A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 17

When Elrond opened his eyes, he thought he was still falling in the bottomless pit that Pallando had opened up. But he found that there was no air sweeping past him and that he was lying on cold stone. He touched his chest. There was no hole and no blood. He looked down and realised that he was wearing a light brown gown without any sign of his injury.

It was dark, but his eyes were getting used to the lack of light. Slowly, he gathered that he was in a cave, even though the floor was too even to be natural. The ceiling shimmered blue and bore crystals that he had never seen before. There were stalagnates, stalactites and stalagmites. The hall seemed endless as he could not see the walls in the mist that hovered over the ground in the far.

Elrond turned around. He walked into the direction of where the cave ceiling was getting lower. He came into another area which was still part of the hall. As he came closer to the walls, he realised that they were not shimmering dark blue like the ceiling, but in fact, they were covered with tapestries. Elrond regarded them for a while and followed them along the walls. Something struck him as familiar and he walked a few steps back. He saw a woven representation of a huge battle, many elves and men facing orcs and a dark creature that he knew too well. It was Sauron, unmistakably, wearing the one ring and wielding his mighty sword.

“The War of the Last Alliance,” Elrond muttered and touched the texture with his hands.

“I thought you might recognise it,” a voice behind him said and he turned around in shock. The shock quickly flew away as he saw a woman with white-grey hair in a mauve dress. “I took time for every one of the soldiers to be represented with high accuracy.”

“You wove those?” Elrond asked and pointed at the tapestries.

The woman nodded. “I am Vairë, I keep track of history and weave it.”

“Where am I?” Elrond asked.

“Don’t you know?” Vairë, a Vala said.

“I died,” Elrond replied. She nodded. “This is not me,” he deduced and looked down on his body. “I am but my spirit. I am dead, and I have been brought to the Halls of Mandos.” He looked around. It was indeed like Glorfindel had described it to him. But now he understood why his best friend had said that he needed to ‘experience to understand’.

“Are you ready to face Námo who will judge you, Elrond Peredhil?”

He nodded even though he was anything but ready. This was not how he had imagined the afterlife to be. She guided the way around columns and down and up staircases until they came before a stone-throne on which a hooded figure sat. The man stood up and was several inches higher than Elrond when he descended from his elevated throne. Námo removed his hood and his age-less face stared at Elrond for a long time. Vairë silently left and returned to her weaving loom to weave the departure of the elves from Mirkwood.

“Elrond Eärendilion Peredhil, brother to Elros, wife to Celebrían. Welcome to the Halls of Mandos,” Námo said and opened his arms wide to show off the vastness of his realm. “I have met your brother Elros many centuries ago, but time does not matter here.” He lay his hand on Elrond’s cheek as if to feel something. He closed his eyes and concentrated. “You from now on reside in the Halls of Awaiting, you must cleanse yourself from earthly burden and bath in the lake of self-reflection before your further fate can be decided.”

“Further abidance?” Elrond did not understand. This was the end. He was dead.

“Your journey in Middle-earth is not over. Your story has pages left that cannot remain unwritten. But I will need time,” Mandos said and put his hood back on. “I will need time,” he repeated and climbed back onto his throne.

Elrond left the way he had come, confused by the riddles in which the Valar had spoken. He found the hall again where he had awoken. There was a cliff and in front of him was a sea of stalagmites and fog covering the ground.

“It is a beautiful view, isn’t it?” he heard a voice behind him. “Just like the sea that we were supposed to sail.” Elrond recognised the voice that he had not heard in centuries. His body started the shake and he felt plunged into a dream. Tears filled his eyes and he lost his sense for reality. When he turned around, his former lover Gil-Galad looked exactly like he did in his memory: tall, handsome, his eyes stern and focused. He was wearing the armour of the last war, but it was clean, and he was also without a scratch.

"I have followed your story," Gil-Galad explained and pointed to the tapestry in the far. "I am very proud of you and I am very glad that you have found someone. Legolas Thranduilion seems to be a worthy recipient of your love."

"Shut up," Elrond muttered. A tear was running down his cheek and he began to laugh. "Shut up," he added and stumbled forward and into the Ñoldorin's arms. Gil-Galad smiled contently and wrapped his hands around the half-elf.

"I have missed you, Elrond. But I have always hoped to never see you here," he said and nestled his head against his lover's.

Elrond could not help but cry tears of joy. He was incapable of expressing in words how much he had missed his first big love. All the feelings and memories came back to him at once. All the nights and mornings that they had spent together. His knees felt wobbly and he sank down.

Gil-Galad's smile grew bigger as he went down with Elrond. "I am glad to see that you have not simply forgotten and replaced me."

"Never," Elrond wept. He had always borne such great sorrow, and his life was formed by grief and loss, and he had had his moments of weakness that he had allowed himself, but he had always needed to show strength as a leader to his people and as a father to his children. But right now, no one was here to witness the great Half-Elven Lord to burrow his head into Gil-Galad's shoulder and to cry him a river that would make Baranduin look small. He began to remove the elf's armour layer by layer until he was standing there with only a lose gown and riding trousers. Elrond hugged him again and dug his fingernails deep into the woven fabric. He needed to feel Gil-Galad's body and pressed him towards himself. Gil-Galad enjoyed the closeness he had not felt with his lover in centuries and tightened his grip on his back.

"I missed you," Elrond said. "Even with Celebrían and Legolas, I still valued our time together. I never forgot you. I never forgot what we had." His voice became drowned in sobbing.

Gil-Galad lifted his head and looked into the half-elf's old, wise, brown, watery eyes. He used his thumb to wipe the tears from his cheeks. Elrond laughed briefly, overfilled with joy.

"I missed you, too," Gil-Galad said and kissed him gently. Elrond's mouth was dry and Gil-Galad's lips were so very soft. "But I saw you, every day. And I love seeing you." Gil-Galad nodded to the tapestry again. He glided his hand through Elrond's open hair. They stared into each other's eyes without saying anything. The lovers kept silence for a long time until Elrond finally hung his head. Gil-Galad kissed the front of his head and slowly began to remove Elrond's dress which dropped to the floor. He then proceeded to take off his own shirt and trousers until it lay next to his metal armour. In the end, they both stood there naked. Elrond had not seen his lover bare for centuries and the long time of dreaming had blurred his memories. In person, Gil-Galad looked more handsome than he had remembered. He laughed in joy and put his hands onto the elf's chest. He began to glide them all over his hairless body; he wanted to feel his skin, his liveliness.

He bent forward and started kissing his nipples. Gil-Galad took his chin into his hand and held his face up. He pressed his lips onto the half-elf's and pushed him down onto the floor. Elrond gathered their clothings together to lie on, because the ground was nothing but hard rock. Gil-Galad turned him onto his side and began nibbling at his penis. After the first groans, he abandoned Elrond's hardness and dug his head in between Elrond's butt cheeks. He began licking and pushed the cheeks aside with his hands to ease the gentle fondling of his mouth. He spat onto the hole and entered his tongue as deep as it could. With more spit, he entered his first finger. They were thick and long and Elrond rolled his eyes in pleasure.

Gil-Galad tested out Elrond's entry, and found, "you are very wide, my dear Elrond. You have indeed kept up your training."

He then entered a second saliva-wet finger and massaged the hole to prepare Elrond for his penis.

"More spit," Elrond asked when it hurt too much.

Gil-Galad did as asked and spat onto his bottom skin to rub it all in. He slighlty bent his fingers to feel for the prostate. He knew he found it when Elrond moaned in satisfaction.

"It might have been centuries, but I still know how to please you," Gil-Galad said amused. Soon thereafter, he added a third finger. His mouth was getting dry as he was using all of his saliva to wet Elrond's behind.

Elrond's breathing had turned heavy. Now, Gil-Galad turned him onto his back again. He crawled over his legs and started to work on his abandoned penis again. It did not take much work to erect it again. The elf climbed between the Peredhel's legs and Elrond bent them to place his shanks against Gil-Galad's chest. It lifted his pelvis into a more comfortable position and eased the entry of Gil-Galad. He penetrated Elrond carefully and asked him to spit into his hand so that he could wet his penis. Gently, he began rocking in and out of Elrond who was over the moon. He felt so happy like not in centuries and the times that he had been a low-ranked Lieutenant sneaking into his Captains tent came back into his mind.

"I loved you," Elrond muttered when he was close to climaxing. He kept rubbing his penis and both the work on his erection and in his anus made him feel ecstasy.

Gil-Galad thrusted into him in a smooth rhythm. It took them both a very long time to climax and when the ancient elf warrior emptied into the half-elf, Elrond released onto his bellly. Gil-Galad licked it all off and kissed Elrond to give him a share of his semen. Elrond was sweating profoundly, being part-human. Gil-Galad was out of breath and lay down next to him, and Elrond cuddle onto him.

"I wish you could remain here with me and we spent eternity together," Gil-Galad said.

"Maybe we can."

"You have commitments. You have Legolas. You will return to him." He places a finger onto Elrond's mouth before the half-elf could answer. "Go take a bath. You will have to get ready for your return to the world of the living. You are too good for these halls."

This time it were tears of sadness that rolled over Elrond's cheeks. But he understood. He nodded and gave Gil-Galad a final kiss. When their lips parted, he felt like he had finally managed to make the good-bye to him that he wanted to. He gathered his clothes and walked to the Sea of Enlightment. The water felt neither warm nor cold, and he doze off with his head leaning against the rocks.


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