A night of fulfilled desires

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Another sex-less chapter. I hope you still enjoy it.

Chapter 9

Legolas could hear his own breath and his heart beat. He moved nearly silently over the floor, his Eldarin weight was not enough to make the branches break, but the leaves were whirled up by the movement of his feet. He realised how he could not hear Elrond anymore. The half-elf was heavier, and Legolas often noticed his human half – and was strangely attracted to it. It made the Lord feel more real and somehow even more dominant over him. It was contradictory, but Legolas liked it.

He was sure to have perceived a movement in the corner of his eye. He stopped and within the shortest moment, he had his arrow drawn into the direction of the shadow. There was nothing but black tranquillity. He sighed and put the arrow back into his quiver. When he turned around, he did not have time to react to the man in blue robes wielding a bulgy staff that knocked onto the floor and set off aquamarine sparks into his direction. Legolas flew back and heard himself shout in surprise. Before he hit the rocks, which lay scattered on the floor, he had lost consciousness.

When he came back to his senses, night had fallen over the ruins of the once glamorous castle. The wind had become strong again and he could hear stones and rocks clashing onto each other. How long had he been unconscious? Elrond, he thought and was up in no time. He must be in trouble, he feared. Even though he was a native to the Mirkwood forest and could see well in the dark, he had problems right now. He stumbled forwards, but then – most luckily for him – the moon came out from behind the rainy clouds. He could make out Elrond facing the man that had knocked him unconscious. While Legolas hasted towards them, lightning stroke the forest trees. Fortunately, it had begun to rain so that a forest fire was very much unlikely.

Elrond and the blue wizard were tumbling around, trying to reach their weapons. The grey-haired man had just grabbed his staff and pointed it menacingly at Elrond who froze and looked up.

"Drop the staff," Legolas commanded loudly. The wizard turned around and looked at the tip of the arrow that Legolas had drawn. During the distraction, Elrond reached for his sword, swung it muttering words of his Maia ancestor, and broke the wizard's staff into two halves.

"No!" Alatar shouted and sunk onto the knees in front of his broken staff.

"You will be brought back to the Elven-king's fortress as a traitor and servant of Morgoth," Lord Elrond said decisively and held the sword next to the wizard's neck. He did not react, so Legolas hieved the heavy man up. He did not resist but let them take him.

They returned to the horses and Legolas found some rope with which they bound the wizard's hands.

"I am sure that Mithrandir will want a word or two with him," Elrond muttered while they shoved the heavy man onto Legolas horse. They made sure he could grip the reins and would not fall of the transport animal. Then Elrond and Legolas mounted onto the Lord's horse. While Elrond held the reins, Legolas would guide his horse with an additional rope. Their journey back took long as they constantly had a watch over their prisoner, even at night. They could not go faster than pace, and during the night, they needed to keep a lantern lit to keep an eye on the wizard. But the light made them fear for orcs and spiders, so even when it was not their turn to watch, they could hardly sleep. During the day, when they were riding, Legolas sat in the saddle right behind Elrond, his pelvis pressed against his. He could smell his brown hair; sometimes the wind made his mane blow into his face. He liked the odour, and he liked how Elrond's body moved slightly in tact with the horse's walk. All this aroused Legolas, and it drove him made that he could not be intimate with his lover. Such a long time of the day he was staring at his back, at his beautiful hair that felt so soft. When they took a break to eat, he could not gaze at him as he was constantly keeping an eye on Alatar. Legolas knew that he would soon have to make love to Elrond, or he would die of desire.

It had become the second nightfall after the night they defeated the blue wizard. Legolas could see with his keen eye the all too familiar valley which he loved to play in as a young elfling. A guard on a patrol ride saw them and quickly rode back to the elven-king to over bring him the message.

When Elrond and Legolas arrived within the walls of the fortified castle, King Thranduil was already expecting them in his long, silver-glittering robes. His crown had changed to autumn decoration for it was becoming colder again.

"Ionnín," he said when Legolas climbed down from the horse. "Who is it you have brought into my realm?"

"This is Alatar, one of the Istari who came to our realm millenia ago," Lord Elrond explained.

"Correct me if I am mistaken," Thranduil said in an arrogant tone, eyeballing the wizard in blue robes, "but did the blue wizards not set out for the East and were ever since gone?"

"He said he came back to prepare this world for the return of Morgoth," Legolas informed his father.

"Morgoth?" Thranduil's face shortly showed an expression of disbelief and terror. He had been young during the war against Morgoth's servant and could hardly imagine the devastation that Morgoth himself would bring upon this land.

"Morgoth is banished and there is no way he can return… can he?" Legolas turned to the wise half-elf.

"I would have said no. But as Alatar seemed so far with his plans, I would not leave it to speculation. We have to make sure that the Door of Night will never be opened," the Peredhil said.

"I shall interrogate this Istari," Thranduil said and winked two guards over to him. "Prepare the torture chamber in the dungeon," he ordered, and the two guards nodded and took the old wizard with them.

"Do you believe torture will bring you any further in this matter?" Lord Elrond asked. It was his job as a lord to second-guess a foolish endeavour of his king, but he had to formulate it in the most polite way possible.

"Every man, Orc, dwarf, - and even a wizard can be broken," Thranduil answered, his ice-blue eyes shining coldly.

Elrond sighed. "I will assist you," he decided.

Thranduil's face changed only one muscle to show his surprise at that offer. "Your gift to enter another one's mind?"

Elrond nodded. He knew that he would regret it. Thranduil was much more cruel than he was, and torturing this wizard together would make him cross a line. But how many lines had Thranduil already made him cross in the last few days? One personal limit more or less would not impede the crossing towards the West.

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