scratched the skin.

Thranduil moved to the side of Galion and searched for something in his night table again. Galion knew that he horded a vast variety of toys in there, some made himself, some made by the elves in Imladris or the elves East to the Lonely Mountain. For decades, centuries, millenia, Thranduil had collected these items, learnt to use them in many different ways. Like Elrond knew his way around books, Thranduil did so with the art of physical play.

What Thranduil produced from his collection this time was a chain not unlike the one that he had used to bind his butler to the bed. It was made from rather big, strong, metal elements and shimmered silver in the torches' light. Galion's breath increased at the sight as he knew where this chain would go.

His gaze met Thranduil's. The king weighed the chain in his hands, thinking about the best way to apply it the most painfully. He then decided to shove it up Galion's arse with his left hand while the right he held over Galion's mouth, making it difficult for him to breath. Galion's hole was still lubricated by the oil, so the first few inches worked well. Then he started to feel the pain as Thranduil did not care to enter the chain carefully. He pushed it from the outside and did not guide the chain itself on the inside of Galion. He made noises of pain that pleased the king who would not stop, neither inserting more chain elements nor taking away his large hand from Galion's beautiful, red head.

Thranduil then allowed the brown-haired elf to breathe again as he stood up and walked around the bed. He climbed back onto it on the side in between Galion's legs. He bent forwards and his white, elegant hair glided over Galion's bottom cheeks and his thighs as Thranduil kissed the testicles and penis which were pale. He undid the cord he had tied around them earlier and blood could be pumped back into the arteries. Then, without warning, Thranduil took the metal chain and pulled. The chain sprang out of Galion's arse and flew across the room. The noise of it hitting the wooden floor was vastly drowned in the scream of surprise, horror, and pain. Its blunt edges had still been sharp enough to cut the vulnerable inner skin of his arsehole. When Galion's noises had reduced to a whimpering, Thranduil inserted three fingers at once into his bleeding hole.

Galion's voice shrieked again, but he caught himself in a rather short time. Tears were running down his cheeks. His head had sunken down into the pillow further than before. In his dismay, he had torn his limbs towards the body, having resulted in the chains piercing its way into his wrists and ankles. The blood was dripping onto the white cushion. When Thranduil's hand was all bloody, he pulled out in satisfaction. He wiped his hand and then grabbed the oil as he had gotten a boner.

"You see," he broke the silence that had been in the room for so long, "I am even lubricating myself to enter you." Before Galion was ready, he shoved his hard cock as deep into his servant's tender body as he could. Galion threw his head to the side and tried to bite into the pillow but failed. Thranduil pulled out completely, hand-worked his penis with his right hand, then grabbed with both hands Galion's waist to force himself inside again. Galion's veins could be seen pumping blood into his head.

His vision of his master was blurry, and his eyes were burning because of the tears he was crying. But the king had no mercy on him. Thranduil pushed himself into him once more and once more, always rubbing his penis himself in between. His head was red by now as well and prominent veins had surfaced on his forehead. Before he came, he pulled out and bent his legs to be in an upright kneeling position. He released his load over Galion's face and into the pillow. He then crawled onto Galion, wiped his penis in his face and emptied his bladder on him again. Satisfied with the end result, he got up from the bed and finally released Galion from his chains.

Galion's limbs sacked powerlessly onto the bed. His hands and feet were nearly white while his head equalled that of an overripe apple. His breathing returned to normal. Thranduil bent down so that his face was only an inch away from Galion's.

"Thank you," he said untypically, "for taking my head off things. I think I will have a pleasant sleep tonight." He then left his servant on his bed, dressed, and walked out to another bed chamber of his where he indeed found sleep after only two more cups of his favourite wine, the strong Dorwinion land's brew.

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