A night of fulfilled desires

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Chapter 3

As soon as Elrond opened his eyes, he did not only feel the after-effect of the excessive abuse of Dorwinion from the night before, but also guilt and shame regarding his sexual adventure of the long evening. It had been daring and risky to entertain a sexual relationship with the Woodland prince already, but now that his father had discovered the affair, the whole undertaking had gained in perilousness. What exactly did Thranduil expect from him? How did he want him to behave? They had not spent much time talking yesterday, especially not about what the nature of their actions were.

Elrond did not dare to move when he noticed Legolas uncurl. The young, blonde elf sat up and looked at the two other seemingly sleeping elves. He started caressing Elrond’s thighs, ignored his genitals, and moved upwards over his belly and chest. The Lord of Imladris could no longer fake his sleep as he enjoyed his touch too much. He opened his eyes and looked into the beautiful gemstones that were Legolas’ eyes. His smile was the cutest of any being in Middle Earth that he had ever met.

“Good morning,” Legolas whispered and bent down to press his lips gently against Elrond’s. They longed for each other as if they had not spend the last night together. Their kisses were more passionate because they were not being watched by Legolas’ father right now. So Elrond dared to go further and let his tongue play with that of Legolas’. After a while that had felt like an eldarin eternity, their lips parted again, and they looked longingly into each other’s eyes.

Elrond wanted to ask Legolas so many questions, about how they should continue, about his relationship with his father, about what his father expected from him, how serious this affair was to him, but when he opened his mouth, so did Thranduil’s eyes.

“Well, good morning, loving couple,” he said with a tone of mockery in his voice.

“Good morning, ada,” Legolas said and greeted him with a kiss less intense than that one which he had shared only moments ago with Elrond.

The Peredhel did not understand why this Oedipal love aroused him so much. He felt his lower part itching whenever he saw their faces less than an inch from each other.

Now, Thranduil turned to him while Legolas placed his head on his shoulder. “If you want to continue a relationship with my son, you will have to let me into your heart as well. Every bond that my son makes, we share.”

Elrond swallowed hard. A relationship with the most arrogant, most vain Elvenking of Arda would have been unimaginable a few decades ago. But so would have been an alliance between their people, and now they were fighting side by side against the enemies of the Eruhíni.

Thranduil got up and disappeared into his private bathroom. Legolas now crawled onto Elrond again.

“His morning routine lasts over an hour. We have enough time for some private fun,” he muttered and pressed Elrond’s head down onto the soft pillow.

“My people will need to see me the day after a battle. They will have to train again and –”

“Your people know how to train. They are very skilful, and so are you. I have seen you train with the sword and move around the trees as if you were one with nature. Very sexy, you know,” Legolas whispered and placed his hands on Elrond’s chest. He listened to the rhythmic heartbeat of the Peredhel lord and started playing with strands of his long brown hair. He undid the tail of the hair strands above his ear that Elrond had bonded together and then started to braid these strands. Elrond watched him like a teacher watching a student. In some way, he was like a master to Legolas as he had to teach him about the many ways of physical pleasure that the young elf had not known before.

When Legolas was done, he started kissing Elrond’s chest and sat down onto his belly. He massaged the manly, hairless chest and then worked further down. He moved his pelvis backwards until he was above his member. With circular movements, he danced around and over Elrond’s penis with soft touches. Then he took both his hands and started to massage the penis himself until it was erected.

Elrond moaned loudly, when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Within seconds, Legolas had jumped up and dragged Elrond towards the wardrobe. Thranduil came out of the bath, dressed in a silk bathrobe that was only slightly darker than his hair. He energetically opened the door and demanded, “what is it?” in a voice that made the servant nearly shriek in terror. The king was known for his briskness and so he was feared even among his own people if he happened to be in a bad mood or be brought into a bad mood by news.

“The north-west patrol has encountered another spider web less than half a day away from here. They have returned a messenger who requests aid,” the servant stammered. He was trembling which made his long, red-brown hair swirl turbulently on his shoulders.

“Tell the messenger to talk to Cwingand. Have him prepare an appropriate army. My son will lead them,” Thranduil hesitated for a moment, then added, “and tell Cwingand to cooperate with the Imladris elves. We don’t want to give them the feeling of being left out.” The sarcasm in the king’s voice was unmistakable. The shy servant bowed and left which gave Legolas and Elrond the opportunity to leave the wardrobe room.

“I shall get prepared,” Legolas said while hastily clothing himself.

Thranduil only nodded, watching his son.

“Another spider nest? The Nazgûl attacking so far north… There must be something larger at work,” Elrond said as he turned to his clothes. He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

“We can do our research into this later,” Thranduil said which sounded like a command. But basically everything he said sounded like a command one way or the other. “For now, we let Legolas part and enjoy the time we have together. Then we might join the tactical planners in the map room and see if we can make sense into the growing danger of evil.”

“How can you stay in your room and get off while evil invades your realm?” Elrond asked. He was not angry, and his voice was never raised.

“My father could always enjoy pleasure when everyone’s mind was somewhere else. At the night of every big battle, he asked me to comfort him. But don’t mistake it for disinterest – when the battle needs him, he is there with body and mind,” Legolas said and left.

Elrond nodded absently, thinking about what his lover had said. He decided to trust him as Legolas probably knew his father better than anyone else.

Thranduil shut the door and seemed absent for a second, but only for a second. He then turned to Elrond and his blue eyes pierced right through his skin. The king was probably thinking about what he should do with him. But then, the elven-king smiled.

“Let’s have a seat,” he said and waved over to the comfortable sofa in the corner next to the bookshelf. Elrond doubted that he had read as many books than him, because this was the only bookshelf he had so far encountered in Thranduil’s realm.

Elrond obeyed and took a seat next to the Sindarin elf. Thranduil lay half down, supporting himself on one arm. He pulled Elrond closer. Elrond was wearing only his underwear while the king was clothed in his elegant silk bathrobe. Elrond hesitantly rested his head on Thranduils chest and looked up. He remembered getting lost in the sea of blue of Legolas’ eyes during their first time, but with Thranduil the fierce eyebrows reminded him of who it was who was in front of him.

Thranduil glided his hand through Elrond’s straight hair. His hand aligned his brown mane towards his back and then petted his neck and shoulder. Elrond lifted his head and gave Thranduil a short kiss. But then Thranduil bent forwards and responded with a much longer kiss. He put his other hand on Elrond chest to pull him closer while massaging his lips with his own. He started fondling Elrond’s hair again but suddenly pushed him down to his chest. Elrond understood and started licking his nipples.

Thranduil folded his hands behind his head and let Elrond undo the belt of his robe. Pale, naked flesh displayed before Elrond and he took the opportunity to show Thranduil how well he had been caring for his son. While working on one nipple, he caressed the other with his hand. He felt Thranduil toying with his hair again, with an occasional moan indicating that the king was pleased with his display of affection.

Then Elrond began to pull Thranduil’s underwear off. He smelled it intensively, a mix of lavender and Thranduil’s body scent. He kissed Thranduil while positioning himself between the king’s legs that he spread – one over the backrest of the sofa and the other towards the floor. The full elf offered himself and the Peredhel was allowed to please him and do to his penis whatever he liked. But first, he started the long and intensive kisses again. His mouth was dry, but the blonde elf licked it wet.

Thranduil now freed the Lord’s penis from his underwear as well and massaged it while flapping it occasionally against his own member. Elrond sat up and took both penises into his hand to give them equal treatment. Then he pushed Thranduil further back so that his muscular legs stood bent but towards the air. Elrond continued the kissing while his penis was touching Thranduil’s arse again and again but without penetrating him. Everytime that the elven-king felt the Peredhel’s penis on his bottom cheeks or testicles, his breath stopped for the fraction of a second and then caught himself again. He liked how the half-elf was teasing him, how he had not yet finished him off or entered him.

Then, Elrond crawled down and started licking Thranduil’s penis from the shaft to the glans while carefully fondling his nuts with his hands. Now, Thranduil’s moans became louder in anticipation. Finally, the Lord first licked all around the head to get it wet and then took his whole mouth to engulf the glans. Then, he kissed the underside of the penis until he had arrived at the balls. He could hear Thranduil breathe heavier. He spent a lot of time with the testicles while striving the penis with his cheeks. He felt Thranduil’s hands in his hair and was pulled towards the penis.

“Now take it all in,” Thranduil said and pushed his penis into Elrond’s mouth. At first, the half-elf wanted to gag because he was not used to the length. But then, he got used to it and closed his lips around the penis. He careful went back and forth, trying to lick the head as well as he could with Thranduil’s tight grip around his head who was guiding him. Then, Thranduil let Elrond take over and only loosely placed his head on Elrond’s head. The Peredhel started to suckle at the glans until Thranduil’s moans had become so relaxing that he could anticipate the release. Thranduil came completely into Elrond’s mouth and the elf on his knees licked off the last bit from the head.

Elrond stood up and pushed Thranduil down onto the sofa so that he was lower than him. It made it easier to give him part of the semen during the long kiss they shared afterwards. Elrond’s mouth was still a bit dry which made it hard to swallow. As if Thranduil could read his mind, he pushed his head down to his flaccid penis.

“Drink it all,” the king instructed and peed straight into Elrond’s mouth in small bursts so that the Lord was able to swallow it all. The piss filled his mouth with warmth, and he liked the smell that reminded him of the Dorwinion excess of the previous night. Thranduil patted his head like an animal and said, “now you should get ready for the day.” He stood up and went to dress himself. Elrond sat down on the floor and leaned against the sofa. He closed his eyes and thought about the night. When had he become the love slave of King Thranduil? Was it something bad? What would his wife think if she were still in Arda? He thought a lot about her, and maybe that was why he had started a romance with Legolas in the first place – to forget her and to pass his regrets aside. He watched Thranduil come out of his clothing room in full gown, with several gems on his fingers and a twig crown on his head. He looked fabulous and he knew it. He played everyone like a game of chess and Elrond didn’t mind being the knight.

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